Queens of the Stone Age on Austin City Limits "Smooth Sailing"

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Queens of the Stone Age make their Austin City Limits debut on January 4th on PBS. Check your local PBS listings for dates and times in your area. For more visit acltv.com.




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Comments 23
Der Seemann
Der Seemann Month ago
MCJokas 6 months ago
This song is not that great live
Sage Craigen Music
Sage Craigen Music 6 months ago
And that’s where you’re wrong...
robert donaldson
robert donaldson 6 months ago
Neither are you?
edward Matthews
edward Matthews 6 months ago
I played this at a party where guys only listened to old school rock and sheez the shock and awe on there faces like where the hell has this been all my life.
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude Year ago
Definitely hear the NIN influence!
JD Tablazon
JD Tablazon 2 months ago
Guilherme S. Sousa nine inch nails
Guilherme S. Sousa
Guilherme S. Sousa 6 months ago
Georgie Davies
Josh's scream at the beginning made my ovaries explode.
David Kearney
David Kearney 2 years ago
Soooooooooo fucking cool!!!
david moon
david moon 2 years ago
yeah damn coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool joshua!
Gökhan Gök
Gökhan Gök 3 years ago
Screech891 3 years ago
this is just perfection
Ryan Kats
Ryan Kats 4 years ago
love how from 4:20 onwards he's just totally hammin it up lol
Austin Longhorn
Austin Longhorn 3 years ago
Ryan Kats Hellz Yeah bro! My uncle took me to a show at bar they did in '97 In Cali. I was 11, and Josh became my God. He has acted like that since they started, and I Fucking Love it. He is. big dude, and then outta Nowhere..BOOM!... The Hips are Playing along! haha
J Rock
J Rock 3 years ago
+Ryan Kats NO fuckin doubt brah
John Jones
John Jones 4 years ago
Does anyone know what kind of guitar Josh Homme is using in this??
fracinawsome 4 years ago
+John Jones Motor ave belaire
pridden76 4 years ago
Just when you thought QOTSA couldn´t get sexier ...
Jeremy2k3 3 years ago
its mike shuman with the bass
Kristian Garcia
Kristian Garcia 4 years ago
Josh looks like a fully realized rock star version of gibby from icarly. :)
Ryan Kats
Ryan Kats 4 years ago
oh my god he does lol
Diego Tambor
Diego Tambor 4 years ago
Que temaso!!!
el Mudman
el Mudman 4 years ago
That note pull @ 2:28 has more feeling than my entire childhood.
robert donaldson
robert donaldson 6 months ago
Good call
Johannes Moeller
Johannes Moeller 4 years ago
Hey, ACL. Cool Performance but the bad audio mix ruined it for me. I guess this is a TV recording but I would expect a sound engineer to get a feeling for the music he's working on. Music is art and a translator takes a big part in writing the book when he translates it. I don't want to blame the guy, but you should be aware of that stuff.
Christian Gaete
Christian Gaete 5 years ago
4:20 WTF!!!
GhostXXIV 5 years ago
Just your regular john getting down to the sexy jams he makes.
Christian Gaete
Christian Gaete 5 years ago
What the fuck!!!
Ratzet 5 years ago
I'm sorry.. I think you mean "FTW"
peachmelba1000 6 years ago
where is the rest of this show?
Josh dances better than me now. I suck.
Achengz100 6 years ago
i like the vocals in this recording
Dave Wharton
Dave Wharton 6 years ago
Awesome band.ASL is always a great venue.
Carlo Von Sexron
Carlo Von Sexron 6 years ago
Well, THAT was fucking spectacular...
aperezto 6 years ago
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