Quarantinewhile... Sex Pistols Star Johnny Rotten Recovering From Squirrel Flea Bite

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Quarantinewhile... For anyone considering taking a squirrel into your home, we present the cautionary tale of legendary punk rocker Johnny Rotten. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile
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Nov 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Dermatillomaniac 6 days ago
Why wasn't the Sex Pistol story part of the sub-segment 'Peenwhile'?
ThEmDl 6996
ThEmDl 6996 22 days ago
This is sad af
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Month ago
God save the Peen was a way better joke than the credit they gave it
Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks Month ago
Keep the wife, no audience or political jokes, I like.
M Masters
M Masters Month ago
It's about Time - OBAMA to be held accountable... www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/breaking-trump-signs-executive-order-on-spygate/ . . .
Facta non verba
Facta non verba Month ago
These types of shoes only good with a drunk audience because laugh tracks are too obvious. ie, not funny.
Jessica Olson
Jessica Olson Month ago
That was one of the best. 🤣
Jen Squirrel
Jen Squirrel Month ago
Mitchell Hedden
Mitchell Hedden Month ago
Do you think people who are too young to remember when Stephen was actually funny are confused by this show?
Pronto Month ago
A veritable stream of Sex Pistol jokes. Which is recursive, because the Sex Pistols were a joke.
M Masters
M Masters Month ago
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Nils Lanthemann
Nils Lanthemann Month ago
Nothing against Jon Bapiste ... but why are the segments with him in front of the meanwhile sections and not seperate. A person clicking on a meanwhile video wants to see that and not the blanter with Jon
Mike Way
Mike Way Month ago
I love the quarantinewhile intros, I love Jon Batiste, and man oh man do I love Stephen's energy when Evie's around! In just a few short years, Colbert's Late Show has become one of my favorite late shows ever, keep rocking, really grateful for the laughs and joy!
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn Month ago
I've heard that snake isn't bad. Kinda like fishy-chicken.
Josh, yep.
Josh, yep. Month ago
Oh! I'm so happy that Biden is "President Elect." Now Colbert can finally write jokes that have nothing to do with Trump!
doire aintu
doire aintu Month ago
Obama !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait , what a man with honor , we were so lucky🙏🙏🙏
Ash Matthews
Ash Matthews Month ago
Am I the only one that sometimes feels like Jon is just not paying attention and responds with fake, generic responses. Sometimes his reaction/response feels so disconnected. It bothers me
Hirtis Randolph
Hirtis Randolph Month ago
"Autumn Leaves" is one of the most beautiful songs of the season.
doire aintu
doire aintu Month ago
Rose is red 👍 Sky is blue 1 like =sorry god 32:13 🐖💋💛
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Kim Loeffler
Kim Loeffler Month ago
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Month ago
I love Jon Batiste!!! Stephen Colbert too ;)
miko foin
miko foin Month ago
It's so adorable when he tells a risque joke and you see him glance over at his wife to make sure it's OK.
stone1andonly Month ago
You realize that if they don't distinguish it as a "squirrel flea bite", people may make the mistake of thinking that John Lydon is dating Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Daniel Dowsett
Daniel Dowsett Month ago
John is a trump supporter👍
Judy Corso
Judy Corso Month ago
Obama looked baked to me! Edibles? He was partial in college.
miko foin
miko foin Month ago
i watched it three times
ZaV3R Streams
ZaV3R Streams Month ago
Jon is useless
Maya P
Maya P Month ago
The autumn leaves
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filter80808 Month ago
I love how Colbert tried to style it out when he didn’t get Jon Batiste’s brilliant, spontaneous Autumn Leaves rendition at 2:13.
anh vung
anh vung Month ago
2:32 I like 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️🐖💋💛
Elliot Ramirez
Elliot Ramirez Month ago
Rose is red 👍 Sky is blue 1 like =sorry god 32:13 🐖💋💛
Josh B'Gosh
Josh B'Gosh Month ago
John Batiste is boss
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Month ago
Is... is no one going to talk about the monkeys?????
Sunburnacoustic Month ago
This show can win you over before Stephen's even done any of his material!
thanh hong
thanh hong Month ago
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️🐖💋💛
Domonic Johnson
Domonic Johnson Month ago
Convo with John was great
D. V. Crystal
D. V. Crystal Month ago
You knew there were nine planet of the apes movies but you didn’t know the difference between monkey and ape? Chimpanzees are not monkeys. Oops!
Laydee Intrigue
Laydee Intrigue Month ago
Knowing what I know about the wastepaper basketball game, surprised he didn't spoil the outcome. 😆
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Month ago
If John Lydon gets an infection, there is a PiL he can take.
بديع صالح
بديع صالح 2 months ago
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Seetiyan 2 months ago
I doubt anyone'll see this, but if anyone knows what tune that was that Jon played at 2:09d, lemme know!
Tracey Thompson
Tracey Thompson Month ago
It was called 'Autumn Leaves'.
anh thu
anh thu 2 months ago
Roses are red , Violets are blue if you like God will forgive you😍 🐖💋💛
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Month ago
Good job 👌👍
mountaingoat1003 2 months ago
"Never minded the bollocks, went straight for the sex pistol" That's very witty. Bravo. Give that writer a raise.
Zak Baker
Zak Baker 2 months ago
Dear Stephen, I absolutely love your show but could you please not discuss monkeys and then immediately show a picture of an ape?
Czarina Garcia
Czarina Garcia 2 months ago
Omg the sex pistols jokes were on point 🤣
Lady Jane
Lady Jane 2 months ago
Johnny Rotten getting a squirrel flea bite is a very Johnny Rotten thing to happen. Ozzy went the opposite way with a bat but you do you.
D. 2 months ago
My dream job: Writing for Colbert My real job: at risk for daydreaming of being a writer for Colbert
mary ross
mary ross 2 months ago
My fave all time photo of B Obama was when he went wind surfing with R Branson. He Looked so happy 😀. But the video of his dunk shot the other day was also great
G Young
G Young 2 months ago
So where’s the morality in a half human? Do they have half rights? Seems so wrong to create chimeras. Next it’s going to ask, “Brother?”
THE TRUTH 2 months ago
Warning; Make sure you do not get to close to Trump it's be noted that Trump can't hold it any longer and might do it again, yes this is serious he has leakage in his diaper and you cannot be near him or you might get Hephatiduse B. I recommend " Depend " brand will stop his sh#t from the bottom but not the top 🚼🚼🚼💩💩☠️️☣️💩💩💩🚼🚼🚼 heeheehee by THE TRUTH
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
food inspired by "real tasting food"... 😂
Bobby Fuesz
Bobby Fuesz 2 months ago
It should become the new normal in Florida to eat not only python, but iguana, lionfish, red claw crayfish, and so many other invasive species, which happen to be delicious bags of protein.
Bobby Fuesz
Bobby Fuesz 2 months ago
@bilinas mini what in the fuck did that have to do with anything?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-PqKqZQau-TU.html couple young rascals.
Tari Nai
Tari Nai 2 months ago
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112313 2 months ago
And americans accuses some people of eating bats......this, coming from someone who eats gator meat....
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 2 months ago
As soon as John started playing it made me smile..
فارس صلاح
فارس صلاح 2 months ago
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NiNi Na
NiNi Na 2 months ago
Could Jon Batiste interview Barack Obama, please? 🙂🙂🙂❤️ At the piano?
Melanie David
Melanie David 2 months ago
Quarentinewhile: It feels so good and so ridiculous to laugh out loud while watching this alone.
John Thomas
John Thomas 2 months ago
Autumn Leaves.... I'm 71 and that was the first song I learned on the guitar: the Mel Bay method. I had never heard the song before, but I knew was on the right track when when I heard the actual song and what I had been doing sounded pretty much the same.
Joan Hoffman
Joan Hoffman 2 months ago
Jon Batiste: I went to Julliard. Any qualifications listed after that statement are superfluous.
mark hill
mark hill 2 months ago
why is 50% of EVERY colbert vid off topic talking to a fucking musician? I mean if thats what people want fine but shouldnt you label the vid "colbert talking to a musician" ?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 2 months ago
hey umm what about
active85858585 2 months ago
The Meanwhile/Quarantinewhile intros are normally great, but this one was majestic. Also, I love Jon.
DarmKultur 2 months ago
Quarantinewhile from Austria: Fucking will comes to an end in 2020 or No more Fucking after 2020, Fucking? - the city in Austria. The City will changes its name mostly because of the stealing of the City Signs and the popularity due to TV-Shows and Foto tourists. Anyway there are surely similar Jokes about this devastating Year 2020 and how it changes especially this. Pherhaps this is a Meanwhile note for A Late Show. Greatings from Darmstadt
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 2 months ago
Watching Stephen Colbert may give me life, but Jon Batiste gives breath to my soul. 💛
Thor's Twisted Beard
2:30 - To skip the useless Batiste intro. You're welcome.
Victor Delta
Victor Delta 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-PqKqZQau-TU.html couple young rascals.
TheRogueStatesman 2 months ago
food inspired by "real tasting food"... 😂
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 months ago
I like how the Florida officials figured out that the risk to brain function was obviously no longer an issue with that population.
Paul Routh
Paul Routh 2 months ago
Jon Batiste and Stephen Colbert, the two together make me smile.
Andrew Nichelson
Andrew Nichelson 2 months ago
Did stephen get that Jon was “saying” autumn leaves?
bluezinnia847 2 months ago
Does Jon Batiste have an album? He's a great keyboard player! Plus he is just charming as well!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 months ago
M Masters
M Masters 2 months ago
CONFIRMED: Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD with Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick in preparation for mass ARRESTS of treasonous deep state actors www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-26-trump-pardoned-flynn-to-put-him-back-in-play-dod.html Situation Update - Nov. 26th - Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-26-situation-update-nov-26th-flynn-in-place-dod-rendition-flights.html
Nancy R
Nancy R 2 months ago
Yeah, too many Floridians have eaten python. Answers so many questions about FL. I live here BTW.
Ryan McMaster
Ryan McMaster 2 months ago
3:24 - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's How to Skip to John Lydon
A. Reyz
A. Reyz 2 months ago
Now you want to rip on Johnny.. Ehh Stephen.. Alex Jones, a ranting maniac, has better timing and is 100 sextrillion times funnier than you when he is just riffing off script for no apparent reason..
C P 2 months ago
When did this show get dumb?
jessica davis
jessica davis 2 months ago
Whoever writes the intros to all the quarentenwhiles, needs to be knighted.
Fabled Creature
Fabled Creature 2 months ago
I'm so confused!!
Elsebeth Lind
Elsebeth Lind 2 months ago
Baptiste is my musical HERO/ and the roots afterwards
Anne M. Harvey
Anne M. Harvey 2 months ago
Watching Stephen Colbert may give me life, but Jon Batiste gives breath to my soul. 💛
Van Helsing
Van Helsing 2 months ago
Johnny Rotten says it's logical for him to support Trump because he's working class......🤔😖🤡
Aldis Stimits
Aldis Stimits 2 months ago
Rude, Stephen! John: 'My shirt makes me happy.' Stephen: 'I GOT TO TALK TO OBAMA' 😛
darek klich
darek klich 2 months ago
SURGEON GENERAL's WARNING: people are the leading cause of the spread of disease.
ernest747 2 months ago
one of the greatest living humans? that's the biggest pile of bullshit i ever heard
Aswath S
Aswath S 2 months ago
Gunner Schouten
Gunner Schouten 2 months ago
Rude, Stephen! John: 'My shirt makes me happy.' Stephen: 'I GOT TO TALK TO OBAMA' 😛
greg lialios
greg lialios 2 months ago
Jon Batiste is a friggin talented man.
Winfield Scott Hancock
Of all the places a flea can bite, he choose to bite Jonny rotten right in the sex pistol.
John Robinson
John Robinson 2 months ago
Whoever writes the intros to all the quarentenwhiles, needs to be knighted.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 months ago
Obama !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait , what a man with honor , we were so lucky🙏🙏🙏
SourDoughBill 2 months ago
What are these biscuits he keeps talking about?
Xemina Perez
Xemina Perez 2 months ago
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Nights Spell
Nights Spell 2 months ago
~* John is one fine smooth man...come to momma hehe&*~
Boy Aditya
Boy Aditya 2 months ago
I googled ex monkeyna, incase it was a mockbusters movies ..
Opaqueandblue From my phone
What's the name of the song jon batiste played right b 4 quarantine-while? My dad used to play it almost weekly when he was still alive.
eblgraphics 2 months ago
People we are about to.... GET BACK TO NORMAL... Hang on... please hang on...
Constance Baez
Constance Baez 2 months ago
Ask the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that Obama deported, how much they like him. He seems funny, smart and pleasant but he lied to the Hispanics to get their vote, lied about Hillary Clinton while competing against her and later adopted her policies that he was criticizing. True he is sooooo much better than the current evil toddler in the WH but not what he appears.
megzeppelinn 2 months ago
STEPHEN! "Equus" is a rad British play about a boy with a disturbing spiritual connection to horses and there is full nudity in one of the scenes. I am so impressed and delighted the writing team referenced it so hilariously and it has made this playwright's night
Antenna Wilde
Antenna Wilde 2 months ago
One passing comment about Johnny Rotten, what a jip. FFUUCCCCKKKK UUU Stephen
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