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Steven Yang
Steven Yang Month ago
Yu Hirayama
… : “ why is watanabe not getting the big guns out?? “ watanabe : “ just wait and see “
Luntung Kasarung 🗿
Japan doesn't have good players they only have dangerous players 😭 Look at the Attack and defense even Arisa can do great smash 😌
Luntung Kasarung 🗿
Love Arisa and Liu Ying 😘
Adam YUI
Adam YUI 4 months ago
25:16 toxic commentary
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 2 months ago
@Adam YUI hmm I get what you’re saying but to comment on the game involves some kind of balanced criticism in some way. Perhaps he could have phrased it better by saying that there is miscommunication on Chan/Goh’s side? I’m not too sure how commentary works but that’s just my two cents
Adam YUI
Adam YUI 2 months ago
……the "standard rotation" is not what it was about, get out of the book and try to get inside the players' heads Let alone the playstyle of the players, i was mainly complaining about the subjectiveness of the commentary. As a commentator, he is supposed to be objectively comment on the game, but not to critisize players, when he "doesnt even know what the player was thinking" (because thats what he said). This is definitely not a kind of pleasant commentary.
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 2 months ago
He is not wrong: the front player only covers the same side during a forward smash but since its cross court smash he should have covered the right rear court, thats how most Of the doubles players rotate :)
Quoc Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen 4 months ago
Billionaire Muda
Billionaire Muda 4 months ago
57:59 Jeda this Part
Lee Hao Zhe
Lee Hao Zhe 5 months ago
Liusleemikol02 MikolNormah
Malaysia so greatt
Tommy Setiawan
Tommy Setiawan 6 months ago
Highlight of the match: Watanabe's signature dropshot. He kinda single handedly outclassed the Malaysian
Anil Raghavan
Anil Raghavan 7 months ago
The Japanese female coach is beautiful ... the cameraman seems to agree, because she was shown a lot. 😄
Zikai Yang
Zikai Yang 7 months ago
Why is the malaysian coach so hungry🤣🤣, can't stop chowing.
Ruby Leong sze fui
Ruby Leong sze fui 7 months ago
DZ 7 months ago
probably chewing gum haha
kokLiang chung
kokLiang chung 8 months ago
四个帅哥美女又大战…结局是会这样呢? 很可惜马来西亚队包后面… 第一局大马队男主打到太大力到第二和第三局身体机能开始衰退没力…!日本队第一局放水 3局胜 负.胜.胜 1/3
steve lee
steve lee 25 days ago
Malli Anumula
Malli Anumula 10 months ago
what happened to My players in the 3rd set, they are playing well in the 1st and 2nd .. as per this match JPN won the heart for players spirit. good play
Pat L
Pat L 6 months ago
2nd game already gone case... you can see chan need to handle 75-80% of the game... who can withstand such a long energy draining game? Goh front court is much much slower compare to other women players, while back court is totally gone case... chan's energy gone in the 2nd game and resulting almost most lifting is half court in deciding game... pity him...
Mondays Mart LT
Mondays Mart LT 10 months ago
such awkward commentary from the danish guy
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 3 months ago
Steen? Steen is really good imo, it’s the orher guy who is cringey
Will 11 months ago
1:06:08 random cellphone editing of Chen Yufei
TUẤN HOÀNG 11 months ago
13 phút, 4 lần quảng cáo. Vãi lồn
Deka Rizky
Deka Rizky Year ago
Malaysia/China? LOL.
hakim firdaus
hakim firdaus 4 months ago
Malaysia ada 3 bangsa yaitu melayu, cina, India dan lain lain lagi
Dimas Fp
Dimas Fp Year ago
Chan 12:39 : "higashino....."
Andy Zhang
Andy Zhang Year ago
57:10 is that a slice or just a normal drop?
Cedric Lim
Cedric Lim Year ago
Hithere Year ago
Both no good conditions
Tung Diep
Tung Diep Year ago
Watanabe is really really clever and perfect skills!!!
Narumi soma
Narumi soma 8 months ago
@0502 rojar arigato!
0502 rojar
0502 rojar 8 months ago
@Narumi soma 「渡辺はクレバーでスキルが完璧」だってさ
Narumi soma
Narumi soma 11 months ago
คําใหญ่ คําโต
Absolutely agree
JMUDoc Year ago
The Japanese players have incredible hand skills - Endo, Watanabe, Momota...
blueray 2017
blueray 2017 2 months ago
It was not about the skills. it was their strategy.
quiditvrai Year ago
How wise was Watanabe to found the solution in the second half of the first game and stayed with the same tactics till the end of the match. Brilliant !! Maybe they will be use this strategy for some other matchs just to see how it is efficient. Who knows ?
노래 좋아하는 직장인
Watanabe... What a monster.... OMG...
hendi nugroho
hendi nugroho Year ago
Sedih liatnya ...Malay basanya china
Shaddy Hicks
Shaddy Hicks 4 months ago
Sedih. Cina indonesia cakap indonesia..bahasa etnik sendiri sudah tidak dipelajari..rakyat Malaysia sekurang kurang mya boleh berbahasa lebih dari satu..
hakim firdaus
hakim firdaus 4 months ago
Bila mereka bersama cina mereka akan berbahasa cina bila mereka bersama bangsa melayu maka mereka akan berbahas melayu, bukn mereka Tidak bisa berbahasa melayu .. Jd jgn hairan yaa
Did He CHEAT? 😂 #shorts