QF | MD | ENDO/WATANABE (JPN) [5] vs. LI/LIU (CHN) [3] | BWF 2019

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Shashank Katiha
Shashank Katiha 15 hours ago
Chinese after winning: 😎Of course we are the masters and everyone else sucks! Chinese after losing: 😟The Japanese & Koreans should work with us for Asian badminton development and not compete with us. The latter scenario is gonna be more common now.
Yeung YewMing
Yeung YewMing 2 days ago
This umpire very irritating....
Johnson Song
Johnson Song 4 days ago
yousni inso
yousni inso 8 days ago
the old ladybug commentator obviously like the chinese... she kept mummed about the japanese players but her mouth mumbled a words for the chinese very disgusting ladybug haha
thuan nguyen duc
thuan nguyen duc 11 days ago
Han JiPyeoyeng
Han JiPyeoyeng 20 days ago
45:46 lovely, lovely change of pace
Han JiPyeoyeng
Han JiPyeoyeng 20 days ago
43:12 Gill clark said "better placement, better results" that Power & Better Placements smashes from chinese MD are keys for them to break the japanese defense. If only they done it on the first set, they might be won it too🤷🏻‍♀️
Muhammad Haroon
Muhammad Haroon 21 day ago
First gillian clark owe badminton and now badminton owe g.clark.
yerramsetty lokesh
yerramsetty lokesh 27 days ago
what a Game! Just wondering what rackets they use right now? Endo, Watanabe and Li junhui. I am keen to know about it.
I think I saw Gill Clark at 58:38 ^^
ainur rofiq
ainur rofiq 3 months ago
Nyapo Indonesia mbok Kon mundur Ning All England ???
ainur rofiq
ainur rofiq 3 months ago
CPT blss
Danindra Bariq Atmaja
Vân Chung
Vân Chung 3 months ago
52:52! amazing wantanabe!
Mun Koksoon
Mun Koksoon 4 months ago
双塔没有求胜欲望。真奇怪。双塔两个身高超过1.8米,但是杀球没有尖锐度,只是达到对手的腰部。 但是日本两个人的身高没有优势,但是跳跃杀球非常尖锐。还有,中国双塔战术单调,很多是跟对手对打,平抽挡。 中国教练或者应该参考古健杰,又或者小戴,他们古健杰和小戴怎样耍弄对手是叹为观止的。打球不是喂球,是要打刁难对手的球。
winglung chan
winglung chan Month ago
yana 4 months ago
9:03 9:39 11:46 14:30 15:47 17:10 18:18 20:22 20:55 22:20 23:04 27:45 28:15 30:43 32:33 34:21 34:47 36:00 36:45 38:29 38:54 45:40 46:27 46:49 48:02 48:38 52:13 53:04 54:12 57:28 1:02:29 1:05:20 1:07:03 1:07:31
Adam Mustafakamal
Adam Mustafakamal 11 days ago
Everywhere I see u in the comments u took your time posting these awesome timestamps, thank you so much
rar r
rar r 5 months ago
S P 5 months ago
Guess these Japanese pair can even return a bullet lol!
Andy chan
Andy chan 5 months ago
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 6 months ago
49:28 even the crowd enjoyed the crucial rally which was incredible.
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 6 months ago
31:25 good rally
Abdul Raoof
Abdul Raoof 6 months ago
17:47 good rally
Albert Hofmann
Albert Hofmann 7 months ago
01:06:06 the cute coach
hongha nguyen
hongha nguyen 7 months ago
I'm from Vietnam, i love Japan!
大圈仔 7 months ago
saiju thomas
saiju thomas 8 months ago
Watanabe the beauty of shuttle badminton
Ritika Deka
Ritika Deka 9 months ago
Chinese losse I will give party to all
Nunik Setianingsih
Nunik Setianingsih 9 months ago
The best badminton indonesia
Cenoz Ngeblus
Cenoz Ngeblus 3 months ago
rio 10 months ago
this match is superbly entertaining
lala lisa
lala lisa 10 months ago
Kli ini ku dukung tiang listrik gogo listriiikk
JASHBRYANT 10 months ago
06:10 屁孩娘炮gay泡 穿洨耳洞噁爛加三級 有礙觀瞻看到就賭爛
sagar Ahir
sagar Ahir 11 months ago
What smach from Li...but japanese pair is extra ordinary skilled...much impressive attitude of endo and Watanabe.
Deepak Chhetri
Deepak Chhetri 11 months ago
26:10 ....... that was Indian Premier League 😀😂😀
Tu Hoam
Tu Hoam 11 months ago
23:27 1月6日
23:27 1月6日 11 months ago
29:43 Hiroyuki Endo is using ASTROX 100ZZ with colouring Z-strike! It's one of trial matches!
Nguyen Hoang Son
Nguyen Hoang Son 11 months ago
Hi guys, which pair is number 1 seed?
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar 6 months ago
Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukalmuljo
Mix Arts
Mix Arts 7 months ago
Kevin sanjaya and (i forgot the partner name)
TedOfNod 11 months ago
Liu Yucheng’s control is soooo good. Also, it’s rare to have a front-court player that doesn’t grab everyone’s attention. You’re always aware of LYD, Sukamuljo, Setiawan, Cai Yun, Koo Kien Keat, Yuta Watanabe. Liu Yucheng manages to avoid the flashiness of playing at the front, while playing rock-solid badminton.
高小贱 11 months ago
どんぐり Year ago
Iskandar Ismail
Iskandar Ismail 2 months ago
Both players are really good
どんぐり 2 months ago
@Iskandar Ismail And Endooooo~~~~. Endo Endo!!!!
Iskandar Ismail
Iskandar Ismail 2 months ago
22:04 卧槽 Fuck 😼
Benedict Solpico
33:11 greedy defenses..I know blocking smashes to the net are like a free-lunch but when its fired from a good height... it can't pass the net..
log4john Year ago
Japanese pair is the best in terms of the court coverage!! 30:45
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vijayakumar rajendran
Gillian @33.54 ; how he climbs in the air like that? I don't know. Me; same here 😁
nocchiluv1210 Year ago
Lan HUONG Pham
What happen to the chinese pair they had did a very good job in s2
UntilYouGM Month ago
giao lưu ko em
Driver Dose Autoblog
The size difference between the players is insane! (44:40)
VV JP Year ago
Ive got a question and I hope it doesnt sound dumb - how does Yuta Watanabe play both Mens Doubles and Mixed Doubles in the same tournament? 2 games a day?
Ram Christian Cossid
he's secretly a rechargeable android.
Thor Svanekjær Svanekjær Jensen
Yes that is exactly what he does.
LoveEBlue Year ago
Superb defense from Endo today. Bravo
Hoàng Trường Thành
I like li/liu in set2 because set3 alot of mistakes
rini wow
rini wow Year ago
I wish money prize for badminton champ equal to tennis prize. Can't IBF do somethjng about this? Coz the athlets deserve it.
yeni hermawan
yeni hermawan Year ago
MD Indonesia amazing
Adam Banks
Adam Banks Year ago
Amazing Defence from the Japanese pair !!!
Jethro Maris
Jethro Maris 7 months ago
The only pair in the circuit able to match and beat Gideon and Sukamujio, they're my favorites for the olymics on home soil too!
Tony Year ago
watanabe 怎么拿着李宁的拍? 穿的还是yy的衣服和鞋啊?
Selectively Neutral
Selectively Neutral 8 months ago
@Xin Tian 但Endo 卻是球拍,衣服yy,鞋美津濃!
Xin Tian
Xin Tian Year ago
被李宁签了 但是日本队是yy赞助 所以衣服还是统一的吧
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Year ago
2 ông Trung Quốc này đan vợt nhiêu kg mà đập khủng vậy nhỉ?
Quang Phạm
Quang Phạm Year ago
Cao nên công mạnh, mình nghĩ vậy
muwiash_12 Year ago
51:10 Liat Yuta Endo ky anak sm bpk lg lomba di temenin emak n kakeknya 😂😂🙏🙏
XbP XI0MQ Year ago
Maya Rahma
Maya Rahma Year ago
Yuta watanabe main rangkap and masuk sf semua salut sama pemain cilik ini
Matt Li
Matt Li Year ago
Lan HUONG Pham
To be honest, im very disapointed of the chinese pair, i think they could deafeat the japanese pair very easily
Thông tin Chung cư
Thông tin Chung cư 11 months ago
They are Wana and Endo. No way it is easy to beat them
Dwi Susi
Dwi Susi Year ago
Tak semudah itu Ferguso
Vuong Tran Van
Lan HUONG Pham No way! The head to head 3-4 . 50-50 is ok
My Channel
My Channel Year ago
pelatih jepang yg laki-laki itu dari mana sih?
Selectively Neutral
Selectively Neutral 8 months ago
@muwiash_12 the one in the video was Tan Kim Her. Jeremy Gan usually coaches the mix doubles pair.
muwiash_12 Year ago
Dari Malaysia gan 😊
Gloria Chal
Gloria Chal Year ago
If the china pairs didn't make too many mistakes, the game could be more interesting😁. And the japan pairs are really good at solid defending especially Endo. The most mistakes thing for china pair were lifting again and again and smashing hard who are so good at defending.😂
와.. 니폰 개잘하네
Bo Wu
Bo Wu Year ago
1:07:18 刘雨辰前面站得太靠后了,站到李俊慧的位子,很好的进攻球,打成防守。
Martsa Iqbal
Martsa Iqbal Year ago
Md china , don't have the passion to play
Han K
Han K Year ago
Finally Endo and Watanabe win these guys again.
Danish monde monde
MD Chinese need Coach from Indonesia.
Dr Trouble
Dr Trouble Year ago
Madhu Chandar Sundaravel
What happened to China? They used to dominate badminton. In Men's doubles, China has only won one Super 750 tournament and two Super 100 tournaments this year. What a shame.
Han JiPyeoyeng
Han JiPyeoyeng Month ago
Li and Liu aren't bad, they've won World Championship, world tour finals, back to back Asian championship, Thomas Cup (as a game winner), they just need to be more consistent
Eddie Harrison
Eddie Harrison 7 months ago
@galsz Fu and Zhang Nan were excellent and Li and Liu aren't bad, they're just not top class
galsz Year ago
apart from cai/fu, china has never really dominated MD anyway.
kinolai2 Year ago
Yeah, but most people who love the sport would want to see the better player win. Obviously there is a sense of pride when a player from their own country wins, but for the sport as a whole, having more competition is better
Soldio Year ago
@kinolai2 well people from China obvs are gonna want people to from China to win
Madhu Chandar Sundaravel
Li Junhui is a dead weight. Only knows to smash or lift, no flat play or placement. Liu Yuchen needs a better partner.
Douglas Jeffery
I dont know how these 2 chinese pairs play, but agree on Li is not good in defense or offense in this game. But if you think tall people has more advantage of flat play than short people then I say you are dead wrong. If flat shots are always around shoulder or arm pit of short guys that would be waist line to bottom rib of tall guy. So one side is racket up hitting straight and one is racket down which always hitting side to upward motion. That automatic put tall people in bad spots. When you are tall, use height advantage in power and quick fast drop to worn out you're opponent. However, you can't perform then oh well.
White Coffee
White Coffee Year ago
Rinah Arinah
Rinah Arinah Year ago
What hapen with Liu zunhui/Liu yuchen...???