Putting On 10 Masks & Running 1 Km In 100°F Heat, After Smoking, To Prove Masks Can't Suffocate You

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Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch may have hung up his cleats, but the Elevation Training Mask he made famous in pregame is still inspiring athletes who think it'll help them reap the same cardiovascular benefits as they would working up a sweat at 14,000 feet.

People literally work out at 10,000 ft elevations to purposely suffocate themselves and deprive themselves of oxygen to train better, I don't think a piece of cloth at 500 ft above sea level is gonna hurt you. Grow up.

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Comment "Behold, The Karen Smiter" if you legitimately have seen people in real life try to defend not wearing a mask by saying it's my body my choice or some derivative thereof. Real big words from the same group of people who are pro-life but I mean Imma just stop roasting here. God I hate the 1946-1964 crowd so much.


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Jul 25, 2020




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Comments 10 708
Jenartik Month ago
when you skip everything except head day
TameThing 3 days ago
Peyton Case : Have you given any thought to protecting yourself from a deadly worldwide tyranny? Because that's what this senseless "Covid-19" panic is ushering in. The public is being tested for willingness to comply. The more compliance you give them, the more restrictions on your freedoms will follow.
Threeper %
Threeper % 6 days ago
@T Mentat
Threeper %
Threeper % 6 days ago
@Mike Jones you took classes in the CCP??? I knew it!!!
Threeper %
Threeper % 6 days ago
@jason moran
Threeper %
Threeper % 6 days ago
@Peyton Case George Floyd was a Beta Karen. Bitching and Crying that he couldn't breathe and handle a knee on the back of his neck for a few minutes. Maybe he shouldn't have been fight the police with a lethal dose of fentanyl and meth. On top of having the kung-flu.
Nikko A.
Nikko A. 4 hours ago
Realize that the karens of this video don't send comments on the main page, rather they do it in the replies so as to not get proven wrong.
Charlie book 1
Charlie book 1 6 hours ago
Weed is bad for you stop it you want to kill your self
idk 6 hours ago
Aidan T
Aidan T 8 hours ago
This man didn't even run through the whole mile though bruh. He walked almost the whole thing.
MG TOOT 11 hours ago
Bro wasn’t even smoking. He just puffing the black
xXDemonWolfSkullXx 11 hours ago
He was still smoking...
bruh bruhboy
bruh bruhboy 13 hours ago
I love this guys voice lol
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
Yep, doesn't change your oxygen levels at all. Proof: lbry.tv/@Covid19:4/Firefighter-Tests-Masks-for-Oxygen-levels,-Urges-You-To-Breathe-and-Think-At-The-Same-Time:4
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
"Grow the f up, Act your age" says the guy that literally needs the government to parent him and tell him what to do. lmao
xXDemonWolfSkullXx 11 hours ago
You're a moron who doesn't get the point lol
Jay-z Hoare
Jay-z Hoare Day ago
Hold up you asmatic? Dude ive seen aromatics die from just running a mile without any of that other shit, wtf? Are you human?
Persona Ultrakin
The guy who can out-pizza the Hut
Paul Day ago
My mom is a Karen and my dad is a male Karen, and they beat me because im wearing a mask🤩🤩🤩🤩
weawesomeed 13 hours ago
You have great parents.
leecreeper 14
leecreeper 14 2 days ago
Is the choosen one
Zapwag 2 days ago
i respect you so much
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez 2 days ago
I love you 💕
jalen bennett
jalen bennett 2 days ago
Careful hes a hero
some guy
some guy 2 days ago
It's hard to believe that we are all gonna die just because Karen's have "rights"
Lane Blount
Lane Blount 2 days ago
This still doesn’t show that masks work
Itz_just Liv
Itz_just Liv 2 days ago
It doesn’t suffocate me, I’m not used to it cuz I didn’t go out during corona a lot so putting them on didn’t let me breathe well
Matej Dimitrusev
Matej Dimitrusev 2 days ago
hey person scrolling trough the comments trying to find karens change the comments to newest first youre welcome
billy ballsack
billy ballsack 3 days ago
Soooo just because this guy did this youre all gonna act like face masks dont deprive you of oxygen? They do... its not even deniable. Its very uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. You may not die, but its not fun and youre not getting as much oxygen as you should be. Face masks dont even protect you from the virus. Fauci said theyre useless at first and then changed his tune up saying to wear them. What did he learn in 2 weeks that he didnt know for years and years being an expert? Its a sham
weawesomeed Hour ago
@Joe food gaming Sure
Joe food gaming
Joe food gaming 3 hours ago
@weawesomeed 5p10010cran
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
@Joe food gaming Why are you calling him a pedo? Do you even know what nonce means?
Matej Dimitrusev
Matej Dimitrusev 2 days ago
shut up karen firstly you can breathe in them some people are just too lazy to wear them and make shitty excuses like "I cant breathe" or "I have a medical condition" and if you did research masks are supposed to protect others from you not protect you from them
Joe food gaming
Joe food gaming 2 days ago
To be honest i don't like wearing mask to, but if you don't you'll get kicked out of walmart you broke-ass Karen . MAN UP!!
Hunter Grayson
Hunter Grayson 3 days ago
I just realized... this just means that masks don’t do crap
Jeremy Kowalski
Jeremy Kowalski 3 days ago
Do this but your an asthmatic
SilverDudes 3 days ago
The man, the myth, the legend
Dawson Dupre
Dawson Dupre 3 days ago
To all of the Karen’s out there:get outsmartedddddd
Nicholas Bourcier
I, being asthmatic, can confirm that i can wear a mask and can breath fine
Snowy Dog
Snowy Dog 3 days ago
6:04 same dude. Sameeee.
Ezra Ross
Ezra Ross 3 days ago
You stupid asf didn’t even Inhale the black and you only wore it for 6 mins not 12 hours like most people and as soon as you was done you took it off
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
Gasping for air lol what a tool
CrabEdits 3 days ago
TameThing 3 days ago
If masks can't stop air, why do you think they can stop viruses?
Matej Dimitrusev
Matej Dimitrusev 2 days ago
idiot oxygen molecules are smaller than viruses do research before trying to look smart in front of people
THEbeast gamerTV
THEbeast gamerTV 3 days ago
when u own the masks.
Rayman 3 days ago
3.6k Karens watched this video
Dee Knoll
Dee Knoll 3 days ago
Okay so there's a lot of bias about this test. Number 1 you need several trials with multiple different people. Number 2 those masks aren't as nearly as tight as KN95 masks. Number 3. How much experience does he have running marathons Number 4. How much experience does he have breathing while running with a mask on, or is this his first time. Number 5. His lungs would probably be worse if he was a regular smoker, one cigar is intensive but not as bad as having a lifetime of experience smoking. Although he is right you should wear a mask by the inner scientist in me is screaming
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
Also, just because you *can* function at a 15 percent oxygen level, doesn't mean it's good for you and that it's not harmful.. lbry.tv/@Covid19:4/Firefighter-Tests-Masks-for-Oxygen-levels,-Urges-You-To-Breathe-and-Think-At-The-Same-Time:4
WiNtEr BeAr Is ToO PuRe
Now show this to a Karen
littlesavage666 3 days ago
you REALLY sound lile eminem
TheRealRexy 4 days ago
This is fake! The masks were edited in.
Matej Dimitrusev
Matej Dimitrusev 2 days ago
this is probably a joke if not I give up on humanity
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 days ago
Is this ironic?
Justice Art
Justice Art 4 days ago
My moms a Karen. Thanks for saving me from being an idiot
Alkis 4 days ago
You don't even smoke the cigarette properly
xXDemonWolfSkullXx 11 hours ago
You're not getting the point.
mouse discord
mouse discord 4 days ago
Its rare, i didnt look up
Jason Tomas
Jason Tomas 4 days ago
Masks science logic and cocaine
lawchick me
lawchick me 4 days ago
A) You are puffing a cigar that you do not inhale into your lungs and clearly you did not inhale it. B) No, it would be much worse if you smoked actual cigarettes for 20 years, again, clearly you have zero clue. C) people have already dropped dead wearing a mask while running, so the science has already been proven. I won't wear a mask regardless if I am running or not..... why? Because the virus has over a 99% recovery rate worldwide. Please educate yourself little boy.
lawchick me
lawchick me 10 hours ago
@xXDemonWolfSkullXx You're entitled to your uneducated opinion.
xXDemonWolfSkullXx 11 hours ago
Lol you're a moron 🤣
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
@Ben Dover It's totally selfish and inconsiderate to expect everyone TO wear a mask.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 days ago
You're stupid
lawchick me
lawchick me 2 days ago
@Matej Dimitrusev I literally already have made it better. I and those around me are healthier and happier because of it. We live our lives. It's called freedom.
Whitney_ Chico
Whitney_ Chico 4 days ago
POV: your here from a meme page
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 4 days ago
With these masks he sounds a little bit like pyro from tf2 but more undertstandable
Keira Discoknight
Lol all Karen's watching this be like: I WAnT tO SPeAK tO yOuR maNagER
weawesomeed 18 hours ago
Says the people that see someone not wearing a mask. People who don't wear masks mind their own business, while the real Karens freak out and attack people, ask to speak to the manager if they see an employee not wearing a mask, or confront people not wearing masks, acting entitled and starting drama. So who's the real Karen?
GLZ50Cent 4 days ago
well if u dont inhale then whats the point?
Kürşat Orhan
Kürşat Orhan 4 days ago
I can not breath while watching this
LaserGamer28 4 days ago
What it is to be a hero in 2020
Karen 4 days ago
L0c0oo 4 days ago
Lots of karens have disliked this video
Andrew Mahendra
Andrew Mahendra 5 days ago
The fact that you've asthma and still smoke is amaze me
MC birb
MC birb 5 days ago
good job man now just show this video to any karen
heath ashley
heath ashley 5 days ago
Urjit Bhatt
Urjit Bhatt 5 days ago
If this video was Karen restricted. There would be no dislikes.
Olivia Michelin
Olivia Michelin 5 days ago
Who’s here from the meme?
Emiliano De La Cruz
BS trying on .for show off its okay ,so you do every day just like one week ,and you wont be last .
loll l
loll l 5 days ago
Karens: impossible 👁👄👁
Charles Palapar
Charles Palapar 5 days ago
Karens have the audacity to dislike the video
Areen Hashemi
Areen Hashemi 5 days ago
The dislikes r from Karens *who still refuse to wear masks*
Raining Hams
Raining Hams 5 days ago
The dislikes are from karens
Madlad. A Comeplete Madlad.
Noose Neck
Noose Neck 5 days ago
This is TheReportOfTheWeek dont let him fool you
Yo Momma 214
Yo Momma 214 5 days ago
My boy was smoking a black and mild lmao
Seiten auf Koordinatenursprung • vor 9 Jahren
1 day later he died...
Sergey Smirnov
Sergey Smirnov 5 days ago
I literally can not think of how bloody stupid Karens have to be to believe even a single word they say about masks. Like... those masks aren't something we invented during Covid - and they also weren't used as torture implements before... there is such a job... it's called "doctor" - stfu, Karen, if they wore masks daily for years, so can fucking you!
Jack Cof
Jack Cof 5 days ago
Hey do you want a cookie I just don’t wear them they are pointless if you do your research
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 days ago
Where is this research
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 days ago
Their not pointless their courtesy for people who aren't as fortunate to be healthy/ able to fight off the virus
Stawros Dimitriadis
Zen World64
Zen World64 5 days ago
Karens: *I'm gonna pretend like I didn't see that*
Gabriel Rojas
Gabriel Rojas 5 days ago
Thank you, you are a national hero
A-Toxic-Wolf 5 days ago
underrated as fuck need you deserve a million
Uncle Al's Trailer Park
Idc if I can breathe I just don't wana smell my butt hole breath and my face chafing
Julia Kubovicova
Julia Kubovicova 5 days ago
Karens:*looks both ways*listen here you little sh!#%&$t.
SOLI 5 days ago
Karen : Impossiblr
MaKolis 5 days ago
You walked almost all the time lol
Alma_ _mxsc
Alma_ _mxsc 5 days ago
Karen : impossible
Θανάσης Μπουτζάνης
Bro chill a bit anyone can believe to anything they want 😎
MrK4NGA 5 days ago
Haters (Karens) thinks it’s edited
Obama _man9
Obama _man9 5 days ago
*lung damage has entered the chat*
Obama _man9
Obama _man9 5 days ago
If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask, if you don’t want to wear a mask, you shouldn’t have to, as long as someone isn’t trying to change what you’re doing it shouldn’t matter
Gianata Shairul
Gianata Shairul 5 days ago
didnt even smoke the black n mild 😂
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 6 days ago
Love the sarcasm. Glad you can't be taken seriously. Maybe you should get to a gym or eat a burger?
Harupert Beagleton
Title says he’s going to run the 1 km looked like he walked a lot plus he was constantly messing with the masks. He couldn’t do what he claimed running the 1km with those masks on but acts like he does. All these people in comment section act like he did it too. People suck can’t even be honest about what they saw and what he did.
Harupert Beagleton
JD he’s straight up walking during a lot of his “run” and you come at me with “do you expect him to sprint”? Are you serious? He said he was going to run 1k with 10 mask he should at least be jogging and keeping a pace. Him walking proves he couldn’t do it. If he wouldn’t have stopped to walk he would have passed out. The masks not staying on his face proves it was a bogus experiment. He could have easily tied the bands together on the back with a rubber band and they would have stayed on fine. They weren’t staying on and so they weren’t restricting the airflow the way 100% of their capabilities. Also he didn’t even inhale the smoke or smoke the full cigar lol. People who smoke inhale say a few words then exhale. He should have at least blown the smoke out of his nose.
JD 5 days ago
1. Do you expect him to sprint the whole kilometer? When youre not good in form running a kilometer can only be achieved with walking breaks 2. Yeah of course he was messing with the masks. He even said in the beginning that the 10 masks put enormous strain on your ears. After all, your ears arent made of steal, eventually they would bend and all the masks would fall to the ground
Dark 4715
Dark 4715 6 days ago
6:28 absolute savage 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
k R
k R 6 days ago
2:05 nah fam Im fatter but I got my mask and still try to not be out this video put mask avoiders to shame trying to look tough when they walk with their gaping mouth
Generic Name
Generic Name 6 days ago
This is amazing 😂 I love his commentary about wanting the mask to kill him, what a beast. Stay safe, my friend. ❤
Dominika Domaczaja
“All Karens hate him. Watch this video to find out why.”
WILD KAREN 6 days ago
Solaire Astor
Solaire Astor 6 days ago
This guy teaches Chuck Norris how to kick
Sarp tınaztepe
Sarp tınaztepe 6 days ago
Well actually it won't suffocate you but the problem is you are litterally breathing carbondiokside that you breath out of your lungs that's the problem that you only have and it wil not fucking kill or stop you from breathing you fucking karens out there and that's a fucking fact bro's
EwokPlayer64 6 days ago
He's proving the karens wrong
moren din
moren din 6 days ago
Karens be like Thanos: Impossible
ss_gaem 6 days ago
damn brutha he just destroyed all karens in the world...a job well done if i do say so myself
Eda 6 days ago
Karens watching this: *Impossible*
Benjamin Franke
Benjamin Franke 6 days ago
This guy goes to a restaurant and cooks for the wait staff
Threeper %
Threeper % 6 days ago
You should do one to prove Floyd was being a Beta Karen!!! He couldn't handle a few minutes with a knee on the back of his neck. Crying like a Beta Karen that he couldn't breathe, to his dead mama.
Soham !
Soham ! 6 days ago
This guy is a legend!!
Aditya Ravi
Aditya Ravi 6 days ago
This guy has a bit of Russian in his blood
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi 6 days ago
The air will come from the sides of the mask
ApolloXD? 6 days ago
He hit us with the “Math Science and logic”
Tocessa Pokart
Tocessa Pokart 6 days ago
In fact he hasn't smoked it through his lungs, but probs to him
Google User
Google User 6 days ago
You're not looking well dude. Take a look at a picture of a healthy man and compare it to yourself in the mirror. Forget about the masks, that really isn't your problem
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