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Comments 80
Brooke Thomas
Brooke Thomas 4 days ago
LSD expert here. Didn’t smell or taste any colors. They’re just really vibrant and the smells you like, are amplified. Sometimes patterns form in the walls or for example, I tripped in a very colorful emergency room (long story, wasn’t there for me) and the colored squares moved around.
Gaming Chad
Gaming Chad 4 days ago
In the world of Pokémon humans are the last animals
Quinn Lim
Quinn Lim 5 days ago
I'd press the button to be extremely attractive and loved by any woman if not for one thing. I don't care about the small "peepee" as it were, but the scenario was that EVERY woman you meet loves you. I would not want to be loved by every woman. I would not want to choose, and sometimes people love in not-so-safe ways. Stalkers, for example. If I could choose who loves me and who doesn't, that would be better. And then if I could stop someone from loving me if they turn out to be someone I don't want, that would be better. But even still, having to choose which woman I want would be hard
Aloyus Knight
Aloyus Knight 7 days ago
The everything you eat gets teleported to someone else thing can be used to your advantage if you know someone is allergic to a particular thing, then you could kill them with the food they're allergic to.
Ivydbomb Post
Ivydbomb Post 14 days ago
Ok let me tell you about LSD, so I tasted shmurple and smelled the souls of the dammed, it was crazy man. Lol jk I only take meth
MAXINATOR 18 days ago
Ajian 23 days ago
Who's here in pandemic era 2020?
koen boersma
koen boersma 29 days ago
6:59 he ruined my childhood
theruby eye54
theruby eye54 29 days ago
4:56 what if u gay? Also 9:05 same thing
Kunisake Month ago
1. I will not. What if I teleport right over a volcano? 2. I will not 3. I will not 4. I will not 5. I will not 6. I will not 7. I will not 8. I will not 9. I will not 10. Press it 11. I will not 12. I will not 13. Press it. What if you got powers? 14. Press it. I could be like Tim Drake's Robin 15. I will not. Creators deserve their money 16. I will not 17. Press it. It is possible that immunity could get released to the public. No more Corona virus! 18. I will not
Koopstrooper Month ago
You could just sell the pickup truck. And since it is whatever pickup truck you want, you could make it made out of diamonds or something like that and make millions of dollars
Epicleo 2000
Epicleo 2000 Month ago
Aha the Coronavirus will be no more!
Amanda Graves
Amanda Graves Month ago
Did it again why
ryan adams
ryan adams Month ago
mellow out man pass the healing gnome. if they pass the immunity won't it pass the joint stiffness
MarioLOLZ Gaming Videos
4:20 Haha, but I can already do that. “Grape Juice” tastes jut like purple.
Wuft Chan
Wuft Chan 2 months ago
10:20 however than overpopulation explodes and then we have purges or the thinnining. disease is humanities natural predator you take that out and the world is overrun even more than it is now then global warming is really gonna sky rocket
Wuft Chan
Wuft Chan 2 months ago
theres no lsd comments? huh I was curious
Wuft Chan
Wuft Chan 2 months ago
1:25 Camille f u man XD
Lee Stephen
Lee Stephen 2 months ago
A Tauros or Wooloo steak sounds so nice, maybe a farfetch'd and leek soup.
Kanra-tan 2 months ago
This was a time before big pee pee small pee pee was a meme
Brayan Valerio
Brayan Valerio 2 months ago
Now I imagine people eating pikachu sticks on the bbq
BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115
3:26 that comment is from *46 years ago* ? I doubt that.
Lord Alzorn
Lord Alzorn 2 months ago
You couldn't move any joints in your body. That means you'd be deaf as well seeing as you hear when your eardrums move those three little bones in your ear
Alexis Buhrman
Alexis Buhrman 2 months ago
*You will taste colors* *Taste the rainbow*
Me Mes
Me Mes 2 months ago
The last question is basically having youtube as a job
Hellaween 2 months ago
4:16 So...synaesthesia?
Harrambou 2 months ago
Mark: I can hear the comments raging Us:... 10 seconds later 7:56 Mark: whats-his-name who played Batman Us: REEEEEEEE
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 3 months ago
2:10 Look at the comments. Look at the fuckin' comments.
Corable 4 months ago
The age of the Internet is around 20 years There is a comment from 46 years ago.
James Place
James Place 4 months ago
He must really hate DETROIT
TigerRichZ 4 months ago
2:01 , who else noticed the comment was 46 years ago??
Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis 4 months ago
What the hell was the first second of this video
Memes Make Dreams
Memes Make Dreams 4 months ago
9:05 Did this guy just predict the small and big pp memes?
The Gaming Bird
The Gaming Bird 4 months ago
6:33 Wouldn't I just look before asking questions? Originally: Wouldn't you just die
Alex Conn
Alex Conn 4 months ago
For the job one there's nothing that says you can't ask your employer for a raise
Gauzysauce 4 months ago
geez that is so dark afer that he blows up detroit
MidniightMuffin 4 months ago
Aren’t there like, plant pokemon n shit?
Over Bork
Over Bork 4 months ago
If you can smell colors wouldn’t you have a radius of colors you could sense and know were and what the object is for example if there was a rainbow you could sense the colors.
Amani Leave me alone
You know what I call animals who complain too much Breakfast,Lunch and dinner
thesuperfox gamer
thesuperfox gamer 5 months ago
A robber: give me your money Mark's mind: I should have chosen the telaport option
Hollow Silence
Hollow Silence 5 months ago
If someone had that power and everytime they sneeze someone close would get cancer. I take that power and go right to the White House. Soon as President Rrump steps out I'm going to sneeze. And and he'll die slowly but painfully just like he deserves. That's an amazing fantasy President Rrump has cancer because I sneezed on him.
Lovzing 5 months ago
as a person currently tripping while watching this, you connot smell or taste colors while on LSD lmao (edit: I mean unless you take enough of it but like)
Sunky 5 months ago
Pee pee
Cole Haugen
Cole Haugen 5 months ago
I would work my dream job because I can always get a higher paid job and have my dream job as a side job. Big brain.
lahmonzalovania 6 months ago
whats with the comments in the game and being like "46 years ago"
Mr Lockheart
Mr Lockheart 6 months ago
You will be in a good video game BUT!!!!!!!!!! You will be in a worst scenes
ghost pen
ghost pen 6 months ago
Plants are pokemon to
Swan Ronson
Swan Ronson 6 months ago
Why are the comments 46 years ago?
Greeny Goop
Greeny Goop 6 months ago
the first part neruuugh i used that for my ringtone
Reaper3715 6 months ago
Hmmmm skittles
Michael McGee
Michael McGee 6 months ago
So deam job but minimum wage. That would mean I'm not doing my job well. Writing is hit or miss, it isn't consistent until you have a fan base.
James Purgason
James Purgason 6 months ago
Well when you get the games for free it technically didn’t say you couldn’t sell them and give the publishers money
Ultra _MegaXXL
Ultra _MegaXXL 6 months ago
The special ed kid when he gets an oprotunity to use his kung fu skills 0:00
xionhartfiels 541
xionhartfiels 541 6 months ago
is it just me or does mark has a thing for blow jobs lol
Sens Atlan
Sens Atlan 6 months ago
The last question: "You are yourself, but you get additional money and get your dream job" so obviously yes (I am incapable and can't work...)
sezija stpd
sezija stpd 6 months ago
9:22 no, I do not want a pee pee, I am a woman.
HPMCC PooTis 6 months ago
if steve jobs comes back to life and all ios things disappear, then i can just get myself a new gaming computer and a new smart phone with a compatible smart watch. easy win for some of us imo
AluTheDrawer 6 months ago
i'm pretty sure aging is a little like disease
Käpt'n Kadaver
Käpt'n Kadaver 6 months ago
2:14 wait 46 years ago
that art channel
that art channel 6 months ago
I would be fine with being a sidekick, in fact I would prefer it. I don't want all the attention cuz I would be more likely to live a normal life outside of hero work.
Digital Eclipse
Digital Eclipse 7 months ago
Maxilz 7 months ago
"Any time you eat meat, you're eating a Pokemon." Simple: only eat Miltank meat. :3
A Person
A Person 7 months ago
Was this really around 46 years ago?!
dragniel 7 months ago
My dream job is the king of hell
abigailisanalien 7 months ago
"Let me know what you would do in the description below"
Common sense
Common sense 7 months ago
Watermelon 7 months ago
2:12 46 YEARS AGO?
Zendakon 7 months ago
Watches the opening twelve times
Bud Moment
Bud Moment 7 months ago
6:19 46 years ago?
That One Paper Bag
That One Paper Bag 7 months ago
Mark: I used to pirate games *Bang bang bang* FBI OPEN UP!!
I was born on Honolulu and have a unibrow
Drakthorian Aka Tzaphquiel
Getting rid of all the iOS products, FUCK YEAH. Iphones needs to die.
Dynamite _
Dynamite _ 7 months ago
No u
pxl the pixie
pxl the pixie 7 months ago
Gotta love that intro
Cyclon3 8 months ago
The job I want pays well, so it's good.
Meep Changeling
Meep Changeling 8 months ago
My life actually is working my dream job but living on welfare to survive XD It's fine. I feel like a bad person if I'm not doing something to help others at all times since i live via others help but aside from that... I'm fine.
Kc Crockett
Kc Crockett 8 months ago
i would press the cancer button because technically every single day your cells mutate or are about to mutate into cancer cells. The only reason we don't notice it is because killer T cells, go on 'patrol' persay and get rid of those cancer and pre-cancer cells before they get out of hand. If your immune system doesn't do regular 'patrols' thats how it gets out of control. They never say whether it's controlled cancer or out of control.
Anthony Zinzun
Anthony Zinzun 8 months ago
Isn't the question at 9:40 death?
FamousGlory 8 months ago
2:33 I started questioning my own sanity when I saw Mark have his hands up in the air yet the button was clicked at the same time
Beau Dean
Beau Dean 8 months ago
Me too
Potato _Warrior
Potato _Warrior 8 months ago
Lol 6:10 : The comment is 46 years old... But has 3 likes😂
葉亞倫 7 months ago
Lucky bastard, I could have one comment from 46 years ago and have 0.
Mateo De Jesus Bowles
If you cured all illnesses we would suffer overpopulation and douchebags everywhere.
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