Purposefully Blowing Up Our S10....We Had To Call In Cleetus.

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Feb 25, 2019




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Comments 100
AMER1CAN BEA5T 5 days ago
Imagine if this was filmed a year and 2 months later...everyone would have been losing their shit about the Lysol being wasted like that lmfao
Christopher Stone
I had a 91 2.8 S10 that I couldn’t blow up. 300k miles and it would probably still be going had I not wrecked it.
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr 2 months ago
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson 3 months ago
Why ruin a classic??
austin styles
austin styles 4 months ago
Poor truck engine!😢 this was stupid!! Should have just bought a roller and put that stupid new engine in it!!!
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson 4 months ago
were you guys drinking and eating hot turkey shame on you
Benny Carpenter-Deason
16:16 wins today's internet.
Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler 5 months ago
So I have done a bit of experimentation with fuels and have found that the rich mix of helicopter RC Hobbies fuel is a Nitro mix use that with trick Fuel and some tolulean do note that tolulean mixed with these two fuels makes the shelf life about 6 hours!!!! used mostly trick fuel!$# I would add about 2 cups of nitro fuel per 5 gallons and 4 to 6 oz of toluene. you may want to start out with less Nitro!!$@# just in case you have a smog motor that's a little too much Nitro/ trick fuel mix it is obvious that you are very good at mixing it up LOL have fun this fuel has been running a low 5 second car and it started out a 7-second car!!!!!!&oh ya do it for Dale.!?
Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler 5 months ago
You all have too much fun definitely the very good comedy Act not to mention super racer mechanics oh yeah do it for Dale
MurkysVideos 5 months ago
@1:36 Aww... nobody gave her a small piece :-( SOMEONE GET HER A PIECE!
Desert Fresh
Desert Fresh 5 months ago
Jesus James got pushed off the lift by the nitrous, got back in there, and then ran out of stuff to spray
clay mabry
clay mabry 5 months ago
I can tell Jeremy from cooper in the videos unless it's on one of them and I can see if there talking. Hell even sometimes I still cant tell lol
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter 5 months ago
You guys need the white lab coats..
mike perez
mike perez 5 months ago
Funniest comment in the entire video: "I'm pretty sure you just lost your insurance again" 😂😂😂😂
mike perez
mike perez 5 months ago
Just a public service announcement if you're buying a used car make sure you check if there is peanuts around the intake it's a good indicator it's been beat to shit lol good stuff guys!!
Luuk Hendriks
Luuk Hendriks 5 months ago
This should still void the rent which forces them to build a shop in the freedom factory
Shawn Sonnentag
Shawn Sonnentag 5 months ago
Cleet never disappoints! That was awesome! 😆
Joe Pacelli
Joe Pacelli 5 months ago
If only u knew that lysol would be like gold one year later lol
JOE Biel
JOE Biel 5 months ago
Leave it to Cleet
Steven Marco
Steven Marco 5 months ago
Ya'll should have put corn kernels in the carb to see if popcorn came out the exhaust
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 5 months ago
The fast and the furious quote.😁😁😁
300zxdriver 5 months ago
Has Brent seen this?
cole becker
cole becker 5 months ago
Is that a mini mullet Jeremy that I see in the background at 1:50😂parenting at its finest, fucking gold👌
Michigan 10 cent riders
8:54 Jeremy's grand kids: grandpa how was it before the Corona Jeremy: we used to use lysol to blow things up.. hahahaha
Michael Day
Michael Day 5 months ago
Hey guys for future educational experiments you can always grab an old cold air intake pipe and a duct tape it vertically over the throttle body. Then bore a few extra holes in it for all the different injectors. Keep them about 6” up from the throttle body to give it good chance for thorough atomization. But hell yea brother! Let them bald eagles fly!
Audi witha Turbski
Audi witha Turbski 5 months ago
Man brings me back
Cleetus and James the perfect destruction combo. Cleetus: Pedal to the floor even if smoke comes out. James: Spray it even when it's on fire.
Shane Meredith
Shane Meredith 5 months ago
i need a bullet proof ls like this to swap into my accord
Drew Toaster
Drew Toaster 5 months ago
What rpm was cleetus holding it at i wanna know what not to do to my 3.1 camaro
spedC00kie 5 months ago
they are saying damn i wish i didn’t waste the lysol now
I'm the Maughan
I'm the Maughan 5 months ago
Sometimes if you love it you have to kill it to rebuild it.
GrumpyZade 5 months ago
Lysol the poor man's nos
Smokey's RC
Smokey's RC 5 months ago
He can blow up anything lol
Rusty Clayton
Rusty Clayton 5 months ago
Nobody: Cleetus: "im fixing to disinfect the hell out of this intake" I died
Richard Harrold
Richard Harrold 5 months ago
Now we know where Trump got the idea from!
Artemia stone
Artemia stone 5 months ago
should try to kill a old 90s volvo motor
Artemia stone
Artemia stone 5 months ago
umm just a thought you could have injected liquid oxygen into it instead of nos and blew the thing up
Turner 5 months ago
please don't trash that truck, put a v8 or something in it
nike12000 5 months ago
Cleetus can blow up anything!
Moe Whitfield
Moe Whitfield 5 months ago
This just came up as new for me...
Rebel Whitmire
Rebel Whitmire 5 months ago
Damn son my car came with 150 hp how is that v6 just now hitting 150 hp
Anakin VanDyke
Anakin VanDyke 5 months ago
Coming back to this video knowing what the s10 became is fascinating
Wyatt Pultz
Wyatt Pultz 5 months ago
Cleetus and 'Murica meets Neutral Drop
Aaron Funky
Aaron Funky 5 months ago
cant let ol' cleeter touch anything
US. Army veteran
US. Army veteran 5 months ago
Bet you boys can't take 5 mins of Satan's toe...
Jason Edelbrock
Jason Edelbrock 5 months ago
LMAO @ I'm pretty sure you just lost your insurance again! No don't do that!
Kevin DeChamp
Kevin DeChamp 5 months ago
RUvid just wasn't ready for Cleetus and his right foot.
Council of walruses
Council of walruses 5 months ago
2:09 blew up so hard the blinker turned on
Wrench N Twist
Wrench N Twist 5 months ago
God I laught on this video 🤣🤣🤣 Perfect guy’s! Loved it!
Rick 5 months ago
This is something my friends and I would do if he had the money to burn. lol
socaliguy81 5 months ago
Gives "Powered By Deez Nuts" a whole new meaning! lol
Chrius 6 months ago
Man I watched this when it was released and I only noticed now that this is the same S10 you guys are building now
Charlie Mahoney
Charlie Mahoney 6 months ago
i never thought i would hear "you are gonna hydro lock this with mtn dew"
Ron Matson
Ron Matson 6 months ago
Our city buses run on propane and you can use propane on diesels almost as nitrous,not quite and crazy but reliable
My Leaning Garage
My Leaning Garage 6 months ago
Give it to cleetus and he will blow it up. Lmao. Had an 87 s10 thing ran forever blown radiator only one motor mount and an oil change every day. Lol. I miss that truck.
Abdullah Khalid
Abdullah Khalid 6 months ago
James just grabbing whatever he can to spray 😂😂😂
Bryan Phipps
Bryan Phipps 6 months ago
I know this is an old video but Cooper is a cock to Jeremy, that sad cause Jeremy is such a good guy. Grow up Cooper.
Taylor Goble
Taylor Goble 9 months ago
Sweet baby Jesus that's a lot of zip tie's!
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell 9 months ago
Pure fun!
Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera
John Doc La Nasty #HarnettCo#Erwin#Lilington#NC
Southern Exile
Southern Exile 10 months ago
Jack ass car edition
Dave T
Dave T Year ago
The “You’re welcome” at the end. Amazing.
hagerhog118 Year ago
Loved every second
Matt Greene
Matt Greene Year ago
Hey Jeremy, are you a Christian?
Cody Gores
Cody Gores Year ago
The marker light flickered as the last bit of life left it haha
YTKeeps AskingforName
Cleetus: You blew the welds on the intake!
Nathan Hillis
Nathan Hillis Year ago
Should have let cletus rip it sooner. He'd handle business
Skylor Brothers
Steven Neathery
Boys will be boys.
Matthew Bradley Martone
Well,you guys know how to destroy shit.I guess that's cool To someone.Aged 8 to 10..idiots.
David Newkirk
David Newkirk Year ago
Cleetus should have said “You make them last I make them blast!”
Andrew Lofthouse
And nobody with a peanut allergy was harmed. 😂😂😂😂😂
Rogue Junker
Rogue Junker Year ago
Rogue Junker
Rogue Junker Year ago
Joe Arden
Joe Arden Year ago
I work in the car business . During cash for clunkers , we had to blow the engines up on all the cars that were traded in . The government sent us a fluid to put in the oil to seize the motor . Ofc we didn't use this. We draimed the oil , and let em run with absolutely no oil at all , some took over an hour to seize , with no oil at all ! We drove em around , floored em etc . It was ashame to see so many nice cars , and perfectly good engines go to waste . But , it was amazing to see how long they took to actually fail !
Olen Smith
Olen Smith Year ago
Out of all the things you used... why didn't you use the mop bucket water @ 20:08? Muahhahahaha
James Wisniewski
You all must have just found a good one!!! I've personally seen those 2.8L POS's eat themselves in STRANGE ways!!! I've seen one (No turbo, supercharger, or NOS) break a Crank in 2. I've seen a couple blocks from 80's S10's and Camaro's, crack the cylinder walls horizontally, I've seen them warp a head so badly that the head bolt couldn't stretch far enough, and just broke off in the block while running. They make No HP or Torque, so IDK why they ever put those in the Fierro's, S10's, Camaro's or ANYTHING else.. Either way, Good job getting another one off the streets!!! Now Make things right and put a real truck motor in there. Like an LM7 or something useful... :)
LowMan Josh
LowMan Josh Year ago
As the owner of both a 92 xcab s10 with a 2.8. And a 2002 blazer xtreme 4.3 this vid hurts me on another level spiritually.
Chrius Year ago
"I think he could probably hurt an anvil" lol
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy Year ago
I would've put a handfull of washers in it while it's reving up.
Sean Hashem
Sean Hashem Year ago
We up in New Hampshire need shops like this..... you guys rule
AbsolvedJD Year ago
That S10 is clean (except the motor, obviously). Reminds me of my old 1991 ext cab S10 in that color. Lowered 5/7, 4.3L bored over with a GM performance cam that had a lot of overlap, converted to an Edelbrock carb and intake, long tubes, posi-trac, and 3.73 gearing. All that and it was barely faster than stock haha. But that V6 had a mean chop at idle. Also, I’ve always felt like the 4.3 fell off earlier than any other engine and Jeremy said this one makes peak at 4K so whatdoyaknow.
sam e
sam e Year ago
Explosion is at 16:04 thank me later
Neal Head
Neal Head Year ago
I think you've got an engine light !!!
Defeeded08 Year ago
Now me and the mad scientist gotta RIP apart the block, and replace the piston rings you fried.
Cameron Densford
But did somebody give the boy some jerky?!?
aaron pendergraph
Jeremy is the ultimate zip tie technician.
fryloc359 Year ago
"Cleetus side of the shop"? What's the setup here?
Bear8Photo Year ago
That nitrous bottle had James backpedaling lol 😂
nothsim Year ago
Ever thought about fire and bullet proof work shirts?
GBracing Year ago
red Rum
red Rum Year ago
People like me could really use this truck it's sad to kill such a good truck
anthony underwood
It's not cleetus it cleeter
Jackson Ledford
If you get a big ass long handle for the tap on the nitrous you can be very precision with your sprays!!
Scotian Coast
Scotian Coast Year ago
Wesley Martin
Wesley Martin Year ago
How much for the S10?
Are you Serious? For Real
James and nitrous lol
User Year ago
You make em last, I make em blast... and I'm not talking about engines 😉
T. Y.
T. Y. Year ago
You gotta be the dumbest hairdresser ever for doing this..
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus Year ago
Yall honestly should bulid a high horse power 2.8
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