Purposefully Blowing Up Our S10....We Had To Call In Cleetus.

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Feb 26, 2019




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Comments 1 529
Taylor Goble
Taylor Goble 22 days ago
Sweet baby Jesus that's a lot of zip tie's!
Stephen Mitchell
Pure fun!
Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera
John Doc La Nasty #HarnettCo#Erwin#Lilington#NC
Exlaxduck Month ago
Jack ass car edition
Dave T
Dave T 4 months ago
The “You’re welcome” at the end. Amazing.
hagerhog118 5 months ago
Loved every second
Matt Greene
Matt Greene 5 months ago
Hey Jeremy, are you a Christian?
Cody Gores
Cody Gores 5 months ago
The marker light flickered as the last bit of life left it haha
YTKeeps AskingforName
Cleetus: You blew the welds on the intake!
Nathan Hillis
Nathan Hillis 6 months ago
Should have let cletus rip it sooner. He'd handle business
toilet face baby _
toilet face baby _ 6 months ago
My cousins car
Skylor Brothers
Skylor Brothers 7 months ago
Steven Neathery
Steven Neathery 7 months ago
Boys will be boys.
Matthew Martone
Matthew Martone 8 months ago
Well,you guys know how to destroy shit.I guess that's cool To someone.Aged 8 to 10..idiots.
David Newkirk
David Newkirk 8 months ago
Cleetus should have said “You make them last I make them blast!”
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Lofthouse 9 months ago
And nobody with a peanut allergy was harmed. 😂😂😂😂😂
Rogue Junker
Rogue Junker 9 months ago
Rogue Junker
Rogue Junker 9 months ago
Joe Arden
Joe Arden 9 months ago
I work in the car business . During cash for clunkers , we had to blow the engines up on all the cars that were traded in . The government sent us a fluid to put in the oil to seize the motor . Ofc we didn't use this. We draimed the oil , and let em run with absolutely no oil at all , some took over an hour to seize , with no oil at all ! We drove em around , floored em etc . It was ashame to see so many nice cars , and perfectly good engines go to waste . But , it was amazing to see how long they took to actually fail !
Olen Smith
Olen Smith 9 months ago
Out of all the things you used... why didn't you use the mop bucket water @ 20:08? Muahhahahaha
James Wisniewski
James Wisniewski 9 months ago
You all must have just found a good one!!! I've personally seen those 2.8L POS's eat themselves in STRANGE ways!!! I've seen one (No turbo, supercharger, or NOS) break a Crank in 2. I've seen a couple blocks from 80's S10's and Camaro's, crack the cylinder walls horizontally, I've seen them warp a head so badly that the head bolt couldn't stretch far enough, and just broke off in the block while running. They make No HP or Torque, so IDK why they ever put those in the Fierro's, S10's, Camaro's or ANYTHING else.. Either way, Good job getting another one off the streets!!! Now Make things right and put a real truck motor in there. Like an LM7 or something useful... :)
LowMan Josh
LowMan Josh 9 months ago
As the owner of both a 92 xcab s10 with a 2.8. And a 2002 blazer xtreme 4.3 this vid hurts me on another level spiritually.
Chrius 10 months ago
"I think he could probably hurt an anvil" lol
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy 10 months ago
I would've put a handfull of washers in it while it's reving up.
Sean Hashem
Sean Hashem 10 months ago
We up in New Hampshire need shops like this..... you guys rule
AbsolvedJD 10 months ago
That S10 is clean (except the motor, obviously). Reminds me of my old 1991 ext cab S10 in that color. Lowered 5/7, 4.3L bored over with a GM performance cam that had a lot of overlap, converted to an Edelbrock carb and intake, long tubes, posi-trac, and 3.73 gearing. All that and it was barely faster than stock haha. But that V6 had a mean chop at idle. Also, I’ve always felt like the 4.3 fell off earlier than any other engine and Jeremy said this one makes peak at 4K so whatdoyaknow.
sam e
sam e 10 months ago
Explosion is at 16:04 thank me later
Neal Head
Neal Head 10 months ago
I think you've got an engine light !!!
Defeeded08 10 months ago
Now me and the mad scientist gotta RIP apart the block, and replace the piston rings you fried.
Cameron Densford
Cameron Densford 10 months ago
But did somebody give the boy some jerky?!?
aaron pendergraph
aaron pendergraph 10 months ago
Jeremy is the ultimate zip tie technician.
fryloc359 10 months ago
"Cleetus side of the shop"? What's the setup here?
Bear8Photo 10 months ago
That nitrous bottle had James backpedaling lol 😂
nothsim 10 months ago
Ever thought about fire and bullet proof work shirts?
GBracing 10 months ago
red Rum
red Rum 10 months ago
People like me could really use this truck it's sad to kill such a good truck
mountain biker
mountain biker 10 months ago
It's not cleetus it cleeter
Jackson Ledford
Jackson Ledford 10 months ago
If you get a big ass long handle for the tap on the nitrous you can be very precision with your sprays!!
Scotian Coast
Scotian Coast 10 months ago
Wesley Martin
Wesley Martin 10 months ago
How much for the S10?
Are you Serious? For Real
James and nitrous lol
User 10 months ago
You make em last, I make em blast... and I'm not talking about engines 😉
T. Y.
T. Y. 10 months ago
You gotta be the dumbest hairdresser ever for doing this..
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus 10 months ago
Yall honestly should bulid a high horse power 2.8
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus 10 months ago
Yall have to do the netural drop
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus 10 months ago
Put the coyote in the s10
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus 10 months ago
Jermeys wet shot is better than coopers
TheCarribeanCowboy _
TheCarribeanCowboy _ 10 months ago
Hell yeah brother!
DeviouS 10 months ago
Little peanut oil to keep the engine lubricated. With all them nazzles in the way mabee your not getting enough oxygen to the motor hahahaha ! Love that shot at 12:54.
Loud Elvis
Loud Elvis 10 months ago
New t-shirt....McFarland Demolition
younggunz82 10 months ago
Thats a clean s10, ls swap??
MR.REMASTER 10 months ago
Force air into the intake
Hilario Rojas
Hilario Rojas 10 months ago
How much for the roller
Dean Trice
Dean Trice 10 months ago
This reminds me of the OG cleetus videos! Keep doing these types of videos haha
DeadlyReaper 10 months ago
I want to see the engine tear down of that little S10
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 10 months ago
Cleetus could f*&k up an anvil with a rubber mallet! LOL
SketchyatBest 10 months ago
I've heard those 2.8's are piles of junk and it took you 3 bottles of nitrous and a can of kick of kick start.. I'm getting mixed emotions
Justin Scheel
Justin Scheel 10 months ago
Chevy power 💪🏻🇺🇲
First Last
First Last 10 months ago
I mean nitrous and blowing is familiar but nitrous lovers watch this 800hp nitrous shot instagram.com/p/BuhrezSIw7W/?igshid=1l37474ogwniy
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