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Purple Vs Pink Food Challenge With The Prince Family
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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 80
THE PRINCE FAMILY 7 months ago
Subscribe & Turn Notifications On ;)
Joseph Robert
Joseph Robert Month ago
puprle ismy school color i go to phillis wheatley highschool iam gradution from hight school
Kg Inaustin
Kg Inaustin 3 months ago
Lydia Navarro
Lydia Navarro 3 months ago
Sheryse Mccollough
Sheryse Mccollough 5 months ago
Puerto Rican Ryder
Puerto Rican Ryder 5 months ago
Deejanae Spaulding
Deejanae Spaulding 4 hours ago
I don't put ketup on my eggs
Mohana Rosario
Mohana Rosario 4 hours ago
Mohana Rosario
Mohana Rosario 4 hours ago
Samantha Cabrera
Samantha Cabrera 7 hours ago
I think it’s cute how y’all accept each other weirdness
ricardo catwell
ricardo catwell 11 hours ago
i put ketup on my eggs
Luna Gonzalez
Luna Gonzalez 15 hours ago
I put ketchup on my eggs
Ethan Haynes
Ethan Haynes 16 hours ago
I put ketchup on my ehhs
Amina Mohamed
Amina Mohamed 23 hours ago
I eat eggs I don't eat pink eggs and purple eggs
iiiSxphie Day ago
I Love Ketchup With My Eggs Its Really Good That's My Opinion Everytime For Breakfast I Tell My Mom To Make Me Eggs Also And I Put Ketchup On Them And Then I Eat Them With A Fork!
William Okyere
I dont like ketchup on my eggs ewww🤢🤮
Qu33n Marie Troops
I eat ketchup on my eges
isabeu Velez
isabeu Velez Day ago
I do it it try it b
Maria Merritt
No I do not put ketchup on my eggs
Lana Lynn
Lana Lynn Day ago
Who whatching in quarantine
Mermaid Princess
Ewwww kechup 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 biecaaaaaaaaa
Lillian Longo
Who else thought kyrie was a girl
Anthony Carozza
Who likes purple Koop aid it taste like the purple medicine
Zydeco Fortnite god got emm
I never saw even one person put ketchup on egg.
Demetrius Hill
I put ketchup One🥚
QUEEN Day ago
the wigs are really throwing me off😂😂😂😂
Dimitri Biggs
I do put ketchup on my eggs who doesn't??
Lynakar Jackson
Lynakar Jackson 23 hours ago
I put it it taste better
abril soria
abril soria Day ago
Me too
QUEEN Day ago
Dimitri Biggs true
Navaeh Ransom
I did not put ketchup on my 🥚
Jaquan Bell
Jaquan Bell 2 days ago
Mike and ike are my favorite candy
Samone Moncrief
Samone Moncrief 2 days ago
Eggs and ketchup oh hell no u must be Trippy 🤢
Martha-kids Dyas
Martha-kids Dyas 2 days ago
Good Food
Ethan Koenig
Ethan Koenig 2 days ago
I put ketchup on my eggs
Amelia Bower
Amelia Bower 2 days ago
Macalia Brown
Macalia Brown 2 days ago
Ofcource ketchup and eggs
OSWALD YT 2 days ago
Damien is Food Waste
antionettem7 3 days ago
eww no never
Princess Favour
Princess Favour 2 days ago
team members
Dean Wolfe
Dean Wolfe 3 days ago
I us kechup
By the way for the eggs they used food coloring 😂😂🤣
Saliah & Sarai
Saliah & Sarai 3 days ago
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 3 days ago
Jayla Perez
Jayla Perez 3 days ago
Yep I do
Amber Plunkett power
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 3 days ago
Hell no eww gross damin
Aliah Berrios
Aliah Berrios 3 days ago
Maia Grimes
Maia Grimes 3 days ago
Pretty Littlestem
No I do not 🍳
Akirra Whiten
Akirra Whiten 4 days ago
Don’t put catchup in in my head
Foster Family
Foster Family 4 days ago
Toni Jones
Toni Jones 4 days ago
No I use serp
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 4 days ago
Nickeita Allwood
Nickeita Allwood 4 days ago
No ketchup on my egg that's gross ewwwwwwww
Nevaeha Davila
Nevaeha Davila 4 days ago
Kolbie Rogers
Kolbie Rogers 4 days ago
No I will never try it I hate ketchup and eggs together
VivianVU 4 days ago
Damien: What is that! Bianca: oh you know what this is. Me:😮🤣
April Jones
April Jones 3 days ago
Bianca I you
Jayla Cash
Jayla Cash 4 days ago
Notifications on
Janelle Mendez-Smith
she moaned when trying to open the eggplant ahahaha
Cristal Zaragoza
Cristal Zaragoza 4 days ago
SBEx titus
SBEx titus 4 days ago
Team Damien all day every day
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor 5 days ago
damien and bianca look like rockstars wit they hair
Kristine Jen Puza
Daniel Obiazor
Daniel Obiazor 5 days ago
i would put mustard on eggs b4 ketchup
Nicaise Nkurunziza
Ja' Cayln Greer
Ja' Cayln Greer 5 days ago
Team Damien all day ever day
Simei Campos
Simei Campos 5 days ago
Sometimes I eat eggs with ketchup
Nicole's cutest arts
Simei Campos same
Kiesha Vaughan
Kiesha Vaughan 5 days ago
LOL who eat Kechup and eggs🤮🤢
Megan Paul
Megan Paul 5 days ago
KYA KEITH 5 days ago
Damien you do too much😅
Kolbie Rogers
Kolbie Rogers 4 days ago
Right now I can tell yu need no soshul Meidea
Kolbie Rogers
Kolbie Rogers 4 days ago
And yu can shut up to yu better mean that on the funny way
KYA KEITH 5 days ago
It’s OK but it’s not something I recommend because catch up on eggs are are are sometimes DisgustingTwo people
Gloria Mckinney
Gloria Mckinney 5 days ago
i dont love you
The DJ Squad
The DJ Squad 5 days ago
Yeah sometime if I’m in the mood
Amica Moreno
Amica Moreno 5 days ago
Vae Gang
Vae Gang 5 days ago
"I think you should wash them with your sprite" lol
Isaac Stuart
Isaac Stuart 5 days ago
No ketchup on eggs I don’t even eat eggs
Isaac Stuart
Isaac Stuart 5 days ago
BlueBerries Forever
BlueBerries Forever
Lol when I was a baby, I always eat eggs with ketchup. But now since I'm 10, I don't eat ketchup anymore, I only eat eggs
Stacey Revolus
Stacey Revolus 5 days ago
No ketchup for 🥚’s
Kristina Haser
Kristina Haser 5 days ago
Team Bianca all the way
flim fly1o
flim fly1o 5 days ago
Team Bianca every day every night
Brooklyn Nixon
Brooklyn Nixon 5 days ago
I got purple pop
Van's Park
Van's Park 6 days ago
I hate ketchup on my eggs team biannca if I’m right
Pretty Littlestem
No l do not
Rhonda Gee
Rhonda Gee 6 days ago
No I don't eat ketchup and eggs
Tashamac miles
Tashamac miles 6 days ago
Eleazar Ruiz
Eleazar Ruiz 6 days ago
Where's is DJ and kyrie
Florin MC
Florin MC 6 days ago
Team Damien
Florin MC
Florin MC 6 days ago
I put ketup on my eggs only sometines
Harmoni Grant
Harmoni Grant 6 days ago
purple eggs and pink eggs never seen but team biannca all day everyday
Slim Brazyyy
Slim Brazyyy 6 days ago
Team bianaaaaaac all day every day you know she lit
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