Puppy Picks My Makeup!

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to let my puppy, Finn, pick my makeup!!! 🐶He's seen me film a few beauty videos so I wanted to put him to the test and see what products he would pick... Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 13 542
ˈkēnwä 29 minutes ago
Throw some yellow in there somewhere and would be a cool macaw look
ameilia smith
ameilia smith 39 minutes ago
"PIN"..."PIN?" "i was gonna say..." "PIN did FICK this one"
Lauren Ventresco
Finn is so cuteeeee!!
avery nicole
avery nicole 3 hours ago
my dog has the same name🥺
Squirt 101007
Squirt 101007 3 hours ago
My 10 year old dogs name is finnigan
It’s me Sydney
It’s me Sydney 4 hours ago
6:38 made me laugh so hard
Donette Searcy
Donette Searcy 5 hours ago
My dogs breeds are amaricanbully and pit bull and a dog that looks like a fox
Donette Searcy
Donette Searcy 5 hours ago
I love your tiktoks your awwsom
Lillian Francis
Lillian Francis 8 hours ago
Omg sister James I love your beautiful light brown eyes! I can't help but notice them in every video they are just so pretty and good and fresh!😍 -love u sister James 😘
Wig Snatched
Wig Snatched 8 hours ago
The dog was shaking for life
Maria Mcknight
Maria Mcknight 12 hours ago
Omg I know the name for the eye shadow it's a peacock eye shadow look like if u agree
Lilly._.playzzz Roblox
Awwwwww that dog is so cute I wish I had that dog!! Good video James I might make my dog do my makeup which ima child but I wanna where makeup lol awwww good video cya James 💕
Casper Van Eynde
Casper Van Eynde 14 hours ago
I have been waiting for a video with this cutie!
15 hours ago
Loveee youuuuuuu
cxld mia
cxld mia 20 hours ago
The dog chose the colours for the eyeshadow that represent earth and when you turn dog the other way it’s god so 🤯hm.
Hannah Harvey
Ok I freaking love James Charles he is so funny and omg his make up is stunning. I tried to re create one of your amazing makeup looks and let’s just say it was a disaster ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂also your dog is so cuteeee 😩😩😩😩💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰
Paula García
your dog are so cool pikiing make up
Paula García
Your chanel are so cool
Paula García
Is good
Anastasia Savacool
It is Anastasia that is my name sweetie
Cameron Cunningham
You should become an egirl
Mariya Syed
Mariya Syed Day ago
Please slow down 😂
Tsumugi Cat Lover
It looks like a beautiful peacock
Tiffani Edwards
“Festive for what holiday?...Earthday.” I’m sister shook😂😶
Alexia Sato
Alexia Sato Day ago
I actually love the red with the eye look. But then again I’m not a makeup person...?
Mazie Johnson
Yassss sister
Mazie Johnson
Aww he is so cute
jealous sugar
Catch Queen
Catch Queen Day ago
Those lips tho...
Hannah McCann
Omg in the intro he looked so sweet
Роксана Файдель
Very beautiful guy
Lee Albee
Lee Albee Day ago
LOL So cute
Leah Semple
Leah Semple Day ago
Hah he put treats next to them
Shaylee love yall
I bet he can *really understand* you
carys Day ago
When james said 'do you get it?' I sat there thought about it for a seconds and audibly said '.no'
Nikki Køki
Nikki Køki Day ago
Awwww the dog is *CUTE*
Lisa Pragnell
Is your dog a girl or a boy
Mateo White
Mateo White Day ago
Brenda Michelle Rodriguez llamaz
Donde puedo comprar las paletas originales aqui en mexico especificamente en aguascalientes
chloe van staden
chloe van staden 2 days ago
no one: james:what that was funny love u sister xx
Isabelle The Crackhead
Awwww he’s so cute
Chas Davis
Chas Davis 2 days ago
How do you always look so good like seriously you are super cuute
Edi Berkah
Edi Berkah 2 days ago
Omg james cgarles i love you
crayola 2 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about how he used the /rawr X3 nuzzles/ song??😂
Musical Adventure
Awww, the puppy dog is getting big X3 what a cutie
Amelia Thibodeaux
I don't think the red looked too bad love you jams charels
Zaylee Crawford
Zaylee Crawford 2 days ago
That eye look should be called “ peacock ”
Lilibeth Morales
Lilibeth Morales 2 days ago
Wow I think this is the best video i have ever seen t💗 really enjoyable
Juliana Askrens
Juliana Askrens 2 days ago
Wait did u say MY name.......?I feel honored love u sister❤
Evan 2 days ago
Honestly the red looks amazing with it
Michelle Zamora Perez
James calm haha ​​I just have a little high my knowledge in English and you speak very fast and I almost do not understand greetings i'm from Mexico ❤️
Legacie Phillips
Legacie Phillips 2 days ago
Sis you look like a peacock-- XD
Giovanna Sales
Giovanna Sales 2 days ago
Ele fala muito rapido
rajeev rambuchoon
Noelia Franco cabeza
Hola James !!! Creo que entenderás mi comentario.... No se , solo quiero decir .... Te quierooo
Amiriya Martin
Amiriya Martin 2 days ago
When he started hanging onto James 😢🥺❤️
shad0w Lite
shad0w Lite 2 days ago
Tayla Mitchell
Tayla Mitchell 3 days ago
this is giving me britney spears ‘i’m a slave 4 u’ vibes
videos tops y satisfactorios fun
Sister I loved your video
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