PUNISHMENT SCUBA (Smosh Summer Games)

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Smosh Summer Games is finally here and we dive in the pool for some punishment scuba!
We are back all week with some of the BIGGEST challenges EVER! It's Team Balloonatics vs Team InflataBULLS who will be victorious?!
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Aug 21, 2018

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Comments 3 278
Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit 11 months ago
Vote for your favorite team! Find your team's comment below and hit 'like' on your favorite! We will change our banner art to the fan favorite! Make sure to visit our channel tomorrow to find out who won!
Saunty Molina
Saunty Molina 6 months ago
Saunty Molina
Saunty Molina 6 months ago
Smosh P
Gavin Sager
Gavin Sager 6 months ago
Smosh Pit c
Kacey Owo
Kacey Owo 8 months ago
I have a feeling that most of the ppl that voted for ballonatics voted bc they r winning so far
woah cryptic
woah cryptic 8 months ago
Noah is my crush
Holly McKibbin
Holly McKibbin 13 hours ago
Everyone’s saying poor Wes, but high key poor Sarah
NiGHTSaturn 20 hours ago
The Donkey Kong Country music made this so much better. Twas great even if the budget was so low!
TheFakeFox301 _
TheFakeFox301 _ 21 hour ago
Olivia and Keith are just sittin on the sidelines 😂
Clayton Brown
Wait no, Ian is Robbie and Noah is Rex, Noah is Ian's smaller puppet of himself,.
ILike Rice
ILike Rice Day ago
Wes should have gotten those 10 points it said blow a bubble not blow a big one
Titanium Titan
Titanium Titan 2 days ago
Wow Noah really screwed them over
Neel 4 days ago
noah way!
Örebro Krönikan
Love the DK water music
mike jones
mike jones 6 days ago
The donkey Kong swimming music makes this video
Jak Speaks
Jak Speaks 7 days ago
"My family thinks I work in Accounting" LMAOO!!
Anne-Sophie G.-N.
l o n e l y
l o n e l y 15 days ago
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie 17 days ago
That gum thing literally elicited a gag reflex for me
Shane K
Shane K 20 days ago
Courtney looks so damn good in the bikinis she wears in the Summer Games.
Kate Gibson
Kate Gibson 20 days ago
20:20 “my family thinks I work in accounting” I love Lasercorn
Queen John
Queen John 21 day ago
Def loved the freestyle rap
Elijah D
Elijah D 22 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Lasercorn: “My parents think I work in accounting”
Tyler Pan
Tyler Pan 22 days ago
I pledge to dislike every comment that begs for likes that I see.
BIG_ b0t
BIG_ b0t 23 days ago
Wait it went shayne then noah when there on the same team🤨🤨🤨
PonyPlays2014 23 days ago
19:55 Bozekake
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill 23 days ago
you can see all of Damiens hives and that is honestly slightly concerning
Sofia Jimenez
Sofia Jimenez 23 days ago
Noah was selfish...
jessica lopez
jessica lopez 24 days ago
are you kidding me
BENZYT // benzmcpe1234
The chewing gum is a cheat. You cant blow a bubble that thick dummy producers
DeadGuyOnTheBus 24 days ago
I like how the camera crew legit has Scuba gear on
Michael Tiller
Michael Tiller 24 days ago
“This is workplace harassment!” “SHUT UP!” 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Iversen
Alex Iversen 25 days ago
12:08 how quicksilver really died
Ploof Le Bunnzie
Ploof Le Bunnzie 26 days ago
okay 1) Wes should've gotten those points!!! and 2) Is it just me or was there a miscount? Because Shayne got 5 points and then 1 more point added on for flipping Sarah but it didn't go on the board?
Xxyusei_swirlxX 26 days ago
Cries cause I know I'll never have this much fun
Katie Brae
Katie Brae 27 days ago
Wes is hot
rc poketmon
rc poketmon 28 days ago
much kink
Amanda Whalezzz
Amanda Whalezzz 29 days ago
15:01 I love how this is what the world had turned into😂😂😂❤️
Juan Soto
Juan Soto 29 days ago
Smosh summer games ship reck (pirate theme)
Christina Journey
Christina Journey 29 days ago
Omg all these dad bods are exactly what I expected of them hahah
mika van rheenen
ian you licks the pie from lazers core
Ava Joriel
Ava Joriel Month ago
me:how many rings are they Ariana :7
Annabelle's Vlogs
Are you doing summer games this year?
IDKarlee Month ago
Welcome back to Ian and Lasercorn flirting for 22 minutes
IDKarlee Month ago
Lasercorns rap wasnt that bad though
Allynah Knox
Allynah Knox Month ago
Mari biting Ian's elbow was actually the cutest thing 😂😂
Autumn Dunlap
Autumn Dunlap Month ago
They could of beaten the Inflatabulls but Noah messed it all up
MelliXx Month ago
I literally thought Wes would get the rap punishment, because of Ian’s “oh no”
Sean Long
Sean Long Month ago
12:11 shanes face
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Month ago
3:16 "Fanfictions are being written tonight". Quote by Shayne Topp.
Nothingness Hi
Nothingness Hi Month ago
Does anyone else notice that the music from when they go under water is from the old Nintendo diddy and donkey Kong when they went under water in the one lvl
•Love is the best Thing you could have•
I almost threw up from when he started spitting up the gum🤢🤢🤢😖😖😖😢
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez Month ago
Damien is dad bob goals 😍😍😍
courtney freaking miller
Since when did quick silver works with smosh
Anthony Gibbons
Anthony Gibbons Month ago
Courtney has a sexy ass
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