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Apr 7, 2020




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Comments 80
Lisa McFarley
Lisa McFarley 8 days ago
Me 2
digitali ŵĥŷ
digitali ŵĥŷ Month ago
Delirious can you do a video playing magequit
Susan Wommack
Susan Wommack Month ago
I love him
Hanz CabilesPH
Hanz CabilesPH Month ago
Swift like a butterfly sting like a bee thats what he says
Dee evans evans
Dee evans evans Month ago
Ok how the all so park delicious army
Shane Hancock
Shane Hancock Month ago
Delirious is just rusty ( 5:43 )
Raymond Morlock
Raymond Morlock Month ago
Delirious is the man!! Anyone seen squirrel?👀
For a second there I though Delirious said "Ree"
MILO Month ago
Play more of this... funny af 🔥🔥
Marc King
Marc King Month ago
Delirious you should play darkness rises you can go in story mode and and adventure mode and you can also win a teddy bear as a companion please play this game Also this is my dad's profile also I love all your videos so please play darkness rises and put it on RUvid please
Enju Month ago
Can we say my one like counts for the last 8k likes we need?
Kgocrxy Month ago
I think Delirious is neglecting TABS again
Nate Wheelock
Nate Wheelock Month ago
Posted 1 day ago yet I jus the got the notification?
ThE DaRk Reaper Joines
Delirous needs to play Detroit becoming human you play as a robot like human and one's a cop another is a Devient (a bad robot) please play it.
666 Reject
666 Reject Month ago
What was that song at the beginning of the video?
Devon Faulks
Devon Faulks Month ago
You should play move or die again
TrySoft Gaming
TrySoft Gaming Month ago
The Radioactive Water Gang
Delirious if you want to play something in 11:53 (in this vid) in roblox there's this game called RoBeats(really hard)
william kremer
william kremer Month ago
Bad ice cream 3 on hudgames is super super fun!!!!!!! Baby
Mark Stuewe
Mark Stuewe Month ago
I loved the vanoss crew but I love this crew more, you guys make my day and the army is growing more then ever, thank you so much!! But wouldn’t it be crazy if he liked this?
Roxanne Thompson
I was like screaming Go DELERIOUS
Ericka Walker
Ericka Walker Month ago
You did a 3 piece combo on the steal the crown game
matt miller
matt miller Month ago
That was indeed a Conquers Bad Fur Day reference... Well done sir
OverANARCHY Month ago
Olumide Aluko
Olumide Aluko Month ago
i love when you play this
Mr. R5_7
Mr. R5_7 Month ago
Hey delirious will you play RAINBOW SIX again
JsM乡 Dayz
JsM乡 Dayz Month ago
More please
x Adriane x
x Adriane x Month ago
*Why did Delirious delete his video playing "The Mortuary's Assistant"?*
666 Reject
666 Reject Month ago
Does anybody know what song was playing during the first mini game?
bling bling boy
bling bling boy Month ago
I don't know
Pina Pineapples
Pina Pineapples Month ago
Did anyone else see Delirous just delete a video? It was a video about a horror game called the mortuarys assistant.
kiptee killer plays
Hey h20delirious what happened to the mortuary assistant or whatever was it a mistake upload😂?
young g savage
young g savage Month ago
I know you stopped playing COD publicly a while ago but I was just wondering why and would you consider it
Aj S
Aj S Month ago
Why his new vid get taken down
Nz Cole
Nz Cole Month ago
GoldEmpire Month ago
Do the Roblox egg hunt!!!!!
Andretheking Month ago
who else think there should be a co op resident evil game so cartoons and h20 delirious play together
Ranka Dragicevic
Ranka Dragicevic
H20 deli rius - jonahten
Dakota Wellborn
Dakota Wellborn Month ago
I just imagine delirious becoming king to a kingdom that is FULL of teddy bears pretty sure he'll be a good king and an evil king raging war on others that try to lay seige to his kingdom
News Archer
News Archer Month ago
Play more games tabs pls
Emma Stephens
Emma Stephens Month ago
Hope u get enough like I realllly love this game with ur pals :)
caitlinjane92 Month ago
2:19 OMG I burst out laughing seeing that!
Maria Tapia
Maria Tapia Month ago
Can u play Minecraft plz plz!
anime king
anime king Month ago
@H20Delirious of u wanted a battleroyale game on roblox search up strucid or alone battleroyale
Iziah Vela
Iziah Vela Month ago
Try to play. "We happy few." again plz i been watching you for the past 6 years so plz plz
tiggity niggity
tiggity niggity Month ago
Delirious needs to play gears of war 5
samantha evans
samantha evans Month ago
you never finished far cry 5. i miss that game. you should go back and finish it.
Christofdipo2 dipotarono
Delirious should be a boxer he knocked everybody out Delirious:My crown boys haha
Zander morris
Zander morris Month ago
Delirious! Play Rest In Pieces on Nintendo switch or mobile pls
Joseph Jimenez
Joseph Jimenez Month ago
when I said boom he shot the bomb
Neox Month ago
Delirious you should play roblox with flamingo. Like so he could see this
Stacey Thomas
Stacey Thomas Month ago
H20 delirious I want to see more prop hunt
Unknownfox9229 Month ago
RIP crowlirous
game destroyer
game destroyer Month ago
Plz play prototype 2
Captain Youtube
Captain Youtube Month ago
Delirious, I just want to say that there are people you haven’t tried in tabs
Red Mask YT
Red Mask YT Month ago
Hey Delirious can you play Bendy and the Ink machine it’s has jump scares and everything scary you can think of, please
Ashthecash Month ago
Can you play Minecraft please
H2O Joker
H2O Joker Month ago
It was so fun to see your video
Karma 1016
Karma 1016 Month ago
Everybody Gangsta till Delirious says a full sentence without stuttering
8-bit reaper
8-bit reaper Month ago
If you need a new game try day shift at Freddys i think u will enjoy it
露輝Loki Month ago
I wonder, will Delirious ever consider playing Persona 5 (Royal)?
Marcell Cortez
Marcell Cortez Month ago
Bring dead by day light back please!!!!!!
jwizzl son of hypnoticc
Delirious plz play dreadout its a realy cool scary game look it up i wuld love to see u play it
LILTONE _GM Month ago
when are their going to be more gears of war co op
Cassidy Chick
Cassidy Chick Month ago
Delirious!! Huge huge fan! Have you ever played God of War?!
Азамат Саханов
I like you videos could you play Bubsy?
Morgan Cole
Morgan Cole Month ago
You should try this roblox game RooM it is simple it is doom in 1993
Ellie Nobody
Ellie Nobody Month ago
I love it when you guys play pummel party but i must confess i do prefer it when you guys play it with the board, a lot more competetive and more fun to watch :D
Phenix60 Month ago
abolfazllgamnig Month ago
H2o delirious piliz play waking ded
Godzilla Fire
Godzilla Fire Month ago
H2o take that crown!
Botaniker 420
Botaniker 420 Month ago
Delirious is king 👌
Ioav Garcia
Ioav Garcia Month ago
I wanna see more roblox videos
Sarah Furuhaug
Sarah Furuhaug Month ago
Can you play nun massacre?
Roy Warrington
Roy Warrington Month ago
Delores Amy forever
pepper and alpha friends
H20 DELIRLOUS ! i have not watch you for a long time your the best :D
Leann Kingbird
Leann Kingbird Month ago
Delirious for you next gameplay can you please play life is strange 2 or the first one to .if you want I don't even know if your gonna see this or not but just a suggestion
ALL_ CAPS64 Month ago
delirious is king of RUvid and NO ONE can still his crown
Dragon Prime
Dragon Prime Month ago
Can you play more red dead online with cartoonz please I miss them
Godzilla2029gunfest Mind
DELIRIOUS ARMY Delirious Army Delirious Army
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