Pull Up Season 3 Episode 1 | Featuring Big Sean

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Feb 16, 2020




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Comments 80
Doc Wonderbread flow
This is so crazy to me. Never even considered the idea of Sean not being one of the young rappers anymore, I always just thought he was one of the good ones we have left.
Crazy Beatz
Crazy Beatz 6 days ago
You should do one with NF another great Michigan rapper
GodMade Durrt
GodMade Durrt 6 days ago
I love the way Joe talks to other artists, nicely balancing a true og and a professional journalist.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 6 days ago
Big Sean an intelligent dude.
Reemas Damha
Reemas Damha 8 days ago
1:17 :00 Sean was ahead of the time talking about how he don't fuck with that Corona shit LOL
Byron Vazquez
Byron Vazquez 9 days ago
The conversation about the grammys was the realest pay attention;)
Tiro Kasibele
Tiro Kasibele 9 days ago
What an encounter man. Such a humble person he is. You’re doing a great job Joe. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Can you please interview Bryson Tiller, haven’t seen him on TV interview before.
Bryant Avant
Bryant Avant 14 days ago
When I turned 30 it was the darkest year of my entire life. I left Cleveland and moved to Nashville and was depressed for at least 3 years. I was so disconnected from my family. I told my mother we need to move in deferent directions. I’m in a much better place mentally!
Ramone Allen
Ramone Allen 20 days ago
“The thing you’ll value most is an honest friend” 🖤
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez 24 days ago
I love Sean. Detroit 2 is going to be special. 🔥
Myron Berthiaume
Myron Berthiaume 29 days ago
He’s reading cue cards 🤣🤣🤣
Keleigh Ento
Keleigh Ento Month ago
OMG he hit that one on the head. I would love to be a Therapist at a record label. That would be like my dream job.
Dm Carter
Dm Carter Month ago
Learned about Big Sean through Wale; Big Sean really puts on for the City.
Matheus Gripp
Matheus Gripp Month ago
1:29 :50 Kendrick.
Matheus Gripp
Matheus Gripp Month ago
1:29 :50 Kendrick.
marchbah Month ago
We see you Dr.Joe...........slick ass
flashisfreshtv Month ago
Joe with the knee high boots look 😭
flashisfreshtv Month ago
They had social distancing down before it was even a thing.
Jorge Adolphus
Jorge Adolphus Month ago
He’s so humble!
Star Shawn
Star Shawn Month ago
2:55 “Delved”??? Is that a word? This nigga pose to be a wordsmith smh. It’s dove bruh
Odera Asogwa
Odera Asogwa Month ago
Big Sean the most subtle flexer I ever seen😂
Jazmine Lee
Jazmine Lee Month ago
I really do enjoy his interviews as much as his music 😩 it’s wild
Andiswa Lungu
Andiswa Lungu Month ago
Watching the people that I love ❤️ with all my heart. These two men are misunderstood and have been hurt by women, I'm glad Sean is now in a loving relationship, can't wait for him to be a dad. Love you Joe.
CBLifeHacks Month ago
watched the Whole THing big sean is that guy
Grant Agbo
Grant Agbo Month ago
Big sean sound like Kyrie Irving!! shit sound like me !! must be some male aries shit!
Boitumelo Monnawabokone
Joe just realized what a dope guy Sean is. Joe used to shit on Seans music on his podcast
lily guerrero
lily guerrero Month ago
cant take affirmations to the bank
lily guerrero
lily guerrero 2 months ago
Tyler Fitch
Tyler Fitch 2 months ago
I’m here for the headlock
Sandile Sagela
Sandile Sagela 2 months ago
What a REAL conversation! Full of pearls of wisdom relevant for the world we're living in today, particularly as the youth. Lots of moments and feelings I can relate to. Sean Don is a real one. Shout out!
Davaughn Houck
Davaughn Houck 2 months ago
This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen in music. I’m here because of the boi 1da vs hitboy battle and the song Sean did with nip. Much respect to the both of these guys. Joe Budden really out here making moves.
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun 2 months ago
Wale is def in their class too Joe top tier drake Cole Kendrick Sean
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun 2 months ago
It’s a business Joe
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun 2 months ago
I just love Big Sean
Justt 2 months ago
Ain't joe from Jersey..?
Botanist Music
Botanist Music 2 months ago
"Dont doubt the power of hip hop culture - Joe fkn Budden bro
Earl Bynoe
Earl Bynoe 2 months ago
little did they know corona got everything closed down weeks later
ledet2009 2 months ago
Sean = Rihanna ... Drake = Bee
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong 2 months ago
Joe is a clown. Big Sean just lost cool points.
ledet2009 2 months ago
Sean is in a Race with himself, Greatness has to be appreciated! Sean thank you for all you've done for the community
That Dude713
That Dude713 2 months ago
Dertroit is one of his best mixtape/album bro that shiii I can listen to from start to finish
johnny bryant
johnny bryant 2 months ago
I’m so tired of these fake ass I’m so depressed rich shit
NEST GEE 2 months ago
Joe getting fat
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy 2 months ago
Joe is kind of a prick but he is a good interviewer.
Jeffrey Harris
Jeffrey Harris 2 months ago
big Sean is a solidified artist you can just see it. I feel like he trying to figure out the best way to raise the bar for himself
locdabtv 2 months ago
When you watch these interviews do you always check out the song they talking about to catch that vibe these interviews are dope!
Lil Lee
Lil Lee 2 months ago
I think I might have slept on Sean. I'm gonna check him out now
Connor Caine
Connor Caine 2 months ago
incredible interview damn
Big Sam
Big Sam 2 months ago
Nah he should touch on that Detroit topic more, I love my city but we need change in a major way
Jaylene Yesenia
Jaylene Yesenia 2 months ago
On the subject of drugs and exhaustion in the industry, Michael Jackson’s death is one of the biggest examples of all time.
Paully J
Paully J Month ago
Kevin Love
Kevin Love 2 months ago
Act Montana
Act Montana 2 months ago
Royce made it before Big Sean so what's he talking about him being the first black
Romy Taylor
Romy Taylor 2 months ago
Royce was known if you knew real rap but didn't blow up to the level Sean did.
Act Montana
Act Montana 2 months ago
He forgot to put Meek on the pierce
Rai 2 months ago
I enjoyed how wholesome this was, thank you!
Act Montana
Act Montana 2 months ago
Did you hear him say it's unrealistic to be on a plane "8 days a week" 52:25
tiwalade olagbaju
tiwalade olagbaju 2 months ago
After watching hot ones and now this, big sean is back on my radar. Used to be one of my fav rappers.
Buffalo Troll
Buffalo Troll 2 months ago
Great interview joe keep up the good work
LoganLightz 2 months ago
Im surprised joe didn’t walk out on this clown😂
Romy Taylor
Romy Taylor 2 months ago
how is big sean a clown?
Jayla Moore
Jayla Moore 2 months ago
Damn so he don’t want kids with jhene
Ramz Channel
Ramz Channel 2 months ago
55:00 when Sean had a revelation
yesuchristoba 2 months ago
Sean done gotten that relationship fat ey ...peep dem cheeks
Young Apache
Young Apache 2 months ago
I want to be this old and wear ripped jeans showing the skin of my knees and that hat all white of course though definitely not all black
Young Apache
Young Apache 2 months ago
The label was right “TWENTY88” was ehhh
Steve Gutierrez
Steve Gutierrez 2 months ago
Practicing 6ft away before it was a trend lol
Intelligent Metanoia
Big Sean real man
Intelligent Metanoia
Joe so lame
Rediscovering the passion for life is a part of life..you have to do that in different seasons.
SPORTN LIFE 2 months ago
Great Job Joe! I will be watching from now on. Way to Rep the "D" B.I.G. Sean 👏👏👏
Regal Renaissance Media
Joe Has A Weird Complex Where He Feels Like Every Artist Has Gone Thru What He Went Thru...He Acts Like He Regrets He Ever Attempted To Be An Artist. He Just So Happen To Become A Successful “Media Figure” And Now Being A Rapper Is Pointless. Saying Shit Like Sean Had “Backing” Like He Didn’t Sign A Major Label Deal And Produce A Hit Single. His Main Agenda Is To Get Artist To Say How Much They Hate The Industry. He Needs To Realize Everyone’s Experience Is Not His. Let These Artist Go Thru Their Process Like You Had The Chance To Go They Yours.
The Generous LifeStyle
How conscious he is, is so breath taking.
Daniel G
Daniel G 2 months ago
Good god! Look how Joe Budden is dressed? He looks like a white leprechaun 🍀
Yungg Dream
Yungg Dream 2 months ago
Sean don
Jazmine Johnson
Jazmine Johnson 2 months ago
Love Big Sean but what he got on?
MsLewcee 2 months ago
I hope all artists take the time to enjoy life, and therapy isn't a bad idea either. Are they getting prepared for this life? 😕 He needed therapy, sounds like depression was settling in. Glad he got it.
Luisjun91 2 months ago
One of the best interviews
77Tramaine 2 months ago
Sean looks great with those few pounds he gained.
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia 2 months ago
1:17 :38
Claudia 2 months ago
Sorry Sean but the brain is not a muscle. It’s an organ.. but I think you meant it’s like a muscle
Julian Vega
Julian Vega 2 months ago
Why is this in Berleezy's EEZYTOONS playlist?
Mr hampton
Mr hampton 2 months ago
2hours dis shit a movie 🎥😂😂😂
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