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Feb 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Maxhoba Xhoba Ngcolomba
Bring in Chris Brown Joe
bluegrey52 17 days ago
2:06:30 Joe wishing Jhene would unblock him! LOL
Rick Ross
Rick Ross 21 day ago
When big Sean went so you think ima superstar.... hmm... lol I peep that big Sean heard what joe said about him on the podcast and was like oh really 😂 🤔 now ima superstar huh
Youtuba Slaat
Youtuba Slaat Month ago
I never wanna see Joe’s knees again!
Patryk Month ago
You can tell joe budden has been working on himself .
Michael Lopes
Michael Lopes Month ago
if they ever do another ike turner movie shawn gotta play em...or a grinch...his facial expressions
Allen Robin
Allen Robin Month ago
Sean Don acting all smart.
John Purdle
John Purdle Month ago
1:45:12 nigga expression hilarious
Jose Bermejo
Jose Bermejo 2 months ago
Big Scean getting a gun to project himself in his Hollywood home doesn’t seem so funny now, In light of Pop Smoke RIP..
Chriss Pearce
Chriss Pearce 2 months ago
Obie did it before you Sean
League Of Facepalms
League Of Facepalms 2 months ago
This needs to be titled: 'Big Sean and Joe Budden have an existential crisis for 2 hours"
Mària Szabó
Mària Szabó 2 months ago
musicpheines neverdie
This is a good ass interview
AfriNaija12 3 months ago
Kingsley oche
Kingsley oche 3 months ago
Joe should do TV or radio Dude got that naturally
Tricia RaShawn
Tricia RaShawn 3 months ago
I don't know if I would trust a therapist that is employed by my label. Conflict of interest.
Aaron Casey
Aaron Casey 3 months ago
What is the books name he says he read
Rakesha Inherownworld
Great Interview
Eazy C
Eazy C 3 months ago
Despite all the flak joe burden gets, he's a good interviewer.
Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis 3 months ago
If anyone deserves a 2 hour interview, it’s this man right here
Leo Luis
Leo Luis 4 months ago
I could only take ten minutes
K SRI HARSHA 4 months ago
Anyone from Muchdank here?
Aaliyah Jackson
Aaliyah Jackson 4 months ago
Honestly this this the first time I watched an interview this long time.
Aaliyah Jackson
Aaliyah Jackson 4 months ago
35:44 I don’t want their real heart to attach to that heart....REAL SHITTTT!! ❤️❤️❤️
OMG These chocodiles
Idk if Joe realizes this, but the way he is sitting with those uglass jeans on makes it look like he is wearing thigh highs 😂😂😂😂
Swif BiKo
Swif BiKo 4 months ago
You don't like Logic???? Fix your shit Joe!!!!
Kaptain Jupiter
Kaptain Jupiter 4 months ago
Be on a plane 8 days a week
Tate Lindsay
Tate Lindsay 4 months ago
This was great, respectful, honest.
Ryan Ammann
Ryan Ammann 4 months ago
1:47:18 Joe: "There's not a song that exists with y'all three [Big Sean, Pusha, & Cyhi]" ... Big Sean: "Yeah, I guess not all three of us at the same time" Uhhh.. Looking For Trouble would like a word..
unknown 224
unknown 224 4 months ago
Bruh big sean said he's an artist.wonder if he thinks the earth is flat too?
Stefan's My name
Stefan's My name 4 months ago
If I was a celeb I’d move like Sean
Sadboy Theresa
Sadboy Theresa 4 months ago
I can see big Sean in his house filming a video with his gun like “I’m in the ghetto, ratatata, ratatata” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Koslakiewicz
Jacob Koslakiewicz 4 months ago
Joe doesn’t get it cause he ain’t from Detroit for real
McKeever Barrow
McKeever Barrow 4 months ago
Friday Night Cypher is crazy!!!🔥🔥
Mike Adam
Mike Adam 4 months ago
MrBenigi 4 months ago
When does he talk about the relationship with ye
Sebastian Romero
Sebastian Romero 4 months ago
I’m at an 1:39:00 and they haven’t said anything yet
Flingy Tobbskin
Flingy Tobbskin 4 months ago
Whose here from muchdank lmao
Darnell Fartknocker
Darnell Fartknocker 4 months ago
Pull Up with J.Cole FANS BEEN WAITING 🙏
sammy abstracktothe
sammy abstracktothe 4 months ago
Interestingly enough though there is a leak of an alternate version of Kendrick Lamar element ““I think his false confidence got him inspired I can’t make them respect you baby, it’s not my job You’re Finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme (boy) Cute ass raps, get your puberty up” with clear shots at Sean. The beef my be over but I don’t believe that they weren’t sending shots at each other. Big Sean also said idfwu wasn’t about Naya, and afterwords he retracted that and even regretted it after her death.
Jengus Roundstone
Jengus Roundstone 4 months ago
Joe ahead of the curve with the social distancing in February
ATD909 4 months ago
After listening to “Detroit 2”, I needed to watch this interview to understand the depth of the album even more.
Samih Ahmed
Samih Ahmed 4 months ago
they interrupt each other so politely. thats how all conversations should be. nice to see.
Ricardo Alexander Killens
Joe is one of the greatest interviewer ever. He understands. I wish Joe and Kanye would actually sit down. That would be epic.
All Things My...
All Things My... 4 months ago
I am here again after the album D2...
DJ 4 months ago
Detroit 2 is a decent album. Glad it came out.
hallayel 4 months ago
Every day is a blessing, but death is beautiful. We've been showen as we grow to be afraid of it .this life isn't all of it .there is more after this life . Stay happy and keep your head up .
El-Khalil 4 months ago
Needed this. GOD IS GREAT
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 4 months ago
Its good to see that these rappers are little by little admitting their not these kings and gods amongst men and women and admitting that life and the life theyre influencing for the younger generations is rough and needs to be confronted. Also shoutout to joe for being a real one and being empathetic for the youth.
Lael Racquel Johnson
Love big Sean...lol Joe always cries. I love it
Chris Tshilunga
Chris Tshilunga 4 months ago
J. Will
J. Will 4 months ago
Watching while waiting for big Sean album to drop. 1 hr away. 😩
C. Richardson
C. Richardson 4 months ago
"Paradise extended" was levels above Kendrick's "Control" verse.
KxngJamal._16 Selby
KxngJamal._16 Selby 4 months ago
Jawaun Reid
Jawaun Reid 4 months ago
had to come back after deep reverence
devonte fletcher
devonte fletcher 4 months ago
Looking for trouble.. All three on tht song
Random Citizen
Random Citizen 4 months ago
Big Sean is underrated. He's also one of my favorite artists.
Sebastian Romero
Sebastian Romero 4 months ago
He’s in his own lane fr which is a good thing I my opinion
TheRealEdub 4 months ago
Excellent interview.
OfficialJay 5 months ago
The timing of this is crazy, and what he was talking about when he said death is been getting closer to all of us...Damn 2020 sucks !!!
Michael Tait
Michael Tait 5 months ago
That's why he is so depressed he thinks he is getting a dime piece female and then finds out they are chicks that use to have dicks and some of them still have that a rod rigleys believe it or not
Steve Luna
Steve Luna 5 months ago
I don't look up to many people ESPECIALLY celebrities.. But Big Sean... MANNNNNN!! All his songs 🔥🔥🔥 and just him as a person is what I strive to be like as I grow
Mia Santana
Mia Santana 5 months ago
This was one of the best interviews I’ve seen. Sean is absolutely amazing. Very impactful.
A B 5 months ago
Joe Budden is from Jersey City... much respect 💪🏾
Heat Breeze
Heat Breeze 5 months ago
1:17:00 Joe was laughing and look what ended up happening a few weeks later lmao
6OD Emvy
6OD Emvy 5 months ago
Bro was talking about me when he said that atleast 1 person needs to here this
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 5 months ago
Fr I deleted all my social media except IG barely on it. Just makes me sad for the world
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 5 months ago
Nothing wrong with having gun. But good answer sean.
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 5 months ago
This shit is deep and enlightening. Needed to hear this im 28 and in a dark place. Ty
FlipStar26 5 months ago
One of the rawest, most honest in-depth interviews I have seen in a minute. Thank you Joe & Sean.
Ole Pitsoe
Ole Pitsoe 5 months ago
COREAN JESUS 6 months ago
Dam this a Great interview
Vishnu Narayanan
Vishnu Narayanan 6 months ago
1:57:18 Thats a royce da 5'9 bar from the song detroit vs everybody
Gabe Peters
Gabe Peters 6 months ago
funny when it hits you that Joe Budden is a top tier lyricist and will be regarded in history as such.
Rashaad White
Rashaad White 6 months ago
Like watching interviews of my favorite artists. Let’s you know fame and money isn’t everything in life. Watched J. Cole’s he’s always been about the people, Lil baby enjoys buying other people rather than himself and Big Sean is opening up about being over life even though he has it all. I appreciate it fr. We’re all humans.
D'andree Lovelace
D'andree Lovelace 6 months ago
Big Sean God bless u brother nbs keep your head up through everything in your life and career and where is Twenty88 Part 2 at Ik u have a song on "I Decided" from Twenty88 Part 2 "Same Time"
thavinsta 6 months ago
Man those chairs look dumb uncomfortable 😭😭😢
1219John 7 months ago
They don't eat at the roc nation brunches cause they getting fucked 💯
48205 Faithful
48205 Faithful 7 months ago
Joe let the man talk!
Earnestine Cole
Earnestine Cole 7 months ago
Chris Houterman
Chris Houterman 7 months ago
This is so crazy to me. Never even considered the idea of Sean not being one of the young rappers anymore, I always just thought he was one of the good ones we have left.
Necak 7 months ago
You should do one with NF another great Michigan rapper
GodMade Durrt
GodMade Durrt 7 months ago
I love the way Joe talks to other artists, nicely balancing a true og and a professional journalist.
Reemas Damha
Reemas Damha 7 months ago
1:17:00 Sean was ahead of the time talking about how he don't fuck with that Corona shit LOL
Byron Vazquez
Byron Vazquez 7 months ago
The conversation about the grammys was the realest pay attention;)
Tiro Kasibele
Tiro Kasibele 7 months ago
What an encounter man. Such a humble person he is. You’re doing a great job Joe. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Can you please interview Bryson Tiller, haven’t seen him on TV interview before.
Bryant Avant
Bryant Avant 8 months ago
When I turned 30 it was the darkest year of my entire life. I left Cleveland and moved to Nashville and was depressed for at least 3 years. I was so disconnected from my family. I told my mother we need to move in deferent directions. I’m in a much better place mentally!
RamoneAllenOfficial 8 months ago
“The thing you’ll value most is an honest friend” 🖤
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez 8 months ago
I love Sean. Detroit 2 is going to be special. 🔥
God the Father
God the Father 8 months ago
He’s reading cue cards 🤣🤣🤣
Keleigh Ento
Keleigh Ento 8 months ago
OMG he hit that one on the head. I would love to be a Therapist at a record label. That would be like my dream job.
Dm Carter
Dm Carter 8 months ago
Learned about Big Sean through Wale; Big Sean really puts on for the City.
Matheus Gripp
Matheus Gripp 8 months ago
1:29:50 Kendrick.
Matheus Gripp
Matheus Gripp 8 months ago
1:29:50 Kendrick.
marchbah 8 months ago
We see you Dr.Joe...........slick ass
AlexAdolphus 9 months ago
He’s so humble!
Star Shawn
Star Shawn 9 months ago
2:55 “Delved”??? Is that a word? This nigga pose to be a wordsmith smh. It’s dove bruh
Dera Reacts
Dera Reacts 9 months ago
Big Sean the most subtle flexer I ever seen😂
JJL 9 months ago
I really do enjoy his interviews as much as his music 😩 it’s wild
Andiswa Lungu
Andiswa Lungu 9 months ago
Watching the people that I love ❤️ with all my heart. These two men are misunderstood and have been hurt by women, I'm glad Sean is now in a loving relationship, can't wait for him to be a dad. Love you Joe.
CBLifeHacks 9 months ago
watched the Whole THing big sean is that guy
Grant Sr
Grant Sr 9 months ago
Big sean sound like Kyrie Irving!! shit sound like me !! must be some male aries shit!
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