Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 80
tekbarrier 10 hours ago
"Think of the dumbest thing you did when you were young" Tucker Carlson: *nervously looks at his Roomba*
S R 11 hours ago
With modern misinformation or fake news its hard to know what public shaming is real
tekbarrier 11 hours ago
I'm not calling John a hypocrite, but it does seem pretty harsh to go after Jay Leno for stuff he said twenty years earlier, at a time when pretty much *every* comedian was doing the same thing
Kissy Kitten
Kissy Kitten 13 hours ago
John Oliver has huge feet ???😏
E. Sabbath aka The Bat
excuse me but she did blow the married president, sooooooooooooo
Daisha Jones
Daisha Jones Day ago
He absolutely should be in more rap songs!
A k
A k Day ago
you've got weird ants over there..where i'm from they just dig holes in the ground or try to steal your cake
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor 2 days ago
Imagine putting all the blame on a 22-yr old and ignoring the 49-yr old married man and President of the United States.
Sandy Burgess
Sandy Burgess 2 days ago
She should have sued the pants off the Clintons
Adeodatus Doyle
Adeodatus Doyle 2 days ago
I am amazed that so many losers think their opinions matter...guess what public shaming lamers...no one with any level of intelligence gives one darn about what you have to say...really they do not.
Gloomy Lobster
Gloomy Lobster 2 days ago
Navigator USCG
Navigator USCG 4 days ago
1:13 Is calling the corona virus , Wuhan or Chinese virus a form of public shaming that he claims can be effective , or racist ...Only a lefty can decide this who unofficially by their own narcissism controls the narrative... You lefties hate Tucker because he exposes simple truth and presents a threat to your socialistic-ally controlled P.C. thinking. Trump 2020 !
Gloomy Lobster
Gloomy Lobster 2 days ago
Redpilled and based
Cynthia Baldwin
Cynthia Baldwin 4 days ago
If Monica Lewinsky still has a nice life after all of that with no suicide drug abuse ect anyone can it funny and inspirational
Jacob Noelle
Jacob Noelle 4 days ago
Let us cheer for Lewinsky 🍻🥂
Jacob Noelle
Jacob Noelle 4 days ago
Whenyou have to sue your nephew to pay for medical bills...
allen kuester
allen kuester 4 days ago
Little penis jonie olive the modern day idiot,,, illegal immigrant,, non American,,, no green card,,,dumb ass opinions,,,
Gloomy Lobster
Gloomy Lobster 2 days ago
How do you know the size of his penis? You gay or something?
Scott Kempton
Scott Kempton 4 days ago
All I could think of while watching this interview is how completely ridiculous the "scandal" was compared to what's going in the White House now. I was a grown adult when this happened, and at the time, I thought "Really Bill? In the White House? Geez dude...... at least get a hotel room if you're going to cheat on your wife". Definitely not a cool move, but on the spectrum of bad choices, really pretty minor. And I have never blamed her; she was a young woman drawn to a handsome, powerful and extremely charismatic man. I'd be willing to bet that some of the people who shamed her over that event are the same ones who support Orange Hair so strongly now.
Debajyoti Bose
Debajyoti Bose 5 days ago
You have to hand it to John, Monika said no to so many interviewers, walked away from many, but John nailed it.
elle415 5 days ago
I remember the utterly toxic bullshit Monica went through. I remember thinking 'God, please don't let her kill herself'. It was that bad. I was behind her then (I did some F@@@d up, shameful and embarrassing shit my damn self) and I just love her now. Good for you Monica
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy 6 days ago
I think the "Dingo ate my baby lady" went through hell too- people demonized her and spent years saying she killed her baby, and then finally people looked into it and found that dingos actually can use their paws to remove a baby's clothes so she probably wasn't lying. But it's still a thing and I'm not sure how many people still think she killed her baby.
Ozziecatsmom 5 days ago
Kat Murphy Probably most people who remember it think she did it. Her and her family went through so much for years. It's been nearly 40 years, I'm sure you never "get over" the horrible loss of an infant, never mind most people thinking you were responsible.
Robin Banks
Robin Banks 6 days ago
That's the problem with social media. It makes everybody a celebrity and, in some cases, allows nameless college girls to be relentlessly insulted by massive attack dogs like John Oliver
Robin Banks
Robin Banks 6 days ago
Fuck that. There's no ethical form of public shaming.
Sandra Madera
Sandra Madera 6 days ago
Monica looks Beautiful
Ivy S
Ivy S 7 days ago
I appreciate how John points out how gross his past mistake was. He could've easily left it out or shifted the blame but he's not a dick.
arx754 7 days ago
I can tell Lewinsky how she could have gotten through everything EASILY. We have 7 billion people on this planet. AND, even during the worst periods she went though, she never faced hunger, lack of shelter, or health care. In other words, during her "worst" periods in life, she still had it better than about 99.9% of the everyone else in this world. And, here she is, crying, and saying "Poor me" about what she went through? All she did with Clinton is regularly give him "blow jobs" They never had sex. Sorry, but the only women who are satisfied with a "relationship" with a guy that involves her giving him blow jobs, CHARGE. In other words, only prostitutes put up with that. And, finally, she's become a WEALTHY women because of al this. I remember seeing film of her showing up at a ton of "Hollywood" events. So, frankly, all this "victim" stuff she's claiming is ridiculous. She came on to Clinton even though she KNEW he was a married man. She needs to stop playing the "shy virgin" whom Clinton took advantage of.
arx754 7 days ago
Please don't bring up Lewinsky. What her affair with Clinton did is make her a very wealthy women who was invited ----and showed up at---every "Hollywood" event. And, btw, she was 25 years old when she had her affair. Yet, the GOP acted as if she was a "child" that Clinton took advantage of. SHE sought him out. And, sorry to blunt, to be crude here, but their affair consisted ONLY of her giving Clinton "blow jobs". Even she has admitted they never had sexual intercourse. Im a women, and frankly, if all I did was give a guy blow jobs, I would NOT describe it as an affair. I don't care if it IS the president of the US, NO WAY would I be involved with a guy when our physical contact was ONLY me giving him blow jobs. Pathetic. So, no, i have NO sympathy for her at all. She made it a POINT to stay in the public eye because she was making big bucks from it and never had to get a REAL job. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for her that she's made such a big deal about the fact that her relationship with Clinton was only about her giving him blow jjobs. What woman would put up with that in a relationship with a guy? UNLESs he was paying her, if she was a prostitute.
Pradeep 8 days ago
Thank you John for interviewing Monica. She is a smart, funny, vivacious, beautiful woman with the strength of a rock. She is an inspiration.
Andrew Weitz
Andrew Weitz 8 days ago
What an incredibly intelligent + well spoken person! Not to mention hilarious, I’d love to be her friend
Yukita Elrikk
Yukita Elrikk 8 days ago
When the news about Mr Clinton was broken out in my country, the only thing my dad said about it was “Clinton might be a somewhat good president but he is a shitty man, to his wife and to the lady. She is young and stupid but he is not, either of those 2. If he didn’t have the mind to do that, the lady would not become “the mistress”. He throws her out and not be hold accountable. Mrs Clinton has to help him clean up his ass, too. The one got hurt are his wife and the lady. What a shitty man!”. I didn’t understand everything my dad said at the time, but the more I grow the more I feel greatful to have he as my dad.
garrison282 8 days ago
Oh no..... im 22. I knew it
Olbohn 8 days ago
Why would she need a letter of indemnification to work a company? Am I misunderstanding or is she?
Alejandro Dillman
It is not often for me as an adult nowadays to feel moved by a show, or entertainment generally, as I used to when I was younger, but your show always makes my day. I know you sometimes read comments and if you do read this one: thank you for impeccable way of addressing life's most important matters with such deep sensitivity and glorious humor, I really admire your work.
Alejandro Dillman
It is not often for me as an adult nowadays to feel moved by a show, or entertainment generally, as I used to when I was younger, but your show always makes my day. I know you sometimes read comments and if you do read this one: thank you for impeccable way of addressing life's most important matters with such deep sensitivity and glorious humor, I really admire your work.
evil Angel
evil Angel 9 days ago
She still hot what man would not want that what the hell is people problem like they done mess up shit
It's weird that everyone shames her for this. It was the most talked about and memorable blowjob in history. That kind of talent should be applauded. Kim Kardashian makes a tape and becomes a millionaire, Monica Lewinsky gives the blowjob of the century and her life gets ruined. What makes it even weirder is that if it were a professor and student it would have been a much different conversation. As a man thirty years her senior that holds a position of power over her, even if the professor beat charges, he'd be ostracized. But because it was the President, the most powerful man in the world, it somehow flipped to make her some kind of succubus (but we're talking about that blowjob over twenty years later, so I guess that's plausible)
john lyon
john lyon 10 days ago
1. Tucker Carlson fucks his roomba... 2. What is a roomba?
Mary Benedict
Mary Benedict 11 days ago
I was really appalled that John Oliver himself made such a disgusting joke about her; I'm glad he addressed it.
mema0005 11 days ago
“Tucker Carlson, dead” had me in stitches
SlakjeJasper 11 days ago
20 shades of America. Sue your family to get healthcare. Tagging in on public shaming.. Makes sense you know. You're born in a shit country with no oppertunities. Why not give in to the jealousy? Everyone is doing it. They're 45 iq pea brains, but who cares lol if it makes me feel better it's okay lol.
A K 11 days ago
monica could do some bombass stand up comedy
Aashay Sukhthankar
Aashay Sukhthankar 11 days ago
Technically isn't it public shaming when late night hosts and other Twitterati pick on Trump for his small fingers, orange skin, speech, his wife, his daughter, etc? Sounds hypocritical to condemn public shaming for one individual but do it to a public figure just because of your hate for that person.
Aashay Sukhthankar
@River Tam So you agree it's not about how public or private the individual is but rather the actions of the individual? In which case, why not shame them for those actions instead of picking up on irrelevant parts of them? Like Melania has nothing to do with the administration's failure yet comedians love picking up on Melania's sex life and her marriage to Trump. Trump can be shamed for his actions, why pick on his body? It just seems hypocritical that's all. I don't recall comedians making jokes on Obama's sex life and his relationship with his daughters just because he oversaw indiscriminate drone strikes on innocent civilians.
River Tam
River Tam 9 days ago
@Aashay Sukhthankar Monica Lewinsky did nothing wrong. Trump and his family have destroyed countless people economically and now their inaction has actually killed people.
Aashay Sukhthankar
And how does that make a difference? If she was a public figure would it justify something like that?
River Tam
River Tam 9 days ago
They're public figures. She wasn't.
Joshua Van Zyl
Joshua Van Zyl 12 days ago
Most of humanity deserves pain but it should never be focused on one person unless that person is truly worthy of having their lives destroyed.
Ricky Colston
Ricky Colston 12 days ago
What frustrates me more than anything honestly, is that there wasnt really anything she did that was...wrong...idk Bill was the married one, Bill was the president, bill was the public figure. not her, I could see a name drop here or there, but to SHAME her is just fucking rediculous
tic tycjk
tic tycjk 13 days ago
tic tycjk
tic tycjk 13 days ago
Life's biggest questions
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 13 days ago
Reading a RUvid video’s comments section is like going to a gorgeous dinner party only to stick your head in the sewer and ask “what do the rats think about all this?”
Adityavardhan Kumar
I think the humidor joke and the Grammy joke was really funny.
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 14 days ago
How many other 22 year olds watching?
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 14 days ago
I read the Starr Report and it sounded like the prudish roommate being jealous of other people having a life he is scared of. It was ridiculous. Bill Clinton did way worse things you could have investigated, it is very obvious they were just trying to frame him somehow. Compared to Donald Trump today having even publicly confessed to being a groper, being on pictures with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein, etc. this was ridiculous. Yes, she did a stupid thing. But Bill Clinton is a very professional groomer who had affairs etc. with very many women. He never cared about her afterwards or stood by her, he never said anything like "Leave her alone, put shit on me if you want". There was no chivalry, nothing. Like many men he just got himself what he wanted and dumped her like a used tissue. And she got all the dirt for it. Nobody slut-shamed him publicly, which would have been really well-deserved multiple times. Nobody joked about the suit he wore like about her blue dress. Hillary was shamed for standing by him, too. But. not. him. He had every help possible and even got through the impeachment more or less unscathed. I just thought that if she had killed herself people would even had said she was weak and deserved it. I am glad that she didn't and speaks out about her experience.
Glass completely empty
What’s wrong with green book? Also go watch the Contrapoints video about cancel culture.
M. N.
M. N. 15 days ago
Lewinsky is inspiring af. Bill Clinton is wack, how the world treated her is global sexism at its finest.
thedorsinator 15 days ago
Having dinner with daddy Tucker would be dreamy. He’s doubled your progeny and his wife probably isn’t the man in the relationship like your war-hero husband is. Oh wait... it’s ok to shame him as a public figure but probably not you. Double standards are brilliant things. I love how this muppet is the authority behind who it’s ok to publicly shame and who, if shamed, is just a helpless victim. This teenage girl deserved it because of her Instagram following, but an adult Lewinsky who gave fucking blowjobs to the president doesn’t deserve it because poor thing? Where do you get off thinking you can be the judge of it... oh that’s right, he THINKS about it. Wowwwww... Pope John Oliver I paragon of morality
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy 15 days ago
Mention Monica Lewinski in any Facebook group full of liberal Boomers and prepare to be disgusted. They sound even worse than conservatives defending Kavanaugh.
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy 15 days ago
Dear Middle America, there is a u in the word 'aunt', please start pronouncing it. She's your aunt, not your 'ant'.
J Spring
J Spring 14 days ago
It's weird, I live in louisiana, white people here say ant, black people say aunt
Nettie Malo
Nettie Malo 15 days ago
👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Thank you!
Abishay Martin
Abishay Martin 15 days ago
I think what u went through was a complete bullshit and u didn’t deserve that.
สาระ และความบรรเทิง
Why is the english cunt being so soft on her? Is he hoping for a blow job?
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 16 days ago
what a nice episode think many people can't imagine what it means to go through monicas life. great now she is a good example for others who have to go through (something) like this in the future! 🙂
Eva-Marie Stewart
Eva-Marie Stewart 16 days ago
#tuckercarlsonfuckshisrumba still!😂😂
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey 16 days ago
This is my favourite episode from him. Partly because John doesn’t talk about Trump.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 16 days ago
people love to talk about stupid things ^^
Lucky Oswald
Lucky Oswald 17 days ago
I like Monica's shoes
D BA 17 days ago
ok she ....wait for it..blew the president. what did she think was gonna happen if she got caught. Vain people like this thrive on the attention and from this interview it doesnt seem like she has learned much
D BA 17 days ago
She made a choice and paid for it so you cannot cry about it later. everyone in this world is capable of a backlash
D BA 17 days ago
wait a second...everything rhymes with Lewinsky so not accurate
xwingday 18 days ago
I genuinely enjoyed hear Monica speak in this interview. I was a kid when that whole scandal hit but I have never forgotten her name. God the number of rap songs with references is insane.
captaintaylor 18 days ago
Monica Lewinsky is such an immensely strong person
OCDTraci 18 days ago
I like Monica Lewinsky. She didn't deserve what she got.
Nitin Srirang
Nitin Srirang 19 days ago
I turned 22 just yesterday. Man I felt that.
Eddy A.
Eddy A. 20 days ago
Dude she looks like the exact same as she did when that scandal broke
Emmanuel Ong'aro
Emmanuel Ong'aro 20 days ago
Is it a comedy show, John? Is it? Is it?
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj 20 days ago
Looking at her interview, I like her already. I was pretty young when this scandal came out and although I didn't had any hard feelings for her but still somewhere in my subconcience , she was just an ex US President's mistress. This interview actually helped me understand what a wonderful person she is, much much more than my tunnel vision mental image of her. I am really happy I got the opportunity to see her in a different light. And I think I am going to follow her on Twitter.
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj 20 days ago
I just couldn't not focus on how close John's foot is to Monica's. It kind of like, they are almost playing footsie, but they aren't.
Alpay Mutlu
Alpay Mutlu 20 days ago
I'm 22 and watching this lol
Michael Reborn
Michael Reborn 21 day ago
This was an incredible interview, it is good when we can understand what happened and how much pain was inflicted. I remember during that time the jokes and comments were nonstop seemingly everywhere in pop culture. On behalf of everyone, we are sorry. From now on I will call it the Bill Clinton scandal.
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me 21 day ago
OMFG That is the *MOST PERFECT* explanation for Tucker Carlson! "If the sound *thud* grew a face" hahaha!! So great!! 😂😂😂👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏
TheWonderGinger 21 day ago
This is one of my favorite interviews of all time!
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall 21 day ago
Alright this whole piece hit hard but when the clip of her crying started, I got legitimately angry. I feel for Monica and people who have been through similar situations. I’m so glad she’s stronger than the weight of the worlds abuse.
enlightendbel 22 days ago
I actually think things would have been far better for her if they happened since 2016. The entire mediascape has compacted to the point yesterdays news is yesterdays news and last weeks news feels decades ago. What she went through would have lasted a week or two at most and someone like Star wouldn't have been able to drag out the entire thing as he did.
orange 22 days ago
Just imagine what has public shaming done to Michael Jackson. Bullied and mobbed to the core. I am disgusted how people can turn into monster. This is the Real life out there.
Cuil Warrior
Cuil Warrior 22 days ago
God bless your heart, Monica. You personify forgiveness as u mentioned not one negativity against those who cast stones at u 👏👏👏
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