Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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18 мар 2019




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Комментарии 19 896
cmstair Минуту назад
"WE"??? No speak for yourself.
Bryant Saunders
Bryant Saunders Минуту назад
F---k off!!! MGTOW
M. A.
M. A. Минуту назад
Can you imagine what the wife went through? His wife was publicly humiliated and his child was publicly humiliated too. Monica was just a victim after getting caught. She is crying victim. What she went through. Wow! Very funny.
Finna Fish
Finna Fish 3 минуты назад
I could listen to these two talk about anything
Audrey Romay
Audrey Romay 3 минуты назад
As a 22 year-old, I agree.. we are all some form of idiot. 😂
Richard de Ruijter
Richard de Ruijter 4 минуты назад
You rock Monica 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
jwayne2k 4 минуты назад
If he didn't have an accent he wouldn't be funny at all
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster 5 минут назад
Don’t shame Jay! No one called out Jay on his jokes because it was the culture at the time - everyone was at fault! I was a college student at the time and I remember his jokes and at the time I thought they were funny - but today those jokes make me sick to my stomach.
frakkedinmi 6 минут назад
She was a grown ass 23-year-old woman when she started the affair. She was older than that when she worked to leak the information and exploit the president for a job. Bill Clinton paid a price for the affair. Hillary paid a price for the affair. Chelsea paid a price. Democratic bill advancement paid a price. She is but one victim. Shitty people don't get to do shitty things, then rewrite what happened so they come out as the victim.
Too Wun
Too Wun 6 минут назад
Kunal P.B
Kunal P.B 6 минут назад
lots of respect, it takes real courage to get out of something like that! the media destroys soo many peoples life just for trp.
Morgoth 7 минут назад
Is this video proof that the mainstream media propaganda machine is becoming self-aware?
Samuel Liu
Samuel Liu 7 минут назад
I know bullying & Trump is America's Bully- utter shameful!
Mullet Head
Mullet Head 7 минут назад
I thought she was cute then, now I think she's hot as faa.
iheartheenim 9 минут назад
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 9 минут назад
This is more political BS
N. Petrenko
N. Petrenko 9 минут назад
The Dudeman
The Dudeman 10 минут назад
It's cringy and exaughsting to listen to him
M. A.
M. A. 10 минут назад
Or when Leno made fun of Chelsea Clinton. She should have been off limits. I stopped watching him after that. Monica suffered the consequences for her actions. To bad Clinton couldn’t have kept it in his pants.
flying horse
flying horse 10 минут назад
Everything needs context #Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 10 минут назад
Pituitary Gland Disorders | Hormone Health Network the “master gland” ^^ k sweetie ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-n65tnhhRuKY.html
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon 11 минут назад
Im glad she's finally OK, good for her!
LACNYC90304 DL 11 минут назад
If you care what people think about you; say behind your back. Forget about that. Just live. You know who you are and what makes you happy. Be yourself.
Anthony Lin
Anthony Lin 12 минут назад
Well, I mean, you just public shamed everyone who is public shaming...
Drinks 101
Drinks 101 12 минут назад
Good thing he made sure not to actually source those “racist remarks” from Tucker Carlson.
The Dudeman
The Dudeman 12 минут назад
He uses no spacific examples
Keppel Small
Keppel Small 13 минут назад
best episode ever. thanks to John Oliver and HBO
The Dudeman
The Dudeman 13 минут назад
#1 on trending......
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low 13 минут назад
Can someone explain to me the scandal? I know the basics.
CrazyNikel 15 минут назад
Wait a second... Isnt this *exactly* what the left specializes at? Covington kids would like a word. You lefties are so delusional that you cant even see the double standards. Ahaha
Sassy Silver Sisters
Sassy Silver Sisters 15 минут назад
One thing about social media is that everything is exposed -- good or bad!
arcsaber11 16 минут назад
Story of every non-minority person in India. Being continuously vilified based on biased news reports, unfounded 'claims' and sympathy garnering, privilege grabbing, communal jerks who love to bring down anyone better than them at anything all the while hypocritically crying for 'equality' in the same breath, denying the ability of truly meritorious people from doing anything, thus keeping the nation a backwards shithole
Hira Grant
Hira Grant 17 минут назад
Neden trendlerde 1 aq
Resnaismonamour 17 минут назад
Just give this show all of the Emmys already
Kuznetsov Roman
Kuznetsov Roman 18 минут назад
don't worry john im a 20 year old not 22 you didn't lose me hhhhhhhhh
deosamriel0 18 минут назад
#1 trending.... #TuckerCarlsonfuckshisroomba Good job John and Last Week Tonight Crew....
Kayla Drozdowski
Kayla Drozdowski 21 минуту назад
Kind of want Monica Lewinsky to have a daytime talk show now! Or like a Netflix special!
J. C B
J. C B 21 минуту назад
Ms Lewinsky is a beautiful woman who got played by slick willie, like many other women...and she has my admiration for being strong and staying upbeat....and navigating the minefield of the Clinton Cartel, many people met with poor outcomes after similar involvement with them....I think the press hounding her actually saved her from being asassinated by clinton goons or govt agents..they didnt want to risk tali g out such a highly public target..
Socialist Cat With A Laptop
Socialist Cat With A Laptop 22 минуты назад
Great episode, love John, what is that tie though?
M. A.
M. A. 22 минуты назад
It is called bullying, which seems to be a Rep. past time.
GrimmFilmEnt 23 минуты назад
John Oliver has been a class act for a while now, but this segment is like a step even higher. Monica Lewinsky is a prime example of the how toxic anonymous shaming can be and a fucking champion of how to deal with it.
Ferretlord87 23 минуты назад
Ah yes shame Tucker because he has different opinions. Public shaming is bad and mean unless it deplatforms the people I disagree with, then it's clearly acceptable.
VanDaysha taylor
VanDaysha taylor 23 минуты назад
“I wish Green book won more Oscars” I’m dead 💀😂😂😭
banrions 23 минуты назад
She seems so cool. I was little when all that shit happened but I still heard bits of it and god, she did not deserve it. I feel really proud of someone I’ve never met, but damn:)
Tyler 2007
Tyler 2007 23 минуты назад
My pipi is hard when i hear the news pepe
Tyler 2007
Tyler 2007 23 минуты назад
Tyler 2007
Tyler 2007 23 минуты назад
No it isn't
Dreem Opsora
Dreem Opsora 23 минуты назад
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Riku Forsström
Riku Forsström 24 минуты назад
Parents publicly shaming their kids on internet are the worst offenders.
Sid Jones
Sid Jones 25 минут назад
#1 Trending...because public shaming!
Ken Little
Ken Little 26 минут назад
Shaming is never good. Constructive feedback works well.
MrREDWOOD6 27 минут назад
you lost it johnny your show is now just an exstension of CNN .pure left crap . just another lost viewer here screw you and your queen . better yet why don't you head on back to England if its so bad here
exoticgirl1 27 минут назад
What would be truly painful for me regarding things that happened recently connected to a mistake, if I were Monica, was that they held the mistake against Hillary during her presidential campaign. Hilary was a victim of this story also. This whole thing brought a lot of heartache to the women in this story. The man came out relatively tatherfree
oƃƃə 27 минут назад
It doesn't matter what you're comfortable with or what I'm comfortable with. Either you're for public shaming or you're against it, because no one person gets to have the power to choose which instances are ok and which ones aren't. It's kinda like censorship. I'm against all censorship because, if censorship is ok, who gets to decide?
LMC G 27 минут назад
It’s about time that someone “put it back in their laps”to the media....I say it again .....you are not above life......😡! You too are users,fonnies,liers,,....etc,etc
Chris McGraw
Chris McGraw 29 минут назад
I can’t understand why John Oliver thinks he is any better or worse than the anchors he is mocking. The fetish of taking pleasure in other people’s personal misfortune through “witty” jokes is a mental disorder.
Gary Clarke
Gary Clarke 30 минут назад
That was really sound to have Monica on. Big respect for that and more importantly to her. She's done an amazing job to keep her self safe and sane through all of that.
healingv1sion 30 минут назад
Run for prez Monica
Andrew Brunelle
Andrew Brunelle 30 минут назад
John Oliver to one of his staffers: "Okay, your job is to find every rap song with 'Monica Lewinsky' in it." "Shit."
smaller cathedrals
smaller cathedrals 30 минут назад
Not living in the US, I've always wondered what the deal with Jay Leno was. I get that you may prefer Conan O'Brien over Jimmy Fallon, that you may not like Jimmy Kimmel, that your favorite is Colbert, etc. To each their own, enjoy what makes you happy. But I could never grasp why Jay Leno was a thing. He's always been an obnoxious prick.
windigo00 31 минуту назад
yeah yeah... sure. she dindu nufin wong... right? noone did. that's why they're so well known... idiots xD XD
Mark Blumenfeld
Mark Blumenfeld 31 минуту назад
Monica is one of America's biggest idiots. She didn't just perform oral on someone, she literally blew the most powerful and well known man in the US at the time, not only that but she did it in the most famous place in the US, on top of that Clinton was married to the most well known US female politician at the time; ffs, what did she expect was going to happen?! She has no right to complain, I don't think she should have gotten criticized that badly but I'm also under the opinion that she signed on for all of it when she did what she did. Clinton got publicly shamed even worse, so much so that his wife who had nothing to do with what happened fought with the issue when trying to run for presidency. What a piece of work, stop treating her like she's part of the #MeToo movement.
Retain 33 минуты назад
Quan cena
Milorad Djurdjic
Milorad Djurdjic 34 минуты назад
well... she did have relationship with a married man, and she was not some stupid kid.
Xaviel Legion
Xaviel Legion 35 минут назад
The mob did always love a good ol' public execution.
Roy Romano
Roy Romano 35 минут назад
Dear John, Trevor Noahs my favorite now( right after you said "you were 22"). Guess it's Ok to cheat at 22. Tsk Tsk.
Aaron D
Aaron D 36 минут назад
So it’s ok to shame one family because they were trying to get kids into a good school, but not ok to shame someone who knowingly got into a relationship with a married man and triggered impeachment proceedings? Fuck, that’s twisted. And who gets to decide who should be shamed and who shouldn’t? This whole thing is twisted. Pretty disingenuous John.
twisted3mind 36 минут назад
I thought she was funny and clever and it's frustrating that she had to go through such a major scandal. Glad to see she has finally found peace about it
Heather S
Heather S 36 минут назад
Um... but don't love only feminine-looking hands pointing in the main graphic. The menfolk are relentless - let's give them some "credit" too.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 37 минут назад
like a bitch ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-E9qUMzW3-OI.html im creative :r ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-sCOqP35dPmc.html suggested reading ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-BwSxBphsfEI.html Oedipus the King :3 im alpha bro V^6V
Niël Muire
Niël Muire 37 минут назад
I'm 22...
Heather S
Heather S 38 минут назад
"A human popped-collar". Bah ahahahahaha
Blueber Tea
Blueber Tea 38 минут назад
ага дрочим!
teiladnam 38 минут назад
(half paying attention) Wow, Jax Alvin really hates pylons.
Henri M.A
Henri M.A 40 минут назад
Am I expected to feel pity for a woman who willfully slept with a man she knew was married to a woman whom she also knew? It sucks for Lewinsky that she was thrown in such spotlight by the media but I can't imagine that that was more than what Hilary Clinton had to go through. So, Mr Oliver, please spare me the ridiculous narrative.
non grata
non grata 37 минут назад
It wouldn't have been a unique experience for Hillary. She married and stayed with a philanderer to build her own political career by climbing up his back.
SP 41 минуту назад
This isn't just a comedy show but a marvel in broadcasting & a great tribune for public service. Much love from India.
Shaddowkhan 42 минуты назад
Bruh fuck that bih, she knew what she was doing then and now. Thots gone be thot.
Omar YAHU 45 минут назад
I'm sorry, but I can't have too much sympathy for one who kisses and tells for fame and then cries about it.
curlytana01 47 минут назад
Monica Lewinsky can like get it
Skian Sukeru
Skian Sukeru 47 минут назад
Don’t bother to look down the comments...
George Shearin
George Shearin 47 минут назад
Coffee break made this a month ago same thumbnail to lol
ailaG 47 минут назад
A few thoughts: (sorry for the long comment) 1. Another good example from the 90s would be the woman who supposedly "sued McDonald's for serving hot coffee". They served it hotter than was legal, she was badly burnt (please don't google the photos) and the sum of money was set by the judge - she only sued for the cost of her hospital bills. BUT the public, to this day, doesn't know because it's much more fun to make fun of that American who sues for something which is "her fault". 2. The main issue in the scandal involving Bill Clinton (see what I did there) was Bill's part. People have affairs all the time. One may claim that an intern would even feel obligated to answer yes if the president makes a move on her, as her superior. The reason Bill's affair was significant was that it was the president of the USA being unloyal to his family, and also him then flat out lying to his people on TV. This is being unloyal to millions of people that you serve as president. (People too young to remember, search for "I did not have sexual relations with that woman") Nothing about Monica was news worthy - it was all Bill Clinton. And I blame sexism for that. The notion that some "femme fatale" did something that this poor main decision maker of a large country couldn't resist, and therefore she should be the target... that's preposterous. History's fingers should be pointed at him. Me, I don't even mind that he cheated on his wife. This was a problem for Americans who think this is against their family values. I think it's his own personal life and definitely Monica's personal life. I mind that he lied. And I mind that he didn't take the blame. 3. Regarding how bad it would've been with social media around, I think it wouldn't have been so bad, because social media shaming is so common that it would die down fast - as many other issues did, even those that are worth calling out. The common person had less of a voice in the 90s (I was a teenager then, I remember that much) so celebrities were a bigger deal, the media was more prevalent and people watched the news more. It would have been more of an anecdote if it were to happen today. 4. Every once in a while I write local famous people going through a hard time and who I admire, and tell them just that. We don't feel like that would make a difference for a "celebrity", but many of them are regular people and see themselves as such. Fame doesn't turn you into a perfect plastic figurine. We're all people.
San Geet
San Geet 48 минут назад
What helps get through an unfair harassment and abuse of power? Solid education (I don't mean college degrees), sound reasoning, social sense and awareness of lazy cruelty and sadistic losers - mostly comes from a good parent and/or healthy endocrine system. What she was put through is a permanent scar on civility. I feel immensely terrible for her parents for having to watch their child put through so much pain
lichlame 49 минут назад
I guess the Monica Lewinsky story has a happy ending after all.
nifesimi frank
nifesimi frank 49 минут назад
I legit admire monica lewinsky more after this
mackeymkay 49 минут назад
Mortal Kombat's Jax was Jamie all along!
Stephanie Gawroriski
Stephanie Gawroriski 50 минут назад
This video was quite moving and I honestly cried at the end, such a wonderful message!
Chris D
Chris D 51 минуту назад
John Oliver talking about public shaming is like listening to an alcoholic telling you the dangers of alcohol
CJayin 51 минуту назад
Olivia Jade is super hot lol
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 51 минуту назад
hey /iB/ pol you seen the rocketeer ? remember the ending?
stephen 9789
stephen 9789 51 минуту назад
Damn , liberals and conservatives are both lunatics. She was an adult
justdestiny 53 минуты назад
people are crazy...
Seba Seba
Seba Seba 54 минуты назад
Jay Leno sucks so much ass
Kiury Estrella
Kiury Estrella 54 минуты назад
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thedearnoman 55 минут назад
Go jerk yourself, puny British asshole.
Dan Lee
Dan Lee 56 минут назад
Only people who are defending lewinsky are whores themselves who are looking for some kind of justification of their disgusting and impulsive behaviors without being held responsible for their actions. Or just a beta cuck looking for a pity sex. Stop glorifying cheaters and adulterers you goddamn degenerates. Even if it happened 20 years ago a slut will always be a slut.
Twiggie Leon
Twiggie Leon 56 минут назад
Hmm. Is the Auntie Christ story more cuz her health insurance is bullshit? ... Yup! #TuckerCarlsonFucksHisRoomba
Brian Thebrain
Brian Thebrain 57 минут назад
I am absolutely impressed by this serious of a comedy show
Kombinatsiya 57 минут назад
Attacking Jay Leno was completly unnecessary. The guy was a idiot in the past, both on his show but also to other comedians, but was never the monster people portrait him to be.
BEAUTIFUL. I really enjoyed this.
Pointless Banter
Pointless Banter Час назад
In the 80’s, the 1st black Miss America, Vanessa Williams, was shamed and forced to abdicate her crown when nude pictures of her were printed in a mens magazine. Not long after, the same thing happened to Madonna and what Madonna did was the equivalent of saying, “You’ve got a set of pics, I’ve got the body” and the media couldn’t keep up with the nude photos she self-released. She even released a coffee table book titled, ‘Sex’ filled with her nude photos. It sold for $50 a copy...and boy did it sell. I don’t advocate everyone take the route Madonna took, I’m just saying the media has its strengths but it also has its weaknesses.
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