Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 26 388
Shakur Variawa
Shakur Variawa 10 hours ago
From my experience: people tend to use the person (accused of doing "the bad thing") as a representative of a group of similar people that've hurt them in the past. That's why trump doesn't get as much attention (of that kind) as someone who could be seen as: a home wrecker, malevolent family member or someone most people would relate to not liking. It's simply mob mentality
roberto mena
roberto mena 12 hours ago
Go fuck yourself Jay Leno
anbakeoriginal 18 hours ago
Gid that Dickead Wilie Jeff Clinton ever send her an apology? Or a cheque to make up for what he did to her?
The Vallin
The Vallin 19 hours ago
No offence to Lewinsky, but her net worth just keeps climbing due to her incident. I think we've heard enough about it but.. Sure, lets get an FX special ripping open those scars again for profit. *shrugs*
Beth Lydi
Beth Lydi 23 hours ago
Oh my god, imagine having the stupidest thing you did as a 22 year old completely destroy your & your family's life.
Ab C. Def
Ab C. Def Day ago
Both Monica Lewinsky and Harvey Weinstein are amazingly strong people for enduring the public's vicious shamings, and should serve as role models and heroes for us all.
Champagne Supernova
Who's watching after Bill Maher's fat-shaming clip.
gina staley
gina staley Day ago
social media would have made it worse for monica... we have trolls. we have endless memes that never go away.. etc
Thales87 G
Thales87 G Day ago
I was a kid during that whole lewinsky scandal. So my memories are vague but i really like her, she seems a kind and genuine person and if there is an american in the last 50 years who has a right to be bitter its her
Done in the dark comes out in the light
She should have told it all been better not hid
Don't be own it no pain when you sucking and fucking just Rember actions have reprcutions for sure if your not rich really how sad she is on tv paid shows and make good money making it of sucking and fucking like Charlie sheen could have been worse she was Epstein lol
Don't suck a married man's dick really she has no remorse haven't even thought about her in a decade I am 41 who cares she cheated with a married man period who cares people done it for years quit coming on shows like one hit wonders let it die have morals and no point she said wish I never fucked bill cigars in my vagina crap its poor me
Brooke W.
Brooke W. Day ago
I feel like what’s worse is that Hillary said she’s a feminist but didn’t blame her husband, and then let the media flame the shit out of a very young woman
brokerbevo Day ago
The only shaming that works is fat shaming!!!
Aile Moonstream
Maybe you should not do it because of things like the covington kids.
captain deb
captain deb Day ago
She's remarkable.❤️
Monic Lewinsky is the badass bitch this nation doesn’t deserve
Salvadori Popadillo
LOL I honestly still have 0 sympathy for Lewinsky. She did it to herself. Somehow "amazed" by media coverage, omg! A psycho keeps the dress and goes public. That's why people hate her. Not the act, it was the gross way she handled it, then she victimized herself to the nth degree for being called out...
Christine Still
Christine Still 2 days ago
I like Monica. I think Clinton & Ken Starr should have been publicly shamed.
Doug Raska
Doug Raska 2 days ago
Great interview with Monica. Amazingly she's got a great sense of humor!!!
deez nutz
deez nutz 2 days ago
Maybe Monica should have NOT HAD AFFAIR WITH BILL and could have avoided all the shame.
Michael Frontera
Michael Frontera 2 days ago
You are the best dressed parrot I've ever seen.
Syn Severus
Syn Severus 2 days ago
there are consequences to your actions, GTF over it monica.
yuonhee 2 days ago
I don’t feel sorry for her. Free will...why did she save the dress? She had her own motives for advancement and it backfired. I don’t care what age you are. After the age of cognitive enlightenment of right & wrong...there’s consequences.
Francisco Xavier
Francisco Xavier 2 days ago
Monica Lewinsky is a great woman with a lot of strength, much respect!
Robel Belay
Robel Belay 3 days ago
The Moe Hawk
The Moe Hawk 3 days ago
Is it just me or Monicka Lewinsky is cool af? Like for real, she is so effing cool!
Julie Klimko
Julie Klimko 3 days ago
I love this interview! Monica is a stunningly beautiful person inside and out. I was always mad about how Monica took the brunt of all of the 💩, when she was single, and in a very tough profession at the time. I think it’s still somewhat difficult for women in the political arena. However, Bill Clinton was the one who was married, and also the one who lied about his affair with Monica. Seeing the beautiful person Monica is STILL after all that she endured, and her ability to be able to joke about it, especially her going as her younger self, complete with the bare’ to her friends 90’s themed party, is brilliant! Thank you, John, for this episode. I hope that people going through a tough phase in their life can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can recover and shine even though it feels like the end of the world right now.
shrews12001 3 days ago
The dumbest thing I did at 22 was not to or with the most famous married man on the goddamn planet. I didn’t give a fuck about her then and I don’t now. She did that to herself and at NO point has she claimed she didn’t want to do it or said no and it was forced on her. That age is not an excuse. You know the differ nice between right and wrong by your third decade.
milmillington 3 days ago
WHY Bill clinton didn't go through public shaming as bad as Monica Lewinsky??? It needs two to tango
Phillip Martinez
Phillip Martinez 15 hours ago
He started getting shammed. Then Hillary got involved and created then bimbo explosion squad. She was pretty effective at using all the white house resources to humiliate and eliminate potential "Bimbos" as she called them and of course shamming Lewinsky.
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly 3 days ago
I don't know how anyone can say Monica Lewinsky is ugly. I think she's a very attractive girl both then and now.
hammer 3 days ago
Aww that actually made me tear up. 💖 I'm glad she's doing OK. I did see that Tedtalks speech in it's entirety awhile back. Worth watching!
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Monika Lewinsky has to suck my german Baaaaaaaaaaaaaalls, although her head looks like a canister. Sardines fit in a canister, too.🤗☺☺☺
PestsOutWest 4 days ago
I love how he takes the story about how public shaming is bad, unless its someone he doesn't like, then its fine! lol Funny how that works.
ismar becirovic
ismar becirovic 4 days ago
Is it me or is Monica getting hotter. #babycallmebill. LOVE the Show !! John Oliver for PRESIDENT 2020!#
issaciams 4 days ago
Im so glad I never piled on Monica Lewinski during or after the whole scandal.
Helel Morningstar
Not gonna lie, I really want to see her host a comedy show now.
Stone Harper
Stone Harper 5 days ago
Monica is so much braver than I could ever be, I’m glad she’s re-emerged and has used her situation to help other people
Allen Lavine
Allen Lavine 5 days ago
At 22 I went down a.girl and it was found out I got clown and I’ll I’ll say this she was not the president of anything not pta president not president of the school just some chick but she turned it in to mills I turn it in to me shaven my face cause of crabs
Sweep your speech
Tucker Carlson fucks his Roomba
Jo-Erlend Schinstad
Monica Lewinsky for president.
Daniel Hance
Daniel Hance 6 days ago
Check out the book on public shaming by jon ronson. It is spectacular
Señor Griffin
Señor Griffin 6 days ago
Even though he's being i think a bit unfairly attacked by some groups at the moment Dave Chappelle was ahead of the curve in being sympathetic towards Monica. In Killin em softly he says he feels sorry for her. Nobody wants to be the most famous cocksucker of all time and points out most women had probably done worse but not publicly shamed.
uHuliJi 6 days ago
To this day I still can’t believe that Bill Clinton basically got away with what he did to that woman.
M.H. L.
M.H. L. 7 days ago
Damn, Monica Lewinski look good.
Chelbie Whittle
Chelbie Whittle 7 days ago
As a 22 year old watching this... I couldn’t agree more...
scribletime 7 days ago
Also let keep it real. Monica was not the only girl he was fooling around with I'm sure
jim twisted
jim twisted 7 days ago
Poor Monica she blew Bill Clinton and got caught.So sad .
Emma Terry
Emma Terry 4 days ago
Well, it was a bigger deal than her just getting caught. Her reputation was ruined on a global scale and her identity was ceaselessly attacked for the entertainment of millions. You could get caught blowing someone in a position of power you shouldn't have been blowing but it wouldn't traumatically destroy your entire life
Myfukinusername 7 days ago
bein a hoe is tough
toasted kiwi
toasted kiwi 8 days ago
It's pretty easy to dig up episodes of Last Week Tonight decontextualizing some event to the point where the audience believes something totally false for the purpose of public shaming.
Einomar 2 days ago
Sure... sigh
18h15 Music
18h15 Music 8 days ago
Here in France, there was a scandal a few years ago when some football players raped a prostitute who was a minor (or as the media call it, "Had sex with an underage escort".) Today, they're rich, they're fine, they have a job, and she's still the most slut-shamed woman of the country. Female victims are always held accountable for the predatory actions of wealthy men. This is beyond disgusting.
Marcus Maldonado
Marcus Maldonado 8 days ago
Monica will you have my babies!!!!! You are so beautiful!!!!
Marcus Maldonado
Marcus Maldonado 8 days ago
I think I just fell in love with Monica
don hezca
don hezca 8 days ago
She is a warrior many people hang their selves for less than what she went trough.
Samy EN
Samy EN 8 days ago
I'm already a bit suicidal if what happened to Monica happened to me I wouldn't survive it
“She’s so smart but so fake physically. I’m so perplexed.” Is what I commented originally but then she explained it. Genius.
Kailey Leppard
Kailey Leppard 8 days ago
love this vid I think its very important to talk about these kind of things...
artroom151 8 days ago
She is such a beautiful person.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 8 days ago
I enjoy all of these segments withJohn Oliver. However, this one was especially excellent. The interview was truly profound... Well done, John. (and, as usual, hilarious.)
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