Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #33

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So today, Craig is finally going to start talking about politics. Now up until this point we've specifically been looking at government - that is answering the questions of who, what, and how in relation to policies. But politics is different in that it looks at why certain policies are made. We're going to start today by looking at public opinion - specifically how the public does (and does not) influence our elected officials.

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Oct 2, 2015




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Comments 100
jacob2197 5 months ago
I bet your bad news sounds great!
Ines Alexandra
Ines Alexandra 5 months ago
Omg you're here again saving my essay
Dreadlord42 5 months ago
Is Craig crazy Like = yes dislike = no
Conall P
Conall P 6 months ago
I don't not not not not unlike crash course, or you as a host, but I do know we should build a hat factory in Times Square.
Eric Carothers
Eric Carothers 6 months ago
Craig, we love your show!
Amade Colenbrander
Amade Colenbrander 6 months ago
Wtf is a boulder of salt
B'Jon Kennedy
B'Jon Kennedy 8 months ago
What are 3 thing government need to influence public opinion
The Force is strong with this one!
Don't forget those Polls in which said Hillary would beat Trump easily. =D
poop dealer
poop dealer 9 months ago
I love you craig
Andrew Ramsey 28
Andrew Ramsey 28 10 months ago
DSCMFRT DSCMFRT 10 months ago
Wellllllll it's a Republic not a Democracy, I've turned into all of those who came before and corrected me 😅😩☺️
Stanley Swerbal
Stanley Swerbal 10 months ago
Specialopsdave 10 months ago
My AP US Government class uses this as actual course material sometimes, but he has to pause it every 10 seconds lol
Gabrielle Johnson
Gabrielle Johnson 10 months ago
I enjoy Crash Course AND you as a host! Great Job Craig!
tallis mortallic
tallis mortallic 11 months ago
America is not a democracy It is a republic. The framers of the constitution saw democracy as an inferior type of government that historically had failed without exception. They often pointed out that democracies tend to devolve into mob rule and eventually collapse into violent civil war.
Nyandy Nyanderson
Nyandy Nyanderson 11 months ago
Analise Rosa
Analise Rosa 11 months ago
Together the people can agree on rational decisions, though they struggle to come up with the solutions for lack of resource/ or whatever... but at the end of the day, someone like the president is going to want an "expert opinion" on solutions to harder decisions. Could not those same experts find solutions to the things that are most important to the people? Freedom of speech is important here because the media is not giving people enough information to make truly informed decisions, interest groups do not always have the funding they need, polling is not that effective either maybe we need to go back to traditional methods of democracy. The first presidents traveled to different states, talked and listened to any one that showed up. This eliminates the chance for bias.
Lina Carol
Lina Carol 11 months ago
why you talk to fast? GZZZ! I could not understand you. :/ anyone who can recommend me a site to learn about Government and Politics?
Trevk014 ___
Trevk014 ___ Year ago
im watching this on 2 times speed mode. I have 5 days left to finish the series and the questions.
latinchulo13 Year ago
Hahaha he said brownies!!! I'm offended lol.
Dxrk Year ago
Tom McMorrow
Tom McMorrow Year ago
*watching this video in 2019* Yeah...about those poll results...
Michael Biya
Michael Biya Year ago
Where do you get their sources from? So I can quote the stats lol
Meme Elbow
Meme Elbow 4 months ago
Michael Biya IDK lol
N LC Year ago
I like you as a host.
theodore j
theodore j Year ago
I like that shirt. Can I have your eagle?
K Quering
K Quering Year ago
dont get high and watch
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra Year ago
What I find interesting about this whole argument is that the majority voted Clinton, but the Electoral College elected Trump. As the electoral college was established to prevent charasmatic leaders who were unqualified and/or unamerican (not supporting Constitutional values, for example), this outcome causes me to question whether the electoral college is actually effective. I don't mean this as an argument about "politics," because I remember Kerry getting more votes than Bush, but the same thing happened, and I don't think that is the same. Bush held very different views than me, but he was both qualified for the job and upheld basic constitutional values. So, I'm saying this particular instance is different and should impact how we assess whether the electoral college is effective in it's originally intended goal. I would argue that it is not.
Julian T.
Julian T. Year ago
Elected officials and policies should reflected public opinion. At the same time, I think people who don't know much about a particular subject shouldn't feel pressured to give an opinion or take a stand on it one way or the other. The "I don't know / unsure" response should be more common than it already is on most questions. That way when there's a majority or plurality opinion on that issue, we know it's more likely based on knowledge on the subject.
Moss M
Moss M Year ago
Taveesin Sangthumchai
I am watching this for my American History class. Craig is good at entertaining and makes it not as boring but I wish he would speak a little slower. English is my second language and I have to watch this about 5 times so that I can do make my discussion post. lol Just saying but all his videos are great.
zalutz1 Year ago
“Take CNN’s polls with a boulder of salt.” I agree.
isáiáh Year ago
Democracy or Republic?
Nelson Mike Nelson
I use the Zodiac sign as a base line. I find common denominators, traits, characters in each.
Nelson Mike Nelson
Economic, social, demographic, age, gender, educational and ethnic factors are important.
Geo Dim
Geo Dim Year ago
@1:25 you butchered the word "Demokratia", its DI-MO-KRA-TI-A, not demokrashia
2Fast4Mellow Year ago
2 or 3 votes from a district (435 districts) are not a big enough sampling size! So a political poll can only claim 'Americans want.. if they have votes from at least 10 people per district. That is the (very) minimal number of voters in order to have a proper sampling size..
Jessica Johns
Jessica Johns Year ago
Thank you for the insightful review for AP GOV
Evan Tanner
Evan Tanner Year ago
I disagre wit him
Andrew Schneider
Ight then. Let me leave a not on your car with my insurance
Evan Tanner
Evan Tanner Year ago
Let’s just be homies 4 lyfe and stop arguein
Andrew Schneider
I find you completely vile. I keyed your car this morning.
Evan Tanner
Evan Tanner Year ago
Andrew Schneider you are literally false. My guts are awesome goteem
Andrew Schneider
I hate your guts
Adnama Haras
Adnama Haras Year ago
WHAT is referendum ?
Adnama Haras
Adnama Haras Year ago
like an example of all the terms
Urias Velasquez
It is a pity that these courses are made by recalcitrant republicans and that the bad examples are only of the democrats. The truth is ignored and a lot of analytical capacity is lost. For example, the Iraq war was not popular either, so why is not it quoted?
Urias Velasquez
What absolute irresponsibility these courses, never say who said what, do not cite the sources, that is more than an oversight; it's a crime.
Iliketoshoot Year ago
answer to the poll question in video. NO!
Cynthia O
Cynthia O Year ago
Did he just refer to the black race as brownies?!??!?!?!?
Iliketoshoot Year ago
no that's a trendy style of people bro
Heaven Langford
Heaven Langford 2 years ago
people actually watch this stuff for fun... im just watching to pass my mid-term exam.. fml
Ishi 123
Ishi 123 2 years ago
Statistically, public opinion doesn't matter in the US. Interest groups hold all the power in policy-making.
Jamie Slate
Jamie Slate 2 years ago
It's inexcusable that polling hasn't been brought into the internet age. Information exchange is essentially free these days, yet politicians must spend money to learn what the people think? That's astonishingly inefficient.
Plum 2 years ago
I do not unlike Crash Course. (he basically said do you unlike Crash Course.)
Amanda McQueen
Amanda McQueen 2 years ago
Eagle Punching Vote! (crying!!)
Scarlett Shadow
Scarlett Shadow 2 years ago
Do you like my little pony? You referenced it twice by saying "brony"
loula glantzis
loula glantzis 2 years ago
Where is George Sorts in this paradigm?
MrUbuntuking 2 years ago
DONALD TRUMP! Okay, flame away. Preferably all sides. This comment section isn't fun enough yet.
Myriame 1026
Myriame 1026 2 years ago
B'Jon Kennedy
B'Jon Kennedy 8 months ago
Myriame Chery Hernandez do u know 3 thing government need to influence public opinion
bsktblmasta31 2 years ago
thought we were a republic not a democracy
Neal Lucas
Neal Lucas 2 years ago
I guess we're technically a constitutional federal representative democracy ... "the worst form of government ... except for all the others"
JP Sillick
JP Sillick 2 years ago
I freaking love this guy
Matthew Christoff
Matthew Christoff 2 years ago
LoL 2017 all of this is great
Aurelio Hernández
Aurelio Hernández 2 years ago
Who’s watching this in 2017......💩
Bhavika Kumar
Bhavika Kumar 2 years ago
Craig: "Are you even listening" Me: "Wait what.. Yes I support eagle punching!"
College kid
College kid 3 years ago
"I haven't gone out since 2002." XD
Viviana M.
Viviana M. 3 years ago
i do NOT like crash courses or you as a host.
Brian Hack
Brian Hack 3 years ago
Did you circle the wrong person when you were pointing out President Lincoln? ...Or was the person wearing a top hat not him? lol
chama sklar
chama sklar 3 years ago
can you guys pretty please do crash course on government and politics international?like if u agree
Douglas Davidchik
Douglas Davidchik 3 years ago
I don't not not not not unlike CrashCourse and you as a host.
Sbusiso Phiri
Sbusiso Phiri 3 years ago
And the Motion graphic team and Editors killed it. i dig it!
Sbusiso Phiri
Sbusiso Phiri 3 years ago
Dope job by the presenter!
goose121 3 years ago
I prefer to answer in French: Si. No more ambiguity!
Jack Smalligan
Jack Smalligan 3 years ago
I do not not not not not unlike you as a host.
Battle Kat
Battle Kat 3 years ago
Bill Washburn
Bill Washburn 9 months ago
Nice catch lol
Nigel McKenzie
Nigel McKenzie 3 years ago
lls I actually wasnt paying attention when he said it
Minu Kim
Minu Kim 3 years ago
Is CNN Fake news?
Israel Aguilar Lua
Israel Aguilar Lua 3 years ago
Craig is a great host, a tad bit violent towards eagles though.
Vinnyogo 555
Vinnyogo 555 3 years ago
half the people here know what a brony is
Devin Beaman
Devin Beaman 3 years ago
Thanks Craig, These video help me a little sometimes. I'm horrible with government and politics. Your humor helps a lot.
Waaaiiit 3 years ago
Like, like, like crash course :D
Tanzra 3 years ago
I am pro eagle ... ... ... punching
jal em
jal em 3 years ago
Why not just have a direct-democracy like Switzerland. And while your at it, universal basic income for all citizens, please!
SplatterInker 3 years ago
Anyone else finding it weird watching this AFTER the 2016 American election?
Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder 3 years ago
To answer your question, what, what, what???
Sauce Cornhole
Sauce Cornhole 3 years ago
Richard Pyne
Richard Pyne 3 years ago
You lost your credibility when you claimed that America is a democracy.
Danification 3 years ago
6:09 Anyone else notice the brony? lmao
Zane W
Zane W 3 years ago
i hate you
Elisa T
Elisa T 3 years ago
I would really appreciate it if you talked a bit more slowly! :)
Emrakh Karimov
Emrakh Karimov 3 years ago
Dude slow dowwnnn. Going way to fast, I need to pass this exam
Shell Ah
Shell Ah 8 months ago
I failed
xeriffe 11 months ago
Decrease the speed lmfao
Zelong Xiong
Zelong Xiong Year ago
Emrakh Karimov me 2
K1m1k0 3 years ago
yes I do not not not not like crash cource Its a quad negative
Jeremy Reff
Jeremy Reff 3 years ago
it was not not not not unlike that's a quintuple negative
Nathaniel Yellow
Nathaniel Yellow 3 years ago
weezy waiter!!!!
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson 3 years ago
i cant follow anything cuz ur lisp
Mike Marek
Mike Marek 3 years ago
These days I don't think the public or gov't officials have the best interest of the general population in mind. Agendas rule the day.
Walter Torres
Walter Torres 4 years ago
I do not not not not not like crash course or you! hahahahahahahahahahahaha best poll ever
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 4 years ago
this guy is really not funny
Bryce Bagley
Bryce Bagley 4 years ago
I imagine hell as being in an endless white void, and only Craig to keep me company. I, of course can't handle his incessant talking that he is convinced is entertaining, I proceed to strangle Craig and as I feel the life drain from his body, I feel relief, I did what needed to be done. And besides I'm already in hell, what else... Wait, there's another Craig. But I just... No there is another one. Suddenly, I realize that in an ocean of Craigs, all of them make stale clone jokes and doing annoying voices. My ears begin to bleed. I pray to any god that will listen to please release me from this eternal punishment, only to fall on deaf ears.
Silas Agnew
Silas Agnew Year ago
You should probably be spending your time trying to find a better way to learn government and politics rather then tying to convince yourself that you are entertaining in the comment section.
Krishna Cousins
Krishna Cousins 3 years ago
Bryce Bagley
Bryce Bagley 3 years ago
That comma is unnecessary.
Sun-Wukong 3 years ago
Bryce Bagley Why are you watching episode 33, then?
The MinecraftR 9598
No, I don't not not not not unlike you as a host. From brain controlling parasite.
Gillian Fisher
Gillian Fisher 4 years ago
EDIT: "A poll taken on a Friday evening is likely to include a lot fewer young people responding to it, because most young people either work in retail or food and beverage positions nowadays [and it's a miracle for them to get any Friday off, let alone party the night away]." All in good fun. Craig, you're awesome! (Side note: I appreciate the fact that you don't move your arms around like crazy while you speak. I guess it's maybe because my body language is typically more reserved? Idk. But anyways, thank you!)
Olivia Raney
Olivia Raney 4 years ago
I do not not not dislike crash course and you as a host.
OminaterTheGreat 4 years ago
A triple negative is still a negative tho so why the heart lol
David Quelland
David Quelland 4 years ago
I think CC is great. I have benefited tremendously learning from all the hosts but I really think Craig needs to speak just a tad bit slower. ;)
PureSarrows 4 years ago
Polls are too easily biased to be at all reliable. But what other alternative is there? Never polling?! Scary thought. Just take as many polls as humanly possible, all the time and throw them into a giant pile with a handful of salt! Then walk away feeling (but not really) like you learned something. Thanks Wheezey.
Edissa Cuevas
Edissa Cuevas 4 years ago
These videos saved my semester *-* since I'm an international student and I hadn't learned about America's government or history, so I needed this kind of explanations. In love with this channel.
z1PEACE MAKER1z 4 years ago
Your An Awesome Host!!!
SomeGuy1117 4 years ago
SomeGuy1117 4 years ago
(to the quadruple negative question)
Tara M
Tara M 4 years ago
Wait, I know the answer (my opinion)to this one,,, yes? Haha haha. Can anyone tell me what dftba stands for?
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