Public Enemy - Fight The Power (Official Music Video)

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The highly acclaimed 1989 anthem “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy
“Fight the Power” served as the theme for Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and is featured on Public Enemy’s 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet

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Jul 2, 2020




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NEFology 13 hours ago
I really hope I'm wrong but I don't think we'll ever see another video, song or group like this in hip hop ever again.
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes 15 hours ago
Dookie tru Flavels!🔱🔯🔱
Fred Fells
Fred Fells 19 hours ago
Sit Down Ice Cube! You and NWA set us Back! This was our Vibe till y'all fucked it up!
M. King
M. King Day ago
Black people need to unite again
Krucek6666 Day ago
Was Elvis really a racist?
Hendrik Day ago
Why is Chuck D"s cap blurred out?
Fred Fells
Fred Fells 19 hours ago
Phillie's Hat I don't know why
Ikesters Day ago
It's the mainstream media that kept black people down it's the mainstream media that needs to burn. Trump is there for blacks and all other races. All lives matter! trump 2020!
901 Thuggin
901 Thuggin Day ago
Cause I'm Black and I'm Proud and that tells who I am💯
Sy Jeanlouis
Sy Jeanlouis Day ago
Loretta Jackson
Loretta Jackson 2 days ago
,, 💀😎🙃💦, FiGHT, THE , POWER, YES ❣️ PLEASE SMiLes, ✌️👈💨
Jack Farley
Jack Farley 2 days ago
This message is still sent to this day!
You Call That a Knife?
2:16 That Flavor Flav fance :D
tomasuh 3 days ago
Jarhead :D
Fatima Carter
Fatima Carter 3 days ago
Hey young ones..this song is a lesson..take notes!!!
chan로렐라이 4 days ago
Do The Right Thing ( The 1989 Movie )
Jerry Setlerr
Jerry Setlerr 4 days ago
This song and video was ahead of its time all the way up to present day, I just have one question - how was Elvis racist in anyway?
Fred Fells
Fred Fells 19 hours ago
My Older Cousin told me that Elvis said only thing a Black Man can do for me is to shine my Blue suede shoes... Even though a Black Man wrote most of his hits Otis Blackwell
Maximum Karnage
Maximum Karnage 3 days ago
His racism was documented. Try doing research.
Pamela Romanelli
Pamela Romanelli 4 days ago
Dr House bro...ehm, no... I'm here since i was 10 years old. Thank you Daddy. God bless your bootlegged "cassettes".....
Francis Okudu
Francis Okudu 4 days ago
Time and the word time made up by a witch The word watch similar to witch made up by a witch Ti Me~Tie Me The word time has the letter m the Roman numeral thousand Thou shalt not have any gods before me in-between the word tie If you had a watch on each wrist and put your wrists together they become a figure of 8 shackles The anti christ who runs the music industry is a sadistic joker He has the blackest band member wear a big clock around his neck These guys sold their soul and will be going to hell if they don't repent for their nonsense
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
I get him, but The real Power is God who gonna fight that?
Ben Cheever
Ben Cheever 5 days ago
If you truly want to "FIGHT THE POWER" we need to start with voting that Orange bigot out of the White House in 2020!
Ben Cheever
Ben Cheever 5 days ago
In many ways, just as relevant as it was back then when it came out! Especially with all this COVID mess and it disproportionately affecting the Latinos and African Americans , the riots in the streets over the social injustices that happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and even Trayvon Martin. How can people honestly say that racism doesn't exist in 2020. It is still very much a part of the system today, whether it's concious or not, many people were raised with a cognitive bias for some many years. Take the doll study done in 2010. That is clearly evidence of sterotypes and cognitive bias that was still being formed in the minds of young kids, even at that age. www.cnn.com/2010/US/05/13/doll.study/index.html
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
sapin Italy it real a Judah Israel battle NAga craggy. 13 lots not colonies...12 tribes and a common place...alabama? LA Bob Marley WIllshire the Shaw yo Mama and me. See PasaDENA CITY HALL MY job to cut your hair, shoulder length for men or less yakintobaki throw baki rest mod
James Pharris
James Pharris 5 days ago
Coming out of his pit stop like a man possessed by purpose.
Christopher Brooks
Hip Hop song with a real powerful black message.
MiouziK 4 All
MiouziK 4 All 7 days ago
Des guignols !
Chew Bone Jr.
Chew Bone Jr. 7 days ago
united..don´t believe the hype
o 8 days ago
Hell yes! Economic equality!
Tony Purnell
Tony Purnell 8 days ago
You know America is fucked up when Public Enemy has to redo this song 31 years later.
...they made a terrible mistake to kick the spirit of the group out...chuck was too scared,because griff was talkin truth about the powers☝🏾 flav was a base head and didnt really care i guess... ive seen the "new"version....and i gotta say...aint no new version of this version right here!!! griff was the spirit of the group and when chuck bowed to the jews he destroyed public enemy. ive seen them 1988 in london at the dmc finals when dj cash money won the title. man what show they did...unbelievable. nothing of today could get that energy reproduced. thats why this "new" version is nothing compared to the original. just look at the people in the video... nuff said.
lhdollbaby l
lhdollbaby l 9 days ago
D Bay
D Bay 9 days ago
Who is limiting the views?
Jay Figueroa
Jay Figueroa 9 days ago
Yeah boiiii! Shout out to Griff yo!
Torch Wood
Torch Wood 10 days ago
2020! A number
Shahd Nijem
Shahd Nijem 10 days ago
おねっと 10 days ago
学ランだ、、 学生運動みたい
James Pharris
James Pharris 11 days ago
The Good Fight of Faith! His Truth is marching on.
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom 11 days ago
Banks and corporations before the American people. What could possibly go wrong?
Jose Trejo
Jose Trejo 11 days ago
JA White
JA White 11 days ago
If white suburbanites have evolved, even slightly, in the last 30 years Public Enemy.played a role in that education.
El Dio
El Dio 12 days ago
Row row fight the power
Kelly Atchinson
Kelly Atchinson 13 days ago
Love it keep up the good fight
Antonio Gambardella
rispect fratmò the wery cultura hip-hop 👊👊👊🔥🔥🔥✌✌✌👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
denis brady
denis brady 14 days ago
Education right here
mayscough72 14 days ago
I am a white late 40’s metal fan from a working class environment in the north of England, love this band, everything they say about oppression in the USA rings true about growing up in the north of England during the winter of discontent
CEDRICKB 14 days ago
l'après ciné
l'après ciné 14 days ago
Fight TRUMP brothers !!!
Troy Leezy
Troy Leezy 15 days ago
Oh my God we had a good Gen X WE DOOE
Lionel R Perez N
Lionel R Perez N 15 days ago
music lover1984
music lover1984 15 days ago
music lover1984
music lover1984 15 days ago
This song here is a classic!!!!.
Caleb Mbala
Caleb Mbala 15 days ago
This song definitely fighted the power
31tmdavies 15 days ago
I miss this sound.
Marc Anthony Coronado
To the heart and root of it all. Perhaps still the most significant message released to this date.
Bosswerkz B
Bosswerkz B 16 days ago
Rosie Perez throwin' it in the opening to "Do the Right Thing" should be part of the official video for this song!
Mario García Moreno
the cream of the cream, check mario canario tordesillas
Mario García Moreno
in youtube, soundcloud and spotify
yunocS 16 days ago
Oh man I really wish I were alive in that time. All those original dudes rapping about things that actually matter... can‘t imagine that today. Everyone‘s the same and I often can‘t even remember the artists of certain songs because they just look and sound same with their iced out bullshit and designer clothes rapping. I never forgot any artist of a song since the start of hip hop until the early 2000s. I mean how could u even forget Flavor Flav with his clocks around the neck lol or for comparison Run D.M.C with their tracksuits and hats. I can‘t think of a modern rapper with a unique feature. Don’t get me wrong I love the hip hop now too, but it just became way to commercial and meaningless. Still fun to party to and get hyped up but we need some more meaningful songs nowadays.
Maniac Mohawk
Maniac Mohawk 17 days ago
I prefer “libera me from hell” but this is not bad
Andrew Zytay
Andrew Zytay 18 days ago
Funny thing is black and white both are under the government thumb.... They got us fighting each other.... Sad
iceman 77
iceman 77 18 days ago
I am glad I was born to listen to good music that aint rapping about garbage that no one likes. Like the music that out there this day. The rappers are garbage and have no talent now days.
Elyseon 19 days ago
Do the impossible, see the invisible!
Nate Wendt
Nate Wendt 20 days ago
Lily white, but my guy Chuck D knows. Flav knows too. The left sucks ass.
Maximum Karnage
Maximum Karnage 3 days ago
You must be a racist.
Make Africa Great Again_MAGA
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Harry Vsingersongwriter
One of the best tracks ever ❤️
Patricia Cooper
Patricia Cooper 21 day ago
Crank up the volume! 😎
MixMac BM
MixMac BM 21 day ago
Hey ! We are delighted to let you know that you have been added to MixMac's "Black Lives Matter" Playlist !! ruvid.net/group/PL4fO0xkQT4nFelczCl3dGyX3Sna69HQUG
Amber Kindziera
Amber Kindziera 21 day ago
If they only knew why we had to fight
Amber Kindziera
Amber Kindziera 21 day ago
But I dont think they get it
TheKinoEye 21 day ago
One day at my job some dude bear hugged me. Looking down at his black hands I was like, Who's this brotha? I turned my head around. It was Chuck D! Haha! Lesson: Know when to/not to Fight the Power
Ohio Steam&Steel
Ohio Steam&Steel 21 day ago
Without a doubt one of the most important songs in the last 100 years. Public Enemy. Their messaging is timeless. "Fight the Power." This is an anthem for oppressed peoples around the world. IMO white record companies, and politicians could not let this kind of messaging continue. So they had to try co-op rap and change the messaging. Make it more palatable to whites living in the suburbs. "Fight the Power" and "Can't Truss It" are revolutionary songs. They are the kind of songs that cause people to rise up lead people into battle. Well that is just my opinion anyway.
John Harwood
John Harwood 21 day ago
Fuckin' tune!!!! Peace and love from the UK.😎
Frank MaSSa
Frank MaSSa 21 day ago
Well where they when you need 'Em in 2020 is the million dollar question!!🙄
latenitehour 21 day ago
This need to be played at the BLM ✊🏾 rallies!!
tero 8884
tero 8884 22 days ago
Dr houseeeee jajajajaha
P GR 22 days ago
Man watching rappers wearing clocks around their necks never gets old, apparently Chuck D tried to attach a lanyard to Big Ben but couldn't find a hook to fit
Andrae Coleman
Andrae Coleman 22 days ago
I like the original and the remix!
Lo Loo
Lo Loo 23 days ago
Seems like PE uses a time machine to look into the future....
Tien Ms.jones
Tien Ms.jones 24 days ago
I remember leaving the house wit my mom sangin this all the way to the car where she popped the tape in-Texas ❤️
Eliphas Leary
Eliphas Leary 25 days ago
I love this song, but I hope one day we will not need it anymore.
Lonnie Rincon
Lonnie Rincon 25 days ago
Flav was there to kind of balance out the serious message of oppression poverty hatred war bloodshed & the evil that men do
Dyarko Winchester
Dyarko Winchester 25 days ago
I'm here because of Gregory house :D
Justin St. Pierre
Justin St. Pierre 25 days ago
Also, they're 100 percent right about Elvis. Great musician, not a great person. Separate the art from the artist. He was racist as shit.
Justin St. Pierre
Justin St. Pierre 25 days ago
I'm white as shit, but I LOVE these brothers. Absolute poets.
pumpkintubs 25 days ago
they should have a martin luther king postage stamp xxx
Gerald Quarles
Gerald Quarles 26 days ago
Get the Red, Black and Green In.
Lorenzo Olivares
Lorenzo Olivares 26 days ago
Public Enemy Fight The Power was a song for fighting for equality, democracy and freedom with love, life and true honest. Chuck D was a nice deep rapper voice. I love him, nice, Chuck D, bro. My true honest 🖤❤️
Maria Cherrington
Maria Cherrington 26 days ago
This song is my fave bc it introduced me to Public Enemy. I think I first saw this on Yo MTV Raps!! Love being a gen x kid
mfrost363 26 days ago
Sounds so good
dejilock 26 days ago
Mac Riye
Mac Riye 27 days ago
Who the f- do you think we are?!!
Jevezy 27 days ago
Real rap, relevant in 2020, things have not changed. We are still fighting the power.
Roman Pantring
Roman Pantring 27 days ago
Fight the CDU & SPD all that bullshit!
Jason Dow
Jason Dow 27 days ago
I dedicate this song too the Louisville police department and the Kentucky attorney general for screwing up Brianna Taylor's case
tarabel 28 days ago
“Scusate pantere” cercavo un viso pallido, vado ad ascoltarmi gli house of pain. Wondering a black irish 😍🤣😁
Eduardo Sertorio
Eduardo Sertorio 28 days ago
hey ! who knows why his red hat is blur ?
Marcus Calavera
Marcus Calavera 28 days ago
"I can't believe i've been watching this for 3 hours"
Im watching fight the power and autoplay gave me shook ones as my next song. They want me think of black men as cowards but i know better.
Miss Gonzalez
Miss Gonzalez 28 days ago
East coast stand up 🙌🏽
Jamil Russ
Jamil Russ 28 days ago
no regrets
no regrets 28 days ago
Its messed up how we allowed the music industry to hijack rap. Back when this dropped, rap was about empowerment, self awareness, education and etc, but not any more. Once the music executives started to invest in private prisons, they dropped all artists who had music with meaning, and they stopped signing these artists. They only wanted rappers who spoke about crimes these rappers can help them get paid from their investments in private prisons. ruvid.net/video/video-iU4DsiA8n6g.html
Liralen Lisle
Liralen Lisle 29 days ago
I've been listening to Public Enemy for years, so much so that I find it weird that this version isn't available anymore: ruvid.net/video/video-8PaoLy7PHwk.html, which had about 15 million views.
Liralen Lisle
Liralen Lisle 29 days ago
"If it's music, we can use it"
Liralen Lisle
Liralen Lisle 29 days ago
All of which culminated in Cameo's Word UP ruvid.net/video/video-MZjAantupsA.html, which I loved immediately. It's absolutely brilliant musically, combining the best of what's gone before, which I recognized back then, but completely missed the message to "Yo pretty ladies" and the fact that we had to dance, too, was something we had in common.
Liralen Lisle
Liralen Lisle 29 days ago
Ruby Dee didn't get the respect she deserved either. I'm a 65 year old music lover and so can trace Public Enemy's roots back to James Brown and others like the Isley Brothers ruvid.net/video/video-wO2ebiuV3hU.html and George Clinton's Parliament ruvid.net/video/video-bWurqD68u70.html, both of which influenced Public Enemy( and for that I love them).
Liralen Lisle
Liralen Lisle 29 days ago
plus the opening to Do the Right Thing is best ever: ruvid.net/video/video-U35MvblI4og.html But whatever, thanks to Channel ZERO to keeping it alive. This was the first Public Enemy album I bought when it was current: ruvid.net/video/video-am9BqZ6eA5c.html, but only because I was more into music back then social justice. Because as a woman back then, I was fighting my own social justice issues. Yeah, I know, boo hoo, white men wanted to protect me rather than kill me. More on that later.
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