Psychologist Sister Tries to Manipulate the Bride | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Shadonna Edwards wants long dresses for her bridesmaids, however her sister insists on wearing a short dress.
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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 1 944
Surani Hewage
Surani Hewage 3 days ago
Why can't people understand that these are scripted
Sarahcate Roberson
psychologist? more like psychopath ~ I hope she never gets licensed
Ged Xavier Fruto
Ged Xavier Fruto 11 days ago
The worst kind of people is those who abuse their expertise.
Don DeBruin
Don DeBruin 12 days ago
Why is this sister being such a bitch?
Nehama W
Nehama W 17 days ago
Menopulation has nothing to do with the fact she's a psychologist. These titles of the show are awful... I mean... It makes psychologists look bad! That being said. Not cool trying to menipulate and be so rude and play mind games to a bride. It's her day!
Leah Games
Leah Games 19 days ago
1:19 what. a. BLEEP. like im sorry is it your wedding hm is it your day will you walk down the isle????
Dee P
Dee P 19 days ago
As a Psychologist, I am very disappointed that this fellow colleague abuses her power to manipulate others, including her own sister. It was her day SiS, like Chill, use your tools wisely.
Nastassia Dunkley
Nastassia Dunkley 19 days ago
The long dresses look soooo much better than the short dresses honestly I don’t even understand why they like the short dress
Djessie 22 days ago
Imagine having a person like Shauna in your life☠️ She is stressful Hope she improved that by now
Renee 22 days ago
Ngl this is every psych major I've ever met lol
mytwosents 23 days ago
She is not worthy to be in the wedding
Crazyrayray Gaming
Crazyrayray Gaming 23 days ago
if i was the bride i would be to my sister, “sorry not sorry your not the bridesmaid anymore”
Crazyrayray Gaming
Crazyrayray Gaming 23 days ago
the short dresses look ugly af tho
ali grotts
ali grotts 25 days ago
Too bad a smack in the face is against the law.
Sarah Doak
Sarah Doak 28 days ago
Stephanie and Michelle you are elegance bridesmaid
Holly Protoolis
Holly Protoolis 28 days ago
Why did they play this up as her being a psychologist??? No psychologist I know behaves this way, she’s just an ass
Amy Black
Amy Black 29 days ago
Stop being a bully!
T W 29 days ago
While it’s the bride’s choice, the other 2 are right. Georgia is hot, humid & unbearable in the summer.
Kay Cherie
Kay Cherie 29 days ago
The sister is never gon get married and this episode why
Kelly Lem
Kelly Lem Month ago
There's an ugliness about people with terrible hearts. I'm not talking about this woman's looks, but every terrible micromovement and even the nasty energy she releases (and I'm not even a person who focuses on people's energy). The way she smirks and constantly says I'm gonna get what I want is just horrible. And can we talk about how condescending her eyes are?
heda gabriel
heda gabriel Month ago
let me just say shona is quite pathetic!and she wonderz why shes not married yet,girl bye!👋 she can be a pshycologist,running for congress,president or the 1st lady👉🏽it dont even matter.it is irrelevant!this is not her special day.so please take a damn seat!respectfully😉✌🏽
Gerald Warren
Gerald Warren Month ago
Sister takes pics of herself and sends them to the bride-Why? Your ass is still not the bride no matter what wedding dresses you try on!
Skylin May
Skylin May Month ago
Stephanie is beautiful
Bookmagic Roe
Bookmagic Roe Month ago
I never heard of wearing a short dress to a black tie event. Am I wrong?
Bookmagic Roe
Bookmagic Roe Month ago
The sister is toxic.
interested observer 1949
It is not hard to see why Shauna is a bridesmaid and not the bride. BTW: leave the manipulation to the patients. As for the other bride: as a rule I feel that 18 is too young to be married and this little bride is no exception because of immaturity. The MOH is far more level headed and mature. She has so much potential that I hope she gets out and see's the world. As for the wannabe MOH: I am awfully afraid that she is having a tough time leaving HS behind where she was the queen bee while her friends are moving on through marriage or college and I wouldn't be surprised she is afraid she will be left behind which could account for her attitude of HS drama. As for the bride it is time she grew up.
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Shadonna's sister needs to face whatever the psychologists version of being disbarred is. 🙄
Sonja Teal
Sonja Teal 19 days ago
Bojigirl Month ago
Take note of this “psychologist” everyone. Don’t go to her for therapy!
Sonja Teal
Sonja Teal 19 days ago
Took the words right out of my mind.
Zeandra Manley
Zeandra Manley Month ago
She's a manipulator with or without the degree; and she's not even good at it lol her face tells on her every time she tries to manipulate the situation.
BKGK SAN Month ago
I wonder if the sister showed up in a wedding dress on the wedding day! She seems to be that kind!
Mannequinn_Made Month ago
Her sister sounds a little touched 👀 touched by jealousy, touched by narcissism, touched by the crazy branch 😬😂
Abby Stout
Abby Stout Month ago
For a psychologist, she sure doesn’t seem to think about how trying on wedding dresses and sending them to her, trying to get in her head, and not letting the bride get what she wants will affect the brides overall emotions about the whole entire wedding
Cristina Frank
Cristina Frank Month ago
It's funny how many psychologists are single... Can't imagine why.. 🤣🤣
Ombretta F
Ombretta F Month ago
Lol she s not a good psychologist and manipulator, she s just a spoiled brat, competitive with a big ego and jealous to the core 😂😂😂
Jenna Hyser
Jenna Hyser Month ago
It’s interesting when they always say a different dress is the best on the same person 😂
C Jack
C Jack Month ago
I’m majoring in psychology, and it genuinely has nothing to do with trying to manipulate people. Maybe she should have actually done her research because using psychology as an excuse for being a narcissist.
Victorious Valentine
Psychologist? Psychotic! Dressing up in wedding dresses and sending them to the bride? That freaky expression she has. Behaving with narcissistic traits - obviously putting herself before all others, and so on. At her most basic she simply disrespects those around her. She is WEIRD!
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Month ago
No wonder you can’t bag a man
Sharon Duval
Sharon Duval Month ago
Cripes grow up it's not your wedding day. You need to respect the bride.Its the bride's day. Smh
tinjmail Month ago
all these bridesmaid dresses are so boring looking.
Sara Vieira
Sara Vieira Month ago
Shauna: Im gonna use all my power! Her power: I like short dresses :((
R J Month ago
She even tried wedding dresses during her sister’s appointment WHAT!?
Mal Tal
Mal Tal Month ago
Stop sayin 300 degrees! Georgia ain’t the Middle East.
kalpi Month ago
oh goddd she is just tryna messing with her just for the fun XD lmao
Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner Month ago
I love the red dress like Stephanie 👍has on.
Rowena Ramsaran
Rowena Ramsaran Month ago
Stephanie looks gorgeous in whatever she's wearing.
Naia Luv
Naia Luv Month ago
Psychological manipulation is a form of gaslighting where you are able to get into the person's head and trick them into believing that they thought something or agreed with something they hadn't. Her sister isn't some master manipulator, she's a self-entitled brat who's trying to get her way. And it's not even working 💀💀
Kaly doy
Kaly doy Month ago
Short dresses are great and very attractive on shorter women. Long dresses are not good on short women unless the woman is slim - sorry.
Eliza Bassett-Wilson
I don’t care if it’s the ugliest f-ing dress you’ve ever seen- if the bride wants you to wear it, you wear it or you drop out of the wedding part until you can grow the F up!
truther cat
truther cat Month ago
Sister is a jealouse, black narcissist, who probably has a Bachelor's in psych
Beth Month ago
I feel bad for the poor schmuck who found his psychologist in this video…
Renee Hubbard
Renee Hubbard Month ago
Why, just why would you try to ruin your sister's day.
Lost Moon
Lost Moon Month ago
I hate that the parents never nip these behaviors in the bud as children. Like oh my God it must be so exhausting dealing with this kind of adult. Also I know its exaggeration but it will be nowhere near that hot for yall to complain about wearing a long dress
Fay McBella
Fay McBella Month ago
Welcome to another episode of “Shut Up This is Not Your Wedding”
Can we say MANIPULATIVE...
Michaelia Manning
Jealous much 😬
Qwandary Month ago
She's not using psychology, psychologists are not master manipulators and only folks who don't know enough about psychology seem to pretend it makes them some master of the mind. Vom. I feel bad for any patients this asshole has.
Neha Subhash
Neha Subhash Month ago
RIIDICCULOUSSSS 300 DEGREES? And she doesn't even talk like she is exaggerating! SHE SOUNDS SERIOUS! I NEED THE WEATHERMAN STAT!!
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 2 months ago
Remember God loves you! Want to turn your life around, say this prayer to give your life to him⬇️ Dear eternal and everlasting father, i come before your throne of grace surredering all, i come before you asking for your grace, your mercy and your forgiveness. I know that i have not been living for you lately but i come ro you today ready to change my life and live for you and you only. Please guide along this journey with you in Jesus' name i pray, amen.
Tengku Diyana
Tengku Diyana 2 months ago
A psychologist don't act like that.. 🙄
anjali 2 months ago
I'm legit scared of this woman--
Breehi Ishmum Nawar
Breehi Ishmum Nawar 2 months ago
Bruh psychology has nothing to do in this episode....don't take psychologist so lightly, on the other hand, someone who is good at psychology would understand and prioritize the brides choice...don't disrespect the profession and the word with this......
StarSpy SingingPaintbrush
when YOU get married YOU can get that dress ! girl it aint your wedding , either where the dress that the bride picks or dont be a bridesmaid its that simple
dogma_ 2 months ago
Shauna aint getting married with that clown ass smile, nuh-uh
Sub2Morse and BLACKPINK
kate m
kate m 2 months ago
I'd tell her it's either a long dress, or a short dress and you'll be a guest.
WildFlower7w7 2 months ago
I have been a bridesmaid twice and even though there things that I didn’t like about the dresses I still wore them because that is what they wanted. It’s their day not mine.
sou 2 months ago
you know if she wanted to actually try and manipulate someone then maybe don’t smirk every 3 seconds and announce to everyone what your plan is
Paula Jurczak
Paula Jurczak 2 months ago
Manipulation seriously??? 🤨 terrible psychologist
Paula Jurczak
Paula Jurczak 2 months ago
All of them kinda like ehhh
Angela dong
Angela dong 2 months ago
The older sister just has this creepy joker smile...
susan jeanguenat
susan jeanguenat 2 months ago
am I the only one that thinks when they introduce people it’s like their mom their sister and their best friend and then once they get up to go shopping there’s like 100+ people there
shivani !
shivani ! 2 months ago
THIS GIRL REALLY SAID "i'm gonna use my POWER" like girl you aren't a superhero :D
shivani !
shivani ! 2 months ago
she really thinks that because she's a psychologist she has the power to mess with people's minds
dawn thompson
dawn thompson 2 months ago
This sister is pi3re evil yes...she is definitely a phycho alright!!!!
KC 2 months ago
She tries to use her “powers” to manipulate others and wonders why she is a brides maid & never the bride.
Teresa Walden
Teresa Walden 2 months ago
Brides need to start leaving some at home when picking a dress. The sister isnt a very good sister.
jo egleton
jo egleton 2 months ago
Bitch sister
Jonna Borosky
Jonna Borosky 2 months ago
A good psychologist NEVER manipulates.
Nóra Fodor
Nóra Fodor 3 months ago
She is crazy...
Elizabeth Asphodel
Elizabeth Asphodel 3 months ago
The "Master manipulator" needs to work on her facial expressions. Her face gives everything away.
Michelle Alexander
Michelle Alexander 3 months ago
Im tellimg u right now sister girl would be kicked out and turn into a usher for my wedding playing games like that. And she wonder why shes not married
Blackrose Bud
Blackrose Bud 3 months ago
Honestly the sister is just straight up annoying! No wonder nobody’s put a ring on it
Sam❤ 3 months ago
" it's going to be 300 degrees in Georgia in July" I've been in Hawaii at the end of summer time and it doesn't get to 300 degrees I don't think that's even possible.
AJ Gonsoden
AJ Gonsoden 3 months ago
Go Lori
Neo Armstrong Jet Cyclone Armstrong Cannon
That's not how psychologists work
秋本 3 months ago
Dude, me and my sisters typically have a good relationship but if they did the shit like this girl did, I would kick them out of my wedding, no questions asked.
jinger jar
jinger jar 3 months ago
On a rooftop no shade? I'd be throwing SHADE MYSELF
Mysterious Mystery
Mysterious Mystery 3 months ago
I’m sorry but this creeped the heck out of me at 1:12
Maxine Thomson
Maxine Thomson 3 months ago
Imagine watching this and that being ur Psychologist
Breanna Basler
Breanna Basler 3 months ago
EXCUSE ME...... I see 4 therapists a week all of different degrees. This woman is not being a supportive therapist. She is being MANIPULATIVE AND EGOTISTICAL.
Jojo moore
Jojo moore 3 months ago
First I tought I said pyhco sister
Elsa ken
Elsa ken 3 months ago
She is not even good at manipulation. Like you don't do it that way. She is dumb , overconfident and rude. What a combo 👏
ThatgirlTaylor 3 months ago
To be honest i can understand what shawnda wanted the short dress i live in Texas and that heat in no joke and i have been to Georgia and there heat just hit diffrent and not in a good way
papi luvsiris
papi luvsiris 3 months ago
Just STOP already. They are complaining about the heat? I mean suck it up! It is only for one day and it's your sister's wedding day!
Kavina Vina
Kavina Vina 3 months ago
Shawna, honey, you look beautiful in that dress, but as a guest instead of bridesmaid 😑....and more importantly, it ain't your day 🤣
Allison D
Allison D 3 months ago
What a moron
Mighty Isa
Mighty Isa 3 months ago
This girl is crazzzzzy Just because you got a PhD in physiology dosen't mean you own it
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 3 months ago
RUTVI J. That's funny that you should say that! My cousin Simone called the Ann Arbor Police Department On Miller Stating The Same Exact Thing That You Said. Do You Have Super Powers? I Know About The Hypnosis! The Psychologist and The Bride In This Case. Sincerely Yours, Columbo. The Monarch Marie 👑 and Princess 👑 with Jurisdiction Over The Globe.
leefelix'hairyleg ;3
Shes more of an psychopath than a psychologist
sophie calladine
sophie calladine 3 months ago
This what makes me scared of seeing a physiologist 😂 shes horrible, not her day no excuses. Andddd how the hell did she get the maid of honour 😂 she toxic
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