PS5 - Unboxing the DualSense Controller!

Austin Evans
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The PS5 controller: the PlayStation 5 DualSense unboxing! 🎮
I tested the new iPhone 12! ruvid.net/video/video--u3J7lz0x7U.html
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Oct 23, 2020




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Comments 100
YouTube 6 months ago
Just casually hops in a call with Logic. Solid flex
Tr2ck _
Tr2ck _ 6 hours ago
RUvid 😳
Blast507 5 days ago
Ok then!
Revenged Ok
Revenged Ok 2 months ago
What the hell
Defracture Games
Defracture Games 3 months ago
hello google!
Tai Williams
Tai Williams 3 months ago
Says RUvid them self
rhyce giddings
rhyce giddings 2 days ago
almost 100 sure my ps5 controler didnt come with a cable -.-
T Terrell
T Terrell 4 days ago
This thing is the main reason i bought a ps5 so early on... no games to play but this controller is perfect! Playing ASTROS was mindblowing. If multiplatform devs implement the triggers and vibrating features in multiplatform games i will be buying them on ps5 instead of xbox series x
José Pablo Sáenz Ordoñez
does not include the cable to charge it?
Omar K Brock
Omar K Brock 24 days ago
I was told of aimcrypt on 1nsta and I got mine from them. I really appreciate the service and recommendations.
Omar K Brock
Omar K Brock 24 days ago
I was told of aimcrypt on 1nsta and I got mine from them. I really appreciate the service and recommendations. .. .
KGBMavericK 26 days ago
How do you fix the button mapping problem on android?
Chocolate Rulez1
Chocolate Rulez1 28 days ago
I miss the PS4 controller it was better then how it it now in 2020
Meng Month ago
Does it come with charger ?
Ledster1 Month ago
Oh no it doesn’t 🥺
Ledster1 Month ago
That’s why I’m here bcuz I lost mine
Frank Walker
Frank Walker Month ago
Music startin at 3:55 is Lush Dreams by The New Fools
Gayanga B. Herath
Is it just me or does it seem like Austin is awfully biased Towards Xbox and anti-biased almost ‘super skeptical’ about everything PlayStation 😅
Winter gaming White Snow
PS5 is better I don’t care what you say
Maria Parra
Maria Parra Month ago
I like ps5
Dimitri Labissiere
Hi Austin I just bought a 70 dollar dualsense controller from Walmart and the mapping on the controller sucks x is circle and vice versa do you think you can do a video to help?
Jyren Month ago
I hate how it doesn’t come with a charger
Never buy Sony gaming consoles as you have to pay extra yearly charges to internet service provider for getting Static IP. Sony blocks your account if you run sony PS console on dynamic IP which is the most largest used IP type to connect any device that needs internet connection.
Scalpers And Scammers Sitting On A Tree Kissing
Like the ps4 controller. But slimmer.
Yoshi Taco
Yoshi Taco 2 months ago
Amazing 2 months ago
Sony after 20 years 'human hands is curved!!!! '
Amazing 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thanks Austin looks like logit. Iam not joking
Sora The Outlaw
Sora The Outlaw 2 months ago
Logic: it’s like looking in a sexy mirror Me: realizing they look alike
Silviana Gaming
Silviana Gaming 2 months ago
Amazing For Unboxing PS5 Dualsense
TheChrisnextel 2 months ago
Very expensive controller. It is packed with new tech but TBH there aren't any games that support all those features. Maybe in the future?
Steezy 2 months ago
Try to connect the PS5 controller whit Bluetooth and have the cable inn
The Most Wanted
The Most Wanted 2 months ago
4:57 Just a little bit, just a little bit **A few moments later: tears the whole controller apart**
Mu5h_09 2 months ago
Austin : I'm gonna teabag Ur mom Me : I'm laughing to death🤣🤣🤣
BlxtzXD 2 months ago
Austin’s head actually looks like a ps5 but just a bit more round
playstationfan 2 months ago
Poury Y7
Poury Y7 2 months ago
How can I download a forza horizon 4 on phone??
TheReaper Seel
TheReaper Seel 2 months ago
When you have a ps5 and you still wanna watch Austin
Nahum Solomon
Nahum Solomon 2 months ago
2:31 NO ONE came to a tech video to hear that 😭, I’m moving back to Linus, he bleeps his mistakes 😂😂 jk
johnson john
johnson john 2 months ago
Thanks to those who recommended me to *Techwiz0* on Instagram, he just got my faulty APU fixed now and he's working perfectly now
BG DBZ BOY 2 months ago
Lol get your cheap ass insta friend a real job bot
Trin Alexander
Trin Alexander 3 months ago
Im not surprised it works with a ps4. I bought a ps4 controller to work with my ps3 and it works but the gamestop employees wanted to argue because they are the "experts" 🤦‍♂️
KingCon0820 3 months ago
Me: *gets ps5* Also me: *gets Black Ops Cold War* BOCW: *ILL TAKE UR ENTIRE SSD*
ravi ahir
ravi ahir 3 months ago
you looking like gay 😂😂😂😂🤣
Santivls2330 3 months ago
I covered my PS five eyes so they don’t see what happened to their brother
Ashil Plays
Ashil Plays 3 months ago
Xbox series x looks like spongebobs head
Santivls2330 3 months ago
I honestly like the feeling of a D-pad piece being one piece oh and why does logic look like Austin’s brother
Ruby Nelsin
Ruby Nelsin 3 months ago
Lolo lol lol
Soheil Beygi
Soheil Beygi 3 months ago
Do I have to state the obvious? The second microphone is for fart-cancellation!
harry rose
harry rose 3 months ago
BG DBZ BOY 2 months ago
Unboxing Maniac
Unboxing Maniac 3 months ago
Is there someone that uses this controller with android or geforce now on android or pc?
Samurai Guy
Samurai Guy 3 months ago
How did he get it to work on android?
serge Desjardins
serge Desjardins 3 months ago
7:37 what’s that game called?
DevEdee 3 months ago
forza horizon 4
Anthony Marquis
Anthony Marquis 3 months ago
you broke that for no reason 😩 there are screws underneath the triggers that you can just pop off
William Campbell
William Campbell 3 months ago
Tell logic I miss his music
heavyrain4485 3 months ago
He broke it!..... for science! Me: *Clicking noises* Let show him what is actually science mean.....
ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ ッ
RUvid joined 51 years ago
Sweaty Smallz
Sweaty Smallz 3 months ago
I just wonder what his favorite pick size is i recommend for his playing style the thickest pick you can find
Joanne Mcconkey
Joanne Mcconkey 3 months ago
Mack farforchips
Mack farforchips 3 months ago
Okay I finally tried the ps5 controller... and yes I do have a series x and I am an xbox fan but I have to be honest I played call of duty and the hepatic trigger is nice its sort of like a double push I like it .. however I don't like the feel in my hands .. it feels really wide
BigJon 3 months ago
its 70 bucks but ps4 controllers are still 65
Cécile Xuë
Cécile Xuë 3 months ago
Hello! I guess you need a silicone cover for your ps5 controller
Joel GonzalezAlicea
Joel GonzalezAlicea 4 months ago
LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019
Yeah I don’t see the point of owning this controller if I don’t have the damn console
xqv 4 months ago
GreenBoi 4 months ago
Perkii Power
Perkii Power 4 months ago
Bro did logic just call him out of no were
Cole Sprout
Cole Sprout 4 months ago
Austin: Plays Xbox game using PS5 controller (2 minutes later) FBI OPEN UP!!
Gage Pope
Gage Pope 4 months ago
I am watching this with the controller and it looks white
ً 4 months ago
The buttons look and feel like the one from the cheap PSP version with these silicon buttons
Yajur Sharma
Yajur Sharma 4 months ago
He was on a video call with Logic Wtf!!! Which reminds me of homicide music video😂 Plus the official youtube account commented woah...
洗濯バサミ 4 months ago
I am Japanese. How do you connect the controller to the smartphone?
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 4 months ago
Ben Egginton
Ben Egginton 4 months ago
Xcloud with the ps5 controller does not work for me. I tried this today and the button mapping is all over the place and impossible to re-map as a lot of the buttons on the ps5 controller are not recognised.
Ortimate 4 months ago
Austin: reviews the dual sense in 2020 10 years later Austin: reviews the dual sense made from air
Zyon Fejeran
Zyon Fejeran 4 months ago
Wait... was that logic?
Miguel Navarro
Miguel Navarro 4 months ago
MAGIC-S PRO Wireless o 8BitDo USB wireless Adapter ps4 y ps5 control
Miguel Navarro
Miguel Navarro 4 months ago
Mejor MAGIC-S PRO Wireless si ps4 control ps5 😱😱😱😱😱
Joel Virtanen
Joel Virtanen 4 months ago
Got my ps5 today finally, and gotta say i'm impressed with the dualsense controller. It is the best controller i've ever used.
m meerah
m meerah 4 months ago
Xbox gang, where you at?
Tiano Mustafa
Tiano Mustafa 4 months ago
Imagine if Sony gonna make the PS5 with pink color version just like Nintendo did to Switch
Elliott Sloan
Elliott Sloan 4 months ago
since when is he friends with Logic thats crazy my guy
Midhann Ahuja
Midhann Ahuja 5 months ago
xbox had the mic feature for the xbox one too.
Scoutz 5 months ago
Nothing beats the xbox series 2 elite controller..nothing!! Wanna fight over it???
Scoutz 5 months ago
Most boring fucking unboxing ever..thanks for nothing 4 eyes..
Vladimir V. G.
Vladimir V. G. 5 months ago
Never seen anyone so excited or surprised about a $70 controller with an working microphone
Perksy 5 months ago
Plot Twist: Austin is 100% Color Blind
Mir_kyle_playz 5 months ago
update fortnite please it s in season 2 and we are on season 5
Marsel Mijatović
Marsel Mijatović 5 months ago
which game did he play on the phone? and how?
Hatred Full
Hatred Full 5 months ago
Ten Thousand
Ten Thousand 5 months ago
Fuck this dude is annoying. 3.2mil views why. World has lost it's damn mind. No personality, grates on your ear drums. Why...
Rishabh Bhadana
Rishabh Bhadana 5 months ago
Me watching 4k thanks for it:D
MATT CYPRESS 5 months ago
hossein jafary
hossein jafary 5 months ago
How much money did microsoft pay him?
JMP 5 months ago
⑦ bet u can’t find dat
ya inkognit
ya inkognit 5 months ago
Что-то на татарском
Squizon 5 months ago
I am so confused right now. First this mans just hops on a FaceTime with logic and then RUvid comments on his video. ???🤯
ANARCHIST 5 months ago
How can anyone rate this controller , I’m a long term PlayStation guy and it’s absolute garbage fails the most important function being ergonomic . It rotates the wrists too mush that your wrist hurts after half hour , the ps button isn’t easily accessible and by far the worst part is the sharpness on bottom pokes into the pinkies and hard to use more than an hour absolute garbage
Tavor Swoods RADIO
Tavor Swoods RADIO 5 months ago
Hey everyone. Just wanted you all to know that I found a way to pair the ps5 controller to the PS4 without using remote play. I have the video on my page if interested.
Dstark Vlogs
Dstark Vlogs 5 months ago
Minute 9:04 EPIC FAIL :0
Jack 5 months ago
Nice one
Cody 5 months ago
As an xbox user, i'm very jealous of the ps5's adaptive triggers. That's super cool. PS took the W on controllers this time around. The Series X/S controllers are super sweet, but these are next level
byZatanik 5 months ago
Such a scam that there doesnt come a charger with it, now i aint able to use it for my pc like wtf
VR AND SOLAR TECK 5 months ago
some other RUvid was using your videos for thire channel
IMysteriousGuy 5 months ago
Question is how did austin connected the PS5 controller to the PS4. I have The dualsense & type-c cable, but It does not work isn't it supposed to be a Certain Type-C wire or anytype, because it still doesn't work for me but only on Remote play on my Laptop through my ps4.
Unknown 5 months ago
A real gamer
Er Divino
Er Divino 5 months ago
@Austin Evans can play on xbox series S with PS5 controller?
Oskan Aydln
Oskan Aydln 5 months ago
Forza horizon 4? Mobile?? Ps5???
savage savage
savage savage 5 months ago
lol the sell a controler without a cable and in 2025 we gone buy cars without no wheels where you have to purchass the wheels extra haha
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