PrusaSlicer 2.0 vs Thingiverse - 3D Printing Gauntlet Episode 1

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In this video we'll throw 5 random models from Thingiverse at PrusaSlicer 2.0 and the Original Prusa i3 Mk3! This detailed tutorial highlights many useful features within PrusaSlicer 2.0 and how to use them to get the BEST 3D Printing result possible. Timestamps below!
1:41 Selecting the models
4:37 Slicing model 1
Features highlighted: Place on face, Layer height, Perimeters, Elephant foot compensation.
10:00 Slicing model 2
Features highlighted: Layer height, Perimeters, Detect thin walls, Extrusion Width.
12:44 Slicing model 3
Features highlighted: Support enforcers
16:16 Slicing model 4
Features highlighted: Layer height, Infill, Support material, Raft, STL error repair with netfabb.
20:02 Slicing model 5
Features highlighted: XY size compensation, color change using M600 gcode command, Detect thin walls, Extrusion width.
23:29 3D Printing Results
PrusaSlicer 2.0 - www.prusa3d.com/prusaslicer/
Original Prusa MK3 Review - ruvid.net/video/video-ujpMlqvgwdI.html
Models used:
IKEA TRÅDFRI Remote & Dimmer Adapter for Gira Standard 55 - www.thingiverse.com/thing:3599795
Customized Stencil Font iPhone Case - www.thingiverse.com/thing:1533790
Boosted Board Style Battery Case for MEB Stealth Battery - www.thingiverse.com/thing:1834035
Keychain Boblehead Charisma Fallout4 - www.thingiverse.com/thing:3208687
Marvin keychain - www.thingiverse.com/thing:2796632
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 348
Allan Arthur
Allan Arthur 4 days ago
great video will have to download PrusaSlicer 2.0 from Kansas
geblah187 12 days ago
Thank you so much for this video - just got a Prusa MK3s as my first 3d printer and I had no idea that a majority of these settings even existed. Getting more detail on Z layer is going to be a game changer for sure. Subbed! Keep up the great work :)
Brandon Bragg
Brandon Bragg 23 days ago
It's really cool that you showed the slicer software. It has helped me learn a bit.
The Mad Jedi
The Mad Jedi 24 days ago
Very cool , i have had the Prusa i3 Mk3 for a little while and still trying to loose my L plates with 3D printing. Lots of great tips to help thanks heaps. Would be very keen to see a serires on the Prusa i3 Mk3 and the Prusa slicer program, sing out if you do. Cheers
PhischTV Month ago
@Maker'sMuse: do you have any recommendations how to design and print stamps and cookie-cutters? I ended up with cookiecutters with a extra stamp that pushes the cookiedough out... semiuseful.
Tim Scott
Tim Scott Month ago
Angus, thanks for the vid. I had heard about Netfab, yet not a lot about it, am considering using it when slicing with Cura4.0 and maybe even S3d, to see if it will work wit those slicers. Thanks again.
who8myfish Month ago
8:00 lol.... rectal linear
Anthony Martocello
Great video, thank you. I just came back to this video because I was asked to print a cookie cutters who's walls were too thin for the slicer. Adjusting the XY Size Compensation worked perfectly. Thanks again.
Ratkill Month ago
Next level: 5 Random shivinteger prints
Themazeful Month ago
You could've printed the big thing facing down and removed the support from the inner section of it
YesUCan Month ago
I followed your instructions up to 16:00, sliced the model, but no support material shows on the preview screen? Show feature types "Supporting materials" is checked, and the support boxes are visible in 3D editor view, although in a transparent purple color.
YesUCan Month ago
Angus, instead of bombarding you with noob questions which you do not have time to answer, can you point me to a helpful 3D printing forum to help a noob who has not printed a single model, but who already has a ton of questions? Thanks Questions like: Does a 32mm wide tab sticking 6.35mm horizontally out of a simple box need a support structure? Why do default settings on Cura and default settings on PrusaSlicer for the same model - a pretty simple box - vary by over an hour? Same model, same printer, same material = 1 hour slower in Cura. Does a model always print just like the sliced preview in the slicer software? It looks like default Cura shows slightly better small letter formation than PrusaSlicer - I'll have to doouble check I didn't miss anything here. Lastly, I'm a huge tech geek and have no problem tackling a printer build from scratch. Is there an advantage to building your own vs Prusa or similar? I'd like to get the best printer value for around $500 or so. Should I be looking for resin printers? Is that where the future is going? Today's 3D printers haven't changed much in quality of print since materials and basic printing technology hasn't changed all that much in the last few years as borne out by your "3D Printer from 2012" video. Less expensive, sure. Better print quality, not proportionally so. Ok, let the can of worms be opened, lol.
Justin Seeberg
Justin Seeberg 2 months ago
great vid really enjoyed the whole thing.
Juergen Schubert
Juergen Schubert 2 months ago
Great Video. Could you also show serial printing with prusaslicer 2
julian chadwick
julian chadwick 2 months ago
hi can you use PrusaSlicer 2.0 on a cr10s please love to try it but not sure if it will work thanks
kostas moure
kostas moure Month ago
i dont think so, there is no any other profile inside... wizard when installing suggest you to choose one of prusa printers and not any other
bentlikeitsmaker 2 months ago
Hey one thing I've noticed is when printing models like the first one with that tiny infill your better off going one more permiter thick cause then it prints faster and cleaner usually
succer burq
succer burq 2 months ago
What filament do u use? Please help
Abraham Wondafrash
Abraham Wondafrash 2 months ago
I have learned a lot from this video.
GamingWithAltra 2 months ago
I’d love to see more videos like this! It gives you a chance to really see the whole process on some items that are out of the norm
DaveMac 2 months ago
Im somewhat taken aback?? will not print anything weapon related??? i can see why you may fall foul of laws printing gun parts components But Piccatiny rails?? bi-pod parts??? a clip on belt vase for a leather-man?....come on Angus get real mate. dont break the law but your statement sound about as anally retentive as a whales bum at the lowest area of the ocean floor and that IS ANAL!!!! lol
Vladimir N
Vladimir N 2 months ago
This slicer is awesome, but... partial solid infill all over every single model, which you can't get rid off. Oof!!
Pale O'Pterix
Pale O'Pterix 2 months ago
Thingiverse is a BAD website. Poor implementation, slow server, lack of features, lack of development, etc. It really looks sometimes like an abandoned project. BUT they somehow managed to attract the most 3d models, and this is the only thing that keeps this site alive, despite all their disrespect towards the users or uploaders...
James Kruse
James Kruse 2 months ago
A bit off topic, but Gravity Sketch for the Oculus Quest- make a 3d model in VR then export and 3d print. Be nice if someone did a good vid on doing this for good results:) thanks!
LeftBlank 2 months ago
Do you have some type of account or something installed for the Netfabb to work as its not in mine
Jens Köhler
Jens Köhler 3 months ago
Very very interesting video with sooo many things explained and demonstrated all at once. More like that please!
The Mouse
The Mouse 3 months ago
Another excellent video; Great to see impact of slicer features & to see how even minor tweaks can have substantial positive impact on the result. Was amused at your discovery of a New Slicer Feature : ) Also, I watched this on my Moto G5 without any trouble so kudos to you for making nice clear screen detail, thanks.
Copper 3 months ago
Great video. Happy to say I learned a couple new things, had no idea you could do the colour change on the layer in the slicer.
Jay Three
Jay Three 3 months ago
It would be great if you did a follow up to this for Resin printing :)
Stefan Weber
Stefan Weber 3 months ago
The skateboard cover if you print the top surface at the on the heatbed. Looks like a flat surface.
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez 3 months ago
Default extrusion width: 0.42mm I don't understand. What exactly does the extrusion width setting change? The position of the nozzle tip (distance between lines) or the amount of extruded material? For some reason I thought it changed the latter, so increasing this setting would give you even wider layer lines. But now I'm in doubt.
PeritusTV 3 months ago
Couldn't the battery cover fit lying flat instead?
Alexander Vogel
Alexander Vogel 3 months ago
Hi Angus, you should upgrade your MK3 to the full MK3s with all changes Prusa Research made until today. To me it‘s like day and night in case of handling and print quality. Especially if you print PLA cooling is much better. Also another tip: During wintertime here in Germany I increase my heat bed temperature by 5 to 10 degrees and all models stuck well. After the bed cooled down you can take the model from the bed and it did not stuck at all...
Techni Vorous
Techni Vorous 3 months ago
so.... out of millions of things... you randomly got a fallout model? must have been fate. seriously though how have you not gotten sick of sd cards yet bro?
Dominik Sennfelder
Dominik Sennfelder 3 months ago
Hey Angus, great Video. You could have used the layerheight change feature for the battery box and change the Layer hight to 0.10 or less right under and during the the bridge so that the part comes in smoother from the outside.
Frank Müller
Frank Müller 3 months ago
Fantastic. Please do more Videos of This Kind on a regular basis
Mike Maraldo
Mike Maraldo 3 months ago
Learned a lot, thanks!
THE LIFE OF BEENIE 3 months ago
Hi Angus, go check out LBRY, you can also send over your existing RUvid content, it looks like it is also monetised better. thanks for your awesome videos. @t
Simon Banks
Simon Banks 3 months ago
Been watching for a while this is great If you or anyone is stuck for ideas (unlikely), I would love to see someone making 3d printed FarmBot tool heads! Just please if anyone does this let me know so I can watch what you doing
Brian Hillard
Brian Hillard 3 months ago
Great video as always. Really enjoying using PrusaSlicer.
Eliwaz Moonsfire
Eliwaz Moonsfire 3 months ago
Awesome you learn something new everyday! I do love the Prusa and your videos are so great they have helped me out a lot in the past an now I feel like I have all this power in the palm of my hands more control an more know how thank you so much for this video.
Tyler Hynson
Tyler Hynson 3 months ago
Dude, this video was so helpful! I've been 3d printing for a while but seeing your process with a bunch of random prints really let me understand the though process needed for different types of prints. Thank you so much. Can't wait for an episode 2!
Tes G
Tes G 3 months ago
Brilliant approach as usual.
birb gamer
birb gamer 3 months ago
Hey what is your opinion on the alfawise u20 one?
Christopher Parham
Christopher Parham 3 months ago
Have you done a video about photogrammetry ?? Which is your favorite
Andy Lee Robinson
Andy Lee Robinson 3 months ago
I'd rotate the battery cover around Z by 90° so it lies lengthways in the Y direction to brace against the bed motion. As the model builds, its mass and inertia increases and becomes much easier for it to lever itself off the bed.
mase002 3 months ago
Good note
Jason Crow
Jason Crow 3 months ago
really great video appreciate the detailed explanation for PrusaSlicer and settings for each item. I'll be using some of them soon.
Fred Genius
Fred Genius 3 months ago
I love the Gyroid infill pattern! I find the strength to material ratio is very good.
Fred Genius
Fred Genius 2 months ago
@LiLiJughead Agreed, particularly on transparent materials!
LiLiJughead 2 months ago
I just like the way it looks. :)
Stephan Brun
Stephan Brun 3 months ago
So no plastic swords? Lightsabres? :D
JP H. 3 months ago
Really good Video! I like those extra slicing and/or desingning tipps! :)
Julian HG
Julian HG 3 months ago
great experiment! i love my Prusa MK3. I agree, this new "Prusa Slicer" is a bloomin brilliant upgrade on the previous versions. the UI is so much better and a joy to use :)
Maleboligia 3 months ago
Lots of great tips, thank you very much for this!
Ag 3 months ago
I saw you in the chat when Cold One's was streaming, you needa get on that podcast.
Maker's Muse
Maker's Muse 3 months ago
Hahahaha maybe not on that stream though 😂
Nick baxter
Nick baxter 3 months ago
Thank you so much for this video Angus. I had a couple of projects that I did right after this and the two tips about elephant foot compensation and the xy enlargement made them way better. Love your content.
Nerdboy_Q 3 months ago
I had a few questions on your opinion on octoprint and other automation tools: Is it that you're completely against using octoprint? If so, I would be interested in understanding why. I know you have this as a main business, so you usually have access to the more reliable printers, but many of us need an "eye" on our printer(s), so octoprint helps a lot while we're on the move. -If you don't use octprint at all, are there other remote tools that you use? If so, what tools? -Have you considered any automation rigs, either purchased or created, to rapidly print on the same printer? i.e. something to automatically remove a print bed and replace it with another to start another print automatically. (I understand this is an extreme example, but maybe it'll trigger some ideas) -Do you have any camera systems setup for viewing printers remotely? (Mainly why I use octprint) -Can you do a test to compare printing from octoprint vs sd card vs tethering to a pc? Just to see if there's any "real" difference in results?
chico River
chico River 3 months ago
Dude really thank you for take the time to explain the slicer set ups.
5150 BlackBox
5150 BlackBox 3 months ago
Great Video! These Small expert tips (XY) made a Big difference in a print I had been struggling to enhance detail!!
John Royal
John Royal 3 months ago
Are you going to review the zesty nimble? I have one coming in 3 weeks. Using the i3 design for my p802
Bigdogbro's Adventures
Great video... I found an annoying firmware update notice that appears and beeps twice on the Prusa MK3 printer screen when you attempt to load a Gcode file from the SD card. My MK3 is loaded with 3.3.1 and runs fine and the slicer wants loaded 3.7.1. You can press the rotary selection button to continue but JEEEZ! There seems to be NO option to turn this junk off in the new slicer 2.0 software. Prusa needs to make this an optional alert as they do for the software update notice.
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez 3 months ago
I'd love to see you do more videos like this! Can you use simplify3D next time?
Lemming1970 3 months ago
Some great tips, Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Although you didn't use variable layer height, Which is an amazing feature ;-)
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