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Sablicious 13 hours ago
After watching this, watch Harry Connick Jr. embarrass himself in Australia: ruvid.net/video/video-qEtjaZ8ZuNU.html 😏
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 6 days ago
The Dead Roach Society
Estrella Juana Dimas
So yeah fuck plea deals tsje everything to trial, overwhelm a fuckd up system.
Estrella Juana Dimas
pzkpfwiv freak
pzkpfwiv freak 9 days ago
dude has had his hair issues over the years...
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 9 days ago
They should be worried about prosecuting the right person, not every person
Gabriel Gleichweit
no one has ever read a single book you ever assigned is a false statement. in my class of 15 people, usually about 3 people actually read them including myself.
Jeseentha 4 days ago
It's a joke, chilllllllll
Marie G.
Marie G. 10 days ago
Sexual assault is for prudes lol
Sara Wolf
Sara Wolf 10 days ago
In Oklahoma City, numerous cases had guilty verdicts due to corruption and pressure from the DA's office. These were extremely serious, and some death penalty cases, in which DNA evidence was found to match when it did not. It is terrible to have officials with that power.
Brandon Hardeman
Brandon Hardeman 12 days ago
Protesters are idiots parents let this be a lesson this is what happens when you do not spank your kids and just put them in time out I wish time out was around when I was growing up so these protesters should have got a taste of hickory tea when they were little
Danny Santos
Danny Santos 13 days ago
This is one of the main problems in mass incarceration. Innocent people are not being heard. No one cares until their in the system and then they are not heard as well. I am a victim of this and I'm responsible for being ignorant as well. I just though that when someones called a criminal they were guity. Now I give evryone the benifit of a doubt. DONT TRUST THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wesly Z
Wesly Z 13 days ago
I had a prosecutor try to give me 20yrs for an expired insurance card. And then she perjured herself trying to "get me."
Tsolaris 13 days ago
how am i only seeing california polls?
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 14 days ago
good show! sounds super creepy!
RavenBerrry 14 days ago
Every time I hear abt Buzz and Neil now my mind just flashes back to John yelling "yOU KN O W THAT THEY MOON-FUCKED" and it has forever ruined anything Abt the moon landing for me 😂
allen kuester
allen kuester 17 days ago
Johie olive the stupid comedian idiot queen from ? ,,,, illegal immigrant,,,, non American citizen,,,, no green card,,,,, leeching off the united state of America,,,
The Viewer
The Viewer 15 days ago
He's a legal immigrant you twat.
Frost Night
Frost Night 17 days ago
I'm born and raised in southern louisiana and going to Angola was a field trip in middle school. We got to see death row, the execution table, and an old electric chair. Louisiana has a strange pride in the extent of Angola and their many executions.
K Peters
K Peters 18 days ago
Fuck you Dale Cox, you racist piece of Shit!
Hectors Jam
Hectors Jam 18 days ago
Land of the free in name only, the number and severity of issues at every level of US society are a cancer. Rome stood for a thousand years, the United States will not.
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman 18 days ago
I did meet my local Cheesecake Factory manager. They burned my chicken and when I complained the manager told me “thats the way its supposed to be!”. So since I was told how wrong I was (and how lucky I was not to get charged for the replaced dish) I simply posted this to my 3000 friends on Facebook, more on Yelp, etc.
Tony 19 days ago
No wonder prosecutors and cops get along so well. They both destroy lives, operate with impunity and hate being held accountable for their misconduct. It's a broken system
Brett .Ensminger
Brett .Ensminger 20 days ago
I live in Washington, and I can safely say that District Attorney Sprinkles has conducted himself with nothing but competence and integrity.
captainzero 20 days ago
Every single “Last week tonight” just makes me more embarrassed for our country. It’s nothing but lies, deceit, theft, grift, and garbage people everywhere running the country.
Skanda Rao
Skanda Rao 22 days ago
Starting to think the real reason the death penalty exists in this country is so that people like Dale Cox can pat themselves on the back and praise a functional system for only locking someone up for 30 years. "Well at least I didn't kill him, you should thank me."
Parzival_evostripe 22 days ago
That dude is like the prosecutor’s equivalent of Dr. kevorlian!!!
TerenB1 27 days ago
He'll TRY harder and more often. As in like... put to trial! C'mon John and you call yourself a comedian!
veiyi l
veiyi l 27 days ago
Doing my homework after watching 13TH
Alex de la Luna
Alex de la Luna 27 days ago
For some reason I bet the majority of those who that madman had sent to die were people of color. See the faces on that chair. Do you see a white face?
Alex de la Luna
Alex de la Luna 27 days ago
Let us make sure the jury George Floyd's murder doesn't accept white supremacists. #BLM #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd
Jul79 Month ago
If you lead to someone being wrongfully sentenced to 25 years prison, in Germany it is seen as a deprivation of liberty as if you locked him up yourself and you are charged for that.
Grapes Month ago
11:51 Holy shit, Manfred von Karma?
Grapes Month ago
If I see anything about ace attorney in here I... won’t be too disappointed.
Desiree Espinosa
Unfortunately wrongful or overtrumped charges happen literally hundreds of times a day in this country. And most of them just have to live with that criminal record following them for the rest of their lives.
Andrew Strum
Andrew Strum Month ago
This is why there are riots today. HANDS UP DONT SHOOT!
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts Month ago
15:15 Appalling.
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts Month ago
I adore you John. Never give up. On most of us. ❤️
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts Month ago
A prosecutor making a decision behind closed doors. Sounds identical to McConnell and Republicans writing policies behind closed doors that effect the 99 percent.
kbbbb7 Month ago
America prides itself on "electing" prosecutors. If the prosecutors' obligations were towards the court rather than the electors, this would happen a lot less.
PB & J
PB & J Month ago
My son is currently wrapped up in the legal system. He is 100% innocent, but looking at jail time. This is all very true!!!!.....Hire a good attorney if you are charged with anything guilty or not, but especially if you are not guilty.
We must get rid of prosecutorial immunity.
wes wells
wes wells Month ago
Listen to kevin federlines album its better than being executed
Binky D'Eath
Binky D'Eath Month ago
I read all the books. They were shit books. Seriously shit books. They should choose good books. Worst book ever written was Tyke Tyler and an English assignment. Should burn the book, and the author.
Omg is my district attorney a dog
Karen Mikayelyan
As a future lawyer, this is disturbing
Daniel Owens
Daniel Owens Month ago
I want to see Madea on here.
Ren Mizuki
Ren Mizuki Month ago
this is some ace attorney shit
christopher ofenloch
Oh yeah fuck the public defener they don't give a fuck either lol pd
christopher ofenloch
U can win it but its hard
christopher ofenloch
Make any crime and it pays them! So don t make crimes hard for piss ass broke people! And you don't have a way to get them abetted job! And they get an O letter when you look them up! Its called a hit buster!
christopher ofenloch
Let start looking at that private corp that makes all the cash and puts a standard on 2/3 of us and hopes we go to jail and 365 +1
christopher ofenloch
The D A says we don't get enough revenue so make it happen! Some times no matter what the cost! Don't ever confuse that! Every day people work hard or not thy get paid !
UltimatumNo5 Month ago
"that's a very weak promise Steve" - going a bit Liverpudlian. This is why we have magistrates and independent disclosure, though there are still problems with CPS in UK
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Month ago
Are prosecutors really interested in true justice? Many if not most may probably not.
lindkev Month ago
No matter how bad the DA is, he still doesn't have to be punished for even knowing they do something wrong that cost someone half their lives in prison some even all their lives .
Nonya Busyniss
Nonya Busyniss Month ago
Hence why we have a prison system filled with "Ghost Drug" convictions for DECADES. (Ghost Drugs= Convicted in Federal court on "Hearsay of another person and amount of drugs they "saw") THIS MUST STOP. So many people in prison and during this virus? It's downright terrifying and we must demand this to be fixed.
Lucide Gamming
Lucide Gamming Month ago
I read every book, dont lie. :)
Kyle Month ago
Prosecutors are douches.
Alleggs M.
Alleggs M. Month ago
After watching a couple of LWT episodes I've got the feeling that America is deeply broken and no one really knows how to fix it...
Alexey A. Berezhnoy
Hey I as a poor book nerd have read those books cause I ran out of money
Marcel Sirer
Marcel Sirer Month ago
1:32 I was hoping another one with 32 screens WE ARE THE BORG!
Ahmed Ghaidan
Ahmed Ghaidan Month ago
End-Gamer Month ago
That prosecutor should ride the lightning.
End-Gamer Month ago
Prosecutors like this are among the first people along with Republicans that I am going to eat when the country burns.
j cottrill
j cottrill Month ago
the 2600 people who dislike this are probably prosecutors and judges
j cottrill
j cottrill Month ago
they got my cousin to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit they threatened him with 10 years if he did not plead guilty take the plea and get house arrest.
j cottrill
j cottrill Month ago
@betyerpwet shits really hitting the fan with the police murdering a man over suspicion of what counterfeiting 20 bucks maybe will get some change after all if we ever do what will the cost have been along the way and how much more lives will it take if this is not finally enough
betyerpwet Month ago
j cottrill same here. Even told my m cousin he would not get any other offer, in fact things will turn for the worse for him if he didn’t take the guilty and if he asked for a different attorney who could defend him instead of side with the prosecutors. Fucked up justice system. It’s hard to have faith especially when you see that there will never be a change
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Month ago
As a Texan I am now enormously depressed.
kirscherine23 Month ago
message for me, you could Change..
Tico Nice
Tico Nice Month ago
All Kangaroo Courts !!! The System Is Corrupt !!!
Noodle Berry
Noodle Berry 2 months ago
I read the outsiders in 8th grade I read le petit prince in 9th grade (but that was French class) They aren't terrible books. The work associated with them was terrible though, and it would have been more terrible had I not read the books. I didn't like the great pearl (9th grade)
Saba Iftkhar
Saba Iftkhar 2 months ago
JO fav topics: AT&T Adam Driver Fuckable horses
Kief Demon
Kief Demon 2 months ago
I once got arrested for a small amount of cannabis(6.5 grams of shakes) that turned into a 118 gram possession. It took 7 months for them to take me to court because the prosecutor wouldnt turn in my evidence to my private attorney. They wanted to give me 15 years.
Stera Sigma
Stera Sigma 2 months ago
Honestly, do you really need a wall to keep immigrants away? The ugly truths already are enough. This is what has been known about the "Land of the Free" so far: 1. Their medical implants are unreliable 2. Their legal system is so messed up you might as well give up pleading innocence if you cannot afford a decent lawyer, not to mention prosecutors (who might earn bonuses from high prosecution rates) doing everything in their power to send you to jail, and juries who may judge you based on the most nonsensical reasons 3. At least some of their police are trigger-happy maniacs who could take no responsibility after blowing your brains out, and bounty hunters may barge into your home guns blazing only to find that they made a mistake and get away scot-free 4. Their coroners may not even be remotely professional and your insides may end up in ramen containers 5. They don't have Medicare and over 50% of Americans who filed for bankruptcy did it because of their insane medical bills, which could even force you to prioritize treatments for vital organs in some cases 6. Their "humane" execution involves suffocating death-row prisoners and injecting liquid fire into their veins, prison labour pays less than minimum wage and because lots of American prisons are privatized, you may go insane in solitary confinement because the guards don't want to deal with you Basically, the USA may be a decent place to live in when you are completely healthy and free of legal troubles, but in case you are not, you are pretty much screwed (unless you are outrageously rich).
Fred Funk
Fred Funk 2 months ago
America is a Banana Republic parading itself around as a model to be followed. The rest of the world is laughing at your "We're #1" chanting self-absorbed idiocy. Trump is the logical conclusion to the stupidity for which you stand.
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow 2 months ago
By the way thresimg is crime people so that prdiucdrroty can put them in jail
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow 2 months ago
Fix have the prosecutor have some oujdgum then they party the rich can do whatever they want
•ラーク• 2 months ago
I was that AT&T representative that sounded stoned and placed you on hold for 10 minutes every 2 minutes.
Sheby Cancel
Sheby Cancel 2 months ago
summary: *Prosecutors are like boxes, you don't know what they are hiding.*
Emminet 2 months ago
So what I'm getting from this is the Miles Edgeworth is a typical prosecutor in terms of behavior?
Darius Brown
Darius Brown 19 days ago
At least Edgeworth for better!
Elizabeth Brandon
Elizabeth Brandon 2 months ago
16:19- I realize this is in no way the point of this video, but... am I the only one that thinks John Oliver actually looked good with bangs?
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