PROM DRESSES Online Shopping Fails

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PROM DRESSES Online Shopping Fails ! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more hilarious prom dresses & online shopping fails!
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May 24, 2019

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Comments 7 578
SSSniperWolf 24 days ago
hiiiiii its your FAV FRENCH RUvidRRRR
AestheticGalaxy 12 days ago
Oui oui! C'est vrai! Et vous êtes mon préféré RUvidr en général! passez une bonne journée, madame!
smoresparkley 22
smoresparkley 22 13 days ago
hOi I'm tEmmIe
Sonu alli
Sonu alli 18 days ago
@•P̷e̷a̷c̷h̷• •O̷c̷e̷a̷n̷i̷c̷• ke
random person
random person 22 days ago
Love u
Zplex90919 5 hours ago
nacho cheese kind is my favorite
Glitter Holt
Glitter Holt 8 hours ago
My prom is in 10 years LOL
Rebecca Nolan
Rebecca Nolan 15 hours ago
6 years 7 hours 23 mins and 45 sec
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 21 hour ago
team jacob
ÙwÚ Aurora-Chan ÙwÚ
Maybe for the girl with the “newspaper dress” she’s.... an earth lover? xD Ik it’s stupid lol
I never went to prom because I'm only 10
Lilian Lawson
Lilian Lawson 2 days ago
June 19
Quanterrios Hampton
The outfit was camouflage
Addie Grace Designs
SSSniperWolf: Who reads the news paper Me: M Grandpa
bubblegum pop
bubblegum pop 3 days ago
cool ranch
Bhad 4Life_
Bhad 4Life_ 3 days ago
Like for no reason.* ⬇️
Chiamaka Ajayi
Chiamaka Ajayi 3 days ago
Snipper:what is this Me:died
Chiamaka Ajayi
Chiamaka Ajayi 3 days ago
I literally laughed through out the whole vid😂 Like If you did Comment if you didn't
Milkycup 3 days ago
My prom was like 4 months ago
Iridescent Senpai
Cool ranch
Parispanda 120
Parispanda 120 4 days ago
old men going to reaaaaad her
Amethyst Nikora
Amethyst Nikora 4 days ago
5:40. Maybe she had to wear a dress like that cause she had 2 broken arms in a cast.
Sasha Le Desma
Sasha Le Desma 4 days ago
Me: The couple's outfits she couldn't see were camouflage. duh. 30 second later...realizes she was she was making a joke.
Jessica Horton
Jessica Horton 5 days ago
Click if u like cool ranch Doritos ^
Alondra Garcia
Alondra Garcia 5 days ago
nicki connolly
nicki connolly 5 days ago
my mum baught a blaze umbrela and got a minnie mouse umbrela
Odd duos M
Odd duos M 5 days ago
Who else noticed glitch??? 9:36
Jesus Uriostegui
Jesus Uriostegui 3 days ago
RayTheQueen 08
RayTheQueen 08 6 days ago
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 Comment which one is your fav!🤩🥳🤪
Ava Mygachaaccount
I just watched mean girls last night and u show a clip from it...OMG U STALKER 😱😱😱👑❤😂😂
Cecilie Tvestager
I come from Denmark and we don't have prom
Hallie Lehman
Hallie Lehman 6 days ago
I am team Edward so I can have Jacob! I luv Taylor lautner!!
Jonathon Cervantes
Your so beautiful
Kayleigh Fitzpatrick
prom is thursday !
luna and friends
luna and friends 7 days ago
Um... I'm one of the poeple on the list RIP ME
Annabelle Thompson
Elayna book15
Elayna book15 7 days ago
My favorite is cool ranch.
xinyi cui
xinyi cui 7 days ago
what did china do you wrong
Storm Claw
Storm Claw 7 days ago
My Prom Dress Was Something Like 170/180 Dallors And My Shoulder Thing Was 40 Dallors And My Shoes Were 70 Dallors Oof
SadVibes 7 days ago
I love Billie Elish
Dark_ Fizzz
Dark_ Fizzz 7 days ago
5:15 if she lay down facedown she look like a helicopter
Mary Stapleton
Mary Stapleton 8 days ago
I bought my dress from China, online and it turned out so good tho, like seriously I loved my dressed looked exactly like the photo, only thing bad about it was it was super long so I had to hold it like a princess and my date had to hold it
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon 9 days ago
Titty streamer
Scarlett Friedl
Scarlett Friedl 9 days ago
My junior prom is THIS YEAR!
Khadija Abdalla
Khadija Abdalla 9 days ago
Nacho cheese
Dania ochoa
Dania ochoa 9 days ago
Lakyn Crayne
Lakyn Crayne 9 days ago
That was camo
Alexandrea Shouse
Alexandrea Shouse 10 days ago
Im in 5th
kitten3x Vind
kitten3x Vind 10 days ago
Nacho chez >:)
Jazmyn Byrd
Jazmyn Byrd 10 days ago
um probly in like 6 years
mia's world
mia's world 10 days ago
Girl be looking like a super hero about to grab her up and put her on his face!!!!! "This is the only way I'll ever he on a man's face!!!
DeShuana Dewberry
DeShuana Dewberry 10 days ago
i am to young for prom i am seven years old
Camila Ortiz
Camila Ortiz 10 days ago
Cool ranch
NapTV 10 days ago
My prom is in like 5 years
Lance Mooney
Lance Mooney 10 days ago
This is garbage.
Angela Budden
Angela Budden 10 days ago
Lel Team Edward Or Jacob? Hmmm Team....OR >:3
Skittatle Skittle_Clearskies Stardust
Who is thtat?.
karsyn bland
karsyn bland 10 days ago
nacho cheese Doritos are my fav
Suparawasomefuntime T
My school got out the day this was posted
mzboss2189 11 days ago
6 more years
adventurer_teen 11 days ago
I love the money dress part
god of gaming
god of gaming 11 days ago
I drink RedBull with Doritos!
Trinity B
Trinity B 11 days ago
I was dead with the money prom dress 😂 love you lis
Imani Ife
Imani Ife 11 days ago
SMH 😱!
Tiana Mack
Tiana Mack 11 days ago
Prom dress? More like Prom MESS HAHAH....I know it's corny.... one like equals a good joke that's NOT this stupid joke I came up with..😢😥
SuperModel Atlanta
SuperModel Atlanta 11 days ago
W O W 😝😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Raphael Avalos
Raphael Avalos 11 days ago
I like cool ranch d9ritoes
violet gamer
violet gamer 11 days ago
Good news, my frist prom/dance dress wasnt as horrible as these ones and I found it at good will for $20.00 Edit: wore sandals ($10.00) no one could really notice because it was covered by my long dress and my reason why is because im useless in heels, especially when going downstairs(where the gymnasium and the prom/dance was)
Fort Thomas
Fort Thomas 11 days ago
Stop Polluting
Stop Polluting 12 days ago
Not there yet!! Got like 7 more years...wait, that's college. You know what? Imma have multiple proms because I am gonna be failin' that grade!!! Oh well...
goldie singh
goldie singh 12 days ago
Cool ranch
Noah Myers
Noah Myers 12 days ago
, Oh yeah oh yeah
Kristen D
Kristen D 12 days ago
4:56 Kyles dream girlfriend right here
Mady C
Mady C 12 days ago
Omg you are the best
Dillan Piersel
Dillan Piersel 12 days ago
i'm only 9
Pastel_Pride 08
Pastel_Pride 08 12 days ago
Nacho cheese are the best!(to me at least)
AestheticGalaxy 12 days ago
SSSniperWolf: “It’s your favorite French RUvidr!” Me: “Oui oui! C'est vrai! Et vous êtes mon préféré RUvidr en général! passez une bonne journée, madame!”
JELLY!! 12 days ago
I'm so sorry, I live in China.
Jamie Whaples
Jamie Whaples 12 days ago
cool rench
QuItE pOpUlAr
QuItE pOpUlAr 12 days ago
our school has a prom every year for the juniors, me and all of my friends just go together to buy the sweets and get a lil crazy at the prom. it's woth it. every year.
Breeanna Ward
Breeanna Ward 12 days ago
I don't know I'm going into 6th grade
Lily playz
Lily playz 12 days ago
Note to self: When prom comes DO NOT online shop for one
Vanesa’s Weird Video
Oh like montindo I subscribe though
Vanesa’s Weird Video
I write tarab 0-0 sooo sorry 😭
Izabella Young
Izabella Young 13 days ago
Cool ranch 100%
Michaela Oczak
Michaela Oczak 13 days ago
Did she just say. . . . Gearidose? Wut. . . .
Emma Conley
Emma Conley 13 days ago
cindy arellano
cindy arellano 13 days ago
I ♡ SSSniperWolf if you do like it🔔 like the video subscribe to SSSniperWolf turn on nodifications
cindy arellano
cindy arellano 13 days ago
I ♡ SSSniperWolf
Lacy Harding
Lacy Harding 13 days ago
I like both!
Italia Wilmot
Italia Wilmot 13 days ago
*I don’t like doritos*
Brianna Parsons
Brianna Parsons 13 days ago
I'm looking through my closet looking for a dress to wear at my high school gala as we speak😰
NAOMI BEAUGH 13 days ago
Hey dumbass, it is not law of the land that you have to drink Mountain Dew with Doritos. And by the way Mountain Dew Suckz
Hyped Galaxy
Hyped Galaxy 13 days ago
Still :P no prom and I’m going to try to ask my crush out wish me luck !
Destiny the Magical
Kenny Kelly
Kenny Kelly 13 days ago
Your a bi3th
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit 13 days ago
Cool ranch is the best everyone knows that
Who is washing in 2019?
Tragiic EliTe
Tragiic EliTe 13 days ago
7th grade was soooo trash
Nikki Still
Nikki Still 13 days ago
Nocho cheese
So hyun
So hyun 13 days ago
So.........i can put the faces of BTS members in my prom dress?
Love Kate
Love Kate 13 days ago
Oh my prom? It’s in uh...5 years
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster 13 days ago
And this is why u read the ratings before u buy
akash joshi
akash joshi 14 days ago
flcyber 14 days ago
Cool ranch
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 14 days ago
Nacho Cheese
will watanabe
will watanabe 14 days ago
I like both but I'll choose cool ranch
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