PROJECT ZORGO vs CRYSTAL & NINJA GADGETS in Real Life (Delorean Obstacle Course Race Against Time)

Vy Qwaint
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We must race to the crystal before Project Zorgo gets it!
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After Chad Wild Clay made PROJECT ZORGO TOOK My CAMERA & TRAPPED ME in HIDDEN TUNNEL (Hacker Trivia Escape Room Challenge), Daniel uploaded the video PROJECT ZORGO CHASE DANIEL Searching for Crystal (24 Hours Challenge with Riddles in Real Life), and Vy Qwaint created PROJECT ZORGO PUSHED ME for CRYSTAL After Ninja Battle Royale with Hacker (Found Abandoned Riddles), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a top secret super spy mission with their hacker proof Delorean (just like Back to the Future) from the scientist Joseph Banks. Unfortunately for Vy, she no longer has her Tesla Model X. Vy and Chad test out the brand new extreme makeover car to see if the stainless steel is really hacker proof! They lure the hackers to their location and it works! However, one PZ member resisted the hacker proof car and took off their mask and voice modulator revealing their face in real life for the first time! They think it's PZ 4! VQ goes on a quest exploring to find PZ 4 and to find the abandoned orange crystal. She discovers a lot of clues, riddles and even has an epic chase against Project Zorgo. In this video, Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay and Daniel go on a hacker chase in the Delorean while Daniel is flying the drone to retrieve the mysterious crystal. They must make it before 10 minutes passes. While on their scavenger hunt, they have to go through an obstacle course and an abandoned town to regain possession of the crystal. As they make it to the crystal, a PZ member appears and uses spy gadgets and ninga gadgets to destroy it fruit ninja style. Hopefully, they find more evidence, clues and riddles to solve this mystery about the red button in the Delorean. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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3 фев 2019

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Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint 19 дней назад
What do you think the orange crystal does? And why does the Project Zorgo member not want us to have it?
Bertha Mendoza
Bertha Mendoza 8 дней назад
Love Chad voy
Luis Valentin
Luis Valentin 10 дней назад
IH vy
Charles Li
Charles Li 16 дней назад
Vy Quaint, are we still need to type the deactive code?
dallas doig
dallas doig 17 дней назад
Astonishingparis 19 дней назад
Vy what is the name of the background music or all of them
Aris 525
Aris 525 51 минуту назад
I did see it how Chad and vy didn't see him
Amira Rankins
Amira Rankins Час назад
35 degrees north 114 degrees west like if you agree👍👍👍👍👍
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin 2 часа назад
That girl was pz4 with no mask her hair was the same color she looked the same height
Beautiful Brownie
Beautiful Brownie 3 часа назад
Lara Alshorafa
Lara Alshorafa 4 часа назад
At 17:10 Daniel was running around like a crazy person 😂
xXsinper 5 часов назад
they have a butern
Rabih Skaff
Rabih Skaff 7 часов назад
Lillian Truong
Lillian Truong 7 часов назад
At 0:30-0:40 I saw a hacker running!
Johnnie Hogan
Johnnie Hogan 8 часов назад
I found one
behroz maihani
behroz maihani 8 часов назад
Some thing to the whole world😰😰😰
Jayden and freindz vlogs
Jayden and freindz vlogs 8 часов назад
I downloaded it yesterday and I'm working hard to hack in there device and computer
Janice Vermont
Janice Vermont 8 часов назад
Daniel is with the hacker
Janice Vermont
Janice Vermont 8 часов назад
Evil pz4
Janice Vermont
Janice Vermont 8 часов назад
I realised that's a girl
Tracy Fleischmann
Tracy Fleischmann 8 часов назад
tauhid khan
tauhid khan 9 часов назад
Richard Lambertson
Richard Lambertson 9 часов назад
35 north and 114 West
ervin Gamer
ervin Gamer 9 часов назад
No in 18:7
ervin Gamer
ervin Gamer 10 часов назад
Don, geddit zapped
ervin Gamer
ervin Gamer 10 часов назад
Savitaa Bisani
Savitaa Bisani 10 часов назад
How couldn't you see that he was right behind you
Leticia Aguirre
Leticia Aguirre 10 часов назад
The event is feb 23rd 2019
Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Hoffman 11 часов назад
I saw him
Sergej Minkevicius
Sergej Minkevicius 11 часов назад
I signed a crystal but it disappeared
Sergej Minkevicius
Sergej Minkevicius 11 часов назад
I saw them in the corner of the screen
Emma Kemp
Emma Kemp 12 часов назад
You guys are amazing when u work together ❤
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 12 часов назад
Pz 4 broke the crystal
Edgar Juodaitis
Edgar Juodaitis 12 часов назад
He is in the bush
Lilly Dawson
Lilly Dawson 14 часов назад
35 °N 114°W
Oskar Voss
Oskar Voss 15 часов назад
daniel is hakker
Mash Mash
Mash Mash 16 часов назад
0:38 see somebody is coming
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez 19 часов назад
I see a pz
Humberto Caldera
Humberto Caldera 20 часов назад
Daniel is in product zorgo
Adam Uribe
Adam Uribe 20 часов назад
35n 14w
William McGinnis
William McGinnis 21 час назад
I Shawan one
Guee Ming Long
Guee Ming Long 21 час назад
I see something
Estela Escalante
Estela Escalante 22 часа назад
The hacer is on the rit
Jimy Hernandez
Jimy Hernandez 22 часа назад
He is there you see him
Isabella Amador
Isabella Amador 23 часа назад
Lady C Johnson
Lady C Johnson День назад
Jasraj Mann
Jasraj Mann День назад
Madihah Junaid
Madihah Junaid День назад
down there
Denessa Martin
Denessa Martin День назад
35 degrees north 114 degrees west
Elsie Turrall
Elsie Turrall День назад
ICON Mail День назад
Vinashni Praveena
Vinashni Praveena День назад
Behind the trees
Emma and the Twighlight Sky
Emma and the Twighlight Sky День назад
It's like that car from back to the future
Sophia Jex
Sophia Jex День назад
The hack is thet
Richard Bartels
Richard Bartels День назад
Daniel is on the hackers side
Kindra Jacobs
Kindra Jacobs День назад
I see the Hacker
Richard Bartels
Richard Bartels День назад
Behind you
Richard Bartels
Richard Bartels День назад
Behind you
Kindra Jacobs
Kindra Jacobs День назад
I see the hacker
Nba 2k
Nba 2k День назад
vy I am gon hank you
Camden Grodi
Camden Grodi День назад
10min and 30grens noth, 14grens wast
Camden Grodi
Camden Grodi День назад
That is a hacker
Begum Nilu
Begum Nilu День назад
No you 0:00 you run out of time pz4 is s bad girl unmask her now
Begum Nilu
Begum Nilu День назад
Oh no you have no time you have 1:40 ok
Begum Nilu
Begum Nilu День назад
35 digeen 'n 118 digeen west ok go there in 10 minutes hurry up vy chad daniel hurry hurry
Brian Gallacher
Brian Gallacher День назад
I love you so so many amazing friends love you so so much but I live in corby at 5 Bridgecourt please come an visit me from Kaylah please and you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Janet Lester
Janet Lester День назад
35.N 145.W
Santiago Pena
Santiago Pena День назад
35 North 114 west
Jhonny whiky Ermilus
Jhonny whiky Ermilus День назад
Tenesha Pallas
Tenesha Pallas День назад
One ls oh
Qween King Limer
Qween King Limer День назад
PZ4 went round the rock and she ran the ipisite way and went behind vy
charnie arundell
charnie arundell День назад
35 nouth and 114 west
Cleo Bisceglia
Cleo Bisceglia День назад
You can get the money back 6
ashleigh lavery
ashleigh lavery День назад
0:37 the hacker was there lol if you agree
#Love rebecca Sarabia
#Love rebecca Sarabia День назад
It is not a HIM it's a PZ 4
Jack Bird
Jack Bird День назад
Vy does the best videos!🤗
Joseph Kostyk
Joseph Kostyk День назад
I sow 1
Caleshake . . .
Caleshake . . . День назад
Always call one of your friends. And if you can't call them shout out as loud as you can!
Evan Gurney
Evan Gurney День назад
I see hem
Secily H
Secily H День назад
Go over as quickly as you showed us on the video in the other video let me know it was a video that you didn't watch like if you watch it does that say team members in that video to you I'm not visit you guys but yeah the receipt and video they did the pause challenge and you're saying hello guys hello and I noticed there wasn't that arctic 20 to pick them up so watch that one video watch all the videos that have two kids a name a boy and a girl what a pig spilling juice and if they like if you are still watch the video like a video with someone with some girl got knocked out and there was like another of doing another one it was his brother and I want Jackie to complete this mission don't feel me soldiers
Julia Butler
Julia Butler День назад
I see a hacher
ANNIE JONES День назад
pz4 we find her
Shakala Bolling
Shakala Bolling День назад
i did
epiccat gamer
epiccat gamer День назад
I wonder he dosnt want you to have it cause he needs it
Christine Knapp
Christine Knapp День назад
I have the cwc app but it's not working😐
Raelee Welch
Raelee Welch День назад
Its just a salt rock.
Raelee Welch
Raelee Welch День назад
PZ4 is always after Daniel, eh? 乁(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)ㄏ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Micael J Bowers
Micael J Bowers 2 дня назад
Vy when you where turning around I saw a saw the hacker with the christal
Sean Mutchler
Sean Mutchler 2 дня назад
Guys I got to mail on my phone and it had a phone number and it was +1-805-637-7243 and I don't have anybody on my contacts
Sorrab Loving
Sorrab Loving 2 дня назад
it was 35 degrees north and 100 west
Andrew McMahon
Andrew McMahon 2 дня назад
I hacked them with my computer
jason quezada
jason quezada 2 дня назад
when you went up that rock pile a hacker was be hind you chad!!!!
Jodie Fitch
Jodie Fitch 2 дня назад
Hey the PZ4 knows how to get in to the hacker proof car
Angelica Huerta
Angelica Huerta 2 дня назад
I saw the haker in a bosh
Angelica Huerta
Angelica Huerta 2 дня назад
And he was walking
Izenaida Cabral
Izenaida Cabral 2 дня назад
Add Show
Add Show 2 дня назад
LookRight behind you there’s another one
joselina robles
joselina robles 2 дня назад
I saw a hacker in a place with the Cristal
Toya White
Toya White 2 дня назад
After Vy quaint made follow dance and spy on his project Zorgo secrt mewing exploring abandoned you evidence of Pz4 Chad wild created is Daniel with project Zorgo searching for abandoned hacker safe house exploring clues and riddles Daniel uploaded project Zorgo care dance 😆😆😆😆😆😡😡
mark bagshaw
mark bagshaw 2 дня назад
I think you need to keep it they mite use it and smash it☔️ You are the best RUvid’s ever I give you 10 out of 10🌈🤩🤩😍😍 I like love 💕 your channel
Babe & Tae
Babe & Tae 2 дня назад
2 :45
Kelly Desch
Kelly Desch 2 дня назад
And danel was looking for something
Kelly Desch
Kelly Desch 2 дня назад
I saw a hacker recording you and the other hacker
Nastajia Gibbins
Nastajia Gibbins 2 дня назад
there was a hacker at 37 seconss like if you did
Tanya King
Tanya King 2 дня назад
I saw the hacker when you were on the hill and when you were going up the hill
W1llz 01
W1llz 01 2 дня назад
Hurry 3 min
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