PROJECT ZORGO vs CRYSTAL & NINJA GADGETS in Real Life (Delorean Obstacle Course Race Against Time)

Vy Qwaint
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We must race to the crystal before Project Zorgo gets it!
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After Chad Wild Clay made PROJECT ZORGO TOOK My CAMERA & TRAPPED ME in HIDDEN TUNNEL (Hacker Trivia Escape Room Challenge), Daniel uploaded the video PROJECT ZORGO CHASE DANIEL Searching for Crystal (24 Hours Challenge with Riddles in Real Life), and Vy Qwaint created PROJECT ZORGO PUSHED ME for CRYSTAL After Ninja Battle Royale with Hacker (Found Abandoned Riddles), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo go on a top secret super spy mission with their hacker proof Delorean (just like Back to the Future) from the scientist Joseph Banks. Unfortunately for Vy, she no longer has her Tesla Model X. Vy and Chad test out the brand new extreme makeover car to see if the stainless steel is really hacker proof! They lure the hackers to their location and it works! However, one PZ member resisted the hacker proof car and took off their mask and voice modulator revealing their face in real life for the first time! They think it's PZ 4! VQ goes on a quest exploring to find PZ 4 and to find the abandoned orange crystal. She discovers a lot of clues, riddles and even has an epic chase against Project Zorgo. In this video, Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay and Daniel go on a hacker chase in the Delorean while Daniel is flying the drone to retrieve the mysterious crystal. They must make it before 10 minutes passes. While on their scavenger hunt, they have to go through an obstacle course and an abandoned town to regain possession of the crystal. As they make it to the crystal, a PZ member appears and uses spy gadgets and ninga gadgets to destroy it fruit ninja style. Hopefully, they find more evidence, clues and riddles to solve this mystery about the red button in the Delorean. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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Feb 3, 2019




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Comments 32 945
Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint 2 months ago
What do you think the orange crystal does? And why does the Project Zorgo member not want us to have it?
Lexi Fox Wolf Lillypad
I have the spy ninja network!
Marisela Reyes
Marisela Reyes Month ago
Vy Qwaint i
maida adeel
maida adeel Month ago
Dot wre. Vy☺
Bertha Mendoza
Bertha Mendoza 2 months ago
Love Chad voy
Luis Valentin
Luis Valentin 2 months ago
IH vy
Missy Pack
Missy Pack 3 hours ago
34dugus north 103dgrs watst
Bandar K
Bandar K 13 hours ago
36 N 114 W
Amal Sharqawi
Amal Sharqawi 16 hours ago
A hacher
Mayami Pudaruth
Mayami Pudaruth 16 hours ago
Sonu Barmi
Sonu Barmi 19 hours ago
They want to break it
Sonu Barmi
Sonu Barmi 19 hours ago
Vy I love you a lot
jennifer bruce
Siana Dean
Siana Dean Day ago
ben richards
ben richards Day ago
41 minutes left
Unicorn25 Day ago
35 degrees north and 114 degrees west
Hazza Alhanaee
When pz4 crashed the pirmed pz9 was filming
Hazza Alhanaee
I see a hacker at the first secend if you him like
JK KAZIO Day ago
It's pz 4
Payton Clark
Payton Clark Day ago
53 degrees north 114° west or east
Susan Doe
Susan Doe Day ago
You're the bats you tude
Susan Doe
Susan Doe Day ago
@ outlook my loveones09
Susan Doe
Susan Doe Day ago
I love u so much
Hannah Reynolds
Liam even Forrester
Vanessa Cisneros
Vanessa Cisneros 2 days ago
I love vy
Delia Meredith
Delia Meredith 2 days ago
kids lugo
kids lugo 2 days ago
Allison Cung
Allison Cung 2 days ago
Why won’t you bring the orange crystals to the dollarean and try it out to see if it works still
Stacy Andrews
Stacy Andrews 2 days ago
I see him
Elyse Tedder
Elyse Tedder 2 days ago
I love your vidos
Ryan Eller
Ryan Eller 2 days ago
Pz9is justin
Binod Adhikari
Binod Adhikari 2 days ago
I was used the spy network
Cabe United
Cabe United 2 days ago
Arlett Torres
Arlett Torres 3 days ago
Hey I have I downloaded the spine ninja Network to but I'm on the level Operation X
aldo 3 days ago
It gives bad luck
Nia Sparkle
Nia Sparkle 3 days ago
I love you chad and vy:-) :-)
Erin Volk
Erin Volk 3 days ago
Bihind pz4 there was einother hacker filming
Genina Haynes
Genina Haynes 4 days ago
Gillies Family
Gillies Family 4 days ago
Bridgette Gonzalez
I saw a hacker when you're running at that time I saw a hacker
Hayley T
Hayley T 4 days ago
Oh no project Zorgo got it
Areeya Wongyai
Areeya Wongyai 4 days ago
This is kind of weird
karan panwar
karan panwar 4 days ago
You are my biggest pet peeve when someone says to be a man in your head You can just go to work and then you can You are welcome and you are a great
Tara Madden
Tara Madden 4 days ago
1030 South 8th South
tyrone dahmam
tyrone dahmam 4 days ago
Chad I saw a hacker mask behind Chad
Erika Ruiz
Erika Ruiz 5 days ago
Why is Daniel doing
Layla Sofia
Layla Sofia 5 days ago
Chad and vy you are the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke 5 days ago
I saw him
Joe Ruekert
Joe Ruekert 5 days ago
Joe Ruekert
Joe Ruekert 5 days ago
Jjhhjkh. &* July
Yamile Ramos
Yamile Ramos 5 days ago
Umm I don't know but I have the spy ninjas network
Joanne Owen
Joanne Owen 5 days ago
And that was pz4 was attacking Daniel
Joanne Owen
Joanne Owen 5 days ago
I saw project zorgo when chad and Daniel was going up the mountain ( the rock )
Diane Brennan
Diane Brennan 5 days ago
Rochelle Johnson
Rochelle Johnson 5 days ago
35 degrees north and 114 west
osama azer
osama azer 5 days ago
I think that the girl that stopped you is pz4 and LOVE YOUR VIDS ❤❤❤
Kenneth Lopez
Kenneth Lopez 6 days ago
I saw a hacker mask it the back of the car the back seat
My galaxy gaming world 8890XO
Daniel is suspense
Brian Price
Brian Price 6 days ago
i sor a Hacker and i love you Chad and vy and Daneil ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💞💟
Emer Hoskin
Emer Hoskin 6 days ago
i love you vy
Emer Hoskin
Emer Hoskin 6 days ago
the hacker pz4 is lizzy sharer
kelly perkins
kelly perkins 6 days ago
That was plz 4
Anas Hassan
Anas Hassan 6 days ago
pz4 took the crystal
Allaina Co
Allaina Co 6 days ago
When pz4 broke the crystal a pz member was watching
Allaina Co
Allaina Co 6 days ago
Theres a hacker at 0:37
marcie robinson
marcie robinson 6 days ago
Behind you
I love you guys so much that you guys are the best people in the world
Tracey Butler
Tracey Butler 7 days ago
I love your vids and I love you chad and vy and Daniel
Samiah’s World
Samiah’s World 7 days ago
0:37 I saw project zorgo member
Druzooka 7 days ago
Can you do you know
Pud Mack
Pud Mack 7 days ago
Our spot and one on the side
Maria Francico
Maria Francico 7 days ago
Marné Botha
Marné Botha 7 days ago
30 l 104 r
Will it slime ?
Will it slime ? 7 days ago
hi i am a spy nija also if you agree
jagraj brar
jagraj brar 7 days ago
Aleida Gomez
Aleida Gomez 7 days ago
Today i down loded the app i am going to play it like forever
Aruna Vijay
Aruna Vijay 8 days ago
There was a pz member
Stella Whisenhunt
so you dont get it
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson 8 days ago
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson 8 days ago
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson 8 days ago
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson 8 days ago
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson 8 days ago
Allison Flores
Allison Flores 8 days ago
I love your video guys
Allison Flores
Allison Flores 8 days ago
The hacker has the Crystal and he cuts it into a triangle
Nayda Castellanos
At 37 secens I saw a pz member Like if you saw 👇👇👇
D Galaxy
D Galaxy 8 days ago
who loves chad and vy
Angeline Francis
Angeline Francis 8 days ago
I saw the hacker
Harris Sneddon
Harris Sneddon 8 days ago
Hi there I do not know 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Clinton Parks
Clinton Parks 8 days ago
Are you just winding up who just walking and you guys are still running show me a boy roll Thomas
Hanin Arnaout
Hanin Arnaout 8 days ago
Does the hackre want Daniel back?
Peyten Wolfe
Peyten Wolfe 9 days ago
i sal him when you were ranning
dmssisters 107
dmssisters 107 9 days ago
I think pz 9 is Justin
Louise Jackson
Louise Jackson 9 days ago
Louise Jackson
Louise Jackson 9 days ago
I see 100 hacked
Courtney gressmen
Get it
Courtney gressmen
Take me out give me like I'm 8 years old
Immi JZ
Immi JZ 9 days ago
I saw hacker when you went down the mounten and that person that the hacker was Torcking to I think it was Rs twin (Rebecca evil twin ) or PZ4
Linda Ireland
Linda Ireland 10 days ago
Steven is the hacker
Adan Ali
Adan Ali 10 days ago
I saw a hacker
Frederikke Holberg würtzner
Love your videos❤️
animal lover
animal lover 10 days ago
Theresa Ingaua
Theresa Ingaua 10 days ago
149DGr ws
Theresa Ingaua
Theresa Ingaua 10 days ago
39DGr th
Theresa Ingaua
Theresa Ingaua 10 days ago
39DGr ws
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