Proiect Hidro Reghin 6KW - Powerspout 2xLH250 Pro - Ecovolt

Florin Fleseriu
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Sistemul hidro instalat de ctare ECOVOLT langa Reghin, (loc. Rastolnita) contine doua turbine Kaplan model Powerspout LH250 conectate cu ajutorul a doua regulatoare Midnite Classic 250 la o baterie de acumulatori cu o capacitate de stocare de 1200Ah/48V. Energia electrica produsa este livrata consumatorilor cu ajtorul unui invertor de 6,8KW XW fabricat de Scheider (Xantrex). In acumulatori dispunem de o cantitate de energie cumulata de 60KWh, ceea ce este suficient pentru alimentarea pastravariei. Sistemul este dotat cu toate echipamentee necesare monitorizarii de la distanta si functioneaza in regim continuu 24h/24h, furnizand o cantatate de 57KWh/zi ( 1700KWh/luna) suficient pentru a alimenta 7 case cu dotarile necesare. Sistemul va fi extins in curand cu o noua turbina LH si un nou invertor de 6,8KW ajungand la capacitatea finala proiectata de 13,6KW putere instalata si o cantitate de energie de 86KWh/zi.

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Jul 12, 2015




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Comments 15
ABONAT Nou Year ago
De ce baterii
Florin Fleseriu
sistemele mici nu sunt stabile fara acumulatori
rigger dgenxron
Really impressive system, how the RPM is so high, just the water passing through the turbine,no vortex,is there any gearbox you are using
Florin Fleseriu
go to the links above and you'll find the info. There is no gearbox ... We don't need that.
sahan panditharathne
is this still working without any problem ??
Florin Fleseriu
sahan panditharathne
Florin Fleseriu Wow thats amazing This must be a great worth for the money
Florin Fleseriu
Yes they are ! .. We have sistems running since 2005 . All the you need to do is to do the proper maintenace and replace the bearings every 1-2 yers.
Michael Lawley
Michael Lawley 3 years ago
If you visit our INDEX you can get access all our documents, videos, newsletter etc. - Enjoy. docs.google.com/document/d/19O1bxXGqIjjsccm1onZj1X9Ae57ljK-rPLWEYzvZRN8/edit?usp=sharing
subie_freak007 4 years ago
hi im interested in the powerspout LH.. im confused how its setup. so the motor of the powerspout is on top, and the turbine is at the bottom of the pipes where the water falls?
Florin Fleseriu
Florin Fleseriu 4 years ago
+LightBright In fact it is very easy to be installed. The turbine is connected directly to the MPPT controller . There is another similar video here : ruvid.net/video/video-3pjhoeN3kV8.html
Us Pia
Us Pia 4 years ago
Very Interesting. what kind of propeller are u using to spin the turbine? if u dont mind the whole setup? Very Nice!
Florin Fleseriu
Florin Fleseriu 4 years ago
+Us Pia Thanks a lot for your comments. This is in fact a Kaplan turbine. There is a an English version as well here : ruvid.net/video/video-zy7AZ8IzY3E.html You have all the comments inside about setup ...and if you need more please get back to me.
Vasile Toroc
Vasile Toroc 4 years ago
Felicitari Domnule Fleseriu. Cand mai faceti cursuri? Va rog sa-mi trimiteti si mie o instiintare. Daca as face si eu cursurile as putea incerca sa extindem sistemele dumneavoastra si in zona moldovei. Va doresc o viata linistita si plina de satisfactii!
Florin Fleseriu
Florin Fleseriu 4 years ago
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