Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975

Imperial College London
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The wonders of magnetism and the linear motor are captured in this 1975 presentation by Professor Eric Laithwaite (1921-1997) former Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London.
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Nov 18, 2012




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Comments 34
boltar2003 4 years ago
Nice to see a lecturer and his assistant wearing suits. These days they'd be hard to differential from the students with their scruffy just fallen out of bed look.
Andrew Lohmann
Andrew Lohmann 4 years ago
This is a small part of so much British engineering that was largely discarded in the 1980's for money creating scams and north sea oil money.
shaider1982 4 years ago
has any one tried putting ferrofuid into a travellimg field?
Daniel Guevara
Daniel Guevara 4 years ago
Jon Kov
Jon Kov 5 years ago
this guy knows magnets!
jetpaq 5 years ago
Id put a gyroscope on it!
HomicideHenry 5 years ago
This man was brilliant. It is nothing more than a travesty, shame, and absoloute ignorance from the British and worldwide establishment to turn their backs on this man, when he developed the gyro. He gave so much to the world of science, physics, mathematics, engineering, etc. and the disrespect he received was (and still is) nothing short of a travesty.
Yogesh X
Yogesh X 4 years ago
+HomicideHenry totally. The father of maglev
liveuk 5 years ago
So cool how we can listen to our ancestors explain their discoveries image a video with Tesla explaining. God rest your Genius soul Eric
Ian Stevenson
Ian Stevenson 5 years ago
While the transport application of this technology is taking its time getting here, linear motors are used in many applications already. Professor Laithwaite was not only a brilliant teacher and engineer, but he's also the guy that actually built the first practical model of a linear motor. I guess that pretty well qualifies him to present this lecture.
Anton Nym
Anton Nym 5 years ago
Absolutely one of the best videos on youtube. So instructional and entertaining. Not only is what he showing visually astounding, but his explanation is perfect for anyone at any level. This would be a godsend for a science teacher. (which I am).
PYakMan1 6 years ago
I really like Eric Laithwaite, very down to earth, amazingly intelligent, yet teaches difficult concepts in such an easy manner. I wonder if the gyro force, if we set up 6 to 8 spinning wheels, with frictionless magnetic bearings, super carbon fibre gyro wheel, weight only in perfect place (on Rim of wheel), then spin the wheels to say 25,000RPM instead of 2,500 and imagine the lift that can be gained for any flying/moving vehicle if we can take so much weight from it, and easily balance the steering effect by having them balanced in matched pairs..... Just thought of this at this very moment, please don't smash me if I'm wrong, just believe we must ALL share knowledge not keep it secret. It is what they said internet would be used primarily for, Universities/Research labs sharing all info open source stopping manufacturers patenting everything. They allowed the fox in the chicken coup though, they allowed pharma/industry to control educational/research facilities, turning everything into "Black Projects!. Most of this work has been fully tested, and surpassed. All the UFOs people report that OUR Govts are showing ZERO interest in, it's because they OWN them, and why would they want to listen to OUR reports on THEIR disc craft. I have evidence, but not enough space to cover here.
PYakMan1 6 years ago
BTW I didn't mean use just the 6-8 wheels spun for ALL the thrust, just meant how much weight can be reduced using these. E.G. A jet with enough of these of high enough RPM/Weight may be able to reduce weight by 20 tons, and also use the synch/asynchronous balancing to assist steering the weight of aircraft, ships etc. ONLY brainstorming, but rest assured if Eric Laithwaite spent his life researching this, it is amazing. Few months ago I tried to research serious scientific gyroscopes, frictionless bearings, able to spin at very high rates, with fully electric motors (to spin gyros by friction clutch) etc etc.....even todays internet I couldn't find very much. IF anyone can please point me in right direction, I'd be really grateful. Only ever seen the Gyro compasses, the gyro sights for fighter pilots, when they began using gyros to steer missiles/fighters they stopped allowing the public to educate about it unless cleared. I detest them.
DeezMistaReez 6 years ago
Can someone explain if we could do this very experiment with permanent magnets?
SuperFinGuy 5 years ago
What the professor is calling a traveling field is in other words an electromagnetic wave. As the magnetic field is waved it produces a current in the aluminium that in turn produces its own changing magnetic field that repels the initial field. That is why the thicker the aluminium the stronger the repulsion.
Ryan 6 years ago
So... many... concepts... EE student here. First time seeing this vidya. I couldn't help but try to use Maxwell's Equations in my head (the concepts, really) to try and explain what was going on. But I couldn't keep up, so I just enjoyed the ride. Side note: anyone else think Barry looked pissed the whole time?
1000frolly PhD
1000frolly PhD 6 years ago
This brilliant pioneering work on magnetic rivers is what is behind the 350km/hr maglev trains we now see in China.
RonJohn63 5 years ago
How often does *it* (yes, there's only *one* maglev train in China) run (not often), how far does it travel (not very), and how often get to full speed (not very)? Google "Shanghai Maglev Train" if you don't believe me.
SuperFinGuy 6 years ago
10:29 Something is moving horizontally but not the matter per se, what is moving along is the energy or a movement. A transverse wave, like an electromagnetic wave.
Tom Killwhang
Tom Killwhang 6 years ago
Used a lot now in maglev trains
DaSheeK407 6 years ago
Wow i wish i had a teacher like this when i was in school. Great demonstrations.
eXtremeDR 6 years ago
Wonder what happens at higher frequencies of alternating current?
eXtremeDR 5 years ago
@Daniel Daza Thank you. And what will happen if the coils are superconductive? Like google: *ESA 2006 experiment*
Daniel Daza
Daniel Daza 5 years ago
At some point, the traveling magnetic field will increase its speed. However, at even higher frequencies, the coils impedance will increase, thus decreasing the current and the lifting capacity.
PsyCo X
PsyCo X 6 years ago
Such a shame this technology hasn't yet found its place in everyday transportation. Huge respect for Mr Laithwaite and his work.
AfroMan2111 6 years ago
and so.. none of these applications have been implemented to society why?
inigo 7 years ago
Who is Barry? We need to know!
Bobby Pham
Bobby Pham 7 years ago
nicely said.
Tranquil Kaos
Tranquil Kaos 7 years ago
The magnetism is normal. It is just the general perception of magnetism that is incorrect.
iamh2ok9 7 years ago
An insight or eye opener, to the EVGRAY forum membership and many thanks to Josephine Seyer for posting it to US.
bluemeaniemean 7 years ago
so this is not normal magnetism?
Da Stig
Da Stig 7 years ago
We still haven't utilized the theory. Because it doesn't work! What about a corner? what about people with metal implants? AND it still uses electric, what would be the point? its not a move forward. no steel toe caps for the workers, no metal tools for the Trackman, its just a less accurate, dangerous "floating" version of what we already have.
DaSheeK407 7 years ago
Wow since 1975 someone had figured out this technology and look how long its taken to implement it. Magnets are the answer to the future.
Screww Googlle
Screww Googlle 7 years ago
I love the way this gentleman teaches !
Gerry Schiffino
Gerry Schiffino 7 years ago
Is it wrong that I'm only watching this to help me sleep?
problemaccount 7 years ago
railgun anyone..?
Scott Pederson
Scott Pederson 7 years ago
Good ol' Barry...always the diligent assistant in Eric's demonstrations.
ngc22072001 7 years ago
Amazing Video Jason! Thanks a million!
TheRealVerbz2 7 years ago
"Light doesn't travel." - Walter Russell The illusion of observation of the waves traveling at 10:50 in this clip is similar to what Walter Russell talks about Light. Take note that Eric Laithwaite didn't really get involved with magnets or gyroscopes until he met with Professor John Searl. Eric's friend attended Searl's lectures and demos then told Eric about it. Eric didn't believe his friend until he met with John Searl himself. Then Eric developed the Mag-Lev and these video segments.
Burst Nibbler
Burst Nibbler 7 years ago
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