Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks Defender's Knee [Batmobile]

Professor Live
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Apr 9, 2019

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Comments 7 622
Ruin_Panther 4 hours ago
If The Professor was bbn in NBA 2k19 he would be a pure slasher😂🤣
Nick Pobi
Nick Pobi 7 hours ago
Dude you cant beat me at all
michael mullins
michael mullins 7 hours ago
He got skilz! All kinds! Still enjoying the Professor after all these years.
The Guiltless Hacker
I just don’t understand how he’s so good... 🤯
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 15 hours ago
I live about 5 minutes away from main beach when u gonna be there next I wanna see u work ur magic
IM ghoslty jrakon
IM ghoslty jrakon 15 hours ago
Can u teach me professor live
MEMES 777 15 hours ago
I need him to teach me the ways
Zwarovski7 16 hours ago
That kid got cooked
Robin Boulet
Robin Boulet 17 hours ago
drives up in batmobile, beats several people with unknown talent, takes a few selfies, drives off in batmobile... just an average day
Todd Evans
Todd Evans 21 hour ago
4:20 for actual game play
LEX 22 hours ago
homeboy at the end too tall to play him lmfaoo watch my vids though
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 22 hours ago
Run away from the ankle bully
Delta Triangle
Jesse Reid
Jesse Reid Day ago
its hilarious all the white boys that do this sort of thing going to random courts and showing there dribbling and shooting skills on RUvid, but they skill wear skinny jeans while doing this, put on some shorts lol you might even be better
Jurica Sambol
Ankles: exist Professor: Im bouta end this mans whole career.
Woke Koala
Woke Koala Day ago
Were r your backwindows
Lady’s and gentlemen this is puuuuuuuuure contents
Bronson Amoroa
Bronson Amoroa 2 days ago
The brother is overflowing with talent. Yah Blessed
James Destratis
James Destratis 2 days ago
I just wanna see some one beat nim
Ronald Pangaribuan
How to beat The Prof ; Step 1 : don't open your leg. Step 2 : don't open your leg. Result : Professor couldn't break your ankcle. Trust me it works
Ronald Pangaribuan
English : Mobile Indonesia : Mobil. You speak like ours. Good bro. Welcome to SEA
Jaron Panepinto
Jaron Panepinto 2 days ago
Nice clickbait
Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete 2 days ago
"albino batman hops out the batbile and destroys the ankles of the arrogant"
Hyperetard 2 days ago
Die antwoord wants their hairstyle back
Old Road
Old Road 2 days ago
I would clap her cheeks
Saad A
Saad A 2 days ago
Why are all of the proffesers challengers cocky and not humble
Luctho _
Luctho _ 2 days ago
R.I.P them ankles
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 2 days ago
Is it me or do all these street ball players illegally dribble the ball sometimes. Like when they grab it from 7-8 and turn the ball over. Isnt that illegal?
Aeneas Hoffman (Student)
Never have your legs bent while playing the professor
Blake Ormonde
Blake Ormonde 2 days ago
Any good basketball player would say "Yes he will beat me. Yes he will break my ankles,. No i will not cross him up. No i will not play him."
roko cel
roko cel 2 days ago
Liku mozak radi za popizdit, Triba sve to uskladit :)
Jpdst29 2 days ago
That dude didn't stand a chance. He has the body and stamina of a middle-aged housewife.
Rosana Roattilio
Rosana Roattilio 2 days ago
7:20 Are u dropping? 😁
saving the titty comittee
7:30, this boi actually look and sound like a fat jim halpert from the office????
Dannielle and Dj
Dannielle and Dj 3 days ago
that shit is just embarrasing
Why sent the professor in the NBA making millions?
Noptical Day ago
Be wouldn't survive in the NBA
j0yfxl 3 days ago
What show is he wearing
David The King
David The King 3 days ago
All games and fun until U.S. money is on the line.
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. 3 days ago
This was the gayest shit ever.
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 3 days ago
Dude with that Shirt tucked inside them Shorts......holy shit
Aaron 3 days ago
Knee brake @7:21... ouch
Dominique Moreno
Dominique Moreno 3 days ago
1K. YungKruh
1K. YungKruh 3 days ago
What shoes is the professor wearing?
KiKillinIt 3 days ago
Professor vs bone collector
Mario Pineda
Mario Pineda 3 days ago
Batman or Spider man ohhh is the professor dude......
GIDEON300 3 days ago
wish i could play like that nice
AriZSaM 3 days ago
Niggas play 1 game in high school and be like I I can beat professor
Grizz Nature
Grizz Nature 3 days ago
Lol if your to lazy to buy a ball like me amzn.to/30pDfcu
RZHC_ GT 3 days ago
brexempe bawiin
brexempe bawiin 4 days ago
wow that.s cool
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