Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks Defender's Knee [Batmobile]

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Comments 100
Jgodgodly Hour ago
7:21 neel to your king 9:09 it all over now
Jon Williams
Jon Williams 8 hours ago
He seems nice and very humble. Dosen't seem like an act. Some of my best friends that I've known for years would be assholes if they had his skills.
Conner Whittenham
Conner Whittenham 16 hours ago
7:08 why you gotta do him like that man?
Awoken Gaming
6:27 My heartbeat rn
Sushi Traviesa
Mr. Professor I think I"m in L
Isaac Swoyer
Isaac Swoyer Day ago
Random Person: sure i play against him Professor: YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL
Extramajlo Day ago
You are the basketball god.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 2 days ago
Professor is like The Michael Jackson of basketball
Bea Zinn
Bea Zinn 2 days ago
Why you did not join at nba
8:06 Really? Edit: 8:57 WTF?!
Delmar pelaez
Delmar pelaez 2 days ago
9:52 WTF
Kevin S
Kevin S 2 days ago
Where did you learn to ball
Jacob Wilkerson
Jacob Wilkerson 2 days ago
God_Of _shinobi
God_Of _shinobi 2 days ago
Bro give me your hands and legs
BeastnSoccer 247
BeastnSoccer 247 2 days ago
I’m starting to get back into basketball for a hobbie and to lose weight but man I want to be good like u
James Bowles
James Bowles 2 days ago
caracasaltavista 3 days ago
This dude is crazy!!!
MlBB HUB 3 days ago
That car is *AWFUL*
TheGschultz 3 days ago
Are they college hoopers? Division infinity?
brad animations
brad animations 3 days ago
Hammer 3 days ago
Even if I had no ankles you would still break my ankles
brite gunner boy
brite gunner boy 3 days ago
Why u aint in nba tf
Hearts & Smiles
Hearts & Smiles 4 days ago
I’m not a massive basketball fan but that was insane
Fabian Girsch
Fabian Girsch 4 days ago
Sometimes you make that typical Paul Walker face. 4:13
9oyardd 4 days ago
My nigga at 9:05 looks like Frozone
The ODEESHO 4 days ago
Who said white people cant play bball
DreamTaker 4 days ago
... in school we learn that only 3 steps are allowed
DreamTaker 4 days ago
for example 5:01 he has the ball in his hand is doing like 4-5 steps..
KSI The GOAT 5 days ago
9:11 whoaaaa😂🔥🔥🔥
Iplayz YT
Iplayz YT 5 days ago
I still wonder if he is even human?
Lemur gaming
Lemur gaming 5 days ago
He should be in the NBA he’s insane
Jay Sharma
Jay Sharma 6 days ago
This video is 100% made-up
Power Off
Power Off 6 days ago
Why he is not in nba?
Adrian T.
Adrian T. 6 days ago
For all the guys filming in portrait mode: Please don't! 🤣
sweaty Playz
sweaty Playz 6 days ago
i watch him then i want to plap badkidball butt gett my enkels took
Francis Aldana
Francis Aldana 6 days ago
Hey Professor.. When you comin' back to Laguna!? Be dope to watch this live!
aaron willmann
aaron willmann 6 days ago
who tf is recording both of them while they were interviewing the 🚙
Mo m
Mo m 6 days ago
How does he have the real batmobile If the real batmobile is in the Batman ride at 6 flags over Texas?
TBK UnKNOWN 6 days ago
This man pulled up in the batmobile😂😂🔥
Michael Callopy
Michael Callopy 6 days ago
he is for sure cocky he made an excuse when you were beating him and braking his ankles (:
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 7 days ago
Never disappoints
Earl Gaming
Earl Gaming 7 days ago
Signature moves #SIGNATUREMOVES
L00pZ Kat
L00pZ Kat 7 days ago
Try to find a way to make this happen ... Professor vs Kyrie to 21
gr 8
gr 8 7 days ago
Wolf Man
Wolf Man 7 days ago
Random person: I bet you a 1,000$ dollars you can’t beat The Professor. Me: Ok (Plays with The Professor for 5 seconds) Me: Where’s my checkbook?
69Oh Yeah Yeah69
69Oh Yeah Yeah69 7 days ago
The Wilson evo is an indoor ball g whatchu doin with dat out there
wayneright YT
wayneright YT 8 days ago
Filipino's? May12? Still watching?
XxTheGodxX X
XxTheGodxX X 8 days ago
no why, why would you do that?...
Meteor 64
Meteor 64 8 days ago
DC who
Cholele2004 295
Cholele2004 295 8 days ago
This dude is the Neymar and Messi of Basketball humilliating oponnents tipic of the G.O.A.T.S
She's Crafty
She's Crafty 8 days ago
Get that car again and do a BATMAN BASKETBALL
Bro I saw you on the highway and I my brother took a video and it looks exactly the same
Andrew Major
Andrew Major 8 days ago
Saw this on recommended.... filmed super close to my area, very cool
Thut Max
Thut Max 9 days ago
Pull up to the Inland empire.. The real Hooper's here.. San Bernardino CA.. Ask yo boy Bone Collector he can't thru use to call him Speedy from Pasadena, ask him about the dudes from Dino.. You would love the competition and Koo people.. Holla if you want to get down with the real are ballers.. Laguna is nice but not the place for real sessions..
husserliana 9 days ago
We isn't this guy NBA gettig 7 figures pay-checks instead of being a fucking youtuber? Seriously?
Femi Kolade
Femi Kolade 9 days ago
Crazy moves #Respeck
Toney Cook
Toney Cook 9 days ago
Did anybody notice the wip he hop out of ??
AkashN 74
AkashN 74 9 days ago
Why does the car look plastic?
Krystal Hu
Krystal Hu 9 days ago
tbrooks9970 10 days ago
He just be makin folks look silly lol
fadoul fadoul
fadoul fadoul 10 days ago
Remedy_PPW 10 days ago
Yeah... I think I found the sickest vid on youtube!
Dominique Dailey
Dominique Dailey 10 days ago
You can tell it wasn't any black people there. Shit was quite as fuck on the ankle breaker. Sounded like a golfing match.
k p
k p 10 days ago
He was on his knees to marry u😂
yaoyao Xiong
yaoyao Xiong 10 days ago
colin horwedel
colin horwedel 10 days ago
7:35, that kid sounded so disappointed at your channel name, like he was expecting something like “xX69baller4life420Xx”
Ernesto Vazquez
Ernesto Vazquez 10 days ago
This why im broke.com
AZ Hiquiana
AZ Hiquiana 10 days ago
Can you do a reveal with your basketballs aka in door
iammacio 10 days ago
Made me laugh out loud. Thanks man.
MansterBear 11 days ago
4:40 "The definitely not gonna work.." haha
Brice kelly
Brice kelly 11 days ago
Nothing says dope ass hooper like having to put down your Starbucks. #reallygay
BigRanman 11 days ago
[Cush4free ]
[Cush4free ] 11 days ago
That kid was so random.
Julian Delgadillo
Julian Delgadillo 11 days ago
Once professor has the ball. GAME OVER
Caesa_r 11 days ago
He should be in the NBA wtf
Aelerity 11 days ago
what beach is this?
Charlie and The Cringe Factory
I beg you get a haircut
blaster91 11 days ago
he had one of those days when he felt good. hes mechanics was working ! had a good breakfest !
MegaTriumph1 11 days ago
Batmobile and excellent play = Awesome volg!.
Snow Yt
Snow Yt 11 days ago
Bro I used the thang ware u cross your legs with the basketball and bring it back and I got 6 points just by doing that
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 11 days ago
7:09 tho
William Martin
William Martin 11 days ago
Seriously?! I knew he(the 1st challenger) wasn't gonna be a hooper when i saw those chicken legs, running shoes and fat shaking around, that boy hasn't played enough ball to gain any skills. Get off the MW3 COD Son, and spend some time on the court putting the work in.
Joshua Ehl
Joshua Ehl 11 days ago
Pretty good.
Bruno Cunha
Bruno Cunha 11 days ago
what place is this court?
Maya wm
Maya wm 12 days ago
daryl cadelina
daryl cadelina 12 days ago
7:08 Ankle breaks defender clip
Adrian Grant
Adrian Grant 12 days ago
Johnny Sins played basketball? Ive never seen a video about that.
John Kendrick Lladoc
your so rich
Tahmeed Rahman
Tahmeed Rahman 12 days ago
Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this video is so dooope 🔥 That ending was insaaane 💯
SlimShady 720990
SlimShady 720990 12 days ago
Your bullying them
Mark Uchiha
Mark Uchiha 12 days ago
That dude do not play for college playing D like that 💀
TheJellyBeanGamer 12 days ago
My friends dad owns that now But it looks different I didn’t see the bat wheels Maybe it was a copy Edit:just looked at the old pictures yes it did have the bat wheels but not the bat seats
Justin 12 days ago
this motherfucker needs a better haircut
Kalfi 12 days ago
I bet he has the n word pass
Joel Luna
Joel Luna 12 days ago
Legend has it, that guys ankles are still on the court 😱
anthony conner
anthony conner 10 days ago
DennyH.L 12 days ago
8:54 "Is that Terry Crews and the Professor on the court?!?!" I'M WEAK BRUH
Ayet vlogs
Ayet vlogs 12 days ago
You’re amazing at basketball!!!
kymani henry
kymani henry 12 days ago
kymani henry
kymani henry 12 days ago
Brush the sad thing is he just walked away saying nothing like THATS TUFF
kymani henry
kymani henry 10 days ago
Drix y
Drix y 11 days ago
kymani henry it’s also tuff your only like is yours
kymani henry
kymani henry 12 days ago
So we just gonna go threw the legs then go behind the back all the way around him and hit the layup off ur career is over I’m sorry dude just stop playing
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