Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks Defender's Knee [Batmobile]

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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Salam YouTube
Salam YouTube 18 hours ago
Very Very fine
José Molina
José Molina Day ago
Last play: RIDICULOUS!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Utkarsh Day ago
Why doesnt this guy play in the nba
EZY Music
EZY Music 2 days ago
When you see someone pulling up with a batmobile you know it's over
Nick Bowman
Nick Bowman 3 days ago
Whats his youtube channel called lmaooo woow
Mergen Ayata
Mergen Ayata 3 days ago
What a fucking CHAD.
Dlaba Records TV
Dlaba Records TV 4 days ago
kaz uma
kaz uma 4 days ago
What a fuckin legend rolls up in style. Balls these dudes up like NBA 2k but with hacks then leaves in the batmobile in real life. Like wtf so damn epic. Those moves where just insane. On the real i remember growing up watching him spyder hotsauce all those guys an i didn't know he had a RUvid channel. I remember they where what really got me playing basketball in my home town.
yo boy marty
yo boy marty 4 days ago
Your car is fire
수가라 4 days ago
BrennanPlays 300
BrennanPlays 300 4 days ago
Anyone notice the noise of r2d2 at 8:40 ? Or is that just me?
Kimberly Brewer
Kimberly Brewer 4 days ago
I saw you at the beach may 27 i wanted to ask for a picture but my dad would not let me because he said it was rude to ask for a picture when they are sitting down.
DJ Oreeyo
DJ Oreeyo 5 days ago
That dude got his ankles broken so bad, it looked like he was kneeling down to sing a solo 😂😂😂
Ryan 5 days ago
Cybernetic 6 days ago
Did anyone ever find challenger 2 ankles?
Rei Fuyuki
Rei Fuyuki 6 days ago
Was that a shaguar in the backround lol
Salah Grid
Salah Grid 6 days ago
Iloy Terol
Iloy Terol 6 days ago
Mr Professor is great player
Dat Boi Guajardo
Dat Boi Guajardo 8 days ago
I would’ve told That kid ask if finish line still has an AND1 mixtape before you ask about my RUvid Chanel
Dat Boi Guajardo
Dat Boi Guajardo 8 days ago
I would’ve told That kid ask if finish line still has an AND1 mixtape before you ask about my RUvid Chanel
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 8 days ago
Some of those moves are done by the Harlem Globetrotters
Joe Marie Pranisa
Wow mr. Proffesor live.
Newaz Ahmed
Newaz Ahmed 8 days ago
Legend just ffen awesome. I would love to play you front of my son. Get my ass kicked for sure but he will definitely see my 110% effort and always remember the moment . Professor you are amazing
Fyllz07 8 days ago
Swear I seen this I’m gta
Outlawz 8 days ago
он их просто уничтожил))хахаха
Evan Shanks
Evan Shanks 9 days ago
Can you be in the NBA
Sixsahi Santos
Sixsahi Santos 10 days ago
College hooper was a minute behind
Beatbox Mado
Beatbox Mado 10 days ago
Its so amazing man 🔥🔥🔥😂
FERREIRA VFX 10 days ago
O cara quebrou o pé em 10 partes
Minecraft Gamer PH
Minecraft Gamer PH 10 days ago
Your my idol in dribble
Jake Hughes
Jake Hughes 11 days ago
sub to me to not get covid-19
And why is the professor not in the NBA
Withdraw 13 days ago
This dude's jumper is a crime against humanity.
Arnout Vanderfeesten
Anucha Prakobkij
Anucha Prakobkij 13 days ago
love how people were so accepting of their loss. Respect
joselito Demillo
joselito Demillo 15 days ago
Wow..very nice car😎😎😎
gromusic gromusic
gromusic gromusic 15 days ago
This is guy is great i whis i can play basket whit him 1one1 im from the 🇳🇱
teeduck 15 days ago
Dude is slow and fat
Kian Amber Mendoza
Kian Amber Mendoza 15 days ago
T N Believe
T N Believe 16 days ago
O K Professor next time put on your batman outfit....
vacata97 16 days ago
Not used to the professor looking tall
Leonardo Borges
Leonardo Borges 16 days ago
WTF y r Goku turn a jiraya
voteZDLR 17 days ago
He understands the psychology of basketball really well. It translates I think for him better into 1v1 games. If he only has one person to focus on he can dance all over them. He plays well in team situations too, though. I don't know if he could play NBA but I don't think it's any coincidence he's made a career out of basically teaching people how to translate his ideas into actual games.
Sir Wolfenstein Reveli
Holy cow!! Amazing. Sick! My stomach is hurting right now.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 17 days ago
You can always tell when one of the people who challenge him to a game will lose horribly, when the first time defending they are flat footed AF. Watch good defenders move around, they move on the balls of their feet, these guys when they move, they throw their whole foot to the side and are losing so much time and speed doing so. Anyone who actually knows how to play ball will know what i mean.
3:12 merry weather is that u lol
Aleto. Kin.
Aleto. Kin. 18 days ago
7:29 this could be a meme
Aleto. Kin.
Aleto. Kin. 18 days ago
I just wanna let you be able to go home with ankle's dude
じゅんさと 18 days ago
John Tolto
John Tolto 18 days ago
OMG this man is crazy Once he bounced it off the rim and caught it then shot in the air I died. I thought my brother was good
Bnoise22 19 days ago
They just let yall drive this With no supervision? what if yall crashed it?
charles pleshe
charles pleshe 19 days ago
I think my ankles were broken just by watching this
Joe Thames
Joe Thames 19 days ago
Hooper says he will beat the professor So you have chosen death
JIMMY YANG 20 days ago
i though that was bonecollector
Angel Matos
Angel Matos 21 day ago
Wow! A global ambassador.
Born Foodiee
Born Foodiee 21 day ago
Killer moves,
freedomfyter 22 days ago
Swami please stay with cricketbthe only sport yall are halfway good at.
james sanders
james sanders 23 days ago
YO....yall two should've had your supersuits on. Batman and Superman crossover lol
Otac Pavle Macola
Otac Pavle Macola 24 days ago
Al je fora da Pere ove sto ne mogu da dišu 😅😅😅
James Stevens
James Stevens 25 days ago
This guy is a fantastic ambassador for the sport of basketball. Great attitude, plays the street ball thing and always gives respect even when cocky challengers come on strong.
Auroi FN
Auroi FN 25 days ago
7:27 the guy in one of the new videos
Denny Law
Denny Law 25 days ago
Has the little Spanish smart mouthed punk in the white t-shirt ever played basketball before??
Jamal O.
Jamal O. 25 days ago
7:09 broke ankles 7:19 replay
Mikaele Manua
Mikaele Manua 25 days ago
Dude says first time I played in 3 months bruh if your playing the professor you def should of been training since you was a babe 😂
Parwar Mohammed
Parwar Mohammed 25 days ago
Like the bat is not leaving us alone
bboyhwoarang 25 days ago
What a beautiful sight they should make courts like that in nba 2k Park really nice scenery!
Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr 25 days ago
The professor is a fucking legend!! Bro fr
Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr 25 days ago
This shit makes me so happy bro. You don’t know how many hours of the same and 1 mixtape I watched on replay just cause there was no internet back in the day damn this is dope
craig Malhava
craig Malhava 25 days ago
Imagen he crashed it 😂😂😂😂😈
Grayden Martinak
Grayden Martinak 26 days ago
The tornado pull on the second guy was insane
Joe Wichterman
Joe Wichterman 27 days ago
6:49 professor spanks the guy lol
Nicholas Ostiguy
Nicholas Ostiguy 27 days ago
I love the guy in the green shirt he is hilarious!
Basketbite 27 days ago
7:06 the place you came for
† Giuseppe Mannino †
Hooper is so dumb, no one can beat Mr. professor
Greenbeankids 28 days ago
cool video
ahmet kemal tanas
ahmet kemal tanas 28 days ago
Professor shoes ?
Charles Lochard
Charles Lochard 29 days ago
Blitz Fire
Blitz Fire 29 days ago
I think he meant to say was "I'm not sure if he will beat me by 5 or 10"
ivanex k.
ivanex k. 29 days ago
What do you advise me to have handle ball like you please
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