Products You Could Resell Online For A Surprising Profit

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You can resell lots of ordinary products online for a huge profit. All you need is to be smart to make a fortune flogging items on ebay!
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Jun 16, 2019

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Comments 311
Seadweller451D 9 days ago
Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall?
Abbe Abbesson
Abbe Abbesson 13 days ago
My dad had one of the star wars figures when he was 11
Spring Trapped 553
Spring Trapped 553 13 days ago
They still sell kitkat gold here in Australia
Bat Williams
Bat Williams 13 days ago
We got a lot of pine cones here, come get all you want, keeps me from having to clean the yard as much 😂
Nicholas Joy 2
Nicholas Joy 2 13 days ago
So if you have a thousand paper toilet rolls than it's worth $200
just sage
just sage 13 days ago
In Suffolk county, long island, new york...weve been paying 5 cents for our plastic bags for a while now, too. (I work in nassau county, and they're still free there) And, P.S., the bags i pay for in many stores are LESS quality
Big Si
Big Si 14 days ago
the bag was a piss take listing idiot
Thepetgetter 14 days ago
I had the full stikeez set but I sold them for 5 dollars :(
Josh green
Josh green 14 days ago
The Nike air 90s are $220 per shoe now and you can desine it yourself
kj snipes
kj snipes 14 days ago
I got one of those FORTNITE copy’s
Radu Summoner
Radu Summoner 15 days ago
Rohan Banoor
Rohan Banoor 12 days ago
Radu Summoner star wars kinda sucks. Only the first 3 part were good.
KPOT 15 days ago
sold for £3 in store ebay £7999 Narrator: 3 times more expensive !!!
Lego Cuber
Lego Cuber 13 days ago
It’s 3000 times more no 3 listen 11:03
cloud ix
cloud ix 15 days ago
1. Pretty much any limited editions Supreme items where you have to wait in line, you can easily flip it 2-3x the retail price.
jill pennell
jill pennell 16 days ago
Fortnite is dumb Minecraft is better
Scott Petters
Scott Petters 16 days ago
I saw the seszuan sauce being sold at comic Con for $25 per single packet.
Frederik 17 days ago
Hahah in Denmark you can still get KitKat Gold and the original rebina
Hooked Up Vlogs
Hooked Up Vlogs 18 days ago
The thing on that Star Wars character looks like he has a giant wiener on his head
hossmonkey1 21 day ago
I can list a turd on ebay for 100K; Doesn't make the turd worth a 100k until someone buys it! Quote actual "sold" for prices, not some unreasonable price some jackass put on ebay, that has no bids and will never sell!?
Pascal Nickels
Pascal Nickels 23 days ago
You forget to mention the "0 bids" near the high prices - every idiot can put an item on ebay and set a ridiculous high price without finding someone to buy it. Buying that striped dress for 60£ and seeing the price doubled at 79.99$, well, you better learn how to calculate. After 5 minutes you presented so much BS that I stopped watching. Oh, want to buy my empty cigarette boxes? I sell them for only 99'999.99€ each...
Zib Plays
Zib Plays 24 days ago
3:05 is not true, The first iphone that used a letter was probably an iphone 2G. but if you want JUST letters then look no further than the iphone se, the se is ACTUALLY the first iphone that used letters and not numbers. BE AMAZED clearly does not search up for the other stuff. Thats called misinformation. :)
EatSleepDie 27 days ago
My mom threw stikeez away last year!! 😭😭😭😭😭
WABBI MATRIX 27 days ago
In some specific stores in las vegas they still sell kit kat gold because people are too stupid to realise its limited edition
enigmatic vegeance
enigmatic vegeance 28 days ago
Do you Done this thing's?
Karvast 28 days ago
8:04 actually i do lol
Ikea Uppsala
Ikea Uppsala 29 days ago
a product that nobody wants to buy, is worth nothing.
kunkka5 29 days ago
there is nothing to buy, I can get it for free
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 29 days ago
Argiod Silvertongue
1: people with lots of money are stupid 2: it's all well and good to point out these things; but how does one pick a 'winner' out of the tons of junk that's sold in our glutted market place? I can see a lot of folks going out and buying up tons of junk, thinking they're going to 'make a killing' online; just to find out, it is rare to spot such a trend at its inception.
Derek Month ago
#12 know your facts b4 making a video, noobs!
Dion Miles-Pengilly
Dude I’m with you on the dress to me it don’t even look that good
RobFlex Month ago
Pokémon cards?
crispix120 Month ago
ebay is not an online shop but an online auction house after all. In an auction you make the biggest profit when you have something rare to offer for sale which no one else has but which everyone wants! So it's no surprise that popular sold-out items sell well on ebay, aswell as limited editions and stuff like that, in any category from e.g. clothes, games, art, merchandise, technology to candy. The tricky part is to research and find out what people are looking for at a given time and then put it for sale on ebay, if you're lucky and have the item which everyone is crazy for! And it doesn't matter if it's some expensive brand item or just used toilet paper rolls. People buy anything on ebay. As a ebay seller you just need to be smart enough to know what it is.
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime Month ago
You missed a big one. Magic the gathering cards from the 90's are literally worth a fortune in many cases.
Call Me NASCAR 29 days ago
Ikr man i heard there is one for 50 000$
digitalclock Month ago
as soon as I saw the fortnite section I had to go puke
Øystein Month ago
The "iPhone X 2" (XS) is out. And because people try to sell something for 15 times the price does not mean they actually get that much. The iPhones are not even worth 1000$ to begin with🙈 There are better phones for half the price. Just stick a Apple logo on one of them😂 I am never buying apple products again😏
Zhac Taplan
Zhac Taplan Month ago
supergaytor Month ago
And the hoarders are born
Zeivu's Gaming
Zeivu's Gaming Month ago
4:00 - is that where the South Park joke came from?
Seth NoWai
Seth NoWai Month ago
Also having a box and everything when you are selling used items, be it PC hardware, mobile phone,... can help to drive the price up and in some instances, make offer feel more trustworthy, since it might indicate someone who cared about the thing. So just because box is for older iPhone, if you won't resell yours for this or that reason, box might be worth selling. Also in some instances, if you have broken console, older computers or even in some cases phone, you could try selling that as well, it won't give you back a fortune, but that trash can definitely will have the lowest offer of 0USD. So sell it to someone who thinks they can fix it, even if it is for like 20-40USD, though depending on item it could be worth more. I mean if it doesn't sell, you can always throw it away latter.
carlos Arredondo
Funko pops!!!!🤑🤑🤑😁
Nibba Scam
Nibba Scam Month ago
What I do is get stuff from the dollar tree and sell them for 2x the price gets me a few more bucks
Jason R. Rich
Jason R. Rich Month ago
Technically with the Stickeez thing you had to pay $30 to get one and if they’re selling for $25 on ebay its a good deal
Ben Dordoy
Ben Dordoy Month ago
I don't have any of these in my home but number 12 make me to buy physicals copies of fortnite from game and sale the on ebay for a profit
EyeluvHughGrant Month ago
ebay still exists?
NotMeGaming Month ago
Hey BE AMAZED if i listed my old toenail clippings for $1,000,000 on ebay would you include that? No one will buy it but apparently something being listed at a high price on ebay is = it being sold.
Christine Moolman
I still have three full sets of stickeez and the SA original full set and creatures of the sea full set in front of me now if I do math that's nine full sets of stickeez
Lostatsea86 Month ago
Oh yeah, I just remembered that obscure Tesla surfboard that I've never thought about sitting in my garage.
bkingk8 Month ago
Idiots lined up.
JusticeGraceful Month ago
2:17 angers me, stop being so happy about collecting garbage. Yeah they're all bags but LOOK at that mess.
Durr Onesie
Durr Onesie Month ago
The iPhone box also sells for people who want to troll there kids on xmas or their birthday
Wilson Figueiredo
Wilson Figueiredo 26 days ago
Or try and scam someone
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