Product Photography At Home: Beginner to Intermediate Photography Tips | 3 Quick Tips

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Want to learn how to take product photos? Interested in knowing how to light product photos? Trying to create a home studio on a budget? Jake and Bobby show you their somewhat DIY photography setup, lighting techniques and equipment. Learn product photography tips, no matter what your budget is!
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Gear used:
- Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lens bhpho.to/2aX1KYX
- Impact Wall Plate with 5/8" Locking Receiver bhpho.to/2oOlalU
- Profoto B10 OCF Flash Head bhpho.to/38uJEYg
- Profoto OCF Softbox (1 x 3') bhpho.to/2HnVho4
- Nikon Z 7 Mirrorless Digital Camera bhpho.to/2Pw0Pzq
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Comments 42
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Do you have any questions about product photography?
Mahdi Khavari
Mahdi Khavari 6 hours ago
How can I find the stones?
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 14 days ago
why focus stack if the aperture is at f18?
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 16 days ago
@JayGrapher.Th More light is the better solution. A longer shutter speed would not be a bad plan B though. >Mark
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 16 days ago
@Farras M N We will pass this suggestion along to our video team!
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 16 days ago
@KetchupWTFYT Assuming small product photography? Consider the product size, working distance from the product, lighting: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Nikon F B&H # SI5014AN: bhpho.to/3b7gm2X >Mark
Joseph chan
Joseph chan 3 days ago
I am watching the video over again. Many thanks for video.
Joseph chan
Joseph chan 6 days ago
I plan on using speed light for some product shots and edit it in Photoshop during stay home for fun.
Andreу Pashko
Andreу Pashko 9 days ago
Mr. Jorge
Mr. Jorge 11 days ago
Awesome done
Mr. Jorge
Mr. Jorge 10 days ago
I own a Nikon D5300 and I tried to record a video. Then I tried to downloaded into my iPhone from the Nikon app but there was no video to download it just showed an X. I don’t know if you know anything about this? What could have happened or what do I need to do? Thanks
danz beard
danz beard 19 days ago
great video 💯
f1.8 20 days ago
'In the comfort of your very own home'. With a 2k$ camera, a 700$ lens, and 500$ in lighting. I mean, sure, you don't need to spend 5k on a studio setup, but all the equipment of this video is still expensive and not everyone can pay that. Nice tutorial though :)
Eligijus K.
Eligijus K. 13 days ago
Did you even watch whole video? Of course you will at least need a camera and lens what did you except? Whats next? you start claiming video is bad because he used software to edit photos and did not teach us to create our own version of photoshop from scratch....
Сельская жизнь .
это очень забавная история
Daemon Diks
Daemon Diks 24 days ago
Mika Paananen
Mika Paananen 26 days ago
Long shutter speeds with flashlight and white office paper did the job for me quite a few times :D
Making Skidmarks
Making Skidmarks 29 days ago
4:10 , was that with the 105 macro lens?! I have been using that on a D810, but even at f30 there is too shallow depth of field and makes the whole shot unusable! And with the aperture that small, even an LED ring light + 2 Lume Cubes on full power is barely enough to light the scene. How did you get it so sharp at f5.6?!
Robert Sansivero
Robert Sansivero 10 days ago
Making Skidmarks Shallow DoF is just the nature of the macro lens. Anything that close to the lens is going to be super shallow. When I first started shooting products I was getting nothing but shallow images so I had to learn to focus stack and now that’s a staple of any products I shoot. Stick with it! - Bobby
Making Skidmarks
Making Skidmarks 28 days ago
@B&H Photo Video Thanks for the reply, Bobby! I guess I'll need to play around with my setup. My main concern was that at even such a small aperture, my photos have incredibly shallow depth of field. I was photographing tabletop miniatures a few weeks ago, and even at f30 and above, 99% of the figure was out of focus. I thought that was the nature of the macro lens, and that I'd have to focus stack, but you got such beautiful single shots! I guess this is why you're the professional!
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 28 days ago
Yes, the Nikon 105mm Micro was used for all of these photos. For setups where you have very little light it's all about shutter speed. I was able to shoot at whatever aperture I wanted because I would just adjust my shutter speed to capture more light from the scene. The photo at 4:10 was 1/8th of a second shutter speed. Your ring light and a Lume Cube should be able to light a static scene no problem with a prolonged exposure. - Bobby
The Next Hobby
The Next Hobby Month ago
Learn how to do it with a speedlight and a cheap shoot-through umbrella or softbox instead of a more expensive and weaker continuous light and you'll be able to apply that to taking pictures of people and things larger than wristwatches as well. This is particularly true given that digital cameras and speedlights let you quickly dial in manual settings with only a little trial-and-error if needed.
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 29 days ago
Thanks for the tip!
Enoch Month ago
Ana Cadena
Ana Cadena Month ago
For product photography do you always take multiple photos and combined in photoshop, so product is all in focus? or if taking one image what is the best aperture to shoot for sharp and in focus product?
Robert Sansivero
Ana Cadena I think it depends on what you’re photographing. Personally, I do both. If I just wanted a single spot on the watch in focus I would have just taken one photo. If you’re taking a single image and you want as much in focus as possible then you’ll want a more closed down aperture. Usually the middle range will get you the sharpest images, like f/8. - Bobby
Erwin Roossien
Erwin Roossien Month ago
Nice. I use the same lens for detail shots. Sigma 105mm os
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Great choice for detail shots!
Virtual Warp
Virtual Warp Month ago
I tried accomplishing these results with the flash on my phone to photograph my computer mouse cause I don't have the right softbox for such a small subject. I placed it on a nice looking mouse mat and I'd say, it did the job pretty well. I didn't bother focus stacking, as it's just an example. www.flickr.com/photos/164287728@N03/49590557082/in/dateposted-public/
sen pai
sen pai Month ago
Very good
Istanbul Street Tour
DigitalQi Month ago
Focus stacking video please.
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video 16 days ago
We have just added a focus stacking video - check it out here: ruvid.net/video/video-L1K__AUMtIY.html
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Thanks for the suggestion, we'll pass it along!
Tech 24/7 TV
Tech 24/7 TV Month ago
I love these DIY videos.
Quinton Marchand
I do product photography full time in a professional studio and these are great tips! Though, I would try to stay away from incandescent bulbs - you can get $50 off brand speedlite and a transmitter that will do just fine. Black and white tri-fold foam core boards are my best friend for bouncing and flagging light. I like using strobes and hot lights for different scenarios, I love the power of the strobe, but hot lights are easier to work with for mirrorless cameras. I find that proper white balance and color can be difficult when working with different sources of light so i always throw a color checker in a test shot to make it easier in post, they are way more expensive than they need to be but there are $15 alternatives. We have huge seamless paper backdrops in the studio, but they are a pain to swap out by myself, so I usually just stick with a light gray then mask and use a gradient map in Photoshop to change the back drop color. The blue sticky tack teachers use is great for propping up or holding small products in place.
Peter Lemke
Peter Lemke 21 day ago
@doogieham Try an arts/craft supplier as a first call.
doogieham Month ago
Thanks for the tip. Where did you get your tri-fold foam core boards from?
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Thanks for these tips!
Akinavka Gudzuru
у сцука
Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson Month ago
thanks, loved this tutorial. helped me to try this at home. thanks so much
Wes Jerdon
Wes Jerdon Month ago
I am more interested in knowing as to why you have two button up shirts.. Lol.
Jake Estes
Jake Estes Month ago
Wes Jerdon I like layers, the top layer is a button down collared shirt, the one below it is a long sleeve Henley shirt and then a basic t shirt underneath that :)
Selyouk Month ago
Gabe731 Month ago
Looks exactly like an apartment I saw in Inwood.
firebeecher Month ago
May I add, and yes look at my profile pic, if you use the paper towel to defuse an incandescent light remember that these light bulbs get HOT and can start a fire with the paper towel. SO PLEASE make sure there is space between the bulb and the paper. Actually any paper and an incandescent light bulb is dangerous. You may want to think about using wax or parchment paper that is rated to go into the oven to soften/defuse the harsh light of an incandescent bulb.
Fredo Corleone
Fredo Corleone Month ago
firebeecher What fool would press the paper directly against the bulb? Defeats the entire purpose of adding diffusion. And an low watt incandescent bulb isn’t a Tota. Calm down.
DSLR Dave Month ago
Normally when i saw a stroke that keep my attention is not a good sign (the back panel is awesome!!!)... until i go see on your site: 1700$usd for the head alone - OUCH!
Vic Peralta
Vic Peralta Month ago
Excellent video. This is the kind of video instruction we need. Keep it up!
Steven Kamradt
Steven Kamradt Month ago
I have both a white and black project boards that I use as reflectors/flags. Very cheap and work very well. Grab two white ones and attach them together with some gaffers tape along one side. Then you can use it as a mini vflat. The black card I use for curved surfaces to kill some highlights and make the curve more accentuated.
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Thanks for sharing this tip!
Pierre Burnaugh
Pierre Burnaugh Month ago
Nice video, it’s worth mentioning for those shooting with incandescent bulbs especially, color balancing concerns.
Sidney Diongzon
Sidney Diongzon Month ago
Moazzem Hossain
Moazzem Hossain Month ago
Stacked at last ...
ehsanr21 Month ago
This Is Very Helpful Video Thanks 🍎🏮🎈
Bill Losse
Bill Losse Month ago
Profoto is not budget, go to home depot and get some lights and then you'll have budget.
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones Month ago
I never would have thought about paper towels! Great educational video and fun! Thanks
Lysander Spooner
Parchment paper for baking makes a great diffuser and won't catch on fire. And when your done with photography you can bake cookies!
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
David Senteno
David Senteno Month ago
Paper towels and shower curtains. Next time I'm at the Dollar Store Im going to get all my studio supplies. Oh yeah they have clamps there as well. No I'm not joking. 😁
Chuck Devlin
Chuck Devlin Month ago
The tip for creating defused light with paper towels and a picture frame was great. So simple, but I never thought about it. This will work for me - I have three tt685 speedlights and a x-pro trigger, but no defuser.
Jorgiño Luis
Jorgiño Luis Month ago
I wish I could learn how to shoot objects that the light seems to be coming inside from it... Maybe that could be next tutorial? I bought my hole cameraset at b&h. By the way my camera is Nikon D750
Michael Blade
Michael Blade Month ago
Thanks for sharing I’m going to practice this with my Nikon d5600 and my lumecube light
Joshua Berkowicz
Alex What about the Aputure MC? It seems like it’s geared towards pros.
Michael Blade
Michael Blade Month ago
Alex thanks even if I use the Diffuser
Alex Month ago
small heads up: lumecube has bad color rendition, that might be frustrating in post.
Sevag Markarian
Sevag Markarian Month ago
Hi,B&H Do you recommend a lens Tamron 35-150mm f/2.8-4 Di VC OSD Lens for Canon eos r for portrait and head shots ?
B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video Month ago
Yes, the Tamron 35-150mm f/2.8-4 Di VC OSD Lens for Canon can be adapted to the Canon EOS R with the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R , B&H # CAMAEFRFCR in order to shoot portraits/headshots. bhpho.to/2p9fLeL
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