Pro-Trump media reacts to Romney's vote against Trump

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Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) voted to remove President Trump from office on Feb. 5. Conservative commentators weren't happy. Read more: wapo.st/3b8QpAG. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Comments 80
Gus McCrae
Gus McCrae 13 days ago
I am even more anxious to vote for Trump.
It's great to see the gop divided Trump was right the democrats for decades has been vicious & stick together they don't mitt Romney in their party or Atleast as a democrat!!! 😂
NickDe39 Month ago
Could not vote for a guy that made millions screwing people selling stocks or that other guy giving state aid in Illinois. Never cared much for Trump either until he opened his mouth and for the first time in a very long time told things exactly how they were and how he was going to fix them. But seem to be a huge minority trying to fix him. Got to get rid of that minority that is actually a majority in the house. Now this new guy running making 64 billion for himself with stock software. No way in hell he could do this by himself, but only gave the people that could, gave them pennies. And says he is for the people, can't believe that BS, he is for himself.
Christian Asian Dude
The Democratic Party hated him when he ran for president...weird.
immensely human
immensely human Month ago
Trumpers are just deplorable.... They would call Jesus the deep state the same Donald Trump lmao
Abraham Ward
Abraham Ward Month ago
I would gladly vote for any Republican that stands against that orange trash.
catcherbloc1 Month ago
America's mainstream media is hilarious! Lol. Fox News embodies America's core principles and values.
Kevin Wynn
Kevin Wynn Month ago
Mitt Romney is a Democratic implant in the Republican party. Just look at the lackluster campaign he ran against Obama. He smiled and kissed babies to get the bid but eventually showed his true colors. America is awake now. It's these career politicians we are ready to get rid of. Trump 2020
Peter Zandroff
Peter Zandroff Month ago
Romney......What a F...... TRAITOR!
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger Month ago
Mitt Romney is nauseating. Literally. That's why I didn't vote for him.
squamishfish Month ago
Great on Romney for not being a coward and standing up to the self imposed king authoritarian now in the office, Putins toy boy draft dodger tough guy woman abusing pussey grabber president
aShura Month ago
I dnt think Trump is intelligent enough to be "infiltrated". You just go and join.
Janie Roberson
Janie Roberson Month ago
Your spews of hate toward another human being to uphold his faith his convictions. It was the RIGHT thing to do. Romney doesn't care about running again so his honesty and freedom to vote for himself not the onesided republican party he has gotten many americans to see that no group no political party no cult like followers are allowed to control your freedom of speech your freedom of doing what is right. Period. Shame on you Fox News.
curt james
curt james Month ago
Your supose to vote what you believe, trump is agresive, some times he pushes limits, so did many pres.
Remem Bort
Remem Bort Month ago
Fox just hit a new LOWEST BOTTOM RECORD
Brenda Durr
Brenda Durr Month ago
Idiots. Pure imbeciles
Brenda Durr
Brenda Durr Month ago
1 republucan with GUTS
Sandy Month ago
Brietbart. Scalia. Limbaugh. 25 Republican Senators playing softball.
Dingles Month ago
If it were a mandatory requirement for media to publish factual news only and propaganda were outlawed, Mitt Romney could not even stand for Congress. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, NYT, (owned by a criminal Mexican Drug Lord), Time, Warner, Disney, WashPo, HuffPo, The Guardian, the LA Times, (a Communist outlet), and the rest of the presstitutes in the Ministry of Propaganda would not and could not exist, while faux Special Counsels and Impeachment Trials could never happen.
Margarita Gomez Medina
For Trump all migrants are second class 🤔 latín black CUBANS chicanos 🤔 blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA 🤔 NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL 🤔 Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE 🤔
Pat Walker
Pat Walker Month ago
Turns out the one genuine Christian in the Republican Senate is a Mormon. The rest appear to be posers.
Dingles Month ago
It's spelt "poseurs". Mitt Romney is the Judas Iscariot of American politics. Fled from Michigan and then from Massacusetts for bankrupting thousands of businesses with his Communist Solicalist policies, before he went into hiding in Utah.
deskjockie49 Month ago
I wouldn't be surprised to see Romney invited to appear on many liberal talk shows so he can continue his comments against Trump. He should be removed from the Republican party and sign up with the Dems. As to his religious convictions, as a card-carrying Mormon who attends the temple, Romney vows to uphold the Constitution. He has neither upheld the Constitution, nor kept his vow.
CMG Month ago
Pro Trump media? One news outlet as opposed to a thousand globalist/liberal news outlets at war with conservatives, Americans and the President.
Rueben Vangleason
Mafia Don the slippery fish gets away with it again. Lets hear the secret Putin,Bin Salman,trump conversations. Perhaps the brainwashed may awake from Fox windmill fumes
James Clarke
James Clarke Month ago
Romney behaved like a man. Trump is a hurt little boy with nuclear codes.
Rick Jory
Rick Jory Month ago
I don't treat him as a God or king. I'm just happy someone wants to move our country forward and improve it . Seems others simply lie, attack, and impeach. They, to me, are the sad ones.
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda Month ago
Mitt's has a yacht in the Swamp..Just Sayin' !!
T B Month ago
Hannity and Graham swallow
warbozz 123
warbozz 123 Month ago
Safety First
Safety First Month ago
Utah says Romney is DONE!!!!!
Chris Reiser
Chris Reiser Month ago
Holding your faith for truth regardless of the lost children of the GOP silver tongue. Nice job.
Grape Month ago
Trump was a Democrat 😳
David Steel
David Steel Month ago
Mitt held up a mirror to the rest of what remains of the GOP and they didn't like what they saw. Now we can see them for what they are in their attack of a man willing to vote his conscience. They are all casted in the orange glow of the Gangster in the White House.
label1877 Month ago
President Trump has exposed the fact that we Republicans had Swamp approved presidential candidates in ‘08 and ‘12.
jorgelaureano53 Month ago
Mitt Romney, the only GOP adult in the room...and far better choice for president than the freak we’re stuck with!
G Man
G Man Month ago
I love that Mitt the cultist has ten times the moral fiber of the so called Christians that surround him. I wonder if he will miss all his friends as they burn for eternity?
Sharon Cooper
Sharon Cooper Month ago
Mitt Romney has the courage and integrity the rest of GOP greatly lacks!!! A government cover up is NOT cool at all!!!
DD Butikofer
DD Butikofer Month ago
True, but can you, as an amatuer, fabricate one?? The dims on the hill seem incapable and lord knows they tried...
tesla1077 Month ago
Telling the truth or having a conscience takes strength of character which is something republicans don't have, Mitt is a true patriot to God, Country. Typical of trump and republicans attacking someone who don't agree with them, I guess they forgot they live in the United States and not a Monarch country.
tesla1077 Month ago
@Account A No it's the truth of some of the republicans but were to spineless to vote against a corrupt president. Now if you believe windmills causes cancer then me and you will never ever see eye to eye because it's a lie regardless on how much you believe it's true.
Account A
Account A Month ago
Is that "Your Truth".. lol
Diaz Diaz
Diaz Diaz Month ago
Mitt Romney a man of dignity and honor. FOX NEWS 😂😂😂 keep siding the racist wicked clown in the white house
texasstadium Month ago
Reading the comments below reinforces the fact that many people want to find someone they dislike guilty even though there is no hard evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope flimsy evidence and hearsay does not become mainstay criteria in our future justice system cases. If so, we will all be guilty of wanting to do something that we didn't actually do.
Shelia S
Shelia S Month ago
We are truly witnessing a period of the Anti-Christ with this administration and his followers giving him the power and consent to do whatever he wants without constraints or consequences. And those who do not worship the beast or his image will be beheaded, slain, killed, etc. Well, that's happening now in the media, in Congress (Romney, Bolton, etc), on the job, and in every arena of life. Anybody who speaks the truth (with facts) for justice and righteousness against this president and his administration is being ridiculed, fired, ostracized, persecuted, banished, expelled, killed, and the list goes on. When I say killed, I don't mean literally; however, I'm sure some of these cult-like followers would try it. Just read some of the posts here and the rhetoric coming from this news outlet and others. Yes, this is indeed the antichrist in the WH being propped up, empowered, and supported by some, not all Christians and Evangelicals.
Dingles Month ago
WOW! Who needs a reality check? Your party is funded by well-known Satanic ritual groups - NXIVM, also child sex-traffickers. Your party legalizes drugs, legalizes abortion that is but days short of infanticide. Your party legalizes gay marriage. Your Party legalizes criminals - Sanctuary Cities” protect MS-13 and Mexican Drug Cartels. Your Party members launder illicit funding through The Ukraine. Your Party's donor class include the robber barons of organised crime networks, of child-sex trafficking, human trafficking, illicit drug trafficking and gun running. Your Party constituency laughs at God. Who's Anti-Christ? The Bible is quite clear about all of these things. Read St. John's Revelation.
Mad Max And Madi
Yet your party is a party of abortion.
BFK_weiser N/A
BFK_weiser N/A Month ago
Mitt Romney used his mind, followed his heart, and kept his soul.
Clinton Pachingel
and cried like a baby.
label1877 Month ago
There was no cause to remove President Trump, he violated no laws. Pure partisan bullshit.
ckhawk00 Month ago
Yet he couldn't use his mind to read the constitution to understand you have to commit a HIGH crime or equivalent to impeach a president. His heart is full of envy and hatred so no surprise.
good morning
good morning Month ago
The right wing is happy Trump’s approval rating just went up, exactly like Hitler’s in 1939 - how did that work out?
Emery Coppola Jr.
GOP physician jumping up and down; "Wait, we actually have a pair of testicles! We have a pair!"
Richard Chu
Richard Chu Month ago
I am a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I would like to make clear, I don’t share the same views as Mitt Romney on convicting our president. Mitt does not speak for our church, nor do I but I wholeheartedly believe our President Trump was not guilty of those articles brought forth to the senate. Trump 2020!
North Sea Brent
North Sea Brent Month ago
The Mormon church donate millions of dollars to the GOP, they’ll listen to this bullying and harassment and more than likely withdraw that money, the GOP are very shortsighted......
Anthony Bernard
Anthony Bernard Month ago
So what if Mitt has balls, as another crook once said "Get over it" - just because he does not agree with your KOTUS (King) and his Trump Constitution (where one needs to be loyal to Trump and not necessarily to the country or its constitution) . He should not be afraid of all the expected gang up bullies of Fox and Republican thugs. Trump won his bet, good for him, good for you, now he knows how far he can go without getting punished that's all. and one day, if this presidents wrongdoing effects you, then you can simply get under the bus with all the others who didn't think they would end up there, and using his powerful mighty twitter account, he will call you high school bully names too ;)
enjay py
enjay py Month ago
Be safe Romney! The followers of Trump are scary.
Leave it to the spineless Mormon to backstab the leader of his people
Dan Cardoza
Dan Cardoza Month ago
Hannity is an expert on hypocrisy. 🤣🤣🤣 Biden 2020 !!!
Dutchy Month ago
Has Con Don Trump already asked his friends Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud or Baa baa Netanyahu to have Mitt Romney commit suicide and cut himselve to pieces and then hide in suitcases ?
absolute truth
absolute truth Month ago
Mitt McCain
Diego Debunks
Diego Debunks Month ago
Republicans are such trash
Archisman Mozumder
One can rant as much as possible against the Fox News Anchors but the channel's ratings, viewership, sponsorship, etc are still very healthy. Unless these parameters are deflated, it will not hurt the channel where it hurts most. This is the caustic truth.
old fart Ron
old fart Ron Month ago
Hay UTAH what are you going to do with your snitch baby Romney.
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson Month ago
Give him another term
Tim J.
Tim J. Month ago
Romney is a conflicted religious zealot! He has hatred in his heart because he lost the Presidency. . . He can't stand President Trump and would or will do anything to try and make him look bad. . . Shame on you Mitt grow up!!
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly Month ago
Lina Balawan
Lina Balawan Month ago
I am a Democrat. Progressive democrat. I will support Mitt Romney for his bid for re-election.
eddy71454 Month ago
There were likely several more republican senators that wanted to vote Trump guilty but this president is such a vicious politician who destroys people in his path, that they are literally afraid of what he will do. Trump has got to go. He is a danger to the country.
tom smith
tom smith Month ago
Matt C
Matt C Month ago
Romney is Republican from the head down, born and raised a conservative in a very conservative part of America. Still opposes same sex marriage and abortion, still rails against big governments and socialist policies. Romney is more conservative Republican than the people who question his conservatism, which is always on full display. This is a man Democrats don't like, voted against, stands against everything he represent. They only similarity between Democrats and Romney is an overwhelming sense of duty they have to the Republic under the Constitution. They don't care about maintaining their power grip and seat in Washington, their oath of office is much more important. I know it might sound weird for simpleton like you to understand, but sometimes people act outside of their own self interest and feel compelled to do so. Romney has been a republican his whole life. Donald Trump? He was a Democrat, then a Republican, then he ran for the Reform Party has presidential candidate, then he was Democrat again, now he's Republican. Donald Trump was pro same sex marraige, pro abortion, and pro gun-control until he changed is mind and decided to become a Republican. Trump is a phoney conservative, he only turned around his political idealogy when he realized he could actually have a chance at being a presidential nominee, and then president. So to sit there and question Romney's loyalty to the GOP and conservatism is HILARIOUS. Especially when you support a President who hopped around from party to party until suckling for more power and control.
J Wright
J Wright Month ago
Give this man a hanky and then a jail cell . Traitor CNN FOX MSN Such garbage And I’m a Dem. A Dem who will once again vote for Trump .
carol underwood
carol underwood Month ago
This particular new caster Shawn is the tool that satan has been using a very long time through the catholic church it is going to get much heated up...Brace yourself and be ready for the outcome..Watch China it is coming here to the UNITED STATES...no more games...This news caster was groomed very well by the protestant world and the catholic church..Please wake up..Joy
US Constitution Rules
Mitt Romney is a STUPID SELLOUT TRAITOROUS P.O.S. Look at him shilling for the NWO Banksters and turning his back on America.....TREASON 100%
Bill Christian
Bill Christian Month ago
48 Senators voted to remove the criminal Trump from the Oval Office, only because he is a criminal and none of them were forced to vote against their conscience. Romney was no different than the other Senators casting a guilty vote.
GN Month ago
Does Romney think it is possible to salvage the Republican party? At the short run I believe Republicans will loss some Senate seats, they key is how independents judge the trail. A loss on 2020 will left Romney as the clear leader of conservatives.
Pat John
Pat John Month ago
I’m an independent voter and I think the opposite will happen. People are sick of endless investigations and millions of dollars spent on this stupid stuff. They will get rid of Democrats because they want real issues worked on.
JoeTheStreetz Month ago
The rest of the GOP are mad that Romney’s valiant act exposed their cowardness
Feinsanity Month ago
@Fkeu honestly I feel like the Democrats did win. Although Trump was impeached bit wasn't removed from office the American people saw how quick Republicans were to respond and denied everything despite it all hanging out. The Republican party was a pretty respectable party but now it's just become a joke.
@Diego Debunks well, good luck with that!
Diego Debunks
Diego Debunks Month ago
@LOOK AT MY NAME Well I like Buttigieg actually he seems to be the perfect candidate
Joe Biden felt up on kids(He also withheld money from Ukraine if some guy didn't stop investigating him.... Wait a minute!)! Elizabeth Warren lied about being a native American! And Benefited from it. Bernie Sanders wants to take money from working people and give it to those that sit on their arse!
Diego Debunks
Diego Debunks Month ago
@Fkeu You're an ignorant racist and the people will rise up in November
Johnyrem Month ago
Mitt Romney is the ONLY MAN in the GOP room ...
that was awesome. politicians and their cronies are so weak that when one of them shows any spine, they recoil so thoroughly they end up in opposite world.
Bruce P
Bruce P Month ago
Wow. Most biased news station ever.
Bruce P
Bruce P Month ago
@Eagle1 News stations should report news, not their personal opinions. No need to get ignorant, I'm not attacking you.
Eagle1 Month ago
Bruce, stay out of politics, it's beyond you, go find Bubba, he wants to plow you.
Artemas Ward
Artemas Ward Month ago
"Mr. Parnas would testify that those holding various roles in this plot included GOP Super PAC America First, President Trump, Vice President Pence, former Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General Bill Barr, Senator Lindsey Graham, Congressman Devin Nunes, Nunes's Staffer Derek Harvey, Journalist John Solomon, Attorneys Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, Mr. Giuliani, and others," wrote Bondy. .
Bruce P
Bruce P Month ago
Why is fox news totally picking sides here. Report the News, not interested in your personal opinions. Embarrassing journalism.
Bobby J
Bobby J Month ago
The party of trump and its supporters are the most nastiest group of Americans have I ever seen.
greywolf7583 2 months ago
MITT Romney Your true Stripes came out. Everybody knew you were a Neocon Rhino You should just go back over to the Democrats. Where you belong. Stop hiding behind. The Republican logo You're no conservative. You're a traitor. To the Republican Party go back to the Democrats where you started.
cindy hargett
cindy hargett Month ago
Just passing out some FYI. Please share. Things that make ya go hmmm. So, according to web archives, top Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.
ABC AC 2 months ago
Mitt Romney is two faced
cindy hargett
cindy hargett Month ago
According to web archives, top Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 2 months ago
Mitt Romney still made it compared to those fox news hosts.
Lisa Mullins
Lisa Mullins 2 months ago
I am so proud of Mitt Romney. He took a stand against corruption. All the other Republicans are cowards. If Trump jumps off the cliff, they will follow him. I use to respect the Republican Party but I don't walk with followers, I walk with true leaders who I can trust. The Republican party is weak.... weak.... weak...... You will reap what you sow!!!!@ Thanks Mitt
warbozz 123
warbozz 123 Month ago
The Democrats literally did the same thing and kept the guilty vote fully partisan,obviously both sides are incorrect for doing this but Trump was also brought to trial on sham charges.
Have a nice Dave
Have a nice Dave 2 months ago
Mitt is a coward
cindy hargett
cindy hargett Month ago
So, according to web archives, top Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.
kkajj5 2 months ago
The only Republican that has any ba!!'s. The far right has gotten as bad as the far left.
griiseknoen Month ago
@The Random Heretek 1. Antifa are a little rag tag gang who fights Nazis. That is a noble pursuit in all its forms. Period. 2. Those SJW people you mention, fight just as many REAL issues as imaginary bullshit ones, so I wouldn't really call them BAD, just over-excited and a bit adhd. They hardly ever hurt anyone, and even if they wanted to, they couldn't really. They hold *no* power. They are only a "threat" in the paranoid mind of far-right extremists. The extreme right-wingers, on the other hand, actually WANT to hurt ordinary people, and since they constantly suck up to people in power, and weasel their way in to those circles, they often end up with access to A LOT of power that allows them to put their plans into action. (Look now further than Steven Miller in the White House, and what he accomplished in the "separate children from their parents and put them in cages" - business...) This makes them far more dangerous than the extreme-left.
The Random Heretek
@griiseknoen antifa / hardline sjw's mostly, which both have a strong "us or them" type of mentality, and are quite intolerant of all who oppose them.
griiseknoen Month ago
What "far left" are you talking about?
The Random Heretek
Was there ever any difference? Or more accuratly, hasn't the cult type mentality spread far beyond both extremes ?
Zarzecki Media
Zarzecki Media 2 months ago
And you’re the Anti-Trump media. Goes both ways. Don’t dish what you can’t take Washington Post.
cindy hargett
cindy hargett Month ago
Just an FYI. Please share. Things that make ya go hmmm... So, according to web archives, top Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.
Ernesto Ybarra
Ernesto Ybarra 2 months ago
Utah we'll dump loser MITT whose name closely sounds like SH☆T
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