Pro-Russian Protesters Attempt to Seize Airfield: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 27)

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This week, the Ukrainian military launched an anti-terrorist operation to quell the pro-Russia violence and unrest that has swept eastern Ukraine. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky interviewed troops deployed in the operation at the border between Kharkiv and Donetsk, and then traveled to Kramatorsk, where pro-Russia protesters were attempting to take over an airfield. When Simon arrived, it seemed that the airfield was still under Ukrainian control, but the pro-Russia protesters were outside preparing to seize it. Once the head of the anti-terror operation appeared outside the base, the commander was accosted by the protesters until he retreated back inside - so much for his anti-terror operation.
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Apr 18, 2014

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Comments 2 321
Roblox Earth234
Blackie 2 days ago
Ukrainian fascist army in action!
yuri Lemming
yuri Lemming 8 days ago
How has the zionazi ukraine turned out after 5 years? They're all applying for Russian passports that's how. Porky took all the money & ran.
Daniel Craig Daniel
It's time to start the second time of the Soviet revolution
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 18 days ago
This guy has a face I want to punch
Swervoo GG
Swervoo GG 18 days ago
He didn't fold.
xXxRockiesFanxXx 23 days ago
In the us if you tried that bullshit on a military base you would be shot.
Sam Zdanowski
Sam Zdanowski 28 days ago
Im sorry, but every time I see Ukrainian soldiers or sailors, I see wise and kind people with high morals Every time I see Russian soldiers, they all look and behave like a thugs and animals...
Rajev Month ago
I dont think the man who made this video realize it proved Ukrainians are the Invaders.
Jonathan Realco
Jonathan Realco Month ago
The real enemy is here own people of ukraine.
Hollo WaldFee
Hollo WaldFee Month ago
People don't have normal hobbies anymore, nowadays...
Wanda Rebiejo
Wanda Rebiejo Month ago
1:31 is a traitor to the Ukrainian people.
mac mittens
mac mittens Month ago
Russians suk
antony van
antony van Month ago
We Indians support Russians everyone,,but Ukrainian army is showing restraint of highest level .this officer was so disciplined
Redcloud 1
Redcloud 1 2 months ago
The Reporters Buttchin Oof
XPMS 2 months ago
Будь у меня власть, ввел бы военное положение, дал бы указание военным первый раз предупреждение, второе выстрел в воздух, третье огонь на поражение. После таких действий шел бы диалог и не было бы этого безобразия.
crispy obama
crispy obama 2 months ago
If there trying to get through open motherfuckin fire on them bitches
martin tanley
martin tanley 2 months ago
As a ukrainian i honestly only don't hate Russians when there drunk there at there coolest when they drink lol
John 2 months ago
This conflict is just so interesting, even 5 years later. Amazing series.
Rodiculous 2 months ago
jesus it's like a fucking zombie horde. you could probably pull this off anywhere in the world too, lots of angry bitter people looking for an excuse to be violent
meme12 2 months ago
This proves Novorossiya and the split from kiev was a civil uprising and not "russian invaders". It was the ukrainians who came to donbass with weapons. This clearly shows it.
Who do you call terorist.The people i dont think so.you can told USA and NATO
Wanda Rebiejo
Wanda Rebiejo 2 months ago
That general has to be the dumbest fucking idiot! He completely personified what happened to Crimea, Donbass, etc.
Stefan Bobu
Stefan Bobu 2 months ago
"why did you shot" Asked by people that want to take control over a FUCKING MILITARY BASE Stupid Russians...
GARY 2 months ago
Glory to Ukraine Soldiers. Stop Rasha no War and occupation Ukraine. Donbass is Crimea Ukraine.
Lemon Nation
Lemon Nation 2 months ago
George Meyer
George Meyer 2 months ago
Soo you've got a bunch or crimeans want Crimea to be Russia..here's a good idea you fucktards. Move to russia. They say dont shoot us dont shoot us were innocent..they deserve to be shot
Shar Paw
Shar Paw 3 months ago
idk y they are not shooting already, here in the U.S you even have to do that much to get shot hehe jk but seriously these protester are crazy n need to educate themselves
The Endleader
The Endleader 3 months ago
*That moment you realize how your world really works...*
Donny Helvey
Donny Helvey 3 months ago
Animals that are desperate
D-_Ø_-lby 3 months ago
i know this is 5 years ago, but still, why didnt the US or Nato or anyone help ukraine? like litterly the russians were trying to take over the entire contry
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 4 months ago
That is one the most bizarre situations Ive ever seen. So is it just me or has Vodka played a super destructive role in all this mayhem?
cultureman Njassey
cultureman Njassey 4 months ago
Simple Re
Simple Re 4 months ago
6:40 this guy makes me laugh looool
Dheeraj George
Dheeraj George 4 months ago
the real wild wild country
Bob Reed
Bob Reed 4 months ago
Bravo to Pro Russian forces.The Uke general pissed himself priceless...
linguo live
linguo live 5 months ago
That's bullshit. These people are not Russians , these are well paid ucranians who speak Russian. A lot of ucranians are still speaking Russian. This is also an insane well organised provocation. People don't go fucking crazy for no reason.
Jefferson Onguti
Jefferson Onguti 5 months ago
Killing your people for America?!!
Jefferson Onguti
Jefferson Onguti 5 months ago
Hammerheart6664 5 months ago
lol russian flag in the face 3:50
Poeticus Awe
Poeticus Awe 5 months ago
aren't those protesters terrorists?, im so confused as to why these bases don't just kill these people..., like, your letting civilians take you down bro... smh.
ECC Massive
ECC Massive 5 months ago
Another tragic end result of Hillary Clinton&Barack Obama's meddling in the politics of foreign, sovereign countries. Exactly why I voted for Trump. So sick of spreading democracy.
Av63PNT0 5 months ago
Russia and Ukraine fighting a war who would have ever imagined that would ever happen.
championknife 5 months ago
You tell the Russians that they are fighting with Ukraine, they don’t know about it, even the Russian army doesn’t know about it ........
chris p
chris p 5 months ago
Soros is coming for USSR
Debopam Purakayastha
Ukranian military are all noobs, why don't they act??
Bulk Logan
Bulk Logan 5 months ago
Holding the buttholes in charge to the coals of the fire. Why America doesn't hold our leaders to the same standard is beyond me. One word: Sheeple.
Zalruff Veladimir
Zalruff Veladimir 5 months ago
Thu thu thu 🙄🤣😂😂
Vitaliy Dolenko
Vitaliy Dolenko 6 months ago
Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!
Atao 7860
Atao 7860 6 months ago
this american pro journalist ass should b kicked out of Russia.He misguided those people who wanted to join Russia.
Atao 7860
Atao 7860 6 months ago
this was not invasion.people want to join Russia.
Demis Johannessen-lyras
Fak Ukraine long live Mother Russia
IdA LV 6 months ago
russia is a perfect example of how alcohol fucked up an entire country and turned them into cave man, since times long gone
Maximiliano Kavaldy
Maximiliano Kavaldy 6 months ago
debe ser muy malo para esos soldados saber que su lider es tan inocente. El ejercito ucraniano casi pierde un general, esto ocurrio tambien en la guerra de los Balcanes con un alto mando de naciones unidas, si bien recuerdo
meda 33
meda 33 6 months ago
Lol....u can tell that Simon was having a journalism orgasm
Daness74 W.
Daness74 W. 6 months ago
No comment... I love people in a crowd - they're like cows but not such lovely and smart like them with 4 feets....
ван ваныч
ван ваныч 7 months ago
Автор....ты долбаёб
CRIMEA UA 7 months ago
Rashan separatist Ivan NO vodka go Home. Glory Ukraine.
Nico Brouwers
Nico Brouwers 7 months ago
Slava UA Slava DAF Slava Azov Regards Nico Brouwers Netherlands
Dzulfi Saputra
Dzulfi Saputra 7 months ago
normal assembly meetings in slavic countries
Грустный гепард
Thanks to filthy VICE News and other Western media for what is now still more hate Russian. I'm Russian - but I have no orders to seize the Crimea and its separation from Ukraine, samplewhat that all that Putin and the gang does all of Russian blame. Thanks. It was worth at least 1 word to replace, instead of "Russian troops" - "Putin's troops". But no...
Грустный гепард
But in general - I want to say thank you to America for 1400+ military bases along Russia's borders. Made us and our authorities paranoid.
Vegan coastie
Vegan coastie 8 months ago
Really makes you think about our stupid species....
Photography Network
Photography Network 8 months ago
Russians are crazy.
Subham Saha
Subham Saha 8 months ago
Those protestors need to be glad that they didn't shoot,.....
Nibba Yeet
Nibba Yeet 9 months ago
Bernhard 9 months ago
казнить бы украинцев всех, как они Донбасским людям не давали помощь оказать и на скорой отвезти в больницу молодых парней. там же родня у вас. ужас
Сергій М.
Сергій М. 9 months ago
Позорные глупые сепары! "Прославились" на весь мир своей тупостью, лизоблюдством путину. Молодцы! Теперь сидите в своей дыныры-лыныры, и подлизывайте царьку!
ghost Soldier
ghost Soldier 10 months ago
First of all if the Russians live in Ukraine they must obey Ukraine law an authority, not take over military , an government bases to then make that area part of Russia that just way to far an should be dealt with . Also that means they have no respect for the country they live in, I don't see Ukrainians in Russia doing that . ( fucking russians)
Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel 11 months ago
I cant wrap my head around this conflict... Why not just let Ukrain be an independent nation without US/EU/Jewish or Russian influences. Let them make their own deals and let them make their own laws...
Andrew Slatsky
Andrew Slatsky 11 months ago
Both sides have some serious problems. The whole situation is absolute immature vile and evil bullshit and the people in charge of both countries need to get their shit together and have actual discussion instead of constantly sending 19 year old men to their death.
Hate Is Love
Hate Is Love 11 months ago
Why Russians are allways being douchebags and aggressive pieces of shit. I am happy that my grandgrandfather shot multiple Russians, and they behaved like this even in 1939. Idi nahui pedik Ruski soldat.
Theo Papas
Theo Papas 11 months ago
bad Russians,bad protesters bad everyone that doesn't support g.soros plans.
Political accountable Theory
no wonder ukraine is in trouble, if the head of intel. is on the wrong side of the fence, then darwin theory takes place
tghtyh ttbtyb
tghtyh ttbtyb Year ago
отстояли харьков ребята
Ace Ryan Jamorabon
russian definition of "Peaceful" is different lol😂😂
Feuertaufe Year ago
Use legal force already if a police Officer or soldier is in Danger like that they should be allowed to use any force necessary even though the russians will use it as further Propaganda
RightIntheNuts babe
Danijel Mikulić
Reporter is a naci supporter a idiot
BARBOUR 73 milan
hugo teixeira
hugo teixeira Year ago
The solution is simple the people that want Russian government in Ukraine should move to Russia and all that want Russia to govern Ukraine are traitors, i worked with Ukrainians good hard working,very friendly respectable people settled very well in the community, all said that under the soviet rule there was a lot of suffering, hunger, all proud in there country, all had same point of view that Russia drained Ukraine of its wealth and stop development!!!
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Year ago
3:50 XD
Austin Michael
Justin Macke
Justin Macke Year ago
"We are peaceful people" *Drags a military general through an angry crowd trying to storm his base*
Unknown Leader27
1:15 *pause video and read substitles* *read this after you read the subtitles* God bless america
Russian propaganda and Putinbots said that the protesters were peaceful. In the video you can see large ammount of molotov coctails on the ground and them erecting barricades around the base. If they are not russians, but just local ukrainians then why the hell do they wave with russians flags and shout slogans in favor of annexation to RUssia and in honour of Putin and assaulting people who are ukrainian or pro ukrainian. In that case they are traitors.
Zurrus Year ago
This imbicile journalist is talking shit about "crowd tearing general apart". Soldiers tried to open fire. What should people do? Kiss his ass and let go or what?
Reggae sunnY
Reggae sunnY Year ago
truly amazing ^^
Walid E
Walid E Year ago
That ending with the guy , acting XD tudududuudud , BLEERgghhh XD CRACKED ME UP
Sin City Slugger
God bless Ukraine and her people. You are true patriots! Don’t allow anyone take that away from you. 🇺🇦Blessings from your American brother-in-arms.
daed irag
daed irag Year ago
мрите сука
PolishAdam TV
PolishAdam TV Year ago
As all these videos prove. That there was no Russian Troops or Terrorists in the Donbass or Lughansk regions in the begining just ordinary people that wanted nothing to do with being U.S & E.U slaves and were peacefully protesting, but Ukranian army went out against its own people, any normal person would get a weapon and fight against this kinda so - called Home Army that want;s to kill you.
snugs Year ago
Why are there Chinese/Japanese subtitles ?
Erik Semmil
Erik Semmil Year ago
Мирные люди они блять. Сам из Донецка. И вот таких вот мирных людей стрелял бы. Из-за этих говноедов столько людей погибло.
Montreal VSM
Montreal VSM Year ago
Its probably hard for Americans to understand why people love Russia so much, they cant accept it
Montreal VSM
Montreal VSM Year ago
This American tourist keeps repeating the same nonsense
Kamil M
Kamil M Year ago
That military is pro russian...No question about the protestors and yes.....Crimea is Russia ...there is no going back
Polish Factor
Polish Factor Year ago
Now thay got all thay want.. Shit, poor life with simply criminals as thair leaders and destroyed by war land. Rest in peace for all idiots loving criminal "Russia Peace"
assassin10ism Year ago
The Ukrainians should have responded with just force the moment they grabbed the general. Also the heavy irony of them saying they are peaceful then proceed to grab a commanding officer and threaten him.
spartanrabbit 2 years ago
I love simons work!
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