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There are so many ways to make eggs, but everybody has that one favorite method, whether it's scrambled, omelette or fried. Find out how to make Brad, Alex, Claire, Amiel, Priya, Chris, Carla, Rick and Sohla's favorite egg recipes.
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Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite Egg Recipes | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Lucy Esperum
Lucy Esperum 5 hours ago
Priya is my brother
Sisi Charriere
Sisi Charriere 5 hours ago
15:00 that's such a waste of yolk though! 17:29 yeah I never understood that. Maybe on a molecular level adding salt before cooking the eggs can cause it to solidify and toughen up more but not enough to make a noticeable difference so long as you cook the eggs right. Seasoning them after cooking makes it way too easy to get super salty bites as well as very bland bites. Crispy fried eggs and medium boiled eggs are the best, glad to see those represented in this video
No Delany, it is not. It is my way of torturing myself at 23:17 by watching something i am very much allergic to but for which my love is greater than risk allergies bring hdndjd 😂😅🤦🏻‍♀️
Alastair McArthur
Alastair McArthur 9 hours ago
I need to know the spatula that Brad is using, does anyone know who makes it / what it's called?
Ex Queue
Ex Queue 11 hours ago
Soft scrambled with soy over rice. Scallions optional.
Cjrberens 12 hours ago
I was half expecting brad to stare down the camera, say down like an oyster then not say anything while cracking a raw egg into a glass and just down it like an oyster.
PreciousMettle 13 hours ago
Extremely offended that a professional chef has perfect nails and mine are always chipped and uneven. Tell us your secrets, Rick!
Ana Willett
Ana Willett 14 hours ago
Priya has made me feel so validated with my disdain of egg yolk. More power to egg white!
Tyler Asuncion
Tyler Asuncion 16 hours ago
Guy at 2:24 looks like Joshua Malina
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen 16 hours ago
I've never had a French omelet but now I want one...
Ocean DiGregorio
Ocean DiGregorio 18 hours ago
Yup not a fan of yolk my self. To me that's the baby chicken. Its yellow baby chickens are yellow. I just can't. But egg whites oh yeah.
Lesley Juarez
Lesley Juarez 21 hour ago
alex delaney is my dream guy haha. he may not be mexican but he just created my favorite mexican grab and go breakfast like?? i can totally make that for him all day everyday
Jordan Eclevia
Eggs made in bacon fat is KING.
Chris eggs hands down the way I like it. Simple yet delicious.
Zennie Vy Nguyen
Instead of salt, I use soy sauce on my eggs. p/s: it's an Asian thing.
Julestags 2 days ago
No offense to Priya or her mom at all, but those are the least enticing eggs I think I have ever seen
Heremia Nikora
Heremia Nikora 2 days ago
I feel like Brad has already taught a kid to throw the perfect spiral
bcjohnson3 2 days ago
Both doing a medium boiled egg to start, and Priya not aware she is throwing shade at Claire?! 14:10 ... Claire is over it 10:33
bcjohnson3 2 days ago
Also, Carla a little vinegar in the water won't affect the taste especially when you dab them with paper towels just like you did. And if your egg has as many strings as yours when it hits the water then it isn't fresh. Hit me up if you want some pointers.
ThereAreNo AvailableNames
Once again, Chris is an absolute boss with the best tastes.
Hubert Conneally
Hubert Conneally 2 days ago
Soooo a Molly egg is just a sunny side up egg?
Sophie 2 days ago
Honestly is Priya okay?
Allison Torff
Allison Torff 3 days ago
This is the most informative video I think I've ever seen in my life
Nathan Eggshire
Nathan Eggshire 3 days ago
I couldn't eat runny yolks as a kid but now it's diffcult to eat them any other way
Adrian Borinsky
Adrian Borinsky 3 days ago
First time I see a professional chefs season scrambled eggs before they cook them. You sure theses guys are chefs?
Irowthe1x 3 days ago
The guy that did the fried egg gets it. Everyone else is a lemming. Molly’s is acceptable.
Triptorio 13
Triptorio 13 4 days ago
My eggs are softer than his
Brady Faltys
Brady Faltys 4 days ago
Sohla is so underrated
Fog smog
Fog smog 4 days ago
I’m glad my family likes sweet scrambled eggs, a lot of people prefer different things
Jeremiah C
Jeremiah C 4 days ago
Thank you Priya! I totally agree runny yolks are so over-rated and now finally someone has come out and said it.
Riley 5 days ago
I can't stand runny eggs or eggs that don't have set whites. Chris and claire have the right idea
Akhawk 5 days ago
Okay it may just be me, but I like my scrambled eggs close to brown. The best kind is when you use bacon grease as the fat! (My family calls them dirty eggs because it has little flecks of bacon!)
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 5 days ago
Just a suggestion, timecodes for each chef would be awesome.
Russell Whitsitt Jr.
sohla's technical skills are kind of astounding
japan0phile1 5 days ago
So basically Sohla just murdered Brad on technique, once I saw her whisking I knew she knows what she's doing.
ayyitskristen a
ayyitskristen a 5 days ago
Priya hates everything
YouTube User
YouTube User 5 days ago
Wow just made the French omelette for the first time and it was incredible! Super easy to make. The eggs are so fluffy and it’s definitely true that the creaminess of the butter and egg on the inside makes you feel as though it has cheese! 100% recommend!!!
dan vergés
dan vergés 5 days ago
a lot of lies about egg cooking techniques. Awesome
Alli Gelwick
Alli Gelwick 6 days ago
The way sohla makes her eggs is how I loved them as a kid 😋😍
sheldon lawson
sheldon lawson 6 days ago
I fry my eggs in bacon fat every morning and I wonder why I haven’t been under 200 pounds since I was 16😂
Why We Love Film
Why We Love Film 6 days ago
It’s funny because you see Brad and you hear him talk and you kind of forget that he really knows how to cook. Like I see him with that flat egg and him about to roll it over and make an omelette and I’m thinking to myself “this should be interesting.” But then he rolls it over (better then anything I could even dream of doing) and you remember that he’s a Professional Chef in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen. Lol
Jaydon 23
Jaydon 23 6 days ago
Its 3am and im watching a video about eggs. I must be bored.
Alden Meyers
Alden Meyers 6 days ago
Rick is the man!
Tom Hagen
Tom Hagen 6 days ago
Definitely going to try Rick's frying technique.
Image 01
Image 01 6 days ago
I think is says a lot the way a chef cooks an egg... yikes
Big Mo
Big Mo 6 days ago
my girl so smart wtfym shes literally top tier go kill em soh
Millenium Falconer
3:20 A little bit of the bubbling !
Albert Yang
Albert Yang 7 days ago
I use it in a carbon steel skillet; and it never sticks... no need for a non-stick.
Erwin Saputra
Erwin Saputra 7 days ago
no one loves half boiled eggs? :(
dakota good
dakota good 7 days ago
teamchris!!! I literally hate soggy soft eggs. overcook and yummy insides makes sense to me
Dominik Alushi
Dominik Alushi 7 days ago
0:59 I’m sorry did he say two eggs? i have six every day! 😭
awesomeness4658 8 days ago
I'm sure Molly is pleasant on the palate
Wiliane Figueiredo
You know what's funny about The Molly Egg? In Portuguese the word "mole" (very similar pronunciation to Molly) means soft. So the Molly egg is really mole to brazilians kk
FishmacFLTRU 8 days ago
Dude used half a stick of butter in three eggs. I’m writing you in for President in the general election.
NightTale Studios
The chopped egg whites is literally the only why I will get a get besides scrambled.
Kendall Buchanan
Kendall Buchanan 8 days ago
any episode that starts with Amiel serenading me in his "own natural way" is when I die a happy a man
Aiden Szmyt
Aiden Szmyt 8 days ago
if you make your scrambled eggs runny instead of fluffy, then I don't want to talk to you.
Mary Haslam
Mary Haslam 8 days ago
sunnyside up is a molly egg
Big Jon
Big Jon 8 days ago
Molly is freaking adorable, just saying
Scott Krempel
Scott Krempel 8 days ago
join the army...powdered eggs have never tasted better when eating them out of your helmet.memories.
Gypsy Collabo
Gypsy Collabo 9 days ago
Scotch Egg? 🤔
Asha Williams
Asha Williams 9 days ago
Priya.... gurl what?
Jordie k
Jordie k 9 days ago
All this Butter!! Y'all's cholesterol levels must be through the roof! Loving the recipes though lol
Pranav Bomma
Pranav Bomma 9 days ago
When Priya was talking about hating runny yolks, I was thinking about how every Indian person I've met hates them
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez 3 days ago
I was about to say a bunch of Mexicans hate the yolks too but I think that's just my entire family and extended family.
Neeru Parashar
Neeru Parashar 3 days ago
nah man, running yolks ftw
Jas G
Jas G 5 days ago
I prefer runny yolks
Richard Handley
Richard Handley 9 days ago
Chris fries an egg; fried egg Rick fries an egg; fried egg Molly fries an egg; Molly egg 🙄
Amanda Getchell
Amanda Getchell 9 days ago
A S 19 hours ago
Completely agree. It's how my dad used to do eggs. Put that on top of amazing fried rice. PERFECTION!!
TheKimEnterprise 9 days ago
You will never go wrong with Chris M’s fried eggs.👍🏻
Joseph Becker
Joseph Becker 9 days ago
"My mom found out me and my siblings only liked chopped up whites of eggs" Oh no....you poor child.... :P
Iwant Afreetrial
Iwant Afreetrial 10 days ago
Does anyone else find Amiel kind of cringey?
OCswimKim3 10 days ago
I agree, runny yolks are overrated. I do like the yolk, but not runny
Elio Ulpiano
Elio Ulpiano 10 days ago
This is so crazy
Marlee Mendoza
Marlee Mendoza 10 days ago
I’m sad that nobody made eggs Benedict
Gantz:0 10 days ago
That omelet was boring af
Stormeed S
Stormeed S 10 days ago
Amiel reminds me of the BA Kitchens Andy Samberg.
pia adapwar
pia adapwar 10 days ago
Salmonella has joined the chat
Kiwi Guishguish
Kiwi Guishguish 11 days ago
I don’t like a runny yolk so I’m with ya girl
Kiwi Guishguish
Kiwi Guishguish 11 days ago
Icon 101
Icon 101 11 days ago
Anyone else scared of runny yolks
Cynthia Cazares
Cynthia Cazares 12 days ago
I would be making my huevos con weenies if I was part of their team
Elixira Chick
Elixira Chick 12 days ago
"Do a nice 'cooky cook'." Imma use that phrase now, thanx. xD
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