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There are so many ways to make eggs, but everybody has that one favorite method, whether it's scrambled, omelette or fried. Find out how to make Brad, Alex, Claire, Amiel, Priya, Chris, Carla, Rick and Sohla's favorite egg recipes.
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Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite Egg Recipes | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Pleasure 2 days ago
who else is watching this to find out what to do with your eggs
M Rivera
M Rivera 2 days ago
Im allergic to chicken eggs and I've only ever beaten them and pan fried them for other people. I never have asked "how do you like your eggs?" Because. Well. I dont know another way to prepare the things other than boiling. I need to practice with some eggs
syahmi zukri
syahmi zukri 3 days ago
the woman with medium boiled egg looks so young n she got lots of grey hair. 🤔🤔🤔
Retroballer71 5 days ago
At the end of Alex's egg tortilla tutorial the camera flashes on the finished product at 2:12 and I see an ingredient he did not use! Its a red powder which looks a little like smoked paprika but wanted to see if anyone can verify what it is? thanks!
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 6 days ago
I just realized something. Brad is drunk. Does this mean he’s just always drunk?
FlappyDappee 6 days ago
Best one is at 8:27
Am Pa
Am Pa 7 days ago
Nail polish... Ewww
Isabelle Joseph
Isabelle Joseph 8 days ago
I’m scared of runny eggs
ChefMark 9 days ago
I feel like the French really shine here. Also, hot tip, Molly Egg over avocado with hot sauce and lemon
Moondog 1970
Moondog 1970 12 days ago
The Molly egg is perfection. Of course I just call it a fried egg my way, but whatever the name it's the perfect egg. I need three of them on an Ulster fry, the perfect way to eat eggs.
Swag Demon
Swag Demon 12 days ago
Come at me bro lol
Kaiel Jo
Kaiel Jo 13 days ago
Pay Sohla please!!!
watersignbaby 13 days ago
I love how amiel is sensitive to lactose yet he cooked his eggs in a shitload of butter
Debra Dianna
Debra Dianna 13 days ago
Fun Fun Fun Fun! 👍🤗👩‍❤️‍👩😘❤️
Anthea Holmes
Anthea Holmes 14 days ago
Fav way to prepare an egg? Brad: today on it’s alive- FERMENTED EGGS
Fantasy Flyer 101
Fantasy Flyer 101 16 days ago
The guy who eats his burgers still alive also likes non cooked eggs....
Joel Calixto
Joel Calixto 16 days ago
Sohla is informative, entertaining, and daring. I love her. She is perfect.
binarystar21 19 days ago
Raw egg yolks = Gag
Jack Churchill
Jack Churchill 21 day ago
nobody basted them
Marcelo de Carvalho
Nicholas Patel
Nicholas Patel 14 days ago
Marcelo de Carvalho thanks for that
Aaron Aposhian
Aaron Aposhian 22 days ago
i just made Amiels style of eggs and they are the best eggs I have ever had. So buttery and luxuriant.
James Berryhill
James Berryhill 22 days ago
I love that Brad never looks like he knows what he’s doing but always makes something beautiful
Dank Nachos
Dank Nachos 23 days ago
amiel is naturally a stud
Sniffles 23 days ago
Eggs are weird..but i like it ...make em nice
Sniffles 23 days ago
Morocco: Thats not a spoon...Thats a SPOON
ammre ulrich
ammre ulrich 24 days ago
I am with Priya. Screw runny yolks. Bleh. When I get scrambled eggs I want that stuff lightly burnt all over. Hah.
The PianoMan
The PianoMan 25 days ago
Brad: oH gOd Amiel: I like it undercooked Carla: leftovers, honey! Chris: My kid is an idiot Sohla: food!?!?!! Molly: Lobster rolls! Delany: more alcohol? Only frequent watchers will understand
wongo1665 25 days ago
Andras Petersen
Andras Petersen 25 days ago
I'm a pleb so I wrap my egg in cling film for poached eggs, much more forgiving, the egg doesn't have to be as young either.
José Ignacio De Vries
boy, these chefs don't yolk around...I'll see myself out...
ppbonbon 26 days ago
...are these really professional chefs..
Bryan Haun
Bryan Haun 26 days ago
Delaney messes up with his eggs 🥚. According to Gordon Ramsey you salt and pepper eggs at the very end. Why? Adding salt prior to cooking your egg will start to break down the yoke and cause uneven cooking. ❤️👍🏼🌎😋
Knife Knife
Knife Knife 26 days ago
Rick: Bacon fat is more of the special occasion egg Me: Looking over at the jar of bacon fat on my kitchen counter that I fry my eggs in every morning.
meatmxn 27 days ago
delaney does NOT cook. get this man off lol 😂
Vika Dorofeyeva
Vika Dorofeyeva 27 days ago
Chris: “like all the best cooking there is an element of danger here” Also Chris “this is a back pocket spoon kind of deal” lol
Sian Nelson
Sian Nelson 27 days ago
I'm disappointed Amiel is not using a laser or fire on a stick
Ele____ Opr___
Ele____ Opr___ 29 days ago
Sohla needs her own show
Kath Ish
Kath Ish Month ago
Why do I want to try Priya’s eggs??? I know exactly what it’s going to taste like, and yet I need it
Sofa Pop
Sofa Pop Month ago
Literally skipped that “only egg whites” bs. At least fry the egg whites. She just shows you how to make spongy salt and pepper.
mark jamero
mark jamero Month ago
Do you guys notice that every time they film Alex Delany the Sun is already setting..
JessieTapp Month ago
It’s weird watching these now, knowing what we now know. Condé Nast pay your BIPOC, these videos would not be the same without them
laura ramirez
laura ramirez Month ago
Pay sohla
Fernando Calero
Fernando Calero Month ago
What about huevos rancheros!
Ribal Month ago
I've just made some poached eggs and, my god, where has this been my whole life?????
Steven Torres
Steven Torres Month ago
So, Sohla was in the background for 8 different cooks (except Delany), and is the most articulate in explaining her egg process. Justice for Sohla.
Albtoul Abdullah
Priya scooping egg yolks out made me so sad
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Month ago
I have to go with Rick and Chris is a close second.
Julia Sumera
Julia Sumera Month ago
the fact that Sohla didn't get paid for this video appearance even though she was the best at explaining how to cook her eggs... while all the white ppl in this vid got paid for their mediocre explanations
Borderline 22 days ago
Sohla definitely had the best explanation but just attacking her coworkers who are literally standing by her is kinda not it.
Jan Mincev
Jan Mincev 23 days ago
@Romy - Ah, yes. People are attacking white people now. Even those that don't deserve it....
Romy –
Romy – 29 days ago
I agree with the Sohla part, but that all the "white people" gave mediocre explanations??? k. :-/
Iris Month ago
The “molly” egg is literally just an over easy egg wtf
GL2SAK Month ago
yea cuz molly is a fuckn scam
Mhel Ian Tanedo
Mhel Ian Tanedo Month ago
Just a bunch of white racists
Mhel Ian Tanedo
Mhel Ian Tanedo Month ago
Whites are so entitled that molly named a simple fried egg after herself
Yasin Hassenbey
Yasin Hassenbey Month ago
Emil is a very different type of guy with a very different palette 😂😂
Kyla R
Kyla R Month ago
qtkao Month ago
Molly rly just did a fried egg............ Ok....
Laura Banda
Laura Banda Month ago
I had an egg allergy as a child, got so bad I ended up fainting one time after a bite... In my early twenties I started to eat them to develop a tolerance for them, I got to the point where I was craving them everyday and eating my own version of a cheese omelet for breakfast everyday. Then came 2009 and I had a crazy episode where my body broke out in hives and I ended up at the doctors for him to tell me that my allergy was still there and that I needed to cut down on eating eggs as I could trigger a much worse reaction :( Anyways that is the tragedy of not being able to fully enjoy eggs all my life, except for that one year I took a gamble
C.C. ORR Month ago
This random RUvid guy: approves
Of Course You Can Pay Me In Gum
I wanna MARRY Claire !!!
Ferd Dorst
Ferd Dorst Month ago
Which one of these idiots is the one who took the blackface pictures? All white people look alike to me.
OCswimKim3 Month ago
What we learned today is Molly likes raw eggs
Outdoor Aesthetics
Pay sohla the same as the rest of white editors treat your poc the same!!
Ane Calvo
Ane Calvo Month ago
Every time I see Brad I think of Julien Solomita, it’s Aries energy left, right and center.
Honesty Day
Honesty Day Month ago
Sad that noone did Chucky egg
Honesty Day
Honesty Day Month ago
Runny yokes are gross
Micah knuckles
Micah knuckles Month ago
why is delaney alone evrytime in the test kitchen
Rishabh Kachru
Rishabh Kachru Month ago
4:10 That 'mmm' is when I realized Amiel runs the 'all the ways you can cook something' series
Sebastian A
Sebastian A Month ago
I’m severely allergic to eggs but I love BA and that’s the only reason I’m here
Jacob Diller
Jacob Diller Month ago
The Molly Egg - a sort of fried egg that you enjoy in an EDM club
John Borkowski
John Borkowski Month ago
Ughh! this was 6 months ago. Carla Talk to Molly about Poached Eggs!!! Molly gets to go twice?!?! Sohla: "It's like there is cheese in there." (Solah, that is just not cooked eggs honey!)
Virgo v
Virgo v Month ago
Aww brad overcooked his omelet
Shloimy Weber
Shloimy Weber Month ago
I love how delaney says 'texture' when he describes his eggs
Jadin Cruickshank
Rick just knocked it out of the park here. Like just be honest with what your palate wants and tell me its not the bacon fat fried egg by its self or on anything
The Sloppy Scientist
Molly, can we talk about "medium low" heat? How many heats are on this scale? I feel like there should logically be 9 levels, but also think 5 is possible. Looking for some clarity, thanks.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Month ago
1. A tablespoon or 2 of vinegar in the water is not even noticeable in flavor. That's ridiculous. 2. I don't trust any chef that says egg whites are the best part.
millennial taurus
"I don't want at any point the whole bottom to firm up" I'd like my whole bottom to firm up but I legit eat my eggs soft like that with like a quarter stick of butter on the regular
Sam Hart
Sam Hart Month ago
i know brad was saying his omelette wasn’t “really french”, but isn’t it kinda like tamagoyaki without dashi?
Hayden hayden
Hayden hayden Month ago
Anyone else not like hard boiled egg yolks. I used to take the yolk out and eat the white.
Margo Kafka
Margo Kafka Month ago
Chris Morocco and I make the same perfect eggs, focusing on the exact same elements. I am content.
Miche Campbell
Miche Campbell Month ago
I'm envious of Chris's fried eggs. I suck at frying eggs. I refer to them as "eggs over uneasy."
dgmwitz Month ago
I'm surprised Chris didn't make an entire frickin quiche.
Arveyan Month ago
Amiel's pan-fried butter with a side of eggs
Mark H
Mark H Month ago
Does anyone have a safe non-stick pan recommendation?? Non-PFOA...anything non-PF?? Doing my best with seasoned cast iron at this point.
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