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Molly Baz is no novice when it comes to making fresh pasta. In fact, recently she's become the 'pasta girl' in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen (her words). So what happens when we try to push her past her pasta-making comfort zone and challenge her to make some seriously complicated pasta shapes?
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Pro Chef Tries to Invent New Pasta Shapes | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Peteris Veits
Peteris Veits Hour ago
why the hate for penne?
Angie C
Angie C 5 hours ago
I just made pasta and put this on while eating then all of a sudden I hear Angie and my brain glitched, is this a sign for something?!
Uri Neeman
Uri Neeman 6 hours ago
Mike Muller
Mike Muller 7 hours ago
Scientist Albert Einstein
She looks so cute with her glasses! 💓💓💓💓
bean 15 hours ago
You can do anything as long as your dog inspires you
Mike L
Mike L 18 hours ago
10:25 someone definitely burped...
Vanessa M
Vanessa M 19 hours ago
I love Angie's laugh!
jonathon rockall
jonathon rockall 20 hours ago
thats where you lost me bon appetit cause she knew that the food she did was not right and looked odd she could have done something about it but instead ended the video, no chef or cook cooking to the world would have done that sorry just saying it like it is
hi 22 hours ago
Morty Di La 😂😂😂
Msmlolman polybrige 0
2:18 am i the only one who thinks this looks horrible .-.
Ramisa A
Ramisa A Day ago
I loveeee the pasta lady’s laugh 🥺🥺
Carlos Gonzalez
She’s like Simone Giertz for pasta
Alex Steiner
Alex Steiner Day ago
8:44 ... eggs... like the italians do it... not.
Destiny Eli
Destiny Eli Day ago
someone Day ago
*italian noises intensifies*
Elamontel Day ago
I don't know if the Italians are making weenie dogs, but I can tell you the Vietnamese are eating them. 🤨
Amber Ritter
Amber Ritter Day ago
If you like fun pasta shapes and colors, you should check out Saltyseattle's channel. She does some awesome stuff with pasta!
AshCash789 Day ago
I looked it up but wtf is emulsion 21:00
Maeglin Lossehelin
"Penne can go f*** itself." I'm already on-board! 😂
Stephanie Meza
Stephanie Meza 2 days ago
Those stores look like heaven
steven n
steven n 2 days ago
whoever edited the video made it 10x more entertaining to watch lol
bostonjomo 2 days ago
Molly cant be a real person; nobody is this precious.
soapy nythera
soapy nythera 2 days ago
was anyone else a little annoyed at the intro and the scavenger hunt? like i just want to see her do what it says.. in the title... that sounds so fun i dont want to watch her go to stores and walk around
DD 2 days ago
The lady in the blue shirt, her laugh has to go
DD 2 days ago
She just touched her hair then touched the pasta dough.... ew lol
Lloyd Thomson
Lloyd Thomson 2 days ago
To go with tie dye colors... would have done a uni-cone...... get it?
Hannah Kalter
Hannah Kalter 2 days ago
Tony! Mario! Luigi! Mom’s making dinner tonight! Noodle weenie dogs!
no face
no face 2 days ago
“I lay down a line and then roll” 🤔
ŞPÜLWΔSSΞЯ 3 days ago
I read "LITERALLY, NYC" instead of Little Italy 🤦‍♀️
Atrilla The Young
Delaney's drinks would be a cool show
FutNut Gaming
FutNut Gaming 3 days ago
Has anyone noticed th B-I-N-G-O song in the background, so cute!
Albert Beverage
Albert Beverage 3 days ago
Mmmmmm, Molly is my CC.
Taylor Tilley
Taylor Tilley 3 days ago
8:06 im so uncomfortable
skiddy 07
skiddy 07 3 days ago
Tye dye dogsta
reusslunar 3 days ago
josh grant
josh grant 3 days ago
I think Molly is with child. That glow. @ 21:50 she says fetus.
Michele Szabo
Michele Szabo 3 days ago
kinda actually mad that she made a fricken dog. like that has nothing to do w anything... was ready to see some real creativity in a new shape
GG GFORCE 3 days ago
Am I the only one who did they look like crayons Kinda
gaming jace
gaming jace 3 days ago
That right outside my house lol
Classified _09
Classified _09 3 days ago
This would be priceless today 🤣
TheBlunderman bob
her accent sounds like an american doing an impression of a russian doing an american accent but they've never heard of any other accents
No Name
No Name 17 hours ago
??????? Im confused
Leonardo 3 days ago
Sis said she’s 31?? I thought she was 23 Lmaoooo
No Name
No Name 17 hours ago
007bistromath 4 days ago
I liked the part with Pepper Potts
Zuhri Wayman
Zuhri Wayman 4 days ago
bro who TF edited this episode, i love them
chefmarcg 4 days ago
i love molly and her big ole box!!!!
Cori Arview
Cori Arview 4 days ago
piccola pasta bello
MooseyQ 4 days ago
"Pro chef", aka some hipster loser who just happens to be friends with a producer....
Elian Lopez
Elian Lopez 4 days ago
I made dog pasta in 2019
Yeetza time
Yeetza time 4 days ago
penne lisce, yeah screw penne lisce, but penne rigate is pretty good.
Mario2006 Hoxha
Mario2006 Hoxha 4 days ago
10:03 the best way to start s**ting dough is...
Alex 4 days ago
I don't get the giant present thing. They should just tell her what the challenge is.
Preston Lofgran
Preston Lofgran 4 days ago
I love molly but why did y’all put the bingo song to the background😂 was killing me towards the end
Big Bertha
Big Bertha 4 days ago
Cheese dude: “this is the mortadella it’s about the size of my son” No one: Me thinking: “what if that is his son?😐”
El Flaco
El Flaco 5 days ago
What’s mollys insta handle real quick? Someone please help
Crack'd nova
Crack'd nova 5 days ago
Double helix that is connected at the ends
Xx progamer xX
Xx progamer xX 5 days ago
20:40 the winers are freezing
Xx progamer xX
Xx progamer xX 5 days ago
Yew The Rainwing
Yew The Rainwing 5 days ago
People who eat dogs when they move to America and still want to eat dogs :
Rusk hour
Rusk hour 5 days ago
What am i even watching at this point
Qrow 5 days ago
“I have somehow become pasta girl” “My dad and I were obsessed with italian food and were always at di pacos” I see causation.
Eduard Boom
Eduard Boom 5 days ago
Did anybody else heard the burp of screen at 10:23
Clazor Blade
Clazor Blade 6 days ago
More brad plz
Chris 6 days ago
Squished-up-fruit-roll-up pasta
Spencer V.
Spencer V. 6 days ago
18:20 Everyone: *eats Normal food China: *cooks dog
Sii 6 days ago
Molly looks like shes perpetually 27, but shes apparently 31????
Reptiles and Exotics With Alex
I hate the chewing noises they put in but other than that I love this vid :)
Nova Orange
Nova Orange 6 days ago
Bone apple tea
Tzinny Rafael
Tzinny Rafael 6 days ago
Penne pasta is my favorite and she hates it
bs4e 6 days ago
Tino tonitini
Jeni Hansen
Jeni Hansen 6 days ago
DrkNlvely 6 days ago
Am I thè only one who cringes EVERYTIME someone puts their hair behind their ears BEFORE touch food! It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeve‘s with watching BA 😖
Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss 6 days ago
Raffetto’s out here ready to take down the pasta monarchy
Jenna Crafts
Jenna Crafts 6 days ago
No one: that one lady: ahahAhahahH@hajANNCJKDNCN
Joe Shanahan
Joe Shanahan 6 days ago
Daniel Li CEO
Daniel Li CEO 6 days ago
10:25 wtf was that xD?
Anni Fisher
Anni Fisher 6 days ago
Chick-fil-As workers be like: 4:44
Precious Kagaoan
Precious Kagaoan 7 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how wholesome Angie's laugh is HAHAHAH
Chris Jernigan
Chris Jernigan 4 days ago
*wholly frightening
Matthew Bullied
Matthew Bullied 7 days ago
The way they zoom in on that chicks laugh 😂😂 im dead 💀
AxeThe AuraSage
AxeThe AuraSage 7 days ago
She IS NOT 31. She looks, like, 19 tbh
Brendon Parrott
Brendon Parrott 7 days ago
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