Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Jimmy Can't Sit Still While Eating Spicy Wings w/ Sean Evans (Hot Ones)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Jimmy Can't Sit Still While Eating Spicy Wings w/ Sean Evans (Hot Ones)


Published on


Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 80
scorpio babe
scorpio babe 3 days ago
That outfit is not so flattering on Priyanka
owneddiagonal 3 days ago
Its hot when shes getting teary. Both variants of hot.
Jaye Jodianna
Jaye Jodianna 4 days ago
Did they remove the episode with The Jo Bros? I'm almost sure they did one but it won't pop up anywhere...hmmm
Myrah Baig
Myrah Baig 4 days ago
Can someone tell me the name of the Hot Ones with the Jonas Brothers? I can’t seem to find it
Siddhesh Dubey
Siddhesh Dubey 5 days ago
i got piles!!!😒
Mr. Phantom
Mr. Phantom 5 days ago
1:37 poor Jimmy 🤣
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss 6 days ago
My question is how just from interviewing people he has like $20 million?! (Shawn)
realyashsin singh
Jimmy Fallon boi gya
Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh 8 days ago
6:10 she wants to wipe her firey ass with cloth and at same time gets orgasm
Ananyakuza 10 days ago
We eat raw hot ass chillis from around the continent as salad. Spicy is an understood term when it comes to indian food.
Venkat 12 days ago
4:51 Priyanka is the only one who asked the right question "Why do we do this to ourselves? "
Tyler Paik
Tyler Paik 12 days ago
Indian: Cries while eating spicy food Jimmy: Why do I hear boss music?
Abdullah Jammoul
Abdullah Jammoul 12 days ago
6:22 what is the name of the song
JugCityKid 15 days ago
Kudos to both of them. But Jimmy had me cracking up on the second wing, while priyanka wasn't even phased
elgiacomo 16 days ago
Da Bomb would make ANY AND EVERY human cry. Regardless of nationality.
Osaiasi L
Osaiasi L 17 days ago
"It's so hot, even Indians are fainting" lol
tu mamá se baña con tenis
Les falta barrio
Majid Khan
Majid Khan 19 days ago
Priyanka is a bit over acting here I mean come on she is an Indian and we people from subcontinent especially from Pakistan and India are use to it.
Vicky G
Vicky G 20 days ago
Just noticed..did they remove the video of the Jonas Brothers from Hot Ones?
Vicky G
Vicky G 20 days ago
I imagine her fam had these thoughts: Nick on FWF: ehehe its just hot sauce Priyanka on FWF: ahhh must be hot..
Ariba Zariba
Ariba Zariba 23 days ago
Every time I start to think jimmy is fake, I think of the Roots being his band which wouldn’t happen if he wasn’t real
regina phalange regina phalange
She needs to poop by the end of it.
el cucuy
el cucuy 18 days ago
I guarantee u she took a big stinky one RIP lucky chickens u were blessed to be priyanka Chopra mam's poop
Syifa Fauziah
Syifa Fauziah 24 days ago
Where's the jonas brother's hot wings episode though? I cant find it anymore
rupesh sharma
rupesh sharma 27 days ago
Priyanka Chopra..is not taking proper bite and may be acting the spicy reaction..
Anas Salik
Anas Salik 27 days ago
Wait did she did mimicry of cardi b at at start of video
john deil muyar
john deil muyar 27 days ago
I love the reaction of getting hot😊
Marilu Carvallo
Marilu Carvallo 28 days ago
That is nothing, wait bathroom time🤣🤣🤣
Bee B E E
Bee B E E 29 days ago
I have never seen anyone on Hot Ones take d'bomb like a champ! Ive heard things like , thats horrible, tastes like acid, what the hell is this!, but ive never heard, 'hmmm not bad, thats doable'. And thats even if they can talk at all! Anyone that had the balls to do this challange is awesome. Kudos to you guys for trying. And Sean.... 😳 u need a break to get those tastebuds back again hahaha
Fernan Lampaz
Fernan Lampaz 29 days ago
400x spicier than a Jalapeño? I wonder how spicy is that. I'm just dead curious. Hahaha
Janamsdn Jana
Janamsdn Jana Month ago
don't like her
Mirame y no me toques
Mackline Viegas
Mackline Viegas Month ago
U should know Priyanka in Indian movies is an overacting girl and perhaps isn't humble like ppl on your show
Romain Lahyani
Romain Lahyani Month ago
Sean rocking the rolex 2 tone, that s it he s making it now
Anmol Gupta
Anmol Gupta Month ago
Jimmy Fallon your so irritating just stfu and don't ever speak you're the worst thing about the show
Rahul Vlogs
Rahul Vlogs Month ago
Their Butt hole become dragon next day
Shrijit Nandi
Shrijit Nandi Month ago
What's with the fake accent
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty Month ago
This should be pg if you just here it without looking at the video you'll know what i mean...lol is it hot or is it just me
Pirate_ J.
Pirate_ J. Month ago
For a guy who's making business by eating hot chicken wings. RESPECT DUDE !
ivy d
ivy d Month ago
Jimmy is so funny Y does he keep doubt his to himself🙂
Jennifer Oquendo
She looks like nicks mom tbh
Syed Insan Bin Hossain
I dislike priyanka.
johnny mathew
johnny mathew Month ago
Bro's I'm just curious, is Priyanka's halfway American accent legit or is she just faking it? Not a question for Priyanka fans.
Oliver t
Oliver t Month ago
That fake accent makes me cringe everytime
Random Pie
Random Pie Month ago
The First We Feast Channel took down the Jonas Brother episode of the Hot Ones :(((( why??? i wanna see that
Bilal Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui Month ago
jonas are like priyanka's children....
mooalijasmine Month ago
So he’s like the third wheel trying to force the last dab in-depth interview questions between the antics of the actual show’s host and guest, and it kinda falls flat. It doesn’t do Sean justice. When it’s Sean’s show, he is the show, host, and interviewer. On someone else’s show as an abbreviated spot, Sean’s rushing and competing to get the control as best he can. Trying to layer that this-is-my gig format onto what is really someone else’s gig is clumsy, not nearly as organic, and can easily be fixed. Tonight Show is a perfect setting for using the Truth or Dab format. Perfect. Approaching with three sauces is made for Truth or Dab. Shorter time spot - same. Performing the function of game for Jimmy’s show - same, it’s a match. Trying to three sauce the one-on-one interview style on someone else’s talk show as a guest - nah. So back to my original statement. Great to see Sean features on this platform! Understandable about the approach being tried. Doesn’t work. It wasn’t just a first time casualty. Go with the format he’s already versed in that will better blend with the Tonight Show. Easy. Simple. Producers, are you gettin’ it?
Zara Kim
Zara Kim Month ago
6:56 the way she said "hundred" is sooooo..i don't know i keep repeating that part😂
SaigonSon Month ago
Da Bomb rips everyone a new one.
C. Smith
C. Smith Month ago
Another great interview from Sean. Again such a great contrast between the very animated Jimmy and the fairly cool Prya
AD Kshetrimayum
AD Kshetrimayum Month ago
Priysnka looks so fat here
Padhiyar Jay
Padhiyar Jay Month ago
their night wasnt fire too much but next morning surely
Farabi Fardin
Farabi Fardin Month ago
This is not working here
Priyanka's fake accent is killing me
Ihsibanah Kaito
Ihsibanah Kaito Month ago
Priyanka is so damn hot! She's on fire, literally.
_Jojo Mar_
_Jojo Mar_ Month ago
Is it just me but priyanka kinda looks like Bebe rexha in some angles
ndiogou niang
ndiogou niang Month ago
It's crazy how Sean always got people with that "you don't have to if you don't want to"....
May Month ago
You made Mrs Jonas cry, you evil people !
The roots helped out Jimmy, lent a hand
Jay Matsui
Jay Matsui Month ago
Am I the only one that can't take my eyes off of her when she starts bouncing up and down? It's cute in a strange way
Lauren Hammons
Lauren Hammons Month ago
I really wanted to see Priyanka do this because when the Jonas Brothers was on Hot Ones they all said she would do great cause she has such a high spice tolerance lol
Billy Bob John
Billy Bob John Month ago
Dude, you look like an optical illusion in that shirt
eldo uelsam
eldo uelsam Month ago
sean deserved to clap his own entrance on jimmy kimmel
Natalia Cintron
Natalia Cintron Month ago
This is the first time I'm sure I see Sean feeling the heat
Mary Adrajew
Mary Adrajew Month ago
Love u prianka
Nelson aka SpOOKY
Fuck u Priya chopra. Fuck off.
Max Cherkasskikh
She's soooooooooooo fucking hotttttt! ;)
Alex Glassburn
Alex Glassburn Month ago
i just love jimmy Fallon’s face at the 0.50 sec mark. his face shows instant 2nd thoughts on weather this was a good idea or not.
Jimmy n Priyanka should try Naga king chili 😂😂
Gautam Gangadharappa
6:30 she farted. He choked
alex lim
alex lim Month ago
Sean actual hosted the show haha
alex lim
alex lim Month ago
5:03 look at seans (Holy $hit) face when jimmy puts that extra dap HAHA
sandhya patil
sandhya patil Month ago
g60force Month ago
5:32 yup wank challenge completed!
Jose Month ago
They took down the Jonas Brother episode. I guess they started complaining when people were making fun of them for being total wusses on that show. It was actually really embarrassing.
June Singha
June Singha Month ago
Jimmy straight up ate all the wings to the bone.
Bae Bee
Bae Bee Month ago
Priyanka is surely beautiful
Izumi Devan
Izumi Devan Month ago
Ok she's been in America for too long. I can see it.
The BUENO Family
How can he eat these wings everyday? He’s gonna get gastritis lol
Jay Plus
Jay Plus Month ago
had the bomb at work, it was indeed hot XD
kaArl's TUBE
kaArl's TUBE Month ago
Thuchuk thuchuk. Chumuk chumuk
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