Princess Mononoke Theme - Violin and Piano Cover with TamaThps

Taylor Davis
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This theme is from one of my favorite anime movies, Princess Mononoke. The music in the movie is absolutely incredible, so if you haven't heard any of it before then be sure to check it out! I've collaborated with TamaThps for this video, he is an amazing pianist so also be sure to check out his channel for more anime/game music:


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Jan 11, 2011





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Comments 1 005
Michael Cortez
Michael Cortez Month ago
I love that you play anime songs. I wonder if you actually like watching them or mainly because people requested you to cover them? But I love your renditions.
Brooks Cooper
Brooks Cooper Month ago
I’m in love
Descendants Disney
Descendants Disney 2 months ago
So beautiful💖
Miguel Angel Martin Ramirez
arif mohammed
arif mohammed 5 months ago
This is something so special and beautiful
azerty zarbi
azerty zarbi 5 months ago
You should try the theme from Laputa.
Myki. D
Myki. D 5 months ago
Muy bien !!
miha ceban
miha ceban 6 months ago
Marcelo Lhuissier
Marcelo Lhuissier 6 months ago
woow , beautiful its brake my heart lisen this amazing:):):):):)
Willy Jr Mp.
Willy Jr Mp. 7 months ago
Una película que amo excelente trabajo estoy re feliz !!!!
YSS - 7 months ago
One piece please
joe macdonald
joe macdonald 8 months ago
You, along with other masterful violists, inspire me to take up and learn the beautiful musical art that is the violin!
Alex Torres - OcaMusic
Me encantan tus vídeos Taylor yo también hice mi interpretación ojalá te guste 😊 ruvid.net/video/video-89_HbLyK6Qk.html
Hana Mohsen
Hana Mohsen 10 months ago
I sing this song
Hana Mohsen
Hana Mohsen 10 months ago
I was singing
luis berral
luis berral 11 months ago
Oh yeah!
PootyTheSeal 11 months ago
Great cover! This was the very first anime movie I ever saw when I was 4-5 years old. 20 years later I saw it in theaters for its anniversary and still love it.
under creep
under creep Year ago
thank you Taylor im cry
Alex Lima da Silva
Não acredito. Amo esse anime. Lindaa
mik giannotti
mik giannotti Year ago
feeeeels T-T
Crafty Crab
Crafty Crab Year ago
Make a music video for thissssss! Please I love this song!
Paulinho Year ago
Shaun Naruto
Shaun Naruto Year ago
Touching music
Laurelion o' Thaliondor
Ah, if i could only put more than one like...
Einfaxh_ Melly
OMG!!😭❤ So Beautiful!😭❤❤❤
Liana Ocastro
Liana Ocastro Year ago
Love this movie
Laurence Le Beu St Clair
that is a lovely tune and you both play it so nice timing spot on well done both best wishes
Laurence Le Beu St Clair
not bad for a nice tune wait till you see the other stuff !!
isoIdier Year ago
I bet all the thumbs down are because she is not Oriental enough
Kogenta Asama
Kogenta Asama Year ago
テイラーさん今回はすごくマジメに弾いてますねw オリジナルに忠実でとても美しい音色です。
Enzo Demetry
Enzo Demetry Year ago
If I could go on a date with Taylor Davis to go see Princess Mononoke, I would be a very happy man.
Yulin L
Yulin L Year ago
so beautiful!
あなたの全ての演奏は素晴らしい!。是非ともライヴで聞いてみたい、多分泣くけどね(笑)。 Princess Mononoke is also wonderful Every song echoes in your violin Every song echoes in my heart Maybe I want to ask you on a live but perhaps cry (^o^)v From JAPAN with love
Marcel W.
Marcel W. Year ago
Jodie Yu
Jodie Yu Year ago
**Presses the like immediately after clicking on the video
iwunnla Year ago
Wow...I sang this song in choir a few years ago and I loved it, and to think I never realised it was an anime opening. Such an amazing song, and such an amazing cover!!
Mordred Pendragon
Is there somewhere I can buy this song? Because I'm not seeing it on iTunes or on Amazon.
Jenifer Grégoire
Marie Caisso
Marie Caisso Year ago
Good job 😃
Marie Caisso
Marie Caisso Year ago
SpeedyYuom Year ago
very talented
Lavi A
Lavi A Year ago
Mononoke tachi dake.... Mononoke tachi dake
sidney brito
sidney brito Year ago
tecnico engenheiro
Serts 99
Serts 99 Year ago
Tuan Anh Ngo
Tuan Anh Ngo Year ago
Aww my ears
tubes987 Year ago
nice, which violin do u have?
demon. king
demon. king Year ago
Sheet music please??
Lavi A
Lavi A Year ago
demon. king 😂so it's OK hahaha
demon. king
demon. king Year ago
Lavi A it's fine, I don't speak English too😂
Lavi A
Lavi A Year ago
demon. king no problem ! PS sorry for my bad english!
demon. king
demon. king Year ago
Lavi A thanks ❤️❤️
Lavi A
Lavi A Year ago
demon. king you can go to musescore searching mononoke hime violin and you find it
Kogenta Asama
Kogenta Asama Year ago
Evocative Arts
So as i was watching this the next vid of yours came up.. a kingdom hearts song... ummm i love you lol xoxoxo
Nicholas Grogan
You should do an all Hayao Miyazaki movies album. That would definitely be at the top of my list of all time favorite albums.
Lavi A
Lavi A Year ago
Nicholas Grogan yes OMG!!! It would be amazing!!!
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