Princess Mononoke - Review by Ebert & Fat Guy (1997)

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19 май 2012





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Andrew K
Andrew K 24 дня назад
Holy crap it's Gritty!
Beth black
Beth black 26 дней назад
A basement dweller bravely gets on T.V
Beth black
Beth black 2 месяца назад
What a complete utter massive fat ass. I can not believe I've never heard of this incredibly obese mess of a man. What a disgusting pig.
Tim Allen is a scumbag
Tim Allen is a scumbag 3 месяца назад
It’s a great film but it’s way too similar to nausicaa of the valley of the wind.
The Compiler
The Compiler 4 месяца назад
John Green had really let himself go back then
BunnyMan456 6 месяцев назад
Ebert began to speak, but the words crept back into his throat as if frightened by what the light revealed. He stared at the creature before him with unhesitant awe. A white ball of flesh sat atop the shaggy green mountain, wrapped in a shroud of red tangles. Horror gave way to hope. The unworldly image had freed him from the bounds of reality. A smile crept across his face. Well, of course, he thought. Miyazaki’s world has seeped into our own, and I am staring at one of the master’s creations. “Feel like you’re looking in a mirror?” said a familiar voice from the movie screen. Ebert would recognize that face anywhere. A head so shiny, he could almost see his reflection, even through the illusion of light. In fact, he could. He entered the shadow world of Siskel’s head, and together they said goodbye to the Fat Man.
Fairy Seraphim
Fairy Seraphim 6 месяцев назад
Maybe he isn't the biggest anime fan in the world, but god damn does he look like it.
Kevin Golson
Kevin Golson 6 месяцев назад
Which one is the fat guy?
Grigori Rasputin1990
Grigori Rasputin1990 7 месяцев назад
ebert was the best
Fortner Films
Fortner Films 10 месяцев назад
Preach #AnimationIsNotAGenre
nativewizard 10 месяцев назад
should the fat guy be helping he-man in masters of the universe?
Jason Pryde
Jason Pryde Год назад
"E chu ta! solo"
Brock McGinnis
Brock McGinnis Год назад
Clearly the people in the comments dont know who Harry Knowles is...
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Год назад
you literally have to put a lot of hard work to get that big. You don't just sit and eat your 3 squares and then turn into that.
Arturo Cabral
Arturo Cabral Год назад
I love this anime movie as well as Akira, spirited away, and sword art online ordinal scale.
E Z Год назад
" Fat Guy "
CRUZEOO Год назад
Kurt Cobain gone wrong...
CRUZEOO Год назад
Kurt Cobain gone wrong...
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Год назад
Poor Harry "fat guy" Knowles.
Josh Andrews
Josh Andrews Год назад
Dat beard tho.
Jason James
Jason James Год назад
Reviewed by Ebert and a sexual predator.
Johan Öberg
Johan Öberg Год назад
Animated dances with wolves / jungle book. Good movie but not amazing
MEEG0L Год назад
"Hello, Im Roger Ebert and this week my co-host is The Sun"
spock_elvis Год назад
ElTrollio Год назад
spock_elvis if you are a woman within grabbing distance of his wheelchair, then yes... you are correct sir.
Green-island96 Год назад
2:14 Sorry Ebert. I fear it's only a matter of time before this classic will be...live-action.
BuddySweyzer Год назад
I hope Mr. and Mrs. Guy are proud of their son Fat.
Oroborus Год назад
The greatest thing about this movie is that there are black or white characters, just many shades of gray.
Copacetic Год назад
Fat Guy is the most accurate representation of the expression "neckbeard" that I've ever encountered. Thanks for dumping that spoiler about Lady Eboshi too, fatso.
pudgypuffball 2 года назад
Does anyone know where this review was filmed?
KeKinianKu 2 года назад
that music still gives me chills.
Dead Bread Depression 2
Dead Bread Depression 2 2 года назад
That guy looks like he pooped out Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill.
feroui hamza
feroui hamza 2 года назад
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and pandelton ward
Sean Bridges
Sean Bridges 2 года назад
Holy crap, an American in 1997 pronouncing "Hayao Miyazaki" right?!??!
Grigori Rasputin1990
Grigori Rasputin1990 7 месяцев назад
Rob Yagenmyer
Rob Yagenmyer Год назад
1999 Actually. But yes, impressive for a neckbeard in '99 who claims to not be the biggest anime fan.
HConstantine 2 года назад
Pretty bad when you're on stage with Ebert and you're known as the fat guy.
HConstantine 2 года назад
If he were a anime fan, he would be the biggest one in the world.
c burner
c burner Год назад
Trey Day
Trey Day 2 года назад
Roger Ebert loved having Knowles on the show because he looked thin by comparison.
awesome420ication 2 года назад
Spoiler alert!so what was the origins of the demon??? Also, how did ashitaka factor in? Even if he hadn't intervened, the forest spirit would've fucked everyone up until it got it's head. Anyway, I'm gonna see this movie again soon, to get a better grip. There's a lot stuff here.
johnjohnson 2 года назад
the origins was the hatred of man the bore felt after getting shot, Ashitake doesn't really factor in the main, get the head story line except possible more people might have died before he got it back
DeCipher 2 года назад
Dude keeps mentioning "mysticism" but it plays no role in the film at all.
DeCipher 2 года назад
+Guy Simchony Yes and there were other gods as well. The point is that all the gods in the film were corporeal, ie they had physical bodies. The concept of "mysticism" only relates to transcendent gods/forces/realities like in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc. If a god is already physical you don't need to have a mystical experience to communicate with it.
Guy Simchony
Guy Simchony 2 года назад
+DeCipher What about that creepy-ass deer thing? Wasn't he a god? (Been a while since I watched the film)
DeCipher 2 года назад
+Guy Simchony Imaginary creatures. Nothing to do with mysticism, which relates to human experience of the divine/God/The Real (whatever you want to call it). None of the characters of in the film have any transcendent experiences.
Guy Simchony
Guy Simchony 2 года назад
DeCipher Really? Well what would you call all of the weird stuff with the gods and creatures of the wood?
0o I Died In A Time Machine o0
0o I Died In A Time Machine o0 2 года назад
LOL LOLOLOL THIS TITLE IS HILARIOUS "REVIEW BY EBERT AND FAT GUY" hahaha I can't remember his name but I think thats the aint it cool news guy.. that was a big site in the 90s and early 00's
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 2 года назад
That fat guy saying he isn't an anime fan. Dude looks exactly like anime fan. Along with dungeons and dragons, Magic the gathering, and fast food
Johnlindsey289 11 месяцев назад
I'm sure he digs Akira
Brock McGinnis
Brock McGinnis Год назад
Oh Hai stereotyping manchild...
E Z Год назад
Psycoball2011 2 года назад
degree7 3 года назад
Which fat guy is Ebert?
Syndicate Philharmonic
Syndicate Philharmonic 2 года назад
The one that doesn't look like a basement dweller.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 3 года назад
I really wish I could know what Siskel would have thought....
Patrick Shields
Patrick Shields Год назад
But hey, at least he put Toy Story on his Best 10 list of 1995.
Patrick Shields
Patrick Shields Год назад
Now don't get me wrong, I love his reviews but does he really want animated films to be like Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast? That's fucking biased!
Patrick Shields
Patrick Shields Год назад
If you compare his reviews of the later Disney Renaissance to Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, he's pretty much a fanboy of these to films. He does loves Walt's films however.
Mattias Westby
Mattias Westby Год назад
I would've loved to see them fight about its artistic merits. They had some of the best debates.
Rob Yagenmyer
Rob Yagenmyer Год назад
OH, and he also would have been appalled by the lack of songs, because as we all know, in Gene's mind every animated film *must* have musical numbers or else it won't work.
NeaonBHB 3 года назад
This movie was terrible. I cannot understand why idiots must elevate it.
Syndicate Philharmonic
Syndicate Philharmonic 2 года назад
NeaonBHB 3 года назад
+marino deželak Clever.
marino deželak
marino deželak 3 года назад
The movie is great. I cannot understand why idiots bash it. See what i did here?
link biff
link biff 3 года назад
Harry Knowles should have been Gene's replacement, not Roeper.
Zach Swasta
Zach Swasta 3 года назад
IT'S HARRY KNOWLES, Not Fat Guy. Get it right.
Madsf Jaada
Madsf Jaada 6 месяцев назад
Fat guy who got accused of sexual harassment*
Thunderockett Год назад
+TheSweetestCurse They're both fat.
TheSweetestCurse 3 года назад
+Zach Swasta no, no... fat guy is correct
Erica Lynn
Erica Lynn 3 года назад
I miss Roger Ebert reviews so much
uutuber431 2 года назад
me 2
Thracian 3 года назад
Poor guy, he will be remembered not by his real name, but by being that fat guy who did a review with Ebert.
film79 Месяц назад
+wiseguy100 what happen?
wiseguy100 Год назад
After today he's gonna be remembered for something else. Lol.
jim treebob
jim treebob 2 года назад
Harry knowels runs ain't it cool news, he'll be remembered for that too.
BuzzKill 3 года назад
It's better than most of us could hope for.
45lestat 3 года назад
mauryelhombremono this movie is a masterpiece by the way the character are full of light and detail miyazaki show us a vision of something the character are not what makes the story in this case it is whats intended around them about what the world is if mankind destroy whats most precious it tell us that rage and vanity and even personal selfish goal have no place life is whats most important if you still dont agree and cant see it i wont blame you but for me this movie was the first of that kind i saw and everytime i got the same feeling its so grand no movie beat this one disliking this movie is like if that you tell me shadow of the colossus the game was a masterpiece of boring shit sometimes you dont have to go big to make something great you only have to enjoy. you can say everthing you want but every anime fan in the world will tell you that hayao miyazaki is a master of this art.
JackIntheBox 3 года назад
Fat Guy kind of looks like Porco Rosso...
E Z Год назад
odblog 3 года назад
They're both fat guys.
odblog 3 года назад
+Dr. Dhoom Says the guy who admitted to being attracted to Ebert.
odblog 3 года назад
+Dr. Dhoom No. He's quite fat. Maybe not that much compared to the other guy. But the title should be fat guy and fatter guy.
Sully The Man
Sully The Man 4 года назад
By the by....the by his name is Harry Knowles he's from Ain'titcool.com
KOBUN40 4 года назад
"I'm not the biggest anime fan in the world..." says the fat guy with a beard. If you say so...
KOBUN40 Год назад
I wonder if San became his waifu after seeing this.
Mark Bada-Bing
Mark Bada-Bing Год назад
he is not the biggest anime fan, he is the second one
KOBUN40 3 года назад
+dollysinn Literally.
PJ Dougherty
PJ Dougherty 3 года назад
"I'm not the biggest anime fan in the world..." I dunno buddy, you look pretty big to me. lol
dollysinn 3 года назад
+KOBUN40 He's an Omega level neckbeard.
Daniel Irwin
Daniel Irwin 4 года назад
A towering achievement from Miyazaki and one of my all-time favorites. This film makes Avatar look phony by comparison.
sha11235 4 года назад
This is from 1999, you dopes.
ch2010ize 4 года назад
It's Jabba the Hut!
bopp9 3 года назад
+ch2010ize Not a Hut, a Texan.
Kevin Striker
Kevin Striker 4 года назад
Sandro Algra Barradas
Sandro Algra Barradas 4 года назад
Isn't it funny that you're doing a review with Roger Ebert while still being called "The Fat Guy". That's as if Siskel had done a review with a "Bald Guy".
c c
c c 4 года назад
For a minute there I thought ebert was eaten by the fat guy :/
Plot Twist
Plot Twist 4 года назад
Ginger Hagrid =)
YOYOdaMOOSE 4 года назад
Great movie the ending sucks though because Lady Eboshi is so unbearable and I hate her. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is basically Princess Mononoke with a more satisfying ending
zekdom 3 года назад
+MIZZKIE I'll have to check out the manga, then.
Mizzkie 3 года назад
+YOYOdaMOOSE Actually Princess Mononoke is a pseudo-sequel of Nausicaä, from where the movie left off = from the manga Vol.3. And if you've read the manga, the movie would seem like a children's show. It is sooo watered down, and the characters are bland compared tothe original. ):<
YOYOdaMOOSE 4 года назад
+Dont-be Evil No I would love an ending involving Moro eating Eboshi's head
Cool 4 года назад
Nausicaa's conflict in is too one-sided for me to say it is better than Mononoke.
Dont-be Evil
Dont-be Evil 4 года назад
i'm sure you would love a disney ending
hi 4 года назад
fat guy lol
GameMiestro 4 года назад
"Ebert and Fat Guy", I still crack up whenever I see this video title
ぴmari 5 лет назад
The movie is perfect.
Mauricio_Ibieta 5 лет назад
i freaking hate this movie, i can see how's a good movie, but, come on!, most people treat it like some kind of a masterpiece, and i'm sorry, if i want a masterpiece the first thing i look for is characters, and GOD DAMNED these characters are so plane. maybe the princess is pretty charismatic in the beginning, she doesn't even talk, but you can understand perfectly what she's going to do and why she need to do it, but then she star talking and her personally results as boring as the one of the main character, which is one of a Gary Stu. In fact, the dialogs are pretty basic, they say only what they have to say, it doesn't go beyond, it doesn't give any personality to those characters (except for some comic relief extras). And don't tell me Ghibli doesn't do that, in "My Neighbor Totoro" it felt like those girls were real children post in a film, it felt like they were just there, in front of you, and that's a great characterization. you can say the movie has great animation, great visuals, a great plot and a lot of imagination, but that's what all the Ghibli movies have, and non of those movies are as corny and boring as this one (at least the ones i've seen), and this movie IS corny, in fact there's a lot of moments when it feels like a thesis movie. i freaking hate it, it's not bad, but it's overrated as hell.
Chris Tibits
Chris Tibits 5 месяцев назад
Mauricio_Ibieta this movie, is by definition, a masterpiece (along with most of his films). No opinion you have can change that. It just sucks that you can’t enjoy it for whatever reason.
Mauricio_Ibieta Год назад
"Sorry but Disney is not a specialist in creating great villains." End of the conversation. No. But seriously, I know I acted like a stupid piece of shit, responding to every single comment, when I should know I was gonna start a fight by acting like a moron, dispite of how right or wrong I may have been. Yet, this is an interesting theme, because that hipster crap of making the villain "human" is a very popular concept, that kinda comes from a very logical idea: "Bad people like in the movies do not exist in real life, why should we use such a stereotypical kind of character if we want our story to be plausible". But stop for a moment and analize some of the great villains of cinema, and you'll notice a similar pattern. Which one of them is humanlike? Darth Vader? Only in the last and worst movie of the original trilogy. Roy Batty? Blade Runner is a cult film and not a classic by the way. Just think: Freddy, Sauron, Darth Sidious, Hans Gruber, Jack Torrance, the Alien, the Predator, the wicked witch, Hans Landa, the Joker, the other joker, etc... Most of them are one dimensional characters who are just evil because, why not? But why does this happen? Well, I think I know the reason. In a story, there's always something that is at stake, there is always a menace for the hero to overcome, which provides the story's mine conflict. Just as some stories take the hero's goal and give it its own personality (the damsel in distres who everyone hates, yet still appears in most superhero stories), some other stories take the main challenge the hero has to fight, and give it its own personality, that seems to be what a villain actually is, a simbolic kind of character which works in a different way than the hero or the cast.
Richard Santanna
Richard Santanna Год назад
I'm just here to respond to the remark you made about Disney. Sorry but Disney is not a specialist in creating great villains. I would argue that they're the worst when it comes to that. Nearly all of their villains are one-dimensional characters who are compelled to do evil for its own sake. I think that's one of the best things about Princess Mononoke; it has nuanced characters who each have their own motives for doing what they do even if it involves committing 'evil'acts.
Cameron Trevelyan
Cameron Trevelyan 2 года назад
+Mauricio_Ibieta what autisms do you have?
Rob Yagenmyer
Rob Yagenmyer 3 года назад
+Mauricio_Ibieta S'aright mate.
Trenton Hancock
Trenton Hancock 5 лет назад
The Hash Smoking Stoner
The Hash Smoking Stoner 5 лет назад
that other dude looks like the amazing atheist.
ReyZorProductions 5 лет назад
the german dubbed film is the best anime film in the whole world ...
jigsaw99 5 лет назад
I believe that's a Wild Thing
The Raul Guerrero G
The Raul Guerrero G 5 лет назад
ThirdEyeFilmz 5 лет назад
1:50 to hear the master speak...
Zach Swasta
Zach Swasta 5 лет назад
Alex Krajci
Alex Krajci 5 лет назад
1940's Fantasia Is My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time.
DirgeOfCerberus111 5 лет назад
Usuall i say, but there are good ones.
Ramon Villasin
Ramon Villasin 5 лет назад
true, english dubbing is horrible.
jedenzniewielu 5 лет назад
English dubbing is terrible.
FreakinSweet1987 5 лет назад
I lost it, dude. That was simply the most perfect comment I could have hoped to see first here.
breaks0 5 лет назад
Well I'll make sure 1,000 more chime in, SWEETCHEEX! ;)
macleodponeage 5 лет назад
Like a thousand people have told me "It's Harry Knowles" now. Knock it off, I'm sick of getting emails saying "The fat guy is Harry Knowles" I get it. Mystery solved. I never even cared who he was. I posed the question in a humorous and rhetorical fashion kids.
FanArtFlan 5 лет назад
Hey, wasn't this review broadcast in 1999? That's when the North American release was.
FanArtFlan 5 лет назад
That is Harry Knowles. His website was popular 10 years ago.
Leftysfive93 5 лет назад
She was ambitious and willing to leave her people to the samurai trying to gain control of the iron mine and foundry. I wouldn't label her as evil but she definitely wasn't a "good guy."
dddddd193 5 лет назад
"Anything but evil, when she chooses the survival of her people over the fate of the forest gods." wat that was the exact opposite feeling I got, I would consider that a bad thing...
ロレックジェフ 5 лет назад
It's "Ain't It Cool News" owner Harry Knowles.
jordanthemonkey8 5 лет назад
R.I.P. Roger Ebert. Thank You for everything. You were truly a one of a kind critic.
Eruantano 5 лет назад
You will be missed Ebert.
Badthoughts90 5 лет назад
Harry Knowles is a prick.
Cam JamMan
Cam JamMan 6 лет назад
I love how enthusiastic Ebert is when he starts talking at 1:50, I always like seeing him get that happy over a film. ^_^ (Also, I adore Princess Mononoke; easily one of my top five favorite films.)
AlexanderTheNotSoGreat 6 лет назад
I love the title of the video, didnt even bother putting the fat guys name just call him Fat Guy! Priceless...
mohawkman2006 6 лет назад
harry knowles
Spaces Take Space
Spaces Take Space 6 лет назад
I was referring to Ebert.
crazymaner2003 6 лет назад
I love both Studio Ghibli films and Naruto, how do I fit into that box of yours?
AnimeIntroStyles4 6 лет назад
That was implied. Relax.
Spaces Take Space
Spaces Take Space 6 лет назад
Correction, he loves good anime. Not that cookie cutter crap like Naruto; the legendary Miyazaki kind of anime.
Mike Zilla
Mike Zilla 6 лет назад
His name is Harry Knowles... ...yeah, I know...
xpallodoc 6 лет назад
That fat guy was the biggest anime fan at the time. Simply by size
Zileth Ryder
Zileth Ryder 6 лет назад
Problem with this film, is that the ending leaves a lot of people wanting more.... I so wanted them to get together....
degree7 6 лет назад
Well I think Ebert was talking about the emotional/visceral impact that the style of animation had on the "storytelling" aspect of the film, and not just "pretty colours".
macleodponeage 6 лет назад
Who the fuck is that fat guy?
Goochbot 6 лет назад
Its too long, about 20 minutes too long, but I still love it
AnimeIntroStyles4 6 лет назад
I think it's fair to say Ebert was moved -_-. Read his full review. He loves Anime.
Greg B.
Greg B. 6 лет назад
They liked the visuals. I dunno, call me crazy, but I was MOVED by the film...you know, what it was ABOUT..critics today are so shallow.
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