Princess Mononoke - Review by Ebert & Fat Guy (1997)

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Couldn't find this here either, enjoy!


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May 19, 2012




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Benjamin Brenner
Benjamin Brenner 8 days ago
"I'm not the biggest anime fan in the world" who is he trying to kid?
Benny Moonwalker
Benny Moonwalker 13 days ago
this movie was the most immersive of all the anime movies
LaVey Charkus Veros
* *Princess Mononoke - Review by Ebert & a Fatter Guy (1997)*
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 3 months ago
It also doesn’t hurt that Lady Eboshi is a total HOTTIE.
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 3 months ago
This is the Ben Hur of animated movies. Right down to the lepers being cured at the end. My mom still doesn’t understand it. She will, eventually. This isn’t at all a story of good vs bad. It’s a story of rebirth. About the good in everyone being reborn through the sacrifice of the Forest Spirit. Just like Ben Hur, it might have well have been titled “Princess Mononoke: A Story Of The Christ”.
Lykos 3 months ago
I wish that there were more animations for adults, Japan seems to be one of the only countries that takes animation seriously as an art form for all ages. I remember watching The Plague Dogs which is definitely not made for kids and it was an interesting movie.
Johnlindsey289 3 months ago
Well there is Castlevania, Bojack Horseman, Archer, Love Death and Robots, DC animation and more
sha11235 6 months ago
This is from 1999, not 1997.
pukeyourguts 9 months ago
Andrew K
Andrew K 10 months ago
Holy crap it's Gritty!
Beth black
Beth black 10 months ago
A basement dweller bravely gets on T.V
Beth black
Beth black Year ago
What a complete utter massive fat ass. I can not believe I've never heard of this incredibly obese mess of a man. What a disgusting pig.
White trash can
It’s a great film but it’s way too similar to nausicaa of the valley of the wind.
The Compiler
The Compiler Year ago
John Green had really let himself go back then
BunnyMan456 Year ago
Ebert began to speak, but the words crept back into his throat as if frightened by what the light revealed. He stared at the creature before him with unhesitant awe. A white ball of flesh sat atop the shaggy green mountain, wrapped in a shroud of red tangles. Horror gave way to hope. The unworldly image had freed him from the bounds of reality. A smile crept across his face. Well, of course, he thought. Miyazaki’s world has seeped into our own, and I am staring at one of the master’s creations. “Feel like you’re looking in a mirror?” said a familiar voice from the movie screen. Ebert would recognize that face anywhere. A head so shiny, he could almost see his reflection, even through the illusion of light. In fact, he could. He entered the shadow world of Siskel’s head, and together they said goodbye to the Fat Man.
Fairy Seraphim
Maybe he isn't the biggest anime fan in the world, but god damn does he look like it.
Kevin Golson
Kevin Golson Year ago
Which one is the fat guy?
Grigori Rasputin1990
ebert was the best
Noah Fortner
Noah Fortner Year ago
Preach #AnimationIsNotAGenre
nativewizard Year ago
should the fat guy be helping he-man in masters of the universe?
Jason Pryde
Jason Pryde Year ago
"E chu ta! solo"
Brock McGinnis
Clearly the people in the comments dont know who Harry Knowles is...
Mio Kuroki
Mio Kuroki Month ago
Fat guy?
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Year ago
you literally have to put a lot of hard work to get that big. You don't just sit and eat your 3 squares and then turn into that.
Arturo Cabral
Arturo Cabral Year ago
I love this anime movie as well as Akira, spirited away, and sword art online ordinal scale.
Johnlindsey289 9 months ago
What about Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Wolf Children etc?
Xerlex 2 years ago
" Fat Guy "
CRUZEOO 2 years ago
Kurt Cobain gone wrong...
CRUZEOO 2 years ago
Kurt Cobain gone wrong...
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 2 years ago
Poor Harry "fat guy" Knowles.
Josh Andrews
Josh Andrews 2 years ago
Dat beard tho.
Jason James
Jason James 2 years ago
Reviewed by Ebert and a sexual predator.
Johan Öberg
Johan Öberg 2 years ago
Animated dances with wolves / jungle book. Good movie but not amazing
MEEG0L 2 years ago
"Hello, Im Roger Ebert and this week my co-host is The Sun"
spock_elvis 2 years ago
El Trollio
El Trollio 2 years ago
spock_elvis if you are a woman within grabbing distance of his wheelchair, then yes... you are correct sir.
Green-island96 2 years ago
2:14 Sorry Ebert. I fear it's only a matter of time before this classic will be...live-action.
BuddySweyzer 2 years ago
I hope Mr. and Mrs. Guy are proud of their son Fat.
BT D 15 days ago
Oohhh….. They're not..... They're not...
Oroborus 2 years ago
The greatest thing about this movie is that there are black or white characters, just many shades of gray.
Copacetic 2 years ago
Fat Guy is the most accurate representation of the expression "neckbeard" that I've ever encountered. Thanks for dumping that spoiler about Lady Eboshi too, fatso.
pudgypuffball 2 years ago
Does anyone know where this review was filmed?
KeKinianKu 2 years ago
that music still gives me chills.
Booger Uppercut
Booger Uppercut 2 years ago
That guy looks like he pooped out Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill.
feroui hamza
feroui hamza 2 years ago
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and pandelton ward
Sean Bridges
Sean Bridges 2 years ago
Holy crap, an American in 1997 pronouncing "Hayao Miyazaki" right?!??!
Rob Yagenmyer
Rob Yagenmyer 2 years ago
1999 Actually. But yes, impressive for a neckbeard in '99 who claims to not be the biggest anime fan.
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