Princess Mononoke OST - The Legend of Ashitaka

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Princess Mononoke (Japanese: もののけ姫 Hepburn: Mononoke-hime) is a 1997 epic Japanese animated historical fantasy feature film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. The film stars the voices of Yōji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yūko Tanaka, Kaoru Kobayashi, Sumi Shimamoto and Akihiro Miwa. "Mononoke" (物の怪?) is not a name, but a general term in the Japanese language for a spirit or monster. The film was first released in Japan on July 12, 1997, and in the United States on October 29, 1999.


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Oct 18, 2012





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Comments 355
Kataecos 5 days ago
Garde de la Fontaine
X : -3295 z 3938
Emanuel Perono
Emanuel Perono Month ago
DAMN I still remember when I first saw this around 14-15 and I was just starting out watching anime. I fell in love with San, just her personality to the design of her clothes and character and her voice really is a waifu material.
Vu Le
Vu Le 2 months ago
Quá hay 💕💕💕
janesgems7 2 months ago
I've loved this film for twenty years Even my parents thought it was wonderful RIP mum and dad. Thank you for teaching me to appreciate beauty in all its forms
孕めサン! 山犬の子を!
阿浚 2 months ago
best ost of Princess Mononoke !!!
RDKNZ 2 months ago
2:16 No words to describe the feeling during this passage..
windyhead 7
windyhead 7 2 months ago
Joe Hisaishi is the Japanese Hans Zimmer
Ken Wu
Ken Wu 3 months ago
Thank God!! This version is the exact same as in the anime, not some crappy cover up. Thank you so much for uploading it
余春鳳 4 months ago
Skip boa bps today
I Have a degree in memes
The soundtrack in this movie
cotan0312 4 months ago
Nam Dương Nguyễn
Nghe buồn gì đâu luôn 😞😞😞
Sergeï Dragon Noir Poète
Good music !
large and mildly threatening reptile
fuck I've been looking for this song for over a year I could only remember the loud bit and I was 100% convinced it was in lord of the rings or narnia. fuck me and my dumbass self
Like A Brosse
Like A Brosse 7 months ago
Which is the orchestra playing this cover?
Adhesive Boi
Adhesive Boi 7 months ago
I came to see with eyes unclouded by hate.
Magnus Hjort
Magnus Hjort 7 months ago
God, the leitmotif of Princess Mononoke is so great. (1:10)
Exgecko 7 months ago
One of the best ghibli movies I was ever able to enjoy. Amazing. ♥
Mimi 7 months ago
3:50 ♥️
Kaonashi 9 months ago
So powerful...
Alex Voxel
Alex Voxel 9 months ago
Man, this host, the feelings!
yoshin642 9 months ago
Shon 10 months ago
Why can i not smash the like button more than once?
A R 10 months ago
cette musique est, et de loin, la plus belle des films de myiazaki
joe macdonald
joe macdonald 10 months ago
Whenever I listen to this it reminds me of the time when the indigenous peoples of canada and america lived in a land of majestic beauty and wonder before it was despoiled and corrupted by us, the white skins...
준영허 11 months ago
Did the first Boar came from Evosa's town??
준영허 11 months ago
This anime is in the book called '1001 movies you have to see before you die' with the other anime Akira and Spirited Away
under onder
under onder 11 months ago
Minu Tiae
Minu Tiae 11 months ago
Absolutely love this piece. It makes me feel like it’s looking over the great wilderness in the eyes of a bird
javari yearwood
Sampled in _700 Bars_ by Eko Fresh.
Yong Min
Yong Min Year ago
하앙 너무 좋다
김민서 Year ago
내 인생영화임 ㅠㅠ
Florent Bienert
Question...Are Ashitaka and san a couple at the end of the movies or not?
Kali Watson
Kali Watson 5 months ago
No, they go their separate ways
mehmet gurdal
mehmet gurdal 10 months ago
They probably are; miyazaki doesn't shows too much romance in his movies but you can understand what is going on in the end.
U.G A.E.
U.G A.E. Year ago
Florent Bienert Hayao Miyazaki said they remain involved .im sure that they maintain a good relationship. Ashitaka will no doubt help San survive. but he also work hard to support the people of Iron Town. and this will tear Ashitaka apart. but this wont stop him. because he treasures both.
Florent Bienert
ok thx
Chris Krogull
Chris Krogull Year ago
Florent Bienert San mentions she still can't forgive the humans for what they did to the Forest Spirit, but they're still friends since Ashitaka fixed everything. Nothing points to romance, though.
Goztone Year ago
This song has everything. Anger, despair, triumph, joy, sadness, loneliness, This song has just got it all. Really amazing stuff.
Brandon Porter
Ashitaka the GOAT
Mandarich Year ago
this movie is like the legend of zelda but made by ghibli
Weird Guy
Weird Guy Year ago
2nd best movie ever! Spirited away is 1 obs
Noface Year ago
There is no song that will ever make me feel such deep sadness and such extreme happiness as this beautiful song does. Absolutely gorgeous. This movie has been my one favorite my entire life, can’t wait to pass it on to my children.
Im Daante
Im Daante Year ago
88 Soldier of Asano disliked this video
Crawcrawc Year ago
If you enjoy this beautiful piece, I highly recommend checking out Ernst Gold's Exodus theme, which this piece takes inspiration from (in fact, it's essentially the same melody in the pentatonic scale).
Victor Mrnho
Victor Mrnho Year ago
sublime créature
depuis tt petite j'adore Princess Mononoke en une journée je le regarder 5fois
Andromedan Angel
Imagine if this was used in the Lady Lubov scene from Hotel Transylvania.
Simone Marelli
It moves me every time almost to tears for its beauty...
Ibrahim Farid
Ibrahim Farid Year ago
This is the best song in the history of the universe
Prudent Lolipop
Im crying
Shaoqian Xiang
This song is legendary
that one stormtrooper
Do not watch the dub of this movie
that one stormtrooper/ Definately. The original japanese cast is much better.
Fluffy :D
Fluffy :D Year ago
Good Job! Princess Mononoke ist my absolutely favorite movi!
Promosi Goldlandgroup
love and war.
Nygil Copeland
gives me goosebumps
Thomas Grabowski
This song feels like the triumph of the human spirit.
Bayu Fadhilla
Bayu Fadhilla Year ago
Oh no my laptop is crying wnile I played this video..
Ruth Zeleke
Ruth Zeleke Year ago
Listen to Zietrese-princess Mononoke remix
Radamanthys Wivern
La leyenda de Ashitaka!
snow flower
snow flower Year ago
this movie was made over 20 years ago, but it's still just as relevant today as it it was then. Miyazaki is a true master artist and there is no other composer like Joe Hisaishi. both men are so unique and brought many beautiful pieces into the world.
Arcangel Year ago
I get chills whenever I listen to this song!
신예진 Year ago
I love 스튜디오 지브리 beautiful movies so 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mei Totoro
Mei Totoro Year ago
sokkiroh zuzu
sokkiroh zuzu Year ago
San is quite beautiful in my opinion.3:26 is the best part
San Segkhoonthod
One of the best movies ever. Also Spirited Away. It's like a gift from heaven.
Kameelism Year ago
I feel as though this film heavily inspired the video game "Okami" - if you've played it you'll understand !
Kameelism Year ago
Kevin Triforce never played it, wish I had a Switch!
Kevin Triforce
Kameelism and Breath of the Wild
shirojin x
shirojin x Year ago
Ahh my Heart hurts so bad when im listening to this soundtrack...Best Movie ever, opened my eyes :/
Jessieboo 333
Jessieboo 333 Year ago
I absolutely love this movie, I cosplayed as Princess mononoke; )
Peter Kelner
Peter Kelner Year ago
This is not the original
Nibba 007
Nibba 007 Year ago
Honuh and disciprin.
憂鬱 Year ago
**cries internally**
Pamela Hayek
Pamela Hayek Year ago
Pure wonder
Byunnie Baekkie
Headphones make it even more touching...apart from them falling out all the time...geez...
Cristhian Rivera
SLayeR TRuva
SLayeR TRuva Year ago
rob lucci
rob lucci Year ago
Why can I find the spirited away ost
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc Year ago
Is this version different from the normal one? It seems to be ever-so-slightly slower?
maudesuzelle Year ago
I believe this one is from Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite album
Leo Dragon
Leo Dragon Year ago
I just noticed a change in the music at 3:27. In this video it goes A-B-C#-D but in another video it's A-B-C(natural)-D. Sorry I'm a bit of a nerd but it's really bugging me as I don't know which ones right!
ath3na Year ago
i play piano and so far im almost done playing mosting of joe hisaishi’s music, but when i played this i had an imagery of nature and mononoke hime with ashitaka just running through the woods i felt so WOKE LIKE DAMN
Dark Evil Zazou
3:25 *_____________*
Byunnie Baekkie
I'm actually in love with this mooooovie especially ashitaka and sannnnn! My baes
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