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A beautifully realized tale of civilization versus nature, PRINCESS MONONOKE is a true epic by Japan's master animator Hayao Miyazaki.
While protecting his village from a rampaging boar-god, the young warrior Ashitaka becomes afflicted with a deadly curse. To find the cure that will save his life, he journeys deep into sacred depths of the Great Forest Spirit's realm where he meets San (Princess Mononoke), a girl raised by wolves. It's not long before Ashitaka is caught in the middle of a battle between iron-ore prospecting humans and the forest dwellers. He must summon the spirit-powers and all his courage to stop man and nature from destroying each other.
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Sep 17, 2014




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Comments 1 276
DaKidGlowie 4 days ago
This, spirited away, ponyo, kimetsu no yaiba are my favorite
Mr X
Mr X 5 days ago
THE BEST... mic dropped
Is Ghibli as famous in the Western countries as Disney is famous in Japan? Not as much?
Johnlindsey289 22 hours ago
Anime is kind of a cult thing
Spoilers I liked the movie . San was an awesome character , Lady Eboshi was a very interesting not conventional villain , the wolves were courageous and cunning and Moro the wolf Goddess had the feel of a powerful wise being . The Deer God as the God of Life , Death , Forest was supernatural and even by the end you can't figure him out . Ashitaka was a badass , a hero , a total warrior , honorable , intelligent , diplomatic and a character that you truly feel he doesn't want to choose any side from the several sides in the story as even the other characters commented . But from my point of view , isn't he way too nice ?`I mean I get it that dude is a perfect hero , a super nice guy . But for reals people shoot him , killed innocent lives , even killed Gods , beheaded the Deer God and all that and when everyone loses their cool , he is still calm and he still tries to fix things no matter if others have ruined from left and right 4182 times in a row . I understand through his kind spirit even the bad characters become somewhat good in the end by the forgiveness and help he gave them but is he truly a realistic character ? The guy is flawless .
Darian Zamora
Darian Zamora 8 days ago
check this out tinyurl.com/y4wz5zs8
Flufferz626 12 days ago
I remember this being one of the first movies I'd seen without an actually evil person as an antagonist.
Saequan Murchison
Saequan Murchison 12 days ago
My Anime Club teacher said she'll show us this, and Spirited Away. Is it really good?
sssl 14 days ago
as a Japanese myself, its kinda strange to hear them speaking with British accent.. I think its way better just with English subtitles not dubs
Krokodilomot 9909
Krokodilomot 9909 18 days ago
So much spoilers in the trailer
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Angel Saiyan
Angel Saiyan 25 days ago
Anime dreamer
Anime dreamer 28 days ago
Pleaseeee some tell me where to watch this movie 😭😭😭i cant find it! 😭
The Joker
The Joker 28 days ago
They need to remake this into a live action film. Since nowadays all movies are being remade again Evil Dead, Pet Cemetary, It etc remake this live action I’d b pumped. This 1 n Spirited away.
nellek970 28 days ago
Wow I saw this with my mom when I was 3 years old... Nightmares....
Good Bye
Good Bye 28 days ago
It’s 2019, March. I can’t find this on Xbox anywhere. Where may I find this again on that platform?
Johnlindsey289 Month ago
I think they should had hired Don Lafontaine or Hal Douglas for the US trailer narrator
Haekal Buana
Haekal Buana Month ago
1:17 is he joke? Lol
Victor Parkinson
" To see with eyes unclouded by hate" that quote gives me the chills
Μαριάννα Τ
The first anime I watched - INCREDIBLE... I now lost count of how many I watched
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
"We'll have the richest land in the world-" *Canada*
stryker9816 Month ago
Hey teenagers this is animation. Not the filth they have today. Watch spirited away, howls moving castle, Mary and the witches flower, guardian of the spirit, the boy and the beast. I'm so proud to be aware when Princess mononoke came out I was 11 at the time. The movie rivaled titanic at the time. That's how huge it was.
Johnlindsey289 22 hours ago
What about Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Ninja Scroll, Akira, Wolf Children, Metropolis etc.?
Horus Anderson
Horus Anderson Month ago
mini driver 1:17
DHgamerplayz Month ago
mHmd AmlE:-
mHmd AmlE:- Month ago
مين عربي هون يحط لايك و يكتب شو اسم هاد الفلم او المسلسل اطا يعرفه بليس
Antwain Caleb
Antwain Caleb Month ago
I remember watching this movie way back in my days, and I made a mistake watching this in English Dub. How the bloody hell did I fell to realize that the characters in this movie are all Japanese?!
marco '-'
marco '-' Month ago
I need movies like that ! Can you help me ?? I watched spirited away , ponyo ...
marco '-'
marco '-' Month ago
+stryker9816 thanks ^^
stryker9816 Month ago
Don't forget Mary and the witches flower , guardian of the spirit, secret world of arriety.
Portis _
Portis _ Month ago
+marco '-' no problem
marco '-'
marco '-' Month ago
+Portis _ i already saw the castle movie (was awsome 😭😊) .. thx man ^^
Portis _
Portis _ Month ago
Naussica - has a similar connection to nature. Stranger (Mukou Hadan) - similar setting. Howl's Moving Castle - only similar by how good they are. Laputa - just another good Ghibli film. Some anime series I'd recommend are: Wolf's Rain Berserk Hunter x Hunter And I recommend watching in Japanese, with subtitles.
Kransen Month ago
Remember when i was a little kid and loved this. Where can i watch the full moovie?
Ashura Ryuuzen
Ashura Ryuuzen Month ago
Princess mononoke portraits the essence of war while grave of the fireflies portraits the aftermath of a war 😆😆 ahhh i miss those old animes unlike now where most of animes are no more than fan service with big boobs, panty shot etc. with cliche story plots. darn it ill just rewatch all ghibli studios movie this week end.
Johnlindsey289 22 hours ago
+stryker9816 i'm turning 37 and i agree yet there is some good anime movies there
stryker9816 Month ago
So true dude I'm 32 years old and believe you in me I understand. I was 11 when this movie released. This movie rivaled other motion pictures that were famous at the time.
aragon twinkll
aragon twinkll Month ago
this movie has my heart size i was a kid and it always will
Osvaldo Cordova de Dios
Bella pelicula
Mimi Rocky
Mimi Rocky Month ago
Anderson Andy
Anderson Andy Month ago
Quite different POVs with different ages
Hifaa Alshamry
Hifaa Alshamry 2 months ago
what will happens in the end ?
Andy Chen
Andy Chen 2 months ago
“What anime do you like” “This.”
La Llave Reyes
La Llave Reyes 2 months ago
donde la puedo ver
3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 2 months ago
God...this is a blast from the past. I had an old VHS that advertised this movie but never watched it since I was like 6 at the time...
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami 2 months ago
i view it as a movie that happens to be animated because too many recent animated movies are all abt fan service and shit characters
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I watched this when i was 4. :) Edit: this was my favorite movie :)
Chaitali Mitra
Chaitali Mitra 2 months ago
um can u tell me where can i this movie full
Goro Daimon
Goro Daimon 2 months ago
ninepuchar1 2 months ago
1:12 that song, just so perfect with those dialogue.
マーカス Month ago
ninepuchar1 You've got to watch it. ruvid.net/video/video-bCM3clq-_c0.html
Dave Joseph
Dave Joseph 2 months ago
Plot reminds me of Avatar.
King Zalut
King Zalut 2 months ago
Feminist bullcrapagenda,Princess coming to save the prince and slay all the bad men..splendid😖👍🏼
Usagi兎 2 months ago
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit 2 months ago
What’s the music starts at 00:51?
Countrygirl1990 2 months ago
I love this
Kendall MacLeod
Kendall MacLeod 2 months ago
I need to get this! I have recently been into anime and drawing it. Hope to convince my family to get this!
Tony Martino
Tony Martino 2 months ago
I remember this to be my favorite movie when I was a kid! But I never knew the name.. until now! Just ordered it n it will be here tmro!
ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ
This deserves a live action adaptation. The concept is not difficult to do with the technology we have at present. Wish Netflix would do it.
Miami Morty
Miami Morty 2 months ago
No wolf scene. BOO!
Javier Quintero Riverón
Amo esta película desde que era un niño, es una de mis preferidad de Studio Ghibli.
Kimberly Di Pietro
Kimberly Di Pietro 3 months ago
actual;y her name is princess peach um
Frankie L
Frankie L 3 months ago
Why can’t I find this to watch tf
MrSuperkillen 3 months ago
www14.kickassanime.io/anime/princess-mononoke-426266/episode-01-685873 with english sub buty u can find it with english dub on that site
lostname 4030
lostname 4030 3 months ago
Maramax made this too?! Jules:this is a tasty burger San:what the hell?!
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift 3 months ago
Frankie L
Frankie L 3 months ago
Gulya Swift where can I watch?
varickooo 3 months ago
My childhood movie i was trying to remember the movie then i found it at best buy like last week
ᴛᴏᴍᴍy ᴠᴇʀᴄᴇᴛᴛɪ
It’s weird how much this reminds me of Zelda BOTW
Team Impact
Team Impact 3 months ago
0:52 the fuck is that
Mary Kirsten
Mary Kirsten 3 months ago
The deer god's face freaked me out, till this day i am still scared on how weird it looks.
Deus no comando !
Deus no comando ! 3 months ago
Nossa que chato não consigo assistir nada MAIS nem esse animes nem MEU AMIGO totoro 😭😭TUDO tem que pagar agora
The Creator
The Creator 3 months ago
1:20 "and Billy Bart Thompson whooooaaaah" lol
A Spanish Inquisitor
Basically the more violent version of Nausicca.
Raditya Arga Putra
Raditya Arga Putra 3 months ago
it should have been titled prince ashitaka smh
dm the angel cat
dm the angel cat 4 months ago
This came on regular TV of mine..and i love it!!
Pankaj Biswakarma
Pankaj Biswakarma 4 months ago
Hayao miyazake is true genius.. his imagination is beyond human brain
Lily B
Lily B 4 months ago
bruh the gods go pretty hard no lie
Cahry 4 months ago
I have watched it 17 times already. and kinda wanna watch it again thats why im looking at the trailer :D best movie ever
Detective Pigeon
Detective Pigeon 4 months ago
Oooooh, i just watched this but it was really confusing cuz it was in japanese.
Sarah trbl
Sarah trbl 4 months ago
i swear to god the only thing i remember was my nightmares for weeks that i had as a child after watching this
kiryuu zero
kiryuu zero 4 months ago
Took me 10 years to find it
Dizaboro Edi Ban
Dizaboro Edi Ban 4 months ago
Hanna Jang
Hanna Jang 5 months ago
this is actually really well dubbed Japanese movie.
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 5 months ago
I was not expecting that cast list.
Allan Jussaume
Allan Jussaume 5 months ago
Princess Mononoke was the first 'mature' film I accidentally rented as a kid. I loved My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli and figured similar merriment would follow. Not knowing someone would get their head chopped off by a mystic arrow in the opening sequences pretty much ended my childhood. I remember hurriedly and tearfully running to the VCR to turn it off. Watching it from the eyes of a 30-year-old, it's absolutely fantastic cinema.
Canodiablo 5 months ago
We watched this in elementry school, i was horrfied!
spike F
spike F 5 months ago
岡田斗司夫のレビュー。 面白いよ。 ruvid.net/video/video-7Npqxf4q0e0.html ruvid.net/video/video-cKrKFg-EcNk.html
Joan Czołakow
Joan Czołakow 5 months ago
I was searching for this movie like 2 years...I watched it over 14 years ago....Finally found it...I was always feeling bad for the Deer God
yukkanen 5 months ago
in japan mononoke broadcast on tv lastweek.this anime is sill very popular.it match with japanese sensation
Park Jihyo
Park Jihyo 5 months ago
Jihyo brought me here 😂
Park Jihyo
Park Jihyo 5 months ago
C Gameplays she’s my bias so yeah i want to see who’s princess mononoke 😂 i love her so much 😍
C Gameplays
C Gameplays 5 months ago
rakim 3
rakim 3 5 months ago
rachellsy 5 months ago
That's how things r connected. Human and nature, air, wind, wild life.... U can tell and feel the bond in the movie and how much it want us to appreciate the gift from heaven. Treasure life.
Leslie Yang
Leslie Yang 6 months ago
this was and always will be a badass movie :)
FastLikeUNO 6 months ago
Jada Pinkette Smith... like from the Matrix... this is awesome!
Shane Art
Shane Art 6 months ago
I came because SUGA
Janzen Caniendo
Janzen Caniendo 6 months ago
Why there is no full movie?
She wolf
She wolf 6 months ago
Cough cough Inuyasha cough cough😕
Jenna Gaither
Jenna Gaither 6 months ago
does anybody remember when the god got shot before it started transforming and it lived? i can see it saying "i lived bitch"
Alter 6 months ago
Watch it with the original audio guys.
ILike Fisch
ILike Fisch 6 months ago
Look at this Movie Disney. Thats a Princess done right
Sevilli Pantelidou
Sevilli Pantelidou 6 months ago
He is So metaphysical Miyazaki !
スノウベリー 6 months ago
the best animation in japan ever
Afrobear 7 months ago
best movie evar
Afrobear 7 months ago
i agree
TBH My tuition loves to let us watch old anime movies for no reason
Victor Finne
Victor Finne 7 months ago
Fuck this movie is good 😍
Ayoobe Wonders
Ayoobe Wonders 7 months ago
When I FOUND THIS TODAY AFTER 13 YEARS since i firsted watched it, I AMOST CRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruno Ryuko
Bruno Ryuko 7 months ago
As a serious anime fan or even go as far as saying I am an anime addict I am ashamed to say that I have not seen this movie yet but I will :)
ILike Fisch
ILike Fisch 6 months ago
Have you seen it?
Lucius Irving
Lucius Irving 7 months ago
Me gusta mas o menos esta pelicula, yo prefiero Castle in the Sky. Aun si, Princess Mononoke es mejor que estas mamadas que Japon estan haciendo desde el culo, casi puro pinches mamadas de shounen y ecchi.
Rexreavley 7 months ago
ive been looking for this movie for years and i just found it. it was in like 2014 and its now 2018 lmao
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