Princess Mononoke Movie CLIP - Calm Your Fury (2014) - Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray Release Movie HD

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Princess Mononoke Movie CLIP - Calm Your Fury (2014) - Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray Release Movie HD
On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami's curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and Tatara, a mining colony. In this quest he also meets San, the Mononoke Hime.


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Aug 16, 2014

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Comments 299
motodozer 5 hours ago
One of the only anime films I actually enjoy the English dubbing with. Definitely a testament to the voice talent for the dub.
Purple dragon 19
Purple dragon 19 15 days ago
I'm here cause according to a guy on reddit, ridley would likely sound like the boar if he talked
you are worth it
you are worth it 16 days ago
I miss you I watched it with you I'll always remember this movie
Sean Fleming
Sean Fleming 19 days ago
0:43 This moment when the girl draws her sword in defense of her friend in the face of overwhelming force...that's hero stuff right there.
josuke squigly
josuke squigly 23 days ago
This is why I appreciate animation especially myusaki because he brings a sense of wonder and beauty to his films
Chrissy Luginbill
Chrissy Luginbill 26 days ago
Awesome Animation!! 😁🤘
Bill Coxon
Bill Coxon Month ago
you can really see where nintendo took inspiration for BOTW
Music Account
Music Account Month ago
Literally copied from Stranger Things. smh
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 24 days ago
This movie existed WAY before Stranger Things.
HowToDrawEmAll Month ago
The Legend of Ashitaka.
Ser Twenty Goodmen
How did they animate that thing?
josuke squigly
josuke squigly 23 days ago
They added in CG first and then add the cell shading
This movie...nostalgic from my childhood, and also what got me into animation👑🗻🌹
Roe Uoy
Roe Uoy 2 months ago
Xenophacilus 2 months ago
Why is champion link fighting Ganon on a Deer?
Erjonadi 2 months ago
I watched this in second grade with my friend...
christy capers
christy capers 2 months ago
P.S. Also this movie and I are the same age✊🏾🌷🤤
christy capers
christy capers 2 months ago
Ashitaka is a whole entire meal snack.
Kenshin 811
Kenshin 811 2 months ago
hmmm, to think it took 1 year for the studio just for this fight scene.
SenSen 2 months ago
Oh, Ashitaka, you stud!
KANYEda WESTaro 2 months ago
the dub
Quiet Person
Quiet Person 3 months ago
Did you guys know that my mom doesn't allow us to see this film again just because of the existence of the boars..
vianney ventura
vianney ventura 3 months ago
Kai 3 months ago
When I fought a guardian in Zelda for the first time I was reminded of this scene
ShadowSkyX 3 months ago
The earliest build of botw looks great! I mean he's a dark hair link wearing blue, shooting an arrow into a nearly shapeless demonized pig monster, while riding a horse (elk in this case I think)! But we can ride deer, close enough! 😍😍😉
karmal rex
karmal rex 3 months ago
Could it be, that the OST in this clip, is the "original - Demon God Theme" ? all the other versions are.....very difficult to this. Could you load up the "original" Demon God theme ?
Stargazer 4 months ago
I couldn't watch the whole movie because those worms looked so gross to me
Senritsu 4 months ago
5300 drawings in 2 minutes.
Landen Kugler
Landen Kugler 4 months ago
I don't usually watch anime but this scene is so memorable!
_ Fenneck _
_ Fenneck _ 4 months ago
Omg the english version is an horror 🤮 Keep watching dysney english ppl because you disrespect this movie and I think it's the same with the other ghibli's movies. Delet dis
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 4 months ago
Ghibli themselves approved of this dub and even put it on their Japanese Blu-ray.
Grid Retter
Grid Retter 4 months ago
This zombie boar kinda reminds me of when we were on a school trip for 5 days, we went to an industrial farm and we were walking around and then some kids we running back yelling and screaming and so we went to look and guess what, two dead pigs were put on top of eachother kind of surrounded by a brick wall( not completly) and if was horrible, maggots, flies, etc... were spiling out of every hole, it was pretty haunting and looking back now, i'm not even sure it's legal to leave 2 big dead decomposing bodies like that?
E Am
E Am 4 months ago
When I was a child I couldn't sleep for months because I had nightmares about that demon thing...
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 5 months ago
You guys think there will be another Princess Mononoke movie sequel? Because it was a greatest movie of all time. And plus do you guy's think that Princess Mononoke is a Disney princess? Because princess mononoke is a part of Disney even though she's anime.
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 3 months ago
Oh god you again
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 4 months ago
@UNIVERSAL SPACE EXPEDITIONER but Princess Mononoke deserves to have a sequel when San fall's in love with ashitaka so they could get married and live happily ever after like a Walt Disney Cinderella ending so that San dressing up as princess like Pocahontas princess dress from Pocahontas 2 as a reference. And plus San would love to dress up as a princess in a big fat gypsy princess wedding dress for the grand ball and for the wedding. San and Ashitaka we'll live happily ever after and have kids of Their Own and they will live in the forest together and build a house there. We want Disney to buy Studio Ghibli so therefore the female Ghibli characters could be Disney princesses and all the Ghibli characters could be in the King of Hearts game and it will be cool if there in a King of Hearts game
@Jaime Nieves Studio Ghibli was the an idea of Myazaki and Takahata to bring a new air in the anime industry in Japan , Disney has no place on owning their vision . Disney can help with the marketing of the films but that's just it . There many incredible Ghibli films that would never happen under Disney . I understand your dream but we shouldn't sacrifice creators creativity to create a massive film empire .
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 4 months ago
@UNIVERSAL SPACE EXPEDITIONER that's why I created a petition so Disney could by Studio Ghibli just like Disney buy Fox Studios so therefore all the female Ghibli characters could be Disney Princesses and all the Ghibli characters will be in King of Hearts games as well. Princess Mononoke deserves to have a sequel when San fall's in love with ashitaka so they could get married and live happily ever after like a Walt Disney Cinderella ending so that San dressing up as princesses an a big fat gypsy princess wedding dress for the grand ball and for the wedding and Ashitaka will love to see San dressing up as princess. San's princess dress would look similar to Pocahontas princess dress from Pocahontas 2. Do you agree with that topic?
Bernice Tam
Bernice Tam 5 months ago
Dude!!! Ashitaka's sister is a badass. As soon as her friend fell down, she drew her sword out to defend her. What a brave anime character.
VicIsBored 5 months ago
I remember going to a birthday party and the parents decided that the kids could watch a movie. Maybe showing the boar scene to a bunch of 7 year olds while it was pitch black outside wasn'y such a good idea
VicIsBored 4 months ago
@Brendan Milburn Sweden put it as 7
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 4 months ago
This is what happens when you don't look at the movie rating, it's PG-13 for a reason people.
Lime man
Lime man 5 months ago
This is what the BotW trailer is based of, right?
LennyBOI 5 months ago
I remember watching this as a kid and having nightmares about it.The transformations were just......UUUUUUGH (shivers*).
Matias Wolf
Matias Wolf 5 months ago
Ashitaka´s aim is so amazing
Sofia Bronicel
Sofia Bronicel 6 months ago
just gonna say... Best. Movie. EVER.
tipoomaster 6 months ago
0:45 BoTW ending definitely seems inspired by this
The Aristocat
The Aristocat 6 months ago
my god, this thing scares me alot, it looks like some sort of giant spider like critter
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine
The first Anime i ever saw. And gave me a Live-Long Fear of Worms.
Darkseid 6 months ago
One of my all time favorite animated films.
dvr a
dvr a 7 months ago
what a moment
Chicken Draws Dogs
Chicken Draws Dogs 8 months ago
"Hey, can you animate thousands of worms moving in unison?" Animators: Uuuh...
ellen moss
ellen moss 8 months ago
It's so tragically sad that those demonic worm parasites turned nago into a psychotically murderous monster.
Roiked 12 days ago
It was his unquenchable hatred that gave rise to the demon inside him. It was hatred that turned Nago into a demon... One of the messages of the movie is that hatred turns us into monsters...
Ang C
Ang C 8 months ago
so why is this dubbed ????? ORIGINAL is the best version !
MARIO'S IMPOSTOR 8 months ago
S. 11
S. 11 8 months ago
Moony Foxy
Moony Foxy 9 months ago
This takes 2 years to animate
Viper Sniper
Viper Sniper 10 months ago
Now that's how you open a can of worms
Viper Sniper
Viper Sniper 10 months ago
0:49 nice shot Ashitaka
Juanista 10 months ago
Best escene ever
Barbara Richards
Barbara Richards 10 months ago
Definitely one of the best movies, ever. Don't @ me.
Sidar Suonborai
Sidar Suonborai 11 months ago
I wish I had this in real life so stupid rapist wannabes would gtfo. It's my lawn!
Jackie Mehoff
Jackie Mehoff 11 months ago
People truly don’t understand that he has no right to meddle in that mess but his sister was in trouble. He cursed himself basically
Malik Rahman
Malik Rahman Year ago
'Disgusting little creatures. Soon, all of you will feel my hate, and suffer as I have suffered'
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim Year ago
I've watched this movie and Spirited Away too many times to count. My two favorite Miyazaki films.
HowToDrawEmAll Month ago
Same. The artistry is next level.
Malu De Paula Galvao
Amo esse filme!
Lana S.
Lana S. Year ago
I bought this movie because it was a Ghibli movie I hadn’t seen before and I was a really big fan of Ponyo and Totoro, but it got violent really quickly and I’ve just never been able to watch the whole thing
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 4 months ago
It's definitely one of Ghibli's more mature work, but it is also one of their best.
River Bear
River Bear Year ago
The best👌👍
Newton's Third Law
What a strange draw he uses. It's like a thumb draw but with the index finger instead, and he shoots from the right instead of the left.
Toon Link
Toon Link Year ago
Link vs. a Guardian
Telisha Whelan
omg why do anime girls always trip up and take forever to get back up, nothing was in her way, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Angela Zaplotinsky
zelda breath of the wild 2 look great
Who Knows?
Who Knows? Year ago
Reminds me of that boss battle in legend of Zelda breath of the wild
Max Thompson
Max Thompson Year ago
Is Ashitaka only able to kill Nago because his shooting arm gets cursed?
Andrew McGraw
Andrew McGraw Year ago
Yes. a lot.
Borta Maga
Borta Maga Year ago
I'm disappointed on how the dub is totally different than the original sub
Tonia LaJaunie
Modeling and motion software used for computer generated imagery: Kroyer Films; Computer systems provided: Silicon Graphics; Modeling and Animation: Bill Kroyer, Tina Price, Linda Bel, Mike Cedeno, Andrew H. Schmidt; Lighting and Software Engineering: Brian Jennings, Mary Jane Turner, Mark M. Pompian, Brian Schindler, Scott F. Johnston, Tad Gielow
yosh i
yosh i Year ago
I think that this scene shows the old Japanese teaching that teaches things that people can not do anything.
Stannis Baratheon
Coldhands: Hey! Gimme back my Elk
haeze Year ago
why isnt "calm your fury" not a meme?
The Lust
The Lust Year ago
scary :
Ugh! That monster is grotesque! When I watch this, I feel like it's actually on me!
اجمل انمي في العالم
في ترجمه مع كل الفلم
Squidward the squid
ashitaka is so fine too
Jackson Neptune
Why did Miyazaki stop making Japanese historical fantasy films, why?
jo ma
jo ma 7 days ago
@UNIVERSAL SPACE EXPEDITIONER its always the last before another one is out and im not complaining
He is making one right now the last film before his retirement according to him .
M B Year ago
It’s crazy how similar this is to Breath of the Wild. This Ghibli film must have been a huge inspiration especially. Just substitute the monster for a guardian! Even the villagers’ clothes look like the Sheikah. Very cool. Really want to see this movie now!
iigman22 Year ago
one of the best movies ever you wont regret it
Bowmaj 86
Bowmaj 86 Year ago
John/Jenna Sequa
Turnajon 8 months ago
I think John DiMaggio delivered that line.
beep beep lettuce
I remember whatching this movie with my dad, its been years, i still love it
Alex Bott
Alex Bott Year ago
there's no bow and arrow that can save you from this
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