Princess Mononoke Movie CLIP - Calm Your Fury (2014) - Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray Release Movie HD

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Princess Mononoke Movie CLIP - Calm Your Fury (2014) - Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray Release Movie HD
On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami's curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and Tatara, a mining colony. In this quest he also meets San, the Mononoke Hime.


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Aug 16, 2014




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Comments 243
Landen Kugler
Landen Kugler 5 days ago
I don't usually watch anime but this scene is so memorable!
_ Fenneck _
_ Fenneck _ 9 days ago
Omg the english version is an horror 🤮 Keep watching dysney english ppl because you disrespect this movie and I think it's the same with the other ghibli's movies. Delet dis
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 3 days ago
Ghibli themselves approved of this dub and even put it on their Japanese Blu-ray.
Grid Retter
Grid Retter 10 days ago
This zombie boar kinda reminds me of when we were on a school trip for 5 days, we went to an industrial farm and we were walking around and then some kids we running back yelling and screaming and so we went to look and guess what, two dead pigs were put on top of eachother kind of surrounded by a brick wall( not completly) and if was horrible, maggots, flies, etc... were spiling out of every hole, it was pretty haunting and looking back now, i'm not even sure it's legal to leave 2 big dead decomposing bodies like that?
E Am
E Am 16 days ago
When I was a child I couldn't sleep for months because I had nightmares about that demon thing...
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 26 days ago
You guys think there will be another Princess Mononoke movie sequel? Because it was a greatest movie of all time. And plus do you guy's think that Princess Mononoke is a Disney princess? Because princess mononoke is a part of Disney even though she's anime.
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 2 days ago
+UNIVERSAL SPACE EXPEDITIONER but Princess Mononoke deserves to have a sequel when San fall's in love with ashitaka so they could get married and live happily ever after like a Walt Disney Cinderella ending so that San dressing up as princess like Pocahontas princess dress from Pocahontas 2 as a reference. And plus San would love to dress up as a princess in a big fat gypsy princess wedding dress for the grand ball and for the wedding. San and Ashitaka we'll live happily ever after and have kids of Their Own and they will live in the forest together and build a house there. We want Disney to buy Studio Ghibli so therefore the female Ghibli characters could be Disney princesses and all the Ghibli characters could be in the King of Hearts game and it will be cool if there in a King of Hearts game
+Jaime Nieves Studio Ghibli was the an idea of Myazaki and Takahata to bring a new air in the anime industry in Japan , Disney has no place on owning their vision . Disney can help with the marketing of the films but that's just it . There many incredible Ghibli films that would never happen under Disney . I understand your dream but we shouldn't sacrifice creators creativity to create a massive film empire .
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 2 days ago
+UNIVERSAL SPACE EXPEDITIONER that's why I created a petition so Disney could by Studio Ghibli just like Disney buy Fox Studios so therefore all the female Ghibli characters could be Disney Princesses and all the Ghibli characters will be in King of Hearts games as well. Princess Mononoke deserves to have a sequel when San fall's in love with ashitaka so they could get married and live happily ever after like a Walt Disney Cinderella ending so that San dressing up as princesses an a big fat gypsy princess wedding dress for the grand ball and for the wedding and Ashitaka will love to see San dressing up as princess. San's princess dress would look similar to Pocahontas princess dress from Pocahontas 2. Do you agree with that topic?
+Jaime Nieves No Studio Ghibli is better off alone .
Bernice Tam
Bernice Tam Month ago
Dude!!! Ashitaka's sister is a badass. As soon as her friend fell down, she drew her sword out to defend her. What a brave anime character.
VicIsBored Month ago
I remember going to a birthday party and the parents decided that the kids could watch a movie. Maybe showing the boar scene to a bunch of 7 year olds while it was pitch black outside wasn'y such a good idea
VicIsBored 2 days ago
+Brendan Milburn Sweden put it as 7
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 3 days ago
This is what happens when you don't look at the movie rating, it's PG-13 for a reason people.
Nintendo Nerd
Nintendo Nerd Month ago
This is what the BotW trailer is based of, right?
LennyBOI Month ago
I remember watching this as a kid and having nightmares about it.The transformations were just......UUUUUUGH (shivers*).
Matias Wolf
Matias Wolf Month ago
Ashitaka´s aim is so amazing
Sofia Bronicel
Sofia Bronicel 2 months ago
just gonna say... Best. Movie. EVER.
tipoomaster 2 months ago
0:45 BoTW ending definitely seems inspired by this
The Aristocat
The Aristocat 2 months ago
my god, this thing scares me alot, it looks like some sort of giant spider like critter
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine
The first Anime i ever saw. And gave me a Live-Long Fear of Worms.
Darkseid 2 months ago
One of my all time favorite animated films.
dvr a
dvr a 3 months ago
what a moment
Chicken Draws Dogs
Chicken Draws Dogs 3 months ago
"Hey, can you animate thousands of worms moving in unison?" Animators: Uuuh...
ellen moss
ellen moss 4 months ago
It's so tragically sad that those demonic worm parasites turned nago into a psychotically murderous monster.
Ang C
Ang C 4 months ago
so why is this dubbed ????? ORIGINAL is the best version !
MARIO'S IMPOSTOR 4 months ago
S. 11
S. 11 4 months ago
Moony Foxy
Moony Foxy 5 months ago
This takes 2 years to animate
Viper Sniper
Viper Sniper 5 months ago
Now that's how you open a can of worms
Viper Sniper
Viper Sniper 5 months ago
0:49 nice shot Ashitaka
Juanista 6 months ago
Best escene ever
Barbara Richards
Barbara Richards 6 months ago
Definitely one of the best movies, ever. Don't @ me.
Sidar Suonborai
Sidar Suonborai 7 months ago
I wish I had this in real life so stupid rapist wannabes would gtfo. It's my lawn!
Jonathan Crawford
Jonathan Crawford 7 months ago
People truly don’t understand that he has no right to meddle in that mess but his sister was in trouble. He cursed himself basically
Malik Rahman
Malik Rahman 8 months ago
'Disgusting little creatures. Soon, all of you will feel my hate, and suffer as I have suffered'
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim 8 months ago
I've watched this movie and Spirited Away too many times to count. My two favorite Miyazaki films.
Malu De Paula Galvao
Amo esse filme!
Lana S.
Lana S. 9 months ago
I bought this movie because it was a Ghibli movie I hadn’t seen before and I was a really big fan of Ponyo and Totoro, but it got violent really quickly and I’ve just never been able to watch the whole thing
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 3 days ago
It's definitely one of Ghibli's more mature work, but it is also one of their best.
River Bear
River Bear 11 months ago
The best👌👍
Newton's Third Law
Newton's Third Law 11 months ago
What a strange draw he uses. It's like a thumb draw but with the index finger instead, and he shoots from the right instead of the left.
Toon Link
Toon Link 11 months ago
Link vs. a Guardian
Telisha Whelan
Telisha Whelan 11 months ago
omg why do anime girls always trip up and take forever to get back up, nothing was in her way, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Angela Zaplotinsky
Angela Zaplotinsky 11 months ago
zelda breath of the wild 2 look great
ArcticYT Year ago
Reminds me of that boss battle in legend of Zelda breath of the wild
Max Thompson
Max Thompson Year ago
Is Ashitaka only able to kill Nago because his shooting arm gets cursed?
Andrew McGraw
Andrew McGraw Year ago
Yes. a lot.
Borta Maga
Borta Maga Year ago
I'm disappointed on how the dub is totally different than the original sub
Tonia LaJaunie
Modeling and motion software used for computer generated imagery: Kroyer Films; Computer systems provided: Silicon Graphics; Modeling and Animation: Bill Kroyer, Tina Price, Linda Bel, Mike Cedeno, Andrew H. Schmidt; Lighting and Software Engineering: Brian Jennings, Mary Jane Turner, Mark M. Pompian, Brian Schindler, Scott F. Johnston, Tad Gielow
yosh i
yosh i Year ago
I think that this scene shows the old Japanese teaching that teaches things that people can not do anything.
Stannis Baratheon
Coldhands: Hey! Gimme back my Elk
snakeu me no like
why isnt "calm your fury" not a meme?
The Lust
The Lust Year ago
scary :
Ugh! That monster is grotesque! When I watch this, I feel like it's actually on me!
اجمل انمي في العالم
في ترجمه مع كل الفلم
Squidward the squid
ashitaka is so fine too
Jackson Neptune
Why did Miyazaki stop making Japanese historical fantasy films, why?
He is making one right now the last film before his retirement according to him .
M B Year ago
It’s crazy how similar this is to Breath of the Wild. This Ghibli film must have been a huge inspiration especially. Just substitute the monster for a guardian! Even the villagers’ clothes look like the Sheikah. Very cool. Really want to see this movie now!
iigman22 Year ago
one of the best movies ever you wont regret it
Bowmaj 86
Bowmaj 86 Year ago
Turnajon 4 months ago
I think John DiMaggio delivered that line.
beep beep lettuce
I remember whatching this movie with my dad, its been years, i still love it
Alex Bott
Alex Bott Year ago
there's no bow and arrow that can save you from this
Brissa DLR
Brissa DLR Year ago
A giant boar corrupted by an evil force
it wouldn't be a good Japanese movie without at least one tentacle monster chasing a cute girl XD
User name
User name Year ago
Stephan Bennett
Mostly. This movie was the first Ghibli movie to incorporate CGI, and it was used for some elements such as the writhing tentacle snakes.
faroshscale Year ago
Jesus that thing is terrifying
willie lajaunie
Computer Graphics by Kroyer Films Inc.; Silicon Graphics Inc.: Bill Kroyer, Tina Price, Brian Jennings, Mary Jane Turner
Noah McDonald
Noah McDonald Year ago
This creature it looks alien to me
Isaiah Stevens
Breath of the wild inspiration
Torrin Nundra
Torrin Nundra Year ago
You have to have balls to PURPOSELY get chased by a demon
blck chsm
blck chsm Year ago
disgusting little creatures, soon you will feel my hate & suffer as I have suffered
Ride Free Kerr
frend:whats the stupidest thing uve ever done) me:casual being chased by a monster praying to it as if it where a god to leave the village alone as it tries to eat me alive😆 that's it I guess frend:😖😧why am I even ur frend avery😧😧😧 me:because I'm crazy and so random😏
Matheus Henrique
asadd2 Year ago
00:22 the monster suddenly hesitating and choosing to go for easier prey is so damn terrifying
sam m
sam m 22 days ago
I too felt that.
MARIO'S IMPOSTOR 4 months ago
i know right? that part was disturbing because of the way it halted and turned
A. R .
A. R . Year ago
As a kid i watched this moovie on a cassette,never seen it in such a good quality.
Necrodermis 2 years ago
The most insane case of worms ever seen
1blackone 2 years ago
Breath of the Wild is essentially this in Video Game form, the look, the style of the clothing, , everything: Replace a guardian with that Demon, some random npcs near Hateno field, and as Link, unequip your sword and shield get on your horse, and there it is.
tên nancy
tên nancy 2 years ago
..a priceless childhood time!....
tên nancy
tên nancy 2 years ago
..a child hood time!....
KiKi 2 years ago
i honestly feel sorry for the boars in this film
RunningFlame Marta
RunningFlame Marta 2 years ago
Awooouh! I will rescure and devend my forest!!😠🐺🐺🐺🌲👍🌳🌱🍃
Jose Roberto Ramirez Mendoza
Zelda BOTW!?
nessies nunez
nessies nunez 2 years ago
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
MannCha 2 years ago
Damn, new Zelda looks amazing
Pooka Dragon
Pooka Dragon 2 years ago
When i first saw this film, my older sister and her friend were watching it and it was at the point where lord Okotto was being turned into a demon so I had no clue on what they truly look like until I watched it by myself at the beginning. And I really wasn't afraid of it and I was about eight when I watched it. But I love the movie regardless. But the skinned boars the warriors used did creep me out a little.
Teexamanbinnojol 2 years ago
Those boars are the scariest things I've ever seen. I watched the movie and was too terrified to watch it again for months.
Bernice Tam
Bernice Tam 2 years ago
Kaya has the bravery and courage as her older brother Ashitaka. She isn't afraid of the demon monster,and drew out her blade to protect her friend,when she fell down.
MaiCohWolf 2 years ago
LOL this scene gave my dad nightmares
Colin 2 years ago
Ashitaka is a pretty badass for a pacifist.
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore 2 years ago
Yeah, really. He straight up uses demonic power, the essence of hatred itself, to prevent bloodshed. Pacifism doesn't get any more badass than that!
Caleb Shockency
Caleb Shockency 2 years ago
When that ground beef goes bad.
Yonk 2 years ago
Oh looks it's zelda breath of the wild!
Issam Ramzi
Issam Ramzi 2 years ago
BooBop1987 2 years ago
I feel bad for the boar!
Howl Dundas
Howl Dundas 15 days ago
He's more hatred now than a boar. Twisted and evil. Yeah, me too.
mojo 2 years ago
great dub brilliant film
Travis Nelson
Travis Nelson 2 years ago
Emilio Verduzco
Emilio Verduzco 2 years ago
Can you post a clip of Nago's curse. It follows this scene.
That Guy
That Guy 2 years ago
Calm your furry.
Leo L
Leo L 2 years ago
The demon scared the shit out of me when I was a kid
Jayda Aziz
Jayda Aziz 2 years ago
Leo Large same
Dimitri Rodriguez
Dimitri Rodriguez 2 years ago
Studio Ghibli: Kicking Disney's magical ass since 1984
Darkseid 2 months ago
I enjoy Disney's features but honestly I think Studio Ghibil makes far more deeper and more emotional films.
Brad Bailey
Brad Bailey 3 months ago
Dimitri Rodriguez Katsuhiro Otomo: laughing at both in the distance from a technical standpoint of god tier animation
البريق اللامع
You're right!
Brendan Milburn
Brian. Jr Montoya Well, not anymore. Gkids mostly handles (excluding Grave of the Fireflies and Wind Rises) the dubbing and distributing the library now.
Bô Mập Channel
Bô Mập Channel 2 years ago
0:41 can we appreciate how good the voice acting is when she fell lol. For dubbing
Shyle 9 months ago
Yeah that's actually one of my favorite parts of the dub throughout whole movie.
The 3rd Option
The 3rd Option 2 years ago
Essentially Breath of the Wild, except years earlier.
Annamarie Gonzalez
Annamarie Gonzalez 2 months ago
It even has that music in Breath of the Wild.
Alfredo Zambrano
Alfredo Zambrano 2 years ago
it's amazing how Yakul feel some how guilty of Ashitaka's curse for not being fast enough. Miyazaky its the best.
Mefistofeles Otsuaf
It's funny how people keep talking about the strenght in female Ghibli characters but almost no one takes a moment to appreciate Ashitaka, Fujimoto, Haku, Howl, Sosuke, etc.
King Kylie
King Kylie Day ago
+tabledeer90 no ones forgetting them its the fact that those u listed were like 1 female warrior in a time where there was 50 male guys...
King Kylie
King Kylie Day ago
because its common to have strong male heroes??? like what do you want me to do? clap? i love seeing female warriors and so do my lil bros and sisters bc its so uncommon to what we have today for every batman, superman, spiderman theres 1 wonder woman movie.
Howl Dundas
Howl Dundas 15 days ago
+tabledeer90 The problem is ratio. One is more common than another. Someone once joked how many buddy cop movies are out there. You can name one! GOOD NOW another... mentioned Feds. Which is a cool movie too but they're FBI. Remember, the point is ratio. Howl is awesome btw. Dunno the other three, but Ashitaka is incredible in this film. Like come on. You must, need to hear it? How cool the main dude is when his sister just held her ground out there. What kind of family that must be? So I want to see the prince travel on his quest for peace before all this context. Do I have to praise now the little short dude with the cool shoes before I mention the lepers, women, and couple of guys holding off Samurai? Just relax with those kind of concerns and enjoy the film. Tell us what you like and whatever afterward. No point is worrying about what... what is the big deal that is crushing so many?
Isma Putri
Isma Putri 3 months ago
Im with you
bizotically_yours83 10 months ago
Mefistofeles Otsuaf Ashitaka is one of my favorite characters.
AliTheAllStar 2 years ago
Watched this movie again recently and remembered how fantastic it is. When I was a kid that demon boar scared the shit out of me though.
Mark Baker
Mark Baker 4 months ago
oh im sorry man, may he RIP, so sorry to hear, sounds like a great man!
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 7 months ago
Trur i use to watch thi alot when i was a lilttle girl
Lucinda Mobley
Lucinda Mobley 8 months ago
I saw this when I was a teenager and I thought it was pretty creepy. But yesterday I realized what the demon boars reminded me of. I've been reading this series called 'The Order of the Seven'. An amazing series depicting different figures from the bible told through the perspective of a group of seven immortal animals. In the fourth book that was about the ministry of Jesus, one chapter introduced a man that was demon possessed. And not just with one demon, or even seven demons like Mary Magdelene was, but a full Legion. That's 2000 demons inside just one man! When this man ran up to Jesus the demons spoke from inside of him begging him not to send them back to hell. All demons are supposed to remain there until the End of Times when Jesus returns. So Jesus saw a group of 200 pigs and told them that they could enter the bodies of the pigs. They obeyed, but the moment that they entered the pigs, they immediately ran squealing off the edge of a cliff and drowned in the sea. Once I remembered this scene, it made me think of what those pigs could have been like if they hadn'tve died.
ItZhypertron 10 months ago
im 19 years of age and the demon boars still scares me lol
Christy Blodgett
Hannah Clay just buy it it's insanely hard to find
Carthus McGee
Carthus McGee 2 years ago
Nasty. Its that Boar Demon Nago More of Flesh Eating Disease Monster. Im Javing Nightmares
Alexander Jakubsen
Alexander Jakubsen 2 years ago
I want to take this movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
ChocolatePancake Art
Yuuji 2 years ago
Could i use that video, I'll link u in the comments i hope thats okay :)
Haemi Lee
Haemi Lee 2 years ago
as someone who doesnt like dub, this one was really good
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