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Comments 80
Quintin Coveiro
Quintin Coveiro 3 minutes ago
Just play the song Schneebly
Enzo Dalla Chiesa
Enzo Dalla Chiesa 14 minutes ago
rimane un mito
This song never meant much to me until now, wow this guy was amazing and a legend. R.i.P Prince your will never be forgotten and your music will live on for decades. 😢
eddie bevan
eddie bevan Hour ago
so good
Casual Observer
Casual Observer 2 hours ago
One person shouldn’t have that much talent. Ridiculous talent. Sad he died young.
Leonor Barracosa
Leonor Barracosa 2 hours ago
Adoro-o, sempre o adorei. Lamento imenso não o ter visto no Wembley, tudo esgotado. No dia seguinte voltei para Portugal. Tristeza. Quando estou super deprimida oiço Purple Rain. Amo quem está no céu, a terra é a minha maior desilusão.
Windfall 2 hours ago
Noch immer unerreicht !!!
Sascha Mangels
Sascha Mangels 3 hours ago
Das ist zu cool
Ch4rmaTV 3 hours ago
They made #usa #great not this so called #trumpy^^
Lolita Rich
Lolita Rich 3 hours ago
Dina Waheng
Dina Waheng 4 hours ago
Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂 prince.....We will remember you fondly.
Shane Guthrie
Shane Guthrie 4 hours ago
I never knew my father. He’s never wanted anything to do with me. But still this song makes me feel sad
ธนบูรณ์ จินาชาญ
2020 stilling watching from thailand
Steve Woosnam
Steve Woosnam 4 hours ago
Amazing in 1984 and still amazing in 2020. A musical genius. RIP
Mitre Gaming
Mitre Gaming 6 hours ago
Teressa Sanders
Teressa Sanders 7 hours ago
Grunty 8 hours ago
Black community needs Prince at these times.
fattah rio
fattah rio 9 hours ago
This brilliant song is everlasting..prince's master piece..it Made him a legend..Genius..adore him
CYCLOPE 13 9 hours ago
laPippi 9 hours ago
Grande artista, dalla sensibilità unica. 🌷
Cserkelei Zsuzsa
Cserkelei Zsuzsa 12 hours ago
For my Father. He died 2020 april 9th. He was my everything.
Орешенка и её друзья
R Keelaghan
R Keelaghan 13 hours ago
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez 17 hours ago
Pinche rolonononon! Chingadamadre queremos roooock!!!! Ya no las hacen como antes!!!! Priiiiiinceeeee es la luuuuuz
Sum Teng Wong
Sum Teng Wong 17 hours ago
Anyone here 2020 quarantine? No? I'm the only person in this entire world? Okay :D now like my comment 2k times for being so typical, basic, and stating the obvious, yay
Logab 13
Logab 13 17 hours ago
Mon dieu que c’est beau 😍 💖💔✊🏼
Amy19 YT de roblox mel
Es la mejor canción que el mundo creo mi mamá ama prins
Zach Houston
Zach Houston 18 hours ago
How can purple rain get 51k dislikes. Wow people don't know how good this song is.
Nayane Araújo
Nayane Araújo 20 hours ago
Que música em😱👏
Nayane Araújo
Nayane Araújo 20 hours ago
Alguém ouvindo em 2020❤
Luan Silva
Luan Silva 2 hours ago
Eu nesse exato momento 😍🤩
Nestor Ramos
Nestor Ramos 21 hour ago
He always be a genius.
Imanol Baratze
Imanol Baratze 21 hour ago
Drums are hypnotic
migdalya jackie
migdalya jackie 22 hours ago
baby I cant find the comment I left for u a month ago ....someone help me pleeeeeaaassssse😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😕
Story Time w Dr Liz /420 Yoga
I love it when the round guy in sunglasses gets misty eyed “ You best believe!!” No one is immune to the purple passion! 👁 MISS U EVERYDAY PRINCE.
Vandir Sousa Ribeiro
Só tinha meia dúzia de música que prestava! Mas eram muito boas!
Andréia Soares
Andréia Soares 22 hours ago
Trini Valcárcel
Trini Valcárcel 22 hours ago
Se fue uno de los mejores. Aún le recuerdo y no me lo creo
Sydney Moore
Sydney Moore 22 hours ago
Prince died but his songs will never die r I p our Prince
Cornelius Paulson
Cornelius Paulson 22 hours ago
06:15 Goosebumps. Everytime.
LoV SonG
LoV SonG 22 hours ago
Look like snoop dog at 420 lolzzz
evanrabb 22 hours ago
7:11 her face kek
Lisa Laux
Lisa Laux 22 hours ago
I keep coming back
Walter Alves de Barros filho
Quarentena purple rain
Ingrid Zurita
Ingrid Zurita 23 hours ago
who else is here from fuller house
Liane Jackowski
Good Guys are die Young, it is ever the Same all over the world
Rita Large
Rita Large Day ago
I do all the time
Regino dos santos
fore ver !!!!!!!!!!!!!
said benlahcen
C est chocquant je ne sais quoi dire Écouter et se taire
Blac Blessing
Still here 20/20 watching a Tru legend
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
1984: Great song!!! 36 years later... 2020: Great song!!!
BlackGaming DE
BlackGaming DE 8 hours ago
Yes You right!!!
DJ P Day ago
Alive Forever
Marie Hélène Ducarre Tentale
Prince tu me manques
Nadjib Haf
Nadjib Haf Day ago
What s else can we do
Nadjib Haf
Nadjib Haf Day ago
Sauf écouté de la bonne musique
Mariam Chari
Mariam Chari Day ago
This song is going to play at my wedding this and take my breath away
Sh00te7 Day ago
Was one of the best guitarists in the world
Michelle Amour éternel
Me listen this music ok? Iican?
Michael Wilson
Went to see the movie Purple Rain with daughter Tammy Jo
Alan Crapo
Alan Crapo Day ago
Prince was the greatest of all time, and Purple Rain is one of the greatest songs of all time. In this time of social unrest, where police are murdering black men, and when "protesters" are rioting, stealing, destroying property, and harming other people, let us the Prince fans think about what it was like at all the Prince concerts you ever went to . . . there were all ages, all races, gay & straight and any type of diversity you can think of, together in harmony and love enjoying the experience. . . Long live Prince! May his memory bring us all together.
J Day ago
Take care of his hometown...
J Day ago
I will always love u.!!!
Checoboy Ced
Checoboy Ced Day ago
I repeat this coming from doves cry .... fuck u all whoever dislike the video.... fuck u all
J Dogg
J Dogg Day ago
Purple pride!
J Dogg
J Dogg Day ago
Come on Minnesota put your lights on tomorrow for George Floyd!
roliman55 Day ago
This was it. The moment that Prince absolutely transcended Pop music and became an a legend. I saw this movie in 1984 and was so blown away that I didn't want to leave the theater when it was over. His passion and skill on the guitar are truly unmatched. A favorite comment I heard was when someone asked Eric Clapton what it felt like to be the greatest guitar player of All Time and he said " I don't know. Why don't you go ask Prince." This film was an absolute game changer. It put Prince at the apex. Michael may have been the "King" of Pop. But he was not a musician. Prince was and is one of the Greatest Of All Time. Thanks man. You absolutely nailed it!
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 42 minutes ago
Your comment wins...
loner1878 Day ago
His Purple Highness of the Purple Revolution Agency...
nathan stewart
Claire Marie Jimenez
Claire Marie Guansing Jimenez
Claire Marie Jimenez
Christian Barredo
Claire Marie Jimenez
Jose Marie Guansing Jimenez
Marcio Banfi
Marcio Banfi Day ago
humildade fez esta música iii MA$ ORGULHO FEZER RESTO DA HISTÔRIAH ~~~ ~y~
Judith Carman
I am listening!
Rocio Vera
Rocio Vera Day ago
Que estoy enamorada
E Love
E Love Day ago
Musa Nziramasanga
looking like micheal..
Maria Lemos
Maria Lemos Day ago
One of the greatest musicians that ever lived. He is still missed after three years. Wish he was still alive. He still had so much music to give us
Melissa bee
Melissa bee Day ago
Scalmar 2 days ago
Pedal jebany
Caspar Foad
Caspar Foad 2 days ago
Still loving it, wow!
Nicole greyling
Nicole greyling 2 days ago
Multi-talented and an explosive talent. In an era were we dont have enough actual artist that cant even sing or even write their own music, i will always look to the real artists like Prince...
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