Pretending To Faint In Front Of My Dog. He Does Not Leaps Into Action!

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Well this did not go as planned. We have seen other dogs do amazing things and leap into action but blackjack and Peanut are both smaller breeds and senior rescue dogs and they had a little different reaction. Other dogs can express how they feel like Crusoe the Dachshund our dogs definitely like napping more than saving and rescuing. How would your dogs react?
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May 3, 2019




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Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 2 hours ago
Rebecca Matt 🤣💕🤣🤣🤣👩‍🦰👧
Angel Saldana
Angel Saldana 8 hours ago
Natalia saldana. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤🐇🐇🦄 no1
Sehwa Heo
Sehwa Heo 18 hours ago
WOW haha 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Petit
Andrew Petit Day ago
Yvonne Reyes
Yvonne Reyes Day ago
I like your Videos 📱👑
Kimberley Dunn
Kimberley Dunn 2 days ago
That is halaries
Lesley Hay
Lesley Hay 2 days ago
Lesley Hay
Lesley Hay 2 days ago
Thank you 😊 I have the most amazing 😉 is my time for the next Day Thank you 🙏 was the time to be back
Lesley Hay
Lesley Hay 2 days ago
The new one ☝️ has to happen for me haha 🤣 morning was ice 🧊 is that one ☝️ I wish you all of them in your world 🗺 was your time
Lesley Hay
Lesley Hay 2 days ago
Thank goodness 😅 was ice 🧊 was a great 👍 morning thank you 🙏
Ellenore Day
Ellenore Day 2 days ago
Ellenore Day
Ellenore Day 2 days ago
Sparkleslovehamsters Waa
I saw somebody it was the game master or rz twin
Norman Shields
Norman Shields 3 days ago
I want them to do the Flip Challenge
Robert Kronfeld
Robert Kronfeld 4 days ago
Sarbjit Bassi
Sarbjit Bassi 5 days ago
DisneyToyFriendz 5 days ago
Pos up 😂
Andrea Ojeda
Andrea Ojeda 6 days ago
Yes one time she was sleeping With me and I close my eyes and she was licking my face and she was barking
Andrea Ojeda
Andrea Ojeda 6 days ago
Yes one time she was sleeping With me and I close my eyes and she was licking my face and she was barking
Nina Matta
Nina Matta 7 days ago
Hahahahaha 🤣🦄😂
KuhnMama 7 days ago
oml that was hallareouse i love it exept the part they DONT CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS
Stevin Unverisrse
Dogs now that your dead or not likes cats
Morrison, Emma
Morrison, Emma 8 days ago
Blackjack just left!?
Kristina Howard
Kristina Howard 8 days ago
Randi Sears-Oatley
lexiplaysroblox 8
lexiplaysroblox 8 10 days ago
Im watching this on my new phone this is the first video ive watched on my new phone
Zeak Cheney
Zeak Cheney 10 days ago
i tried and my dog did not do anything :(
Cheryl Nichols
Cheryl Nichols 10 days ago
Mannat Dhaliwal
Mannat Dhaliwal 10 days ago
Can I have free meach
Gary MacPherson
Gary MacPherson 11 days ago
I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️
sherrie houghton
sherrie houghton 12 days ago
sherrie houghton
sherrie houghton 12 days ago
8th u
Lismeidy Breton-Suarez
Hi matt
Kirstin Mortensen
Kirstin Mortensen 14 days ago
It is so funny to watch the dogs
Kayla Field
Kayla Field 14 days ago
Matt is not going to die at all
alejandra martinez
alejandra martinez 15 days ago
Tiffani Burr
Tiffani Burr 15 days ago
That was a cool jump
Lillie Welsh
Lillie Welsh 16 days ago
It is funny
Quamiyah McMillian
Quamiyah McMillian 16 days ago
they were like nahh she faking
Igho Ekiugbo
Igho Ekiugbo 17 days ago
You should fall into the pool
Maris Miflores
Maris Miflores 17 days ago
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 18 days ago
If I did that to my dogs they would just go on top of me and just put there nose in my ear
Sally Hernández
Sally Hernández 19 days ago
Bris 20 days ago
Elena Hierseman
Elena Hierseman 20 days ago
Blackjack said is she okay
Helen Stieva
Helen Stieva 21 day ago
My cats did it
Blanca8jt Molina
Blanca8jt Molina 21 day ago
Lvlogs channel Videos
Your dogs are so cute Rebecca and Matt!!!!🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🐕
Becki Rupp
Becki Rupp 22 days ago
what dogs are those pls respond
sinura eshwara
sinura eshwara 22 days ago
he is sad
The Crazy’s X2
The Crazy’s X2 23 days ago
You should do buy whatever your dog touch
Tilly Reid
Tilly Reid 23 days ago
That is so sad if u did fant 😯😢😯😢😯😢😯😢😯💔💔💔💔💔
Skillful 12
Skillful 12 23 days ago
😂🤣😆😹 He he
martin kempe
martin kempe 24 days ago
Rz trin
Jerimine Catoc
Jerimine Catoc 24 days ago
Alma Perez
Alma Perez 25 days ago
or not
Amanda Griffin
Amanda Griffin 27 days ago
hi Rocky I am a fan of you
Mary Lock
Mary Lock 28 days ago
My dog kept on playing with her ball
Jasmine Saucier
Jasmine Saucier 28 days ago
they can see you breathing
Sheperd gaming
Sheperd gaming 29 days ago
They are sirvese dogs they should save us
Flor Garcia
Flor Garcia 29 days ago
Karina Solis
Karina Solis Month ago
Kaelyn Day
Kaelyn Day Month ago
Lol they are so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
ItzNaeNae Month ago
Aubrey McKenzie
Aubrey McKenzie Month ago
Phillip Finley
Phillip Finley Month ago
i knew i am
shamika gill
shamika gill Month ago
Love your Channel
Morgan Hughes
Morgan Hughes Month ago
Joey Du Plessis
Joey Du Plessis Month ago
Dhiyana SSS Beeka
Iook look look the tak the key🔑
Dhiyana SSS Beeka
The dog go woof 🐶
Jonathan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz Month ago
So cute
Aspen Maher
Aspen Maher Month ago
Penut and black jack is so cute 🐶🐶😂😂
LoneWolf BB
LoneWolf BB Month ago
They did not care because they have instance and plus Rebecca was right there and none of u guys did react when one of u fantid
victoria wehbe
victoria wehbe Month ago
I think they’re going to only eat the treats
Emily Maslan
Emily Maslan 6 days ago
Not sure
Gabe Milby
Gabe Milby Month ago
I did tgat right now
Desha Persad
Desha Persad Month ago
Day in the life Shermanee
What dog is penut
Christina Whitton
Hi my name is Natalie
Ida Ejdorf Brøsted
i love you bogs .
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