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Viva La Dirt League
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Ben has stooped to some new lows in his effort to scam Playtech... this time masquerading as an imposter employee.
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Jun 1, 2020




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Comments 80
outlawabyss 13 hours ago
Even google maps couldn't except these turns lol
Joseph Keller
Adam’s face at 3:32 is priceless.
Joseph Keller
Ben is so freakin’ hilarious.
wisam111 Day ago
What I want to know is why Ben kept it up even while being punished although I admire his commitment I don’t understand his motivation.
Austin Johnson
I would have dragged him out. Lol
Ch 17
Ch 17 2 days ago
this one deserves a sequel
Indya King
Indya King 2 days ago
Wish it was that easy to get a job Just get a shirt and walk in lol 😂
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 3 days ago
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 3 days ago
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 3 days ago
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 3 days ago
George Pope
George Pope 4 days ago
There's more profit in masquerading as a parking valet! Value Village is your friend!
Potato Top
Potato Top 4 days ago
I love this part 1:32
Haled Aburas
Haled Aburas 4 days ago
Dont mess with the rowan
Toni Lähdekorpi
Toni Lähdekorpi 4 days ago
I'm afraid to go to New Zealand now as these videos are the only thing I know about the place.
J Villain
J Villain 5 days ago
I love the consistency in the series. People that haven't watched all the episodes would be so confused. Maybe have him come in wearing thee "white shirt" next time.
DADEFUYE 5 days ago
every time i wear a blue shirt at bestbuy
Penderson HD
Penderson HD 6 days ago
i hope ben becomes apart of the team officially 😂😂
Roberto' McNeely
Roberto' McNeely 7 days ago
People are theorizing if Ben worked there and if Rowan is just crazy...Well, Rowan in this case, is correct. Ben has worked there for a while now....Anyone else remember the "You lick it you keep it" episode? Ben licked something and got to keep it...Rowan licked Ben...So he got to keep him...
I'm too good at pvp
Ohhhhhh........ AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Travis Browne
Travis Browne 8 days ago
I was sure before he went into the cupboard he was going to say "But I'm actually not an employee" PUNCH straight to the face.
i0verlord 8 days ago
do you guys real own that store...if you do then i would love to come there
Random Argument
Random Argument 9 days ago
The moment Ben dropped the spoon, Alan and Adam weren't that much angry at Ben, because they knew Ben will get Rowanized like a true *Socio economic peasant* *Joke's on you Ben*
Random Argument
Random Argument 9 days ago
Someone might think Rowan is ridiculous, but actually Germophobic people really do hate when their stuff is dropped on the floor.
Gacha zero 34
Gacha zero 34 10 days ago
3:13 rowans mugging instincts are coming in
343 Guardian
343 Guardian 10 days ago
In a way I feel bad for Ben, he seems to be the character nobody ever remembers, like the time he was killed by all his own team in pubg XD
Panamalai Gururaj
Panamalai Gururaj 10 days ago
Wait why no Playtech t shirts on teesprings??!!
M 1
M 1 10 days ago
Are those matching Harry Potter tattoos? Is it more or less awkward now? Thanks for the enjoyment!
Someone Fernandez
Someone Fernandez 10 days ago
JESUS CHRIST. Ben's head is fucking huge
Ryan Mcdaniel
Ryan Mcdaniel 11 days ago
Ben is the best employee. One that isn't on the payroll.
Anonymous Xaela
Anonymous Xaela 11 days ago
That's not Ben guys, it's Dirk Dickson, investigating VLDL for murdering their fans.
Headshot 100x
Headshot 100x 11 days ago
please do russian subtitles
The Viper
The Viper 11 days ago
Soooo Rowen know he is not a employed or not. I’m confused.
Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman 12 days ago
Yeah, don't be stupid Alan. LOL love you guys!
Theo Tz
Theo Tz 12 days ago
He has the old playtech shirt though...
Rjay Almedora
Rjay Almedora 12 days ago
I really want to hear Adam's story of how he got the key to the city!
Stefan Kronholm
Stefan Kronholm 12 days ago
The ”Spoon Scene” just made me go INSANE! 😂
Mira Kerr
Mira Kerr 12 days ago
Is Ben gonna finally join the team and find out what a pain Rowan is?
Scarlet - Tsurimuginga
2:52 "the manager then started to fall onto a deep hole of madness and thoughs about whats moral and what is not, his mind was squirming inside his fragile shell, these employees were witnessing the end of the world in a pair of eyes than were about to Explode"
george gogiashvili
george gogiashvili 13 days ago
Adam is my favourite :D
Gidz Unknown
Gidz Unknown 14 days ago
Rowan shouted like rick man that was awesome
Rhylle Anthony Riel
if ben had been working there for years then why does he not know alan's name hmmm suspicious
World Traveler
World Traveler 14 days ago
Never heard of Playtech before, well I m living in Switzerland. But because of Rowan, Alan, Adam and Ben, I want to o buy only from Playtech from now on. Maybe I book my next vacation to new Zealand so I can visit a Playtech.
ARMYALEX 16 days ago
i thought he was gonna say "i've known it all along that he's not an actual employee i'm locking him there on purpose so he can't escape and im gonna call the cops now."
Hunter Dude
Hunter Dude 16 days ago
What makes me laugh the most about this video is when Rowan go Aaaahhhh
LILKASTOR_13 17 days ago
Damn dude time passes fast i feel like I've recently saw this on recent upload
Justa Guy
Justa Guy 18 days ago
Gotta be honest I thought he'd either get promoted or win employee of the month or something.
Mete Oguc
Mete Oguc 18 days ago
“Don’t be stupid Alan... ofcourse I know he is not an employee but how else can I torture a total stranger?” that is what I think he is trying to say. Rowan works in mysterious ways 😄
Fluffy Jackie
Fluffy Jackie 18 days ago
I'm startin' to wonder if Ben just respawns if you kill him.🤔
Ilan Harris
Ilan Harris 18 days ago
What’s Funny is has the old play tech red shirt
Chick-A-Pie 18 days ago
My favourite part is the fact he's wearing the old shirt.
TheWildmanden 19 days ago
That ending made me wonder whether Rowan was stupid enough to think Ben was an employee and treated him as such, or whether he knew Ben wasn't but pretended to believe it so he could treat Ben like one. Sometimes sociopath mastermind Rowan and idiot asshole Rowan blends together
Maddog 19 days ago
Guys....I enjoy these videos more than any tv show. Please keep up and im really happy to see Ben more often in the store XDD Great show
OGKendrickLamar Fuh
This is the most wholesome video I’ve seen from VLDL
Mastadon King
Mastadon King 19 days ago
Ben is now doomed to serve Playtech because now Rowan will never let him go....and knows everything about Ben. Big mistake, dude.
Ran Sherman
Ran Sherman 19 days ago
but... it's the old uniform.
halosammy14 19 days ago
Holy shit, I took me two weeks to figure out why Rowan was right. He licked Ben several episodes ago and thus owns him. Ben’s been an unwilling Playtech employee for a while.
Loknath Shankar
Loknath Shankar 21 day ago
the perfect antagonist
Mazharul Islam
Mazharul Islam 22 days ago
Instead of sending him in the "teaspoon dropping cupboard" Rowan should've "shamed" him and help Adam to let out all his frustrations through the curses.... XD
Void Exile
Void Exile 22 days ago
i kinda hoped he would say he knew at the end
Dracoborg 22 days ago
Balint Marton
Balint Marton 23 days ago
Rowan actoully way better actor than most of the hollywood stars. 3:00 That rage was sooo satisfying.
ItsOkToBeRight 24 days ago
I came back to this video just to see Rowan lose it when Ben drops the spoon again 😂
Jayanta Baishya
Jayanta Baishya 24 days ago
Even the *PLAYTECH* is written differently
Dave O
Dave O 24 days ago
It be funny if he comes back in later video as customer and Rowan yell at him for not working tells him to get his shirt on and get to work
rebeldann !
rebeldann ! 24 days ago
Idk who's dumber, him or Michael Scott 😂
man comph
man comph 25 days ago
wait didn't he died in the last episode
Jacob Ribuyaco
Jacob Ribuyaco 25 days ago
This is a thinner cousin version of a Chad
Forty Seven
Forty Seven 25 days ago
Tittle should be, “When Customers find out why Employees are in Edge everyday”. I mean, Thieves that walk into my store would understand why I get mad and offended by them if they worked here. Lol
XPvtCabooseX 26 days ago
Alan and Adam at 4:06: “Welcome to Play Tech, Ben.... enjoy your stay in hell!”
Rudolf Brits
Rudolf Brits 26 days ago
3:22 you can see bens face change color
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 26 days ago
Just a spoooooon! Just a spoooooon!! 😲 The nerve! I hope he is still in that cupboard! Just a spoon pzzz!!! Unbelievable!!! Unbelievable!!!!
antarcticfire 26 days ago
Awesome skit guys 💜💜💜💜
riven main
riven main 26 days ago
im dying god
AR Music studio
AR Music studio 27 days ago
🤣🤣perks of being an playtech employee
NeoMatrix14241 28 days ago
Watching this 5x everyday since the release just to see rowan gets screaming angry asf xD
PHENOMENALLY: hoor 24 days ago
Me toooooo same
태거니 28 days ago
Foxesn Roses
Foxesn Roses 29 days ago
Lol (. )Y( .)
cannibalbananas 29 days ago
@3:10 I thought Rowan was going to go super saiyan with his yelling 😂
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