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President Trump delivers remarks at the 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration.
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On the eve of Independence Day, President Donald Trump used a speech before Mount Rushmore on Friday to condemn protesters across the country for attacking monuments while announcing he would sign an executive order to establish a "National Garden of American Heroes."
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Jul 4, 2020




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Annmarie O Neil
Annmarie O Neil 6 hours ago
President Donald John Trump I believe that God Almighty has you in the Palm Of His Hand for such a time as this...we the Scottish people Love your Brave Heart...you have revived my Heart to Boldly stand in God Truth. Sincerely Annmarie Scotland.
Doc Shearon
Doc Shearon 11 hours ago
30 min. + Key
Mike Sauce
Mike Sauce 14 hours ago
And know the loser...is gone.....betrayed his supporters
Terry Dishman
Terry Dishman 21 hour ago
Whos here on 1/20/21?
Patrick Doran
Patrick Doran 22 hours ago
Thanks be to God Trump will unvail everything and make sure no one is Hurt by the evil demon's souls in power around the world in Jesus name amen
Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker
Trump's best speech of his career.
Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker
One of the legendary presidential speeches of the modern era, this one will be remembered in the history books alongside the other greatest president speeches of all time.
The Moon is square
3:42 "It will soon be greater than ever before (look at that look). Our Founders not only LAUNCHED a revolution in Government....." This was the moment President Trump had got the Military on board to allow the demonic rats to go about their pandemic and election fraud plans...... In a few hours, will Biden be inaugurated in a Washington that is surrounded by "stupid bastards" as President or PRISONER? 2020 DIVIDED BY 666 = 3.0330 COME ON MAN!!!
Kristin S
Kristin S Day ago
Trump is giving America back to We The People ending the corporation of America Inc.
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Day ago
In afew hours President Trump will leave the White House and I'm in tears.
optimus prime
optimus prime 2 days ago
FOR THE RECORD: Today is Monday, January 18th 2021. Inauguration day is this Wednesday. After a stolen election and no justice in the courts, it looks like Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Right now there are at least 25,000 troops in DC. The city has become a fortified green zone as a result of the 'riot' that happened on the 6th of January. A largely peaceful MAGA rally of more than one million people was infiltrated by around 200 Blantia activists disguised as Trump supporters who broke into Congress largely unimpeded. The police presence on the day was minimal and some footage clearly shows capitol police letting protestors into the building and standing aside. Sadly, five people died. Four Trump supporters and one officer due to injuries sustained in the riot. Tragically a few days later, a capitol officer committed suicide. Republican senators were in the process of challenging the integrity of several state electors, but after the riot, surprisingly changed their position and offered no further objections. I am not an American, but from what I have seen and read over the last two months, the entire election and aftermath was a sham. The evidence of fraud was overwhelming. Judges were either too cowardly or corrupt to take on the cases. The media has been complicit in covering up the fraud and screaming 'baseless allegations' over and over, but people aren't stupid. Their time will come. They have a lot to answer for. The enemy of the people indeed. Joe Biden is a corrupt career politician who is compromised in his dealings with the Ukraine and China. His son Hunter is also corrupt and compromised and a liability to the United States. For these reasons, I believe that power will we transferred to the military and that DC has been set up as a containment facility to host military tribunals under the guise of 'riot control'. It is my belief that DJT has pulled the ultimate 'sting' operation and that everyone who has played a role in treason against the United States will be brought to justice and when the dust settles, DJT will be re-elected to a second term. For four years DJT has been vilified by the media and undermined by their lies. The Russia hoax, the fine people hoax and now the inciting violence hoax. Despite all the attacks, DJT remains highly popular and is probably one of the all time great US Presidents. Why is the press after him? Simple. The media is run by the CIA and is largely funded by Chinese money. DJT is not an establishment politician and cannot be bought. He has been a champion for American First policies and ending foreign wars. -All of which is bad for business if you are part of the self-serving establishment, corporate elites and the industrial military complex. In actioning memorandum 57 and placing special ops forces under direct sec.def command, DJT has effectively neutered the CIA. They and their allies are doing everything left in their power to stop him. If I am right, there will be a time of great peace and prosperity on the Earth. The Republic will be restored. China will answer for the corona virus cover-up and many other hard truths will be revealed. A hundred years from now people will be studying this very time in history and wondering how the Republic came so perilously close to slipping into communism. DJT may very well end up carven into Mt Rushmore! If I am wrong, there will be a loss of freedom and liberty; similar to what happened after 9/11. There will be an increase in foreign wars and terrorism. Globalists will get to have their way for a season. A New World Order / Great Reset may come... Whatever happens, this world is only temporary. GOD has already won the victory over Hell and death by sending his son Jesus to die for your sins so that you may see HIS glory. If you don't know Jesus, ask him for forgiveness and to come into you life. Join a local church and find support. God Bless
Georges K
Georges K 6 days ago
shahub5 6 days ago
That guy who screamed “Not on my watch” is a great patriot along with everyone in the crowd
Deliriously Mini
Deliriously Mini 8 days ago
One of are best presidents since Ronald Reagan
Josef Parson
Josef Parson 9 days ago
WOW this was 6 months ago, and he thought his face should be up there next to Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Washington. What a huge disappointment.
Coyote Creek
Coyote Creek 10 days ago
This will go down in history as one of the great precautionary lessons about letting radical right wing hate speech and fascism go unanswered.
Juan Isern
Juan Isern 10 days ago
It's not that Trump is far-right, is that the US has become absurdly leftist in recent years. C'mon! You are America, the land of the free! All of what this man states is true.
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 11 days ago
You will never ever hear any democrat give a speech like the one President Trump gave on 7/04/2020
vidaett 13 days ago
Sad to see him go.
pxrxy 13 days ago
Ironic given the recent events.
Kurt Halvorson
Kurt Halvorson 16 days ago
GAT dam can't believe USA Today hasn't shut this down for violating community guidelines
Frances Parker
Frances Parker 18 days ago
My president forever! The patriots of America will love you forever! Black Patriot and Trump Supporter
Byron Windsor
Byron Windsor 26 days ago
whoever disliked is just a hater. voter fraud
TheOriginalCows 26 days ago
One of his best and most persuasive speeches.
SUPER-Brain-Sponge 28 days ago
God, that speech was moving. Trump has come a long way when compared to his speeches when he first got into the White House.. I've traveled to seven or eight countries in my life and every time I go to these countries I'm always glad to come home when you go to another country that's not westernized. People from around the world are trying to come here legally and illegally because we are the best country in the world Western Civilization Trend makers Risk Takers from George Washington's boat across the Delaware to the wagon Train's going to Oregon to the Roughriders holding pistols fighting in Cuba; and a million other situations that important or even more so and yet there is a large pop portion of the United States that thinks that the average white man is evil and that for some reason so is the United States because of that everyone in their mother is trying to get into the United States but yet or evil I'll tell you what's evil is bringing millions of people into the United States they don't have the same morals the same religion the same pursuit of greatness the more people that come here the faster our country will fall apart.. I was thinking the other day on why so many people try to immigrate to the United States instead of trying to make their country as good or better than the United States and I found the answer we are a special people unlike any other the sad thing is when people come over here they don't care about their own country they don't care about ours many are here to bleed us dry and watch our country burn
Barbara Kuhn
Barbara Kuhn Month ago
Amen America first amen
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Lau Month ago
This speech is more antifa than "Antifa". A real anti-fascist and pro liberty speech, unlike the leftist mob!
An Intellectual Top Hat
This *is* fascism.
Red Pill News
Red Pill News Month ago
The 13,000 people who disliked this speech are radical leftists who hate our Founding Fathers.
Tom Green
Tom Green Month ago
I genuinely love trump,what a man, what hero for America, I’m from the uk and think trump is destined to lead America to greatness of the past. God bless trump 🙏🏼
David R. Stone
David R. Stone Month ago
🇺🇸 President Trump will go down as one of the great Republican presidents just like Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln🇺🇸
Elena Valentini
Elena Valentini Month ago
White House bomb attack kills Trump couple
Bobbie Lillard
Bobbie Lillard Month ago
Let us defend the integrity of our country. For the sake of the citizens of this country. July 4, 1776 will forever be celebrated. Together with God we, Americans can do the impossible.
Bobbie Lillard
Bobbie Lillard Month ago
Thank you utube for downloading this footage We need these encouraging words. No bias just is in his words.
Bobbie Lillard
Bobbie Lillard Month ago
Bobbie Lillard
Bobbie Lillard Month ago
This President will forever be," ONE OF THE GREATEST PATRIOT IN THE WORLD." I say world because as our adversaries domestic and foreign knows. His Presdency stands in their way of World Domination. This is the main reason the democrats have fought him and his administration with every dirty tactic they have an their Arsenal. Trump said Yes to God calling him to this office and he vowed to God to serve and defend and preserve the Constitution and the Bible; and in return of his obedience to God. God Will defend his chosen, his elect, President that he put in the highest office in America, President Trump. And it's why, GOD, WILL defend and protect America and President Donald J. Trump.
john basile
john basile Month ago
Great speech... Obama couldn’t give because he hates America... Biden couldn’t because he’s a moron.
Silias Vencr0v
Silias Vencr0v Month ago
México with Trump
American Patriot
Thank you and God Bless you President Trump !!!
Michele Kart
Michele Kart Month ago
He knew then... God Bless President Trump
Naginder Dubb
Naginder Dubb Month ago
What a awesome speech, all without the aid of noes, imagine if sleepy Joe ever tried to ever accomplish a feat like that. Every nation needs a patriotic man like DJ Trump period.
Alpha•Wolf 2 months ago
greatest speech eva given
Joey Glennon
Joey Glennon 2 months ago
When it's all said and done president Trump needs to be put on Mount Rushmore he's the single greatest president we ever had and he is in a war of all wars fighting for us the people of america not the rich or the poor but for all of us. We all must stand behind or president and take back our country. God bless america and God bless Donald Trump
bandtifogg 2 months ago
I can’t believe how many people are brainwashed and think that this is racist
aaronforfriends 2.0
aaronforfriends 2.0 2 months ago
how are they not wearing a mask. Not sum leftist or anything, i'm a libertarian and even for me this is irresponsible
youngrizzle2003 2 months ago
This is what frustrates me about Trump because he is capable of speaking with class, dignity and humility when he's not thinking about himself..... But that's rare
Kozmnavt 2 months ago
Fascist rhetoric all over this speech.
Teresa Dalton
Teresa Dalton 2 months ago
The best President I the history of the United States
Patrick 2 months ago
The hero America deserves but maybe not the hero America needs/wants in 2020. A sad year. A great great leader for America.
Hrenotan Pipetkin
Hrenotan Pipetkin 2 months ago
Trump is not my hero and America is an enemy of my country. But. I like this speech. Somehow I like this guy, he is far from being stupid. But now you got president you deserve. Amen.
Hanna Schneider
Hanna Schneider 2 months ago
Thank you for this great speech, you are awesome, you are a true leader no matter what will happen
Раб Божий
Раб Божий 2 months ago
trump is a fash lmao
fkmbmw 2 months ago
7:30 ... this is why i will always root for TRUMP.
Kungtei Pachuau
Kungtei Pachuau 2 months ago
We love trump from mizoram
America's Angel
America's Angel 2 months ago
Thank you USA Today for posting this entire speech without bias...now if you would just report everything else that happens in the news the way you did this, then you could gain back a piece of your integrity! This is one of the most amazing speeches in history & needs to be played for Americans to hear over and over, for the rest of time, so that we never forget how great this nation is, and never lose pride in the place that gives hope to millions of people all over the world! God bless President Trump and God bless the USA!!!!!
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush 2 months ago
This is the greatest speech I've seen in my lifetime
Clare Weingarden
Clare Weingarden 2 months ago
alfred sarrian
alfred sarrian 2 months ago
Clamp vs Gizmo
sam m
sam m 2 months ago
Great speech! Most of it true. It was a passionate speech.He spoke of american 's heroes. Didn't he avoid going for military service when he was younger? And another thing l, you know most of these red hats are made in China? Just an independent voter
Reverend Veritas
Reverend Veritas 2 months ago
Seeing that this speech was written for Trump by an avowed white nationalist it shouldn't be a surprise that it comes off extremely fascistic.
America's Angel
America's Angel 2 months ago
There was literally NOTHING fascist about this speech in any way. If you got anything but pride and love for this country then there is just something deeply wrong in your soul & I will pray you are able to escape from the hate you hold within!!! God bless our great President and God bless the USA!!!!
Dave 2 months ago
Love Trump.
palomino73 2 months ago
This is the most uplifting, reassuring, promising and solemn speech I have ever heard! Me being a German, have just come back to this speech once more - just to get a moral boost in dire times of yet another undemocratically enacted lockdown; the enemies, president Trump has warned the American people about, do in fact reign my country today, and many of it's neighbors, too ! Apart from Italy's Matteo Salvini and Hungary's Viktor Orban there's hardly any politician in charge who was able to flame the powers of community, pride and conviction ! I just wish I could be a US citizen - even if it was for no more than just a couple of days; then I could still check the box on my ballot, to ensure that the path this president is going doesn't find it's end too soon. Long live America, long live liberty ! Trump for 2020 !
Juan Roble
Juan Roble 2 months ago
There is actually a sumarized version of this speech, I liked it and it was saved into my yt account in my liked videos, yet they took it down for no reason, it had such a cool background music and I loved that video specially the part when he says the future belongs to the nationalists, pitty I didn't downloaded it, does any one have it?
Ludwig Schwarzwälder
TRUMP 2024 !
songzn watnot
songzn watnot 2 months ago
God bless Donald Trump, God bless QAnon, and God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏
Carmine Gazerro
Carmine Gazerro 2 months ago
if listening to this speech does not Fill your with pride or even bring a tear to your eye, You need to find another country to live. To destroy this nation that strives to better itself daily It ignorance.
Farting Dinosur Productions
Totalitarianism has no place in this beautiful country!
Kevin 2 months ago
What a wonderful and uplifting speech. One of the best Presidential speeches ever. I am so jealous of our American cousins .. you have this man and all we have is a bumbling f*cking idiot who can't even tie his own shoelaces.
steve clements
steve clements 2 months ago
Defining moment in us history. Trump is correct and thank you America for freedom the world owes you a debt of gratitude. Awesome uplifting and profound. Ty Donald J Trump
Ed Luna
Ed Luna 3 months ago
Obama is the real President the best for the world
john basile
john basile 3 months ago
Great President... Obama hated America
mcclain sharpe
mcclain sharpe 3 months ago
ghostmane jojoop2 sevendust rubinreport
Julio Arriola
Julio Arriola 3 months ago
I feel like there is a higher power working behind his speech
Hrenotan Pipetkin
Hrenotan Pipetkin 3 months ago
No love lost between you, Americans, and us, Russians, but that is a great speech of a great man. Let’s not forget we have elected him for you. Enjoy.
Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody 3 months ago
Why are there so many Republicans who have come out against him? Many groups and individuals. Lincoln Project. Republican Voters Against Trump. Vets Against Trump. His former Chief of Staff John Kelly said something like he’s the worst human ive ever known in my life. Why would they say these things?
PAppMundo 3 months ago
The greatest president in US history!! Thank you Mr Trump for smashing the globalist new world order and their radical leftist minions. Restoring order and sovereignty back to the people of the US and putting China in its place. Hero!! Trump 2020!!
Croatian Warmaster
Croatian Warmaster 3 months ago
His 2nd best speech, but Poland speech was his greatest.
Trance Lucent
Trance Lucent 3 months ago
You get exccited about things that you have taken away from us you idiot!
Lucas 3 months ago
This is an incredible demonstration of rhetoric. He does it so well.
Kenric Smith
Kenric Smith 3 months ago
One of the best speeches ever, President Trump is truly the man for these times.
Lucius Glaucus
Lucius Glaucus 3 months ago
From Lexington to Yorktown ✊✊
Junjie Liu
Junjie Liu 3 months ago
go republicans
God I love this President, MY President YOUR President!!!! The people's President!
Rare Message found
Rare Message found 3 months ago
The dislike ratio; those are the traitors to the United States, the one who wants the states to be the unlawful and our heros desecrated. Those marxist, rioters, looters, sjws. Are the definition of evil evil people who DO NOT belong to our united states its time for them to be deported out of our society.
Ben Gaudreault
Ben Gaudreault 3 months ago
man write your own speeches
rainer nolywaika
rainer nolywaika 3 months ago
Trump is the greatest President....but he is also one of us....He is a true reformer....and he is getting rid of the true traitors within his party.....Deepstate war moron John Bolton
Yucupicio Molina
Yucupicio Molina 3 months ago
Hahaha what a clown. Us native Americans don’t support trash. 👎🏽👎🏽
jose esquivel
jose esquivel 3 months ago
Jonas Maron
Jonas Maron 3 months ago
Mariano Kleisinger
Mariano Kleisinger 3 months ago
9:44 Not on my watch!
Gort Newton
Gort Newton 3 months ago
Absolutely superb man. America is fortunate to have him, while the rest of the world is mired in the muck of socialist professional politicians intent on demolishing their own countries.
pip sqeak Ed
pip sqeak Ed 3 months ago
Fact check: Plant the flag in mars
Doctor Akhigbe
Doctor Akhigbe 3 months ago
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Baron Von Kek
Baron Von Kek 3 months ago
Watch this speech again, but this time, imagine it's in German.
Beautifully Blessed
Beautifully Blessed 3 months ago
How can you worship God and support this devil at the same time. Character builds leadership, and he lacks good character. Let this sink in TRUMPETS
David Anderson
David Anderson 3 months ago
All men are created equal........except native american men, espanic men and black men.....................???????????
David Anderson
David Anderson 3 months ago
Justice , equality........?????????......"have a word" people
David Anderson
David Anderson 3 months ago
Let celebrate the slaughter of 1000s of native Americans who now live on slum reservations. Who could not say, god bless america. I use lower case as I know God will not be blessing it.
David Anderson
David Anderson 3 months ago
what is worse, his speech or the ignorant crowd........mmmmmmm......
Family Loyalty
Family Loyalty 3 months ago
To whatever end Sir. 🇺🇸 And if it means taking hot lead or some terrible fate, my President is staying behind that Resolute Desk and I'll sell my house for that if I must. He's getting his 2nd term come hell or high water.
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