President Trump Delivers Remarks

The White House
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The White House

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Jan 8, 2020




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ravi raja
ravi raja 2 days ago
ravi raja
ravi raja 2 days ago
Mr. Trump on your visit to India please specifically mention about the cast based discrimination in Hindu community. Cast based atrocities are highly prevalent in Gujrat too where you will be landing for your visit to India.
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith 8 days ago
Love is the root of all....
AJayAnswersYou 16 days ago
"If you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our people." - Greatest quote. God bless from a dane.
Ali sami Mohammed
Ali sami Mohammed 18 days ago
koala koalason
koala koalason 18 days ago
Trump for jail Dec.1,2020 through away the key
Jim Hyatt
Jim Hyatt 19 days ago
If you look at trump as though he is honorable, then you should know your own parents were stupid degenerates.AND your children must be as well
Nancy R
Nancy R 19 days ago
What about white children getting scholarships not just non whites!!!!
VICIOUS ANGEL 21 day ago
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 22 days ago
Jonathan McRobert
Jonathan McRobert 22 days ago
At least 100 American casualties from the bombing, and Donald would have known that. He simply does not know how to not lie.
Steve Wilkins
Steve Wilkins 24 days ago
Come on America four more years of President Trump The best president United States has had since before the Kennedy's.... I'm from Canada and socialism is not the way to go!
Steve Wilkins
Steve Wilkins 24 days ago
It's high time Canada put in strong sanctions against Iran, Syria being a close second
Steve Wilkins
Steve Wilkins 24 days ago
As a Canadian I'm ashamed, that prime minister Trudeau doesn't join ranks with the United States our longest and truest Ally. And include sanctions against Syria. Unfortunately Ottawa it's all about the money. And not the safety of the world and certainly not the people of Canada.
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 28 days ago
Terh westent amsew
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 28 days ago
Bvgder vertew
great outdoors
great outdoors Month ago
Trump behind bars, make it so
Daniel Harvey
Daniel Harvey Month ago
Thank You President Trump!!
Steve Month ago
Thank god for this strong president!! Please examine closely why you hate Trump. Because of the way he looks or talks, or acts some times? Because he does not speek eloquently like Obama or Bill Clinton? Obama and Clinton captured Americans with their presence and charm, then proceeded to invoke horrible policies that bled the middle class and fueled a failing economy. Obama sent $150 Billion cash (your tax dollars) to "appease" the corrupt Iranian regime. Please listen to trump's speech delivered today in Davos Switzerland. Acknowledge that we have not had a president in decade with
Frengki aphin
Frengki aphin Month ago
Patrick Loftus
Patrick Loftus Month ago
Ideen Majedi
Ideen Majedi Month ago
Mika30041975 Month ago
Iam canadian. I support US policy against RED CHIN and IRAN. TRUMP 2020.
Gaming For A Day
Gaming For A Day 26 days ago
I love canada, from America 🇨🇦❤🇺🇸
Angel Matos
Angel Matos Month ago
The myth of the Trump White House is that everyone thinks they will get away with corruption.
R V Month ago
Brian Demeo
Brian Demeo Month ago
Let me snap a couple of news flashes at you Trump number one do not and I mean do not move to Florida you do not belong there. You need to move back to New York where you came from where people like you I'm giving you your last warning do not move to Florida it's not the place for you let me snap a couple of news flashes at you Trump number one do not and I mean do not move to Florida you do not belong there. you need to move back to New York where you came from where people like you I'm giving you your last warning do not move to Florida it's not the place for you this is a place for families on vacation and children to have fun not for Democratic bulshit which you seem to carry everywhere you go
facts are facts
facts are facts Month ago
Did the Iranians shoot down the plane in question absolutely. why? Partly because before Iranian strikes on American bases in Iraq the US president stated that the US had 52 Iranian sites already selected for attack, including cultural sites (when you bomb cultural sites you kill innocent civilians and contribute to destroying a countries history and legacy) and that the US would act in a disproportionate manner. Why? Because the US had just assassinated an Iranian general/terrorist and where fearful of reprisals. why? Because that same Iranian general/terrorist had/has great influence with his supporters and as the commander of a section of Iran's arm forces within and outwith the region and during his forces missions thousands of innocent people died. Including US soldiers. why? Partly due to religious doctrine, corruption, control, prejudice, discrimination and to push back against American foreign policy that is partly based on spreading influence, power control and many other variables that has directly and indirectly led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and directly and indirectly contributed towards the rise of groups like IS in the region that has made everyone's life a misery. Why? Partly because of other armed conflicts in the region including the american hostage crisis that then led to Iraq invasion of Iran that was partly engineered and financed by America and other European countries thereafter the US shooting down of an Iranian passenger plane killing hundreds onboard that the US has never officially accepting liability for or apologising to those families of the deceased. Why? Partly because the US faced a backlash after overthrowing a democratly elected Iranian government that was replaced with a tayrant. why? Because the US wanted to partly control spread influence and obtain the resources of said country. Why? Because the PM and government of Iran at the time would not fully allow or agree for the US to control, spread influence and take said resources. There are a multitude of other factors to consider in this equation. Mostly biological and psychological. If there's one thing to remember. Try not look at a subject in a subjective, isolated manner, especially one as complex as the middle East. Apply a non prejudice non discriminatory, holistic, multi dimensional, multi veriant approach that shows causations. Finally, How's about we change the context of engagement from armed to, if you do something good for me I will do something good for you? and maybe it can become a learn behaviour and over the years hostile nations can start to come together and put their differences behind them.
Worldvoyager 2005
Dear Mr. President, As President of the United States of America you are representing the people of the United States. I am not an American Citizen but I am German and living in Germany but nevertheless I am writing this letter to you because it is an urgent matter. More and more people in Germany are very much concerned about things going on in Germany. We are concerned about our safety and our freedom. As you surely have been noticing life in Germany is getting more and more dangerous for German citizens. Violent actions even in public at places where you thought you are safe but you are not. Most people functioning in a daily life and having jobs are not able to avoid such places and public space in the country. At the same time freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of information and freedom to dress and behave the way you want is under great pressure. This letter is a cry for help. There are more and more Germans who do not know what to do to save their future and the future of their children. German government is not responding to the voices from German citizens. We would be very thankful if you, representing a great nation in the world, standing for freedom, could intervene and help German citizens. With kind regards Worldvoyager2005
Paper Eazy
Paper Eazy Month ago
Why are the hierarchy in most countries and different organisations and establishments ect always praying to the pyramids look at the hand signs and symbolism used here there is a lot more going on that peoples eyes are wide closed to, the reality is NASA VATICAN PYRAMIDS SPACE STARS AND OUT LIFE FORMS hold are destiny.... 2020 WAKE UP PEOPLE Look at are planet its destroying on a faster growing scale than ever before and the hierarchy is only spending more and more in BILLIONS & TRILLIONS on global scale weapons of mass destruction WHY when are planet gets to the ends of its days which is imminent and a real thing its already to late to do anything about it there is only so much only 1 nation of hierarchy able to be excepted by the world's it's a path already made set for us by us we allow this suppression and madness in which we live in a dictatorship it was already set out for us from birth we never held a say we are 100% star dust every one off us destiny was always set we were bred for a reason for the other worlds galaxy's universe's to create something and are time is coming to a end..... 💯 🌍 🌎 🌏 ✌⏳ 👀
yahy Sh
yahy Sh Month ago
كن ح ريص علينا نكون أحرص منك عليك
yahy Sh
yahy Sh Month ago
إنما تردع الروس والترك و الفرس عنا وإلاردعناها وردعناك عنا
yahy Sh
yahy Sh Month ago
عليك يارأيس ألولايات المتحدة الأمريكية أن لا تجعل الدنيا في تصرف من هم غير أهل لها وإلا فنحن نعدك بتهاوي إدارة ألولايات المتحدة الأمريكية للعالم
Agung Firmansyah
What the fuck?
Android J52016
Android J52016 Month ago
President Trump I would like to give you an idea to help the environment so that your excellence will help the planet ecologically. We go to the supermarket and find various types of garbage bags. And you president will ask, "What do I have to do with it?" You are the American President who governs the largest economic power country in the world so you have the power to decide whether or not to do things. That is why I come to you, the President of the United States, to ask you if you can help me to reduce pollution in the world as follows. President, you could ask one of your Republican senators to create an environmentally friendly law that requires garbage bag factories to put sticky labels with the following words written on them on the packaging to be used as a warning to existing recyclers in your country. and all over the world. The self-adhesive label will read: “If you put the self-adhesive label on the garbage bag it means that 'this is recyclable waste that may contain plastic bottle derived from petroleum and other plastic materials, glass and metals that can be recycled'. President, if you order companies to sell the garbage bag with these self-adhesive recyclable garbage warning labels, you are helping the environment by creating a huge recycling industry worldwide. If you create this law you will be the first president of the world in this area to improve the planet and fight pollution worldwide. You will be the first to create a law that requires the garbage bag to be identified as organic waste or recyclable waste. . You will help the world by creating huge industries that recycle recyclables such as plastic, glass, and metals that are thrown away by the world's population. If you create this law, you will help the world to reduce pollution in the world. I wish you all the best, President Trump, and may God always bless you and light your way to run the most powerful economic country in the world. (President God is with you because you fought abortion in the United States so you prevented millions of children from being killed so God is with you. God bless you.) (Attention text translated by "Google Translate" from Portuguese Brazil to English USA. There may be 20% error in translation by Artificial Intelligence "Google Translate".) Presidente Trump eu queria dar uma ideia para você ajudar o meio ambiente de forma a vossa excelência ajudar o planeta ecologicamente .A gente vai no supermercado e encontra vários tipos de sacos para lixo. E você presidente vai perguntar : “O que eu tenho a ver com isso?”. Você é o Presidente Americano que governa o maior país de potência econômica do mundo então o senhor tem o poder para decidir se quer fazer ou não as coisas. Por isso eu venho a vossa excelência o presidente dos Estados Unidos da América para pedir para o senhor se for possível que me ajude a diminuir a poluição no mundo da seguinte forma. Presidente o senhor poderia pedir para um dos seus senadores republicanos criar uma lei ecológica que obrigue as fábricas de saco de lixo a colocar junto com as embalagens etiquetas auto-adesivas com as seguintes palavras escritas nelas para serem usados como aviso para recicladores existentes em seu país e no mundo inteiro. Na etiqueta Auto adesiva virá escrito seguinte:“ se a pessoa colocar a etiqueta Auto adesiva no saco de lixo significa que “esse é um lixo reciclável que pode conter garrafa plástica derivado de petróleo e outros materiais plásticos vidros e metais que podem ser reciclados”. Presidente se o senhor mandar as empresas vender o saco de lixo com essas etiquetas Auto adesivas para aviso de lixo reciclável o senhor estará ajudando o meio ambiente por que criará uma gigantesca indústria de reciclagem no mundo inteiro . Se o senhor criar essa lei será o primeiro presidente do mundo nessa área a melhorar o planeta e combater a poluição no mundo inteiro .O senhor será o primeiro a criar uma lei que exige que o saco de lixo sejam identificados como lixo orgânico ou lixo reciclável . Você vai ajudar o mundo inteiro criando enormes Indústrias de reciclagem de produtos recicláveis como plástico, vidro, e metais que são jogados no lixo pela população do mundo. Se vossa excelência criar essa lei o senhor ajudará o mundo inteiro a diminuir a poluição no mundo. Desejo tudo de bom para você presidente Trump e que Deus abençoe sempre o senhor e ilumine seu caminho para dirigir o país de maior potência econômica do mundo. (Presidente Deus está com você porque você combateu o “aborto” nos Estados Unidos então você evitou que milhões de crianças fossem mortas por isso Deus está com você. Que Deus abençoe o senhor.) (Atenção texto traduzido pelo “Google Tradutor” do português Brasil para inglês USA. Pode existir 20% de erro na tradução pela Inteligência Artificial” Google Tradutor”.)
Buzz Man
Buzz Man Month ago
Slight pause, “those days are over “
Zero One
Zero One Month ago
God Bless You President Trump
Naheim Googolla
Naheim Googolla Month ago
Amgoo Amgo
Amgoo Amgo Month ago
I love united stated !!!!!;;;;;;;
Inan Karadag
Inan Karadag Month ago
Thank Yours Americas Nation
Sue Armstrong
Sue Armstrong Month ago
Love our PRESIDENT TRUMP....one if America's greatest PRESIDENTS. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🕊
Anthony Knighton
There’s no point is getting information from the press anymore. I just hope it becomes easier to access primary sources so that we are not forced to see current events through the egregiously slanted lens of the press (this included both conservative and liberal news outlets).
Montel Tel
Montel Tel Month ago
u re a devil
yooowsss gaming
yooowsss gaming Month ago
So if I’m understanding this correctly the nuclear deal was America paying Iran under the terms they can’t make a nuclear weapons. so let’s say this deal wasn’t made n they did have nukes today do you think things would be the same🤔
Sister_Susan Amnesia
Trump is totally Stoned on Adderall!
sigi valenzuela
sigi valenzuela Month ago
Germany, France, England, Russia, China, Spain, just to mention some of the USA allys said NO to president Trump to his ignorant message, every one said that the nuclear deal worked perfect. And they said that was a dangerous action for the USA to live the deal that worked fine in the first place. They only will deal with any other president of the United States because no one trust this orange small hands/brain president. So, HA HA!!
Fear fighta
Fear fighta Month ago
Trump 2020
Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar Month ago
Now America is really leading with example....cheers and love from India..♥️
Deon Sotó
Deon Sotó Month ago
Iran is in southwestern Asia and borders the caspian sea.
Abu Obaida
Abu Obaida Month ago
What a fake news this man says
Mina Nemr
Mina Nemr Month ago
Mr. President Donald J. Trump, I want to say the American industry final different products not in all markets all over the world but I see here Made in China many & Made in Germany many & Made in Japan also & Made in Egypt I'm here in Egypt but I want to say manufacture products of Made in USA of the brands that are excellent of cheap price not expensive that're a lot of & may be half of the industry of The USA are excellent American products ready to be purchased & critically useful products at the same time & lovely to the heart is Made in USA is basically so You can make or transfer the USA product to be famous as that is Made in China anywhere that ASAP choosing from different American brands as I said now the cheap the so important the excellent You President Trump can make this achievement ASAP with some Management & time & effort & like & Your complete experience, Thank You VM
melrose london
melrose london Month ago
MESSAGE TO TRUMP - This is your base calling, Mr. President. ruvid.net/video/video-IqqpDRT6NHw.html
Bryan Ouellet
Bryan Ouellet Month ago
What a goofball.
Lee Harvey
Lee Harvey Month ago
In all my life, your are the first President that has actually made me feel like our country is safe. I pray for you every day Mr. Trump.
Candace Pailer
Candace Pailer Month ago
God Bless you President and cabinet. Thanks to our Troops and may God watch over them
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hiJEw9WwPQY.html some new trump 2020 Super Bowl commercial ideas lol
Mariyana Roy
Mariyana Roy Month ago
From Canada, Trump 2020!!! God bless!
Israel Cazares
Israel Cazares Month ago
Little Bastard..
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Month ago
DJT Like a Boss 💪🏽💪🏾💪🏽 Taking out the garbage
joyce roberts
joyce roberts Month ago
Oh and the money that bone spurs says Iran got, IS THERE OWN MONEY that should have been returned to them long ago. Look it up
joyce roberts
joyce roberts Month ago
Yah thanks to your bone spurs hot head president, Iran had every right to retaliate a warning message that took down a Ukraine aircraft, killing innocent people and wasn't given warning to stay out of the airspace. Your own congress didn't know about the decision to take out the Iranian general because apparently there was imminent danger, still waiting 3 days later. You can explain to the families who lost loved ones throughout the world how great your president is.
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