President of the United States Simulator

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From the makers of Dark Souls comes the first ever strand type game "Metal Wolf Chaos". I played it with RICHARD and it make us think.
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Aug 15, 2019




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Michael Hulcy
This game is great. I might buy a copy. And if you love this great country of United States, you'll buy a copy!!! This NEEDS to be the highest selling single video game god bless this country!!!
Andy Sorrell
Andy Sorrell Day ago
This isn't realistic. That president is clearly Canadian
Little Biits
Little Biits 2 days ago
dunkbless da dunkey states of dunk-aland-y
Yoo Toob
Yoo Toob 2 days ago
Makes more sense than any Kojima plot
Esfar 3 days ago
Richaaaaaard ....michaeeeeel
E Re
E Re 3 days ago
evol6 3 days ago
The first time i have experienced dunkey almost totaly silent. The game writes itself.
Karl Mark666
Karl Mark666 5 days ago
Can you believe that the people who made dark souls made this...
Frayco 5 days ago
This is Metal Gear Rising Revengeance but better
calvinjluther 6 days ago
Is Richard voiced by Lucky Yates?
David ryan
David ryan 7 days ago
ThisUseriRegret 7 days ago
As the vice president, I can confirm this is how the presidents are meant to act.This is the instructional video they are shown before running for office. We have our own instructional video, however that is confidential information, and would compromise our mission.
Klondike 7 days ago
This is basically USA Abridged
We need a 2020 remake
HotaruZoku 8 days ago
Ah Metal Wolf, the video game equivalent to "The Room"
Daniel the Cat
Daniel the Cat 8 days ago
Why did Michael cross the road? ...because he is the president of the great United States of America
Colin Compton
Colin Compton 8 days ago
This game is so inaccurate. No poop or heroin needles on the streets in the California level
Speedy Hound
Speedy Hound 8 days ago
1:03feeling lucky punks
TheMoyikarp 8 days ago
This is the best Metal Gear Solid
Mr. X Dreams
Mr. X Dreams 11 days ago
This is the President we need right now.
Gardfield 11 days ago
‘Stoke up the barbecue’
Caleb Bailey
Caleb Bailey 12 days ago
Duck duck duck duck duck?
Red Verse
Red Verse 12 days ago
Whenever someone asks me why I'm doing something in the future, I'm gonna respond "The reason is, I am the president of the Great United States of America!!"
Jhonatan IxRxMxA
Jhonatan IxRxMxA 13 days ago
You should check the xbox version, you will feel cheated
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 13 days ago
*RICHARD!* *MICHAEL!* Psycho Mantis.
「S」 14 days ago
So this is that prequel to Dark Souls I keep hearing about...
Gabriel Wolk
Gabriel Wolk 14 days ago
Just found this game at GameStop for fifteen dollars and bought it instantly
Oscar Noem
Oscar Noem 15 days ago
s o l o n g g a y b o w s e r
coldwaveful 16 days ago
Song name in the end? Thank you in advance.
sandakureva 17 days ago
Mech America Great Again!
Albin Benny
Albin Benny 18 days ago
At 4:58 "So long GAY BOWSER"
Michael 19 days ago
As a Florida resident, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dunkey, for saving the grand canyon. But, uh, I think you left your ice cream here.
Dillon Duncan
Dillon Duncan 20 days ago
Andrew yang simulator
Dylan Wardle
Dylan Wardle 20 days ago
The grand canyon isn't in florida, its in nevada. Dumb dumb
My Nama Jegg
My Nama Jegg 20 days ago
*Where boys cried* : NARUTOOOO! SASUKEEEE! *Where men cried* : MICHAEEEEL! RICHARRRRRD!
Audio Ape
Audio Ape 21 day ago
Nothing is pointless! AND THE REASON IS I fucking lost it.
Fletcher Gillespie
Isn’t this just the plot of naruto
hullabaloo 21 day ago
I wonder what presidents of united states think when they play this game
Dark at Hearts
Dark at Hearts 22 days ago
Is this real... Is this game serious? Am I going crazy?
oOw 23 days ago
The President looks oddly familiar... Can't recall..
Merik Malhads
Merik Malhads 24 days ago
Let's be honest, if Trump starts doing this in his second term against Mike Pence we won't be surprised
DatGuyNuma 24 days ago
TomTim 25 days ago
this is like if someone's only reference to american politics was that one ad with george washington driving a car
Big Caka
Big Caka 25 days ago
President of the united states simulator maked you feel like youre the president
olden creek
olden creek 25 days ago
I guess From Software got bored of making serious robot games when they made this one.
olden creek
olden creek 25 days ago
*Michael Richards enters the game, head rattling as usual* "Wha-wha-WHAT!? What is it!?"
Abraham Farraj
Abraham Farraj 25 days ago
The "So long, gay Bowser!" put this video over the top....until I realized that I live in the same country as *THE PRESIDENT OF THE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!*
dain the mane
dain the mane 26 days ago
with the great selection of weapons in your amazing arsenal, it really makes you FEEL like mario.
Daniel Kitchen
Daniel Kitchen 26 days ago
Michael talks exactly like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Ken-20 26 days ago
PickleWombat 28 days ago
This is an accurate representation of Naruto
Jerry The Obnoxious Mouse. Seriously, Screw Jerry.
He put a reference to the Click video in the description!
AZK 7 29 days ago
Legends say he still doesn't know what that guy was talking about
Bipolar and Bisexual
Richard and Michael are like Naruto and Sasuke shouting at eachother.
Origami Month ago
If I were a developer on this project, id be flattered to have made dunk laugh his ass off
David Goblins
David Goblins Month ago
No wonder these developers lost their minds and made the world's most frustrating game The Souls trilogy is vengeance incarnate
Ye s
Ye s Month ago
I think this is a fantastic game and the reason is... I'm the president of the great United States of America!
Aidan Fire
Aidan Fire Month ago
And the reason is... okay i got it. xD
TheCopyto Month ago
I dont remember that from sons of liberty :v
Jon Reising
Jon Reising Month ago
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen
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