President Donald Trump Honors College Football Champion LSU At The White House | NBC News

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President Trump welcomed the Louisiana State University football team to the White House to celebrate their national title. The president received a jersey from the team and took a jab at the impeachment process during the ceremony.
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President Donald Trump Honors College Football Champion LSU At The White House | NBC News

Published on


Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 128
YYG Eli 22 days ago
Why he said tigers like dat😂
joeychampagne 26 days ago
Where was Trevor Lawrence? Oops nevermind.
TTv sweat Ruben
TTv sweat Ruben 27 days ago
1:23 says we’ve got the greatest economy you ever had while we’ve had over 200 school shooting and gang rival wars
Vic Williams
Vic Williams 17 days ago
School shootins and gang wars been happening dummb@ss, its something that will last forever
joeychampagne 26 days ago
School shootings & gang rival wars were happening during Obama's administration too. Why didn't he do anything about it?
BCtube01 29 days ago
Some of the players are like WTF is up with this clown?🤣🤣🤣
See Ellauri
See Ellauri 29 days ago
Om La
Om La 29 days ago
where is the wall mister presidente
Da_Lyricologist 29 days ago
This is weird..lol
Mike Kapner Arcangel Uriel
This link shows that the return of Jesus Christ is here Arcangel Uriel has returned www.gematrix.org/?word=michael+charles+kapner
Allantoks 21
Allantoks 21 Month ago
I hope Mr trump will win again. Love from the philippines.
Ron Babu
Ron Babu Month ago
Trump: Welcome to the beautiful grand White House LSU Team: WE WAN’T OUR MCDONALDS & WENDYS
Bill Brooks
Bill Brooks Month ago
Love him or hate him he spits the truth!!!! What ya tryin 2 do!!!! What what? Go america!!!! 😁😁😁😁
A Lopez
A Lopez Month ago
The president has told the truth for the first time. He called himself a SonOfaBitch. TRUE that.
Halloween lover
Halloween lover Month ago
Love trump and his humble personality 🥰
Steve Milligan
Steve Milligan 29 days ago
He said humble Where have you been?
BCtube01 29 days ago
CLARENCE WILLIAMS Amen! Did you see the two black players on his left?Their faces say it all🤣🤣😂
It is easy for a white American to say that we are all the same. The police only shoot people who look like me, not you. I served America in Southeast Asia in the 1960's, yet white draft dodgers who fled to Canada in the 1960's have a better status in America than veterans with honorable discharges. Look at the faces of the black LSU players. Does it seem that they are having fun? Step outside the white tunnel you live in, Halloween lover. See the America that non-whites live in all the time. Or read some Tim Wise. You have a nice day as well.
Halloween lover
Halloween lover Month ago
CLARENCE WILLIAMS Don’t day that they standing in form way .. after this they all dancing and having fun... don’t use this color skins, we all the same I hope you have great day 😊❤️
Grayson Month ago
Football is a way to forget about politics and sit down with the family
taltal milal
taltal milal Month ago
Trump is a good guy
King Tiki 01
King Tiki 01 29 days ago
ryan48888 racist
ryan48888 29 days ago
@CLARENCE WILLIAMS Go back to Africa if you hate it so much.
Why? Because he plays to America's divisions? Because he ignores the history of how minorities (especially blacks) have been treated in this country? If this race baiter, serial female abuser, inveterate liar. con man is seen by you as a good guy, Mr. Milal, what is your definition of a bad guy?
Sports Are For Women
Donald Trump said the craziest stuff in this video
Tektonik 7.62
Tektonik 7.62 28 days ago
potato master 123
SourDoughBill Month ago
They already impeached the son of a hitch, you stupid twit. #worstpresidentever
James Anderson
James Anderson Month ago
If you don't think for yourself somebody would think for you!!!! I thought they was going to be better than that But they go to the White House and see that sell out!!!! But you never know who a sell-out!!! 👀 The saddest part about it we got a racist president!!!! And they still think you deserve to be in there 😔
potato master 123
How is Trump racist though
aaron joseph
aaron joseph Month ago
It look like the Players were well prepares for his nonsense...Geaux TIGERS
Halloween lover
Halloween lover Month ago
aaron joseph How did you know ? From 2 minutes video?
Daniela Souza
Daniela Souza Month ago
Omg! So awkward moment
Waking Up
Waking Up 27 days ago
agua man good thing trump can’t deport me
agua man
agua man Month ago
Awkward because you realize the media had you bullshitted? Welcome to reality! Now walk outside and yell "Trump 2020"! Feels good doesn't it? Like when slaves were freed how they probably felt or, when women got rights? From Republicans....not demoncrats who historically have been the oppression squad.
D S Month ago
I like how the majority of the LSU players weren't smiling and laughing along. They knew who was standing in front of them.
BigBurdGaming Month ago
CLARENCE WILLIAMS tell me how he’s a white supremacist 😂😂😂
ESpecially the African American players. They clearly didn't want to be there. They deserve kudos for tolerating this WORLD CLASS LOSER with his WHITE SUPREMACIST agenda.
Ryan S
Ryan S Month ago
Body language said it all! I loved it!
Kell Belle
Kell Belle Month ago
I'm so horrible at being the reincarnation of Satan .. Geaux Trump.
John Tovar
John Tovar Month ago
Wow President Trump really gives me hope for my future as a American! ❤️☺️🇺🇸
YSC Entertainment
Halloween lover
Halloween lover Month ago
John Tovar Thank you Trump
Patria Ryder
Patria Ryder Month ago
Yes....watch the White House LSU dance video too!!🇺🇲 MAGA🇺🇲
climar miller
climar miller Month ago
John Tovar 😂😂😂😂
Armin C.T
Armin C.T Month ago
Henrick White
Henrick White Month ago
Best president since Washington and Jefferson
Henrick White
Henrick White 29 days ago
@CLARENCE WILLIAMS I'm just a simple man from a small town in Kentucky.. I'm not even thirty..I don't see that around here.. so I couldn't speak much on the matter..I'm sure it's different in the big citys..and if that's what you call white tunnel then i prefer to stay here.. you give me respect you'll get the same around here.. white black purple blue doesnt matter.. I have another question though..I think the blacks problem is from within..the lack of family values..the promotion of violence and drugs on TV and radio doesnt help either.. I think it's a form of brainwashing..what do you think..i dont think it's just that the cops shoot more blacks its that the blacks are brainwashed to sell dope steal cars and what not..not all of course..there are many who are fine upstanding citizens
No, Mr. White, I'm not saying that we blacks are treated the same way we were treated way back when. I'm saying it's worse than before. I attended the New Orleans public school system beginning in 1948. The principal of my school, Ms. Fannie C. Williams (and please Google "Who was Fannie C. Williams). This great lady knew other great ladies, two of whom were Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune,. Both of these great ladies visited my elementary school in the early 1950's. This was during the segregation era (so-called). I say so-called because in 2020 , New York City has what is generally recognized as the most segregated school school system in America. So I received a well-rounded education in the late Forties and into the Fifties at a segregated school system in the Deep South. So what is integration? So I can sit next to a white person in school and for this I should rejoice? They don't even teach Black History in the New York City school system. Black people here my age shared with me that they never had a black teacher throughout their school life, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Police have always mistreated black Americans. But they weren't shooting us down back then the way they do now. And these definitions that white people hold in America. Racial tensions mean when black people stand up for their rights against oppression. Racial harmony is when we 'stay in our place, as second-class citizens. Sound bites, cliches, stereotypes, that's basically how white America sees us. The problem is that they think these stereotypes are real. William Faulkner, one of my favorite authors, says that before you can understand the world you must first be able to understand a place like Mississippi. To this I paraphrase that before you can understand a place like America you must first be able to understand Greater Mississippi, my name for the Southeastern United States. But it's not too late for you to escape that white tunnel you live in, Mr. White. Reading some Tim Wise might be just what you need.
Henrick White
Henrick White Month ago
Jews had a big hand in the slave trade..whites just paid the price for it..Jews are separate from whites but blend in and that's they're game..not all jews of course
Henrick White
Henrick White Month ago
@CLARENCE WILLIAMS I agree with you blacks were dealt an unfair hand but do you not think that whoa is me way of thinking is kind of outdated? You can't really be saying blacks are still treated the same way they were back when are you?
What a classic reply, blaming the victim of racism. It's the way other racists tried to make black New Orleanians responsible for Hurricane Katrina. I guess we were responsible for the African Slave Trade as well. And the heroin that they dumped all over black America in the 1960's. Keep on blaming the victim, if it makes you feel better. You are part of the problem with America because you refuse to acknowledge what you see every day of your life.As far as calling me racist, I would debate you anytime on the subject of racism.
mark price
mark price Month ago
The media hates seeing normal people enjoying themselves and living life......they need everyone to be as full of angst and fear like them.
mark price
mark price Month ago
@D S They are part pf the victim hood/ pity me crowd, Some will eventually grow up and get on with life, while others will be stuck in that angry, blame everyone but me crowd. Life has choices...you can be miserable or happy---your choice
D S Month ago
Enjoying themselves!? Look at the majority of LSU players who were not laughing or smiling.
Its True
Its True Month ago
Trump you and Russian Trolls and Bots Army have to pay Tax!!! .
Its True
Its True Month ago
Dictator Trump Russian Trolls and Bots Army cant help you anymore!!! .
Stale Smoke Simon
Guess half of America is russian bots.
Patria Ryder
Patria Ryder Month ago
Your team lost...get over it!!
Drunksteve Month ago
Just like Jefferson Davis. Does MAGA mean that he is trying to give Southern racists their slaves back? I'll bet that's what they think!
wandering spirit
What does LSU and Trump have in common? There all WINNERS.
D S Month ago
Richie Joseph Mazumder With help from Russia 🤣
Richie Joseph Mazumder
D S unlike hillary, trump won an election 😂
D S Month ago
No. Just LSU
Pohaku Mana
Pohaku Mana Month ago
Here we go again, I am the best, we are the greatest the economy is so strong there are no homeless.
joeychampagne 26 days ago
You must have drank PLENTY of Obama's kool-aid.
Eddie Andrews
Eddie Andrews Month ago
All democrat run areas are bad parts
Greg Russo
Greg Russo Month ago
So you are saying the bad parts of the country are run by Democrats?
Rocky Colavito
Rocky Colavito Month ago
Great clip. LSU did a great job
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas Month ago
Thank you Mr. Trump for all you have done. we look forward to the next 4 1/2 years of your great service to our country. God bless America
Mike Nunyabizness
@potato master 123 And you are a bitchboy crybaby.
potato master 123
@Mike Nunyabizness your very special
Halloween lover
Halloween lover Month ago
Lloyd Christmas thank you Mr Trump
Jerome Jasper
Jerome Jasper Month ago
Lloyd Christmas what has this criminal done in the white house nothing but but a crook this man is one of the foulest human beings on earth and your support of him it's just disgusting and ridiculous
Its True
Its True Month ago
Dictator Trump go and pay Tax first !!! .
Stephen Blackwell
@CLARENCE WILLIAMS Really?? They all have played golf but some have truly caused many problems to arise back up and make things worse. The media and all the Democrats are evil and do nothing but divide this country. Golf??? Golf is low on my lists of give a crap about....how about killing babies let's talk about that!!!! Says a lot about people that worry more about if a president plays golf more than you fuss about little human babies being murdered!!!!!! I would never vote for a man who is for baby murder. America needs to get their priorities in order
As in played more rounds of golf on the taxpayers dime?
As in played more rounds of golf?
Ariana B.
Ariana B. Month ago
@Stephen Blackwell exactly.
Stephen Blackwell
He took the job and didnt even want to be paid so get over yourself
Its True
Its True Month ago
Remove the bedbugs Trump from White House !!! .
Mike W
Mike W Month ago
Kevin Nienhuis ...he did right into the oval office... this administration is a cesspool.
Mike W
Mike W Month ago
Its True... Time to fumigate!
Kevin Nienhuis
Kevin Nienhuis Month ago
Relax, Obama's gone ... he was expunged from the White House Jan. 20, 2017 ... Trump can drain the swamp now ...
Pietro Jenkins
Pietro Jenkins Month ago
When is Trump gonna honor the presidency and respect the constitution ?
Armin Alamdari
Armin Alamdari 26 days ago
joeychampagne, that’s your opinion. You can read many articles and polls, and even foreign polls. You will see Obama was more respected than trump. Again it was Obama who handed trump a growing economy, and that’s a fact, you can deny it, but it’s still a fact.
joeychampagne 26 days ago
When was Obama going to put God back into the classroom that he took out, provide a birth certificate, and remove the common core curriculum taught in schools that he implemented. The WORST president since Carter.
Armin Alamdari
Armin Alamdari Month ago
Eddie Andrews so people committing crimes is fault of politicians? Why do you have to be biased? Maybe you can answer me
Armin Alamdari
Armin Alamdari Month ago
Eddie Andrews that’s still irrelevant, crimes in New York is not bad as it has. Rudy was actually terrible mayor if you ask me. I lived in New York when I was working in the Wall Street. And how are the republicans policies working out for the south? Maybe it’s great, I mean look at their education rate. Compare the red states vs blue states. You guys always want to have a skip goat.
Armin Alamdari
Armin Alamdari Month ago
Eddie Andrews nope you’re wrong about your first comment. I have said it over and over you guys are making claims and yet no facts. The chances of that happening is low, since growth has been slowed since the the past two years. I’m sorry but you’re wrong.
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