'Prepare for potential Coronavirus pandemic' warns World Health Organisation

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The world should prepare for a potential coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation has warned - although so far it's stopped short of officially declaring one.
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With more than a thousand cases confirmed from South Korea and Iran to Italy, the WHO said now was the time for all countries to make sure they're ready.
Here, Downing Street insisted the UK was "prepared for all eventualities".
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Comments 80
Zena Dauch
Zena Dauch 6 days ago
Look how fast it hit almost every country in the world! Minchia!
CytotoxinK 12 days ago
1 Like = 1 Pasta for the old Italian man
Clash of clans Account
Plague inc. (supermegabrutal mode)
Alan C
Alan C 22 days ago
Keep the whiskey near and AR-15 & ammo ready !
Kathleen Young
Kathleen Young 24 days ago
‘There wasn’t this much panic when WWII started’. Priceless.
MewDenise 24 days ago
People don't seem to know that more people are recovering than dying, and the people daying are older people with health problems
MewDenise 24 days ago
I mean... I would stock up on food too to avoid going outside for a long time
bambi lackner
bambi lackner 25 days ago
probably got sick from the dogs they eat.
JRT 4JUSTICE 25 days ago
As long as the IN&OUT Burgers drive thru is open..who needs to stock up? Dominoes Pizza does deliver! America is unlike other countries we are fortunate to have alternative resources ..tons of FAST FOOD restaurants! Who knew it would come in handy during a pandemic! I’ll take a Big Mac and a filet fish please. 😃 as long as the preparers are wearing gloves and masks, we’ll be okay. No need to panic over food.
Gail Manizak
Gail Manizak 26 days ago
Find us: Etsy.com/shop/bellasoapsco Kills over650 pathogens. Sinus spray should be used before going out in public. True Colloidal Silver, certified!
beez. 26 days ago
Its breaking fast u now wy ? its made in China ...lol
Kitten Zombie
Kitten Zombie 26 days ago
Kelly MD science and Space World Health Org
Sad. Sicily was also invaded in WWII
Alexa Sweet
Alexa Sweet 26 days ago
sprinks sprinkks
sprinks sprinkks 27 days ago
The old guy will be knocking on your door asking to spare some food.
Fox Mulder1999
Fox Mulder1999 27 days ago
Hope Italy gives Covid-19 the boot...
Rakscha 27 days ago
Reduce the population of Swine and you imediately will have more Food. And donate money - this is a war of an “Alien“ organism against humanity. And we need to fight it like and war - as a group. Because every human infected more is like a small biolab for the virus developing new more deadly strains... www.globalgiving.org/projects/coronavirus-relief-fund/
Jay dubayou
Jay dubayou 28 days ago
No mask no pasta, forced to go out for food...high risk age group.
Face TheEnemy
Face TheEnemy 28 days ago
End is near.
Carol Dodson
Carol Dodson 28 days ago
Who: Pandemic? What Pandemic? 80,000 positive tested patients: It's a Pandemic!
grannyzeebee 29 days ago
I have to fast forward when Tedros speaks. I can't bear to hear anymore bullsh*t !!
minhoxkrystal 29 days ago
You get flour and make some pasta.
Samantha White
Samantha White 29 days ago
Enjoying Globalism. Believing TOTALTARIAN CHINA data, the WHO and the Globalist??? GET THE REAL INFORMATION!!! the one that it is not in deep pockets of China. ruvid.net/video/video-AwFTZawOc9k.html ruvid.net/video/video-8BvyBTMBR5c.html ruvid.net/video/video-Cx7KtkoadRY.html ruvid.net/video/video-KAyivpA71o0.html
Lord Lass
Lord Lass 29 days ago
Not a pandemic yet cuz there is some money to be made off of so.e bond sales and as long as they don't use that word, and they need to keep that word from being used until june that's when the bonds ripen. After then they can use the word.
kar linkton
kar linkton 29 days ago
whats with all the fucking panic about coronashit ? the flu kills between 12 anf 61 thousand in US alone annually. see www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html
Tm Kav
Tm Kav 29 days ago
No. There is a checklist to complete in order to confirm a pandemic. All boxes have been checked off as of the beginning of this week. We are in a pandemic. Stop using terms like potential as this is dishonest and your dishonesty is spurring on panic.
徐昊 29 days ago
Faced with the incompetence and shame of the Italian government, Japan is different. Japan found that the new crown virus was originally the birthplace of the United States. The Asahi Shimbun immediately issued an announcement stating the facts to make the ugly face of the United States public. This is the difference in personality.
MV 29 days ago
Watch out!!!!Coronavirus evolution!!! ruvid.net/video/video-G7mOH0fQFUo.html
MV 29 days ago
Watch out!!!!Coronavirus evolution!!! ruvid.net/video/video-G7mOH0fQFUo.html
Seeds 0f Ecofrog
Seeds 0f Ecofrog 29 days ago
Alcalise your blood with 30 deep breaths followed by holding all the air out of your lounges for 2+ mins, 2-3 sets of this while sitting or lying down massively increase oxegen in the blood and is the key to the Wim Hof method, in this state you should submerce yourself in an icy bath (don't put feet in first) every cell in your body turns on and generates heat 🔥 this massively increases immunity and puts the fight into your own hands.
D P 29 days ago
We should stRt a global protest against this
Minister Gail, Holy Ghost Coach
hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/database/index.php?pageid=event_update&edis_id=EH-20200131-70586-USA bats carry the virus: 2/27/updateThe Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that 231 people in the state are being monitored for coronavirus-like symptoms.The risk of coronavirus in the state remains low and there has been only one confirmed case, officials said. The infected patient is said to be improving and doing well. Officials also said that 377 other people in the state have been evaluated for the virus and cleared.Area hospitals have plans in place to combat the virus in the event an emergency situation arises, officials added. There is no shortage of supplies, including masks, and additional manpower is standing by if needed.Dr. Monica Bharel, commissioner of the Mass. DPH, stressed that, "Here in Massachusetts, we have the resources, the staff, the connections with our partners in healthcare and public health that we need in order to prepare for this."Extra precautions are also being taken by organizers of the PAX East convention that is taking place in Boston from Thursday to Sunday. [See LA, CALIF. 545 AFFECTED] look for red hazmat flags on maps
Jonathan Cutrel
Jonathan Cutrel 29 days ago
Anthony Santamaria
Anthony Santamaria 29 days ago
Pls Keep one clove in the mouth day and night, change it when completely soften, do not chew or bite or eat it. it will keep you safe. For better safety do not use Chinese clove, but Indian or Arabic clove. Pls Spread this.
kue mart
kue mart Month ago
guys there are alot we still dont know about the virus COVID 19 so lets at least wear a mask to minimize our risk, i got mine here anticoronakits.com/
semajgnik Month ago
0:08 I had to double check if this video was a joke video or not after that old man said, "the pasta shelves are empty!" That is so stereotypical but I guess its actually true?
Dopey Joe
Dopey Joe Month ago
*The beginning of the culling of the masses. The rich cunts have decided this is the solution to over-population.*
Sander Fitzwilliam
When the virus really hits the UK check your ditches and fridges for wild Bojo's taking cover.
GuyRami Month ago
Let the trump supporters be unprepared while the rest of us do our job as americans, to make sure this pandemic doesn't affect our children like it has those other poor countries. Even as I type I adhere to sabotage, while I can still type, my browser is being subject to infringe my data...
mayerscd Month ago
How can there be a pandemic when WHO just changes the meaning of what is considered a pandemic? Just keep lying to the world till millions are dead. This is going to be the SHTF that everyone thought could never happen.
Good Reporting We need to be ready for anything! Do you have Quake insurance yet?
Pat Stauffer
Pat Stauffer Month ago
Bradz Month ago
When the world ends and the last remaining humans lie in ditches, we will joke about that one Italian guy that got mad that there was no pasta.
baseball1090 Month ago
well of course they arent gonna say its a pandemic yet they dont want people to panic and mess up the just in time delivery system and throw off the whole system they wont declare it a pandemic until its in your town in your city knocking at your door right in your dam backyard
Cela Satanya Ultimion
Dismantle WHO
Lyon G
Lyon G Month ago
WHO is a joke!!! It's already a pandemic!
Nicky Chuaybamrung
Can be SARS vaccines standby for virus mild infected spreading in Europe Can be developed SARS vaccines for Corona virus vaccines? Can be prevent epidemic to pandemic its in each country ? Only way to find out
Z B1
Z B1 Month ago
The only reason for this virus to be pandamic is WHO they did declare emergency so late. and didnt really take action to stop this virus to disturbete now it is all over the world
Michael Minugh
Michael Minugh Month ago
Of course slash interest rates, rather than invest in becoming less dependent on China and improving our healthcare systems to actually be able to deal with a pandemic.
Raiyan Chowdhury
This idiot is worried about the pasta shelves being empty than the fracking virus itself!!!
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
Less than 3k have died out of 8 billion people.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
MEDIA HYPE The economy moves some 20 million dollars in trade. So, subtract 2.5 percent, roughly a quarter of a billion dollars, meaning that more than 19 billion is still circulating. Guess how much of that is waste and debt, not real money anyway. Only the smallest retailers would feel the pinch if supply of a few items dropped. The media is trying to make this bigger and more tragic than it really is. Influenza kills more people every year than COVID 19 has so far.
Galaxysurfer 1
Galaxysurfer 1 Month ago
So what you're saying is...it's spreading.
DALEK CANN Month ago
Life doesn't even matter anymore and in a few weeks the government will fall and they will only two options after that we go off and start groups like in the Walking Dead or just kill ourself
Aleksandër Gjini
Everyones gangsta until Plauge Inc becomes a reality...
John Amato
John Amato Month ago
It’s all Order out of Chaos !! If this common cold virus is real, it was put here by your governments . People need to wake up and question all authority !! We are not slaves waiting to be exterminated!! We must act now . Government are the terrorists !!! Any conflict is prepared and executed for a reason to benefit an agenda !! Georgia Guidestones!! Look it up!!
Kent Minlay
Kent Minlay Month ago
Still not a pandemic, cause they still telling us to prepare for it!
Beth Elizabeth
Beth Elizabeth Month ago
It's funny how this "virus" mimics the effects of 5G... ruvid.net/video/video-CtfqUtW_8AA.html
No Humbug
No Humbug Month ago
No confidence in WHO.
Nolan Kerkhoff
Nolan Kerkhoff Month ago
Sub if you like Elder Scrolls
J.G.P Channel
J.G.P Channel Month ago
0:13 World War you can see the enemy and mostly killing soldier but virus is such an invisible thing and randomly killing people that why people more panic than face a world war.
2Legit 2BReal
2Legit 2BReal Month ago
Nabriva is already working on a vaccine.
namin soelwin
namin soelwin Month ago
I guess Alex Jones was right.
TomHud Month ago
Define 'prepare' Maybe if the who was not so full of sh@# more lives could of been saved They cared more about people being racist than saving lifes
Jess ward
Jess ward Month ago
They took all the pasta wow😂
Arzaniel Kerpatray
The virus is created by the global rulers to offset and destabilize the economy just enough to move to thenext step in their plan. Can anyone tell what the next step is yet, then the next and next???
whatsmy nameagain777
WHO spokesmen can barely string a sentance together
Cliff MacFarlane
Relax everyone, we're being played.
Samer TV
Samer TV Month ago
nice video. wanna be friends?
Samer TV
Samer TV Month ago
nice video. wanna be friends?
nick clizzie
nick clizzie Month ago
We’re starting to take this serious now because stock is going down
richstarx Month ago
That old guy was pissed off AF because there was no pasta. Lol..a true Italian
Samer TV
Samer TV Month ago
nice video. wanna be friends?
barrie Williams
barrie Williams Month ago
But you have to admit that the Coronavirus is doing some good :) Reduced pollution as people are not travelling the same. Looks like aircraft & cruise ships will be affected & they are the biggest polluters by far, so that will be good for the planet. A cruise ship, for example, emits as much pollution as 1million cars & cruise ships are totally unnecessary!! ruvid.net/video/video-cP6xbWDvAN0.html
Johnny Smoke
Johnny Smoke Month ago
The usual WHO response with a non real analysis. For example, it's not spreading globally, really?
DesertRat45 Month ago
Don't forget. It was the " educated people" that let this thing spread and kept it under wraps from the public giving it a two month head start.
G B Month ago
The info. about this virus, etc., is constantly changing. PLEASE add dates to all videos so people don't waste their data looking for the most updated info. Thanks
Sang Kang
Sang Kang Month ago
Stock up 3 month water and food. Don't forget the beretta.
Bob Saggot
Bob Saggot Month ago
I wonder if imports from china r still coming in? This came from a bio weapons lab in china. It is a man made virus. Depopulation has begun
dunnoduh Month ago
WHO should have warned people more seriously 2 months ago -.- now the panic buying is setting in, in Europe. Lucking, in HK we started getting our supplies back, and it seems people are doing less in terms of panic buying. I say give it a few weeks, stock will hopefully be back. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
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