Pregnancy Prank On My Best Friends! Pt.2 (EMOTIONAL)

Nate Wyatt
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Aug 26, 2019




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Comments 100
Kashika Dhingra
How the fuck did he keep a straight face hahahhahahahahahahahaha I would’ve died
Shan Shan
Shan Shan 2 days ago
"Can We Name It Todd?" 😂😭2:34
Dimezx 2 days ago
He said on their friendship 🤣 he don't give af abt that guy LOL
0o ADELYDE o0 3 days ago
Bryce be like:😶🤨😯
Addie 4 days ago
i got this in my recommendations a year later😂
Niamh Sergeant
Niamh Sergeant 4 days ago
Every RUvidr when there nervous “ IM NERVOUS “ 😂
Anna Herrera
Anna Herrera 4 days ago
Me just waiting for the thing in the tv to hit the corner like:👁👄👁
Wentong Sun
Wentong Sun 5 days ago
lord my daughter keeps coming in the room the first time she droped her ipad and was shocked
Israa Essop
Israa Essop 5 days ago
.....Lol I am actually laughing coz they fall for it even tho boys can't have babies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Flower By
Flower By 5 days ago
O Bryce o vídeo todo:😮 o resto do pessoal: parabéns meu amigo ✌️❤️
Carlie Caldwell
Carlie Caldwell 6 days ago
Every one 😝😀😄Bryce 👁👄👁lol
Shelly 6 days ago
Tayler was just so cute
mia barnes
mia barnes 6 days ago
“can we name it todd?!” “can i be the god father?!” “i got things lined up for the baby shower!” “what if it comes out and it’s not even ur baby?!”😂😂
Masi Kim
Masi Kim 7 days ago
The end bryces eyes where watering 😭😭I feel so bad now
Masi Kim
Masi Kim 7 days ago
Can we just talk about how speechless Bryce was 😭🤣🤣🤣
1k subscribers before 2021 Youtubr
Bryce the entire time: 👁👄👁
Paige Mann
Paige Mann 8 days ago
Taylers reaction was so genuine it hurt me, I would’ve been the exact same way
Mafer Rangel
Mafer Rangel 9 days ago
F por tayler se emocionó
Haitiana Pompahende
Poor taylor
Lilly Marie
Lilly Marie 10 days ago
Simply OH
Simply OH 10 days ago
Bryce was thinking the whole time... “Dis man sus...”
Paige Vits
Paige Vits 10 days ago
Taylerrrrr!!! poor baby 😂 he was so exited 🥺🥺🥺
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 10 days ago
“Can we name it Todd? 🥺” AHAHAHAHAHSLSKSK
Kayden Kurgat
Kayden Kurgat 11 days ago
“Can we name it todd?”😭😭 I’m WHEXZING!!
Altrey Swer
Altrey Swer 11 days ago
Bryce's face the whole time!!!!
Lynn Ke
Lynn Ke 11 days ago
The number of times tayler cursed. PFT HAHA
Jaylene buckley
Jaylene buckley 12 days ago
No one: Tayler: CaN wE NaMe It ToOd ?
Connie Mae
Connie Mae 12 days ago
Just noticed how funny it was when bryce sat on diago
Connie Mae
Connie Mae 12 days ago
Taylor was so hyped and everything I felt bad when he found out it was a prank
Stix 13 days ago
Tayler- Best Man? God Father? Lettme plan this baby shower...? Uncle Tay? Lettme plan the birth? What if it comes out and it's not your baby? Bruh you just heard about it and your this hyped? Good friend checkkkkkkkkkk
Claire 13 days ago
Bryce’s face was shook.
Patrick Verheuvel
Patrick Verheuvel 14 days ago
Jam leterly crying
Lorraine Parry
Lorraine Parry 14 days ago
Bryce nearly had a stroke, bless him, Taylor planned everything within 5 mins hahaha 😂😂
KayLeigh Donn-Patterson
Is no one going to talk about Bruce sitting on that guy😂😂
Pancake 15 days ago
Can we name it tod 🤦‍♀️
Luna Irene
Luna Irene 15 days ago
“What if it comes out and it’s not even your baby “ 💀 lmao smooth uncle T
Tammy Weir
Tammy Weir 15 days ago
No won ever tell bryce anything umm
ben winzer
ben winzer 16 days ago
This is the definition of a great prank
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl 16 days ago
My dude said he had ideas my god 😂😂🤣
Jay Nail
Jay Nail 17 days ago
Noryne Verona
Noryne Verona 17 days ago
Tayler is the best ❤️
officalyyy gabby
officalyyy gabby 18 days ago
Tayler reaction is cute
pantelis 18 days ago
Bryce be like 🤯
Iayanna Henderson
Iayanna Henderson 18 days ago
1 year later she had a baby 👁👄👁
Badkid Baby
Badkid Baby 18 days ago
Hailey Lester
Hailey Lester 18 days ago
Motivational taylor 😂😂😂😂🥺
Hailey Lester
Hailey Lester 18 days ago
I. Love. Tayler.
zd_vehnix 0_0
zd_vehnix 0_0 19 days ago
I feel like Bryce wouldn't believe these things.
jj love
jj love 19 days ago
Nobody: Diego: pUlL OuT GaMe weAK
fav.melios 19 days ago
Anyone else haven't watched first part? I haven't and I'm not planning to lol
fav.melios 19 days ago
Bryce's pants look funny lol and I have not watched this vid yet I am rn eheb
Dimiyah Seets
Dimiyah Seets 20 days ago
Who didn't know he had a girlfriend
NailsByEve 21 day ago
Aweee I love how Taylor is so happy saying “Can I be the best man at the wedding” my hearttt 💜
Mariam Tehseen
Mariam Tehseen 21 day ago
Well at least Nate knows how tayler would react to a kid
Yusuf Girls
Yusuf Girls 21 day ago
this is how many times Bryce was shocked and said ''you having a kid'' l \/
sue mimo
sue mimo 21 day ago
Did I hear someone say"your pull out game is weak"??
the Agulieras
the Agulieras 21 day ago
Emma Nørrung
Emma Nørrung 21 day ago
Me being satisfied at 2:51, when the "Insignia" on the TV is hitting the corner, and now it's the only thing I can concentrate on.
God'sangel 25
God'sangel 25 21 day ago
Just seen this and Tayler is the cutest, he's gonna be such a good dad especially if it's a girl omygosh he's gonna be super overprotective 😅😍❤️
Adalynn Hess
Adalynn Hess 22 days ago
If my friends aren’t like this when I get pregnant I don’t want it.
Chelsey Beauty queen
Whosoever says name her Patricia you made my night to be honest.🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Imala 23 days ago
Am I the only one that thought he was pranking them that HE was pregnant 😂
Tato Chataa
Tato Chataa 24 days ago
As James Charles would say Bryce was sister shooketh😂😂😂😂💔💀😂😂
shirley fuiono
shirley fuiono 25 days ago
I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tiffani Gui
Tiffani Gui 25 days ago
Angie Cole
Angie Cole 25 days ago
little does mikey know he will get danielle pregnant
Lulu Sibiya
Lulu Sibiya 25 days ago
Nobody: Literally not a soul: Diego: "your pullout game is weak" I died🤣😭
Micaela M
Micaela M 25 days ago
No one: The first thing tayler says:Can you name it Todd?
Kanikz Diones
Kanikz Diones 26 days ago
You are such a good actor nate
Keisha DBrass
Keisha DBrass 26 days ago
My gawshhh! I loved Tayler's reaction! It was adorable! I was laughing and crying at the same time!!
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 26 days ago
Bryce was so much cuter and nicer here same with Taylor I mean look at Bryce in his you tube channel now and Taylor that changed a lot but I'm happy for them
Crusty Toes
Crusty Toes 26 days ago
Crusty Toes
Crusty Toes 26 days ago
Tayler was so supporting 😂😂💗😭
Crusty Toes
Crusty Toes 26 days ago
PixelUniGamer 26 days ago
POV Bryce is thinking Why did me and Addison break up we could have done it
Papaya Man
Papaya Man 27 days ago
tayler was just so wholesome this whole video. i genuinely made me so happy
Kallie-Ann Ramirez
Kallie-Ann Ramirez 29 days ago
Does anyone know the intro song? I know it’s a remix but what’s the actual song? I’ve heard the words before but can’t remember.
Beefy4Scoops 29 days ago
everyone:listening to the video me:watching the TV to see if it hits a corner
charlotte pearson
charlotte pearson 29 days ago
When tayler talked about God to him I literally cried. We stan a gospel spreading King.
M M 29 days ago
I feel bad for Tayler cause he was so happy and excited
Karly Hassell
Karly Hassell 29 days ago
Bryce 😯
Debanhi Garza
Debanhi Garza Month ago
Diego .....name her patrica😂😂😂
limar amirat
limar amirat Month ago
Tayler is so cute in this video
Debanhi Garza
Debanhi Garza Month ago
taylers emotion is so cute❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tia Patel
Tia Patel Month ago
bryce literly the wjhole video this is a prank
Laura Barnet
Laura Barnet Month ago
Tayler is the sweetest
Lillie Music
Lillie Music Month ago
Me not being stupid knowing that at 3 weeks you can’t see the ant yet no kidding me
Ella Kaddour
Ella Kaddour Month ago
Nadine Alosta
Nadine Alosta Month ago
There reaction is sooo cute
gracie Lilyanne
gracie Lilyanne Month ago
Yo tayler talking about God only giving you something to make you stronger, like my whole heart
Aye Myat Lwin
Aye Myat Lwin Month ago
Awww I just love Taylor!! He's so cute and him wanting to be the godfather is so adorable 🥺
Hiba Pathan
Hiba Pathan Month ago
Lol uncle t
Jazmyn Burgess
Jazmyn Burgess Month ago
nowwww have a kid
Jamie Liberato
Jamie Liberato Month ago
Ha I love how everyone came in at ten end
maria kapceviciute
Everyone is like hyped and Bryce is like shook lmao 😂
Dhanashri Dutta
Dhanashri Dutta Month ago
Chanae Lea
Chanae Lea Month ago
Aw Taylor was so excited 😂😂
its• SHANIQUA Month ago
1 year ago omg exactly 1 year
Earl Reyes
Earl Reyes Month ago
Tayler is so nice and hype
Molly Vance
Molly Vance Month ago
Bryces face tells me he is shook
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