Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern And Western Conference Standings

Dflow Hoops
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After seemingly every top NBA player has changed teams for the 2019-20 season, this video predicts the standings from team #15 to #1 in the eastern and western conference. Do any teams shock the world and who is the 2020 title favourite? Find out tonight.
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Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern And Western Conference Standings


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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 1 753
Dflow Hoops
Dflow Hoops Month ago
1. Cory Joseph is on the Kings. 2. Jazz fans: Like I said Portland was arguably to low of a seed in my west predictions; the same goes for Utah, as y'all have pointed out. They have the talent with conley, mitchell and Gobert to surprise me, but after losing Derrick Favors the only power forward on their roster is Ed Davis. The Bojan Bogdanovich is valuable though, Joe Ingles and Royce Oneal are great 3 and D role player, so there's a chance I'll reconsider this take. 3. Follow me on twitter: @therealkahane
RagingRaven there is so much wrong with this video
Kermit T. Frog
Kermit T. Frog 7 days ago
That was surprisingly NOT ridiculous. Good job.
glade meyer
glade meyer 12 days ago
Yep, you putting Jazz at 7 is complete trash!!! Lol!!!
Bradon Fogelman
Bradon Fogelman 25 days ago
Warriors to high
jordan 26 days ago
miami gonna win it all
Mr Ultra
Mr Ultra 4 hours ago
Celtics for sure. People are unaware of the young core we just picked up at the draft that includes tacko, Crasen edwards, grant williams, romeo langford
James Zeller
James Zeller 20 hours ago
You should switch places with the la clippers and the la lakers cause the lakers are better than the warriors:
Big Dick69 uhs
Lakers ass
Rockets #1
Rockets #1 Day ago
Rockets are gonna be cold next year. Don’t sleep on the Jazz and Pacers. The Warriors are overrated, and the Blazers underrated.
Maksim Trbojevic
U mentioned Bojan Bogdanovic for Jazz and Bojan for Kings, for kings play Bogdan Bogdanovic.
Judah Cohen
Judah Cohen 2 days ago
Most likely the lakers
Suleiman Dahu
Suleiman Dahu 2 days ago
Y’all sleepin on my rockets but watch just watch
Mark Yorish
Mark Yorish 3 days ago
Jazz are going to shock the NBA Also putting the bulls at 12 in the east is just disrespectful
Twitch Dankan
Twitch Dankan 23 hours ago
Mark Yorish we’re coming 7th or 8th if we stay healthy
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 3 days ago
Why the fuck are the thunder 15. Did we forget about the Phoenix suns? The grizzlies are still real young to and we know the spurs probably won’t make the playoffs this year
Jacob _
Jacob _ 3 days ago
8:27 didn’t know the wizards were in the west 🤡
Aun Taqvi
Aun Taqvi 3 days ago
I think its the knicks. Julius randle is mad underrated, he gonna be an allstar this year.
Twitch Dankan
Twitch Dankan 23 hours ago
Aun Taqvi I agree I hate how people say that mix and Collins are better
Ian Burke
Ian Burke 3 days ago
Fairly reasonable predictions here
Mohamed SAID
Mohamed SAID 4 days ago
What what mate the best player in the league is KD
NegativeAlex 88
NegativeAlex 88 4 days ago
I have to say,the most underrated free agency signing was Jordan Bell to the Timberwolves This is due to the fact that guerson Rosas and Pablo progioni believes that bell championship consistency can translate the wolves to win some games but their mostly excited to put him blocking shots Bell played an average 5 minutes per game and his bpg average was 0.7 blocks per game but if you put him in 36 minutes average,it goes up to 2.4 blocks per game which is impressive for a small power forward in today's game He is truly an underrated signing this summer
wrote all this just to like your own comment lmfao
Pouncing Panther Pucks
I think the kings will make the playoffs
Matt Prager
Matt Prager 4 days ago
I know this man didn’t just say Kemba is more talented than kyrie
Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart 4 days ago
you still have time to delete this video
Adam Francis
Adam Francis 5 days ago
This was good to watch but did I hear them say Kemba might be better then Kyrie ? Kemba is good but Kyrie is on a different level.
Ooooh Closed
Ooooh Closed 5 days ago
West 1. clippers 2. Nuggets 3. portland 4.Jazz 5. Lakers 6. Warriors 7. Rockets 8. Spurs 9.Mavs 10.Kings 11. Wolves 12. pelicans 13. Thunder 14. grizzlies 15.Suns East 1. bucks 2. Celtics 3. Sixers 4. Heat 5. Nets 6. Pacers 7. Raptors 8. Magic 9. Hawks 10. Pistons 11. Bulls 12. Cavs 13.knicks 14. Wizards 15. Hornets
torchlord 6 days ago
Glen Robinson the Third isn't a Piston.
Diego Bulos
Diego Bulos 6 days ago
Hawks will make playoffs
Marko R
Marko R 7 days ago
OKC still has chris paul , danilo gallinari , steve adams , gilgeus alexander....you are tripping if you think they gonna be the worst team in the west...also its bogdan bogdanovic who plays for the kings not bojan
Flubber Bucketz
Flubber Bucketz 7 days ago
East 1. Indiana 2. Milwaukee 3. Philly 4. Brooklyn 5. Boston 6. Miami 7. Detroit 8. Atlanta 9. Orlando 10. Toronto 11. Chicago 12. New York 13. Washington 14. Cleveland 15. Charlotte West 1. Clippers 2. Jazz 3. Warriors 4. Lakers 5. Rockets 6. Portland 7. Denver 8. Sacramento 9. Spurs 10. Mavs 11. Okc 12. Pels 13. Suns 14. Wolves 15. Grizzlies
Adrianne Woodbridge
Boy are you mentally retarted
CheffTai 7 days ago
I think the warriors might pop off because the MVP curry might be back
Ghapi Tv
Ghapi Tv 7 days ago
Yeahhhh milwaukeee first thats what i want to seee
Ghapi Tv
Ghapi Tv 7 days ago
Nuggets at first what the actual fuck
The NotSoPro
The NotSoPro 7 days ago
East: 1. Bucks 2. 76ers 3. Celtics 4. Pacers 5. Nets 6. Raptors 7. Heat 8. Pistons 9. Magic 10. Hawks 11. Bulls 12. Wizards 13. Knicks 14. Cavaliers 15. Hornets West: 1. Clippers 2. Lakers 3. Nuggets 4. Jazz 5. Rockets 6. Warriors 7. Trail Blazers 8. Spurs 9. Mavericks 10. Kings 11. Pelicans 12. Timberwolves 13. Thunder 14. Suns 15. Grizzlies
David Okabayashi
David Okabayashi 6 days ago
The NotSoPro I almost completely agree with this list. It’s a lot better than the person who made this video
Blitheee 8 days ago
Trust me when I say this The 2020-2021 NBA regular season will the best ones we will ever see
Blitheee 5 days ago
Bruce Banner yeh I was mr hulk you got a problem
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner 5 days ago
Blitheee i guess you were just born yesterday.
Blob johnson
Blob johnson 8 days ago
“paul and harden hated each other” thats cap and just spreading a false narrative and the fact that you have the warriors at 3rd when they should be the 6th seed is a terrible take dawg
Jay Areta
Jay Areta 8 days ago
Haha nuggets at seed 1??!! no way..
Pizza Plays
Pizza Plays 8 days ago
magic gonna be 6th or 7th for me! the are the most underrated team
The NotSoPro
The NotSoPro 7 days ago
Hell no
Chris Tercero
Chris Tercero 8 days ago
Bruh when will the Suns get good , I swear they been rebuilding for 4 seasons 💀
Nathan Bremer
Nathan Bremer 8 days ago
Pistons since derrick rose will play similar to his best seasons in chicago since he has something to prove along with Drummond and let’s not forget Griffin
MoNsTeR Gaming
MoNsTeR Gaming 9 days ago
You sick my prediction lineup 1 Lakers 2.Clippers 3 Rockets 4 Utah 5 Nuggets 6.Portland 7.Warriors 8 Spurs or Kings or
Big Dick69 uhs
Ur dumb Lakers overrated
Kingx408 9 days ago
*2019-20 NBA Season Predictions* Western Conference: 1. LA Clippers 2. Denver Nuggets 3. Houston Rockets 4. Utah Jazz 5. LA Lakers 6. Golden State Warriors 7. Portland Trailblazers 8. San Antonio Spurs 9. Sacramento Kings 10. Dallas Mavericks 11. Pheonix Suns 12. New Orleans Pelicans 13. Oklahoma City Thunder 14. Minnesota Timberwolves 15. Memphis Grizzlies Eastern Conference 1. Milwuakee Bucks 2. Philadelphia 76ers 3. Boston Celtics 4. Brooklyn Nets 5. Indiana Pacers 6. Toronto Raptors 7. Miami Heat 8. Detroit Pistons 9. Orlando Magic 10. Chicago Bulls 11. Washington Wizards 12. Atlanta Hawks 13. Charlotte Hornets 14. Cleveland Cavaliers 15. New York Knicks
Kingx408 9 days ago
*2019-2020 NBA Season* Competing to make the Finals LA Clippers LA Lakers Milwuakee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers Competing to make the Conference Finals Houston Rockets Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Utah Jazz Portland Trailblazers Competing to make the Playoffs San Antonio Spurs Dallas Mavericks Sacramento Kings New Orleans Pelicans Not Competing for anything Minnesota Timberwolves Oklahoma City Thunder Pheonix Suns Memphis Grizzlies Competing to make the Conference Finals Boston Celtics Indiana Pacers Brooklyn Nets Competing to make the Playoffs Toronto Raptors Detroit Pistons Miami Heat Orlando Magic Not Competing for anything Cleveland Cavaliers Washington Wizards Atlanta Hawks New York Knicks Charlotte Hornets
Charlie Bultman
Charlie Bultman 9 days ago
The Kings below the Spurs? Cancel your channel. Not even Popovich believes this BS! The Kings wiped the floor with the Spurs last season and they are only getting better.
Barkpar 9 days ago
He really put Denver first over Laker and Clippers and you sleeping on Jazz Lakers should be first or secound and same with clippers
Barkpar 9 days ago
He really put LeBron 4# smh
Poots Plasencia
Poots Plasencia 4 days ago
Wasnt he 10 last year and before the injury excuse comes the lakers were 28 and 27 when he played and only 2 games back from the 8 seed when he came back from injury and finished worst
Pharrell Coleman
Pharrell Coleman 10 days ago
Philly no.1 no cap, the height and skill in every position is going to make teams struggle and the fact that Ben Simmons and Joel are developing their jumpshots.
Yo a
Yo a 10 days ago
I think the Pelicans should start Lonzo and not Holiday, becouse the 6 man of the bench should be a scorer....
Cmf_ Supreme
Cmf_ Supreme 10 days ago
Kyrie is 10x better then kemba
Kauan Reis Sena
Kauan Reis Sena 10 days ago
Trust IT
FruitPunchYT 10 days ago
Yo7nreally lowballing the wolves
Saxon Wayne
Saxon Wayne 11 days ago
Sixer's shulda been 1st
José Francisco
José Francisco 11 days ago
Swap Utah and Portland and I kind of agree with your Western playoffs, except I think the Spurs or blazers won't make it, it'll be Sacramento, Dallas or NO SOMEHOW
Elisa The girl
Elisa The girl 11 days ago
1 warriors 2clippers 3lakers 4rockets 5jazz 6blazers 7spurs 8nuggets
Frederick Simon
Frederick Simon 11 days ago
How the fuck are the nuggets number 1 seed
Oliver Anderson
Oliver Anderson 11 days ago
I think that the kings shocks the league and get 5-7 place in the conference about 83-88 points
Faisal s
Faisal s 11 days ago
New York as they will acquire thanos and God zilla
Olly Tropics
Olly Tropics 11 days ago
Jimmy wont need to carry miami they are dogs and have a deep team
Olly Tropics
Olly Tropics 11 days ago
Idk how you can put the cavs above the bulls.. i guess you could argeu the hawks but not the cavs
Olly Tropics
Olly Tropics 11 days ago
You forgot about bagsley when talking about the kings
Olly Tropics
Olly Tropics 11 days ago
Covington is a starter
Sparky 292
Sparky 292 11 days ago
Jazz will shock the nba
chrisg16210 11 days ago
The utah spazz dont scare anybody 😂😂😂😂 a la team is bringing home the ship!!!! Hopefully the lakers tho lol
Tyler Challice
Tyler Challice 12 days ago
The nets lose their entire young core after the 2019-2020 season
Gamingfor Clout
Gamingfor Clout 12 days ago
Hawks will be an 8the seed
Gamingfor Clout
Gamingfor Clout 12 days ago
Lac are seed 1 his year
Yamil Torres
Yamil Torres 12 days ago
Bro nets will be like 13 seed they will be the joke of the nba like 2012 lakers with kobe and howard
Ian Hyden
Ian Hyden 12 days ago
You have to remember that it’s the regular season Houston should be 1-3 and jazz should be 4 or 5 golden state should be 5-7 clippers are 3 Denver should be 2 or 4
MemeLord 12 days ago
Cavs better be last we need James wiseman
Lebron Joseph James
Lakers at 4 really
YMG Corey
YMG Corey 13 days ago
Cam Reddish isn't a role player he is a SUPERSTAR Incoming
John Tang
John Tang 13 days ago
Imagine A western conference finals in LA staples center and only in LA both have homecourt advantage now that would be an even battle
Good gamer 777
Good gamer 777 13 days ago
Nuggets are not the best and clippers would be like 4th
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan 13 days ago
This guy's prediction ...damn trash
Colin Green
Colin Green 14 days ago
Pacers are turn up when victor comes back
Colin Green
Colin Green 14 days ago
Honestly the nuggets should be third bc the the clips and lakers are still better
Chantel 14 days ago
I wish I could dislike this video 1million times I guess any clown can upload garbage this dumbass needs to slap himself until he gets sense or is dead
Chantel 14 days ago
this idiot that made this video must be shit Bayless son this guy is a clear cut moron stick to hockey or touching guys u gay little fag wise up
Seth Malcolm
Seth Malcolm 14 days ago
This guy is stupid
moognus 14 days ago
Dont sleep on the grizzlies 👀
RIK ThePrick
RIK ThePrick 14 days ago
I would swap the Rockets and Warriors. Warriors have no depth and 1 legit Superstar.
King Chris
King Chris 14 days ago
Pacers 7th, I’m more watching this video because of how much of a dumbass this guy really
King Chris
King Chris 14 days ago
The warriors are somehow a third seed, that’s some dumb ass logic, they’ll be at least a 7 seed, or maybe even 6th seed, but Utah need to be higher
Logan Davis
Logan Davis 14 days ago
Are you kidding me with Portland and utah
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 14 days ago
1. Clippers, 2. Lakers, 3. Nuggets, 4. Jazz, 5. Rockets, 6. Warriors, 7. Blazers, 8. Spurs, 9. Kings, 10. Pelicans, 11. Mavericks, 12. Thunder, 13. Suns, 14. Timberwolves, 15. Grizzlies 1. 76ers, 2. Bucks, 3. Celtics, 4. Raptors, 5. Pacers, 6. Nets, 7. Heat, 8. Pistons, 9. Magic, 10. Bulls, 11. Hawks, 12. Knicks, 13. Cavaliers, 14. Hornets, 15. Wizards (Assuming they deal Beal)
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