Pranking Teammates with the New Operators - Rainbow Six Siege (Ember Rise)

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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 1 064
NarcolepticNugget 6 months ago
If you enjoyed the video and want a Part 2 let me know down below!! 😄
CJ & FRANKLIN - 8 days ago
PuffThePug really
PuffThePug 8 days ago
The chicken killed me 😂😂😂
CJ & FRANKLIN - 26 days ago
NarcolepticNugget *PART* *2*
Ben Power
Ben Power 2 months ago
D P 4 months ago
3:38 how is that speaking in hi he said yah I know what u mean da fuq u mean
Galactic 4 days ago
Bruh so it took 2 hours to finish a siege game?
Alexander Moyeda
Alexander Moyeda 4 days ago
10:50 I did it boys, I made it into a video, and nugget killed my friends in r6, also when the bugged happened no one could tell.
Pineapple 5 days ago
3:11 it says EVER where not EVERY where
Jamari Lambert
Jamari Lambert 11 days ago
This video is so funny i forgot to laugh
Keaton Chesnut
Keaton Chesnut 15 days ago
비질 23 days ago
you're a trollin' player. 좋아... 으하하하하하하
Pink Guy
Pink Guy 29 days ago
So we’re just gonna ignore the local pick up ad in this video..
Ogboo 14
Ogboo 14 Month ago
Sounds like benji
James Williams III
Updates out
Marius 17
Marius 17 Month ago
iiTr0jan • RBLX
One of the ads mid video was a lives scape or something idk but it showed a couple on a date and they both had wine glasses but the girl makes the guy look away and she puts a ring in and the guy puts poison in hers... it was kinda depressing when I figured it out and it clicked in my head...
Pikl Month ago
Just do that and have a finka then you guys are loaded lmfao
I’m high
I’m high Month ago
The first part was fake anyway if you watch the rounds
prowolf gamer64
prowolf gamer64 Month ago
Oh ik why it worked it was the down glich
Samuel Moseley
Samuel Moseley Month ago
I did this to my friend and he fell for it lol 😝
Alex Brandvold
Alex Brandvold Month ago
Motel hotel holiday inn is the right way
Man Bun
Man Bun Month ago
11:04 lesions body
LS _Power
LS _Power Month ago
Is that jelly ??
Donald Spaulding
Bobohobo 30 Years ago
He got injured two times?
Salahuddin Mansour
Salahuddin Mansour 2 months ago
You sound like that one ferret from impractical jokers named Murray when you laugh.
daniel 2 months ago
BRO this prank is mad funny im going to laugh now....
Aleong Creations
Aleong Creations 2 months ago
3:31 song pls d:
28 1/2 Sense
28 1/2 Sense 2 months ago
I am 35 minutes away from R6 siege being downloaded on my PS4. It’s been almost two years since I subbed. Thank you for the amazing content that inspired me to buy this game. Keep it up bro.
Benjamin Jalbert
Benjamin Jalbert 2 months ago
anybody know what font he uses
Nova. 2 months ago
I love how otta is so chill
Hanna Haggard
Hanna Haggard 2 months ago
I guess it was just a coincidence but I got an ad for the second jumanji in 2019 and Kevin hart says, “Why does everyone keep falling from the sky.” And then I instantly thought of a defender looking out the window and seeing nug fall💀💀
IZIE Mythical
IZIE Mythical 2 months ago
If your credit card is the amount of money you have how much would it be
Okay Usa
Okay Usa 2 months ago
That's a troll. Good one
Elliott Bauer
Elliott Bauer 2 months ago
Look I want to those crazy religious people in the in the subtitle you spelled God with A lowercase G
Elliott Bauer
Elliott Bauer 2 months ago
I am not
Blob_of_Jello 2 months ago
3:56 Amrau looks like Ps1 Hagrid
James Haig
James Haig 2 months ago
literally all the parts where your subtitles said he was talking giberish were soooo easy to understand
Diamond Racoon
Diamond Racoon 2 months ago
Karmas a bitch
0k B00m35
0k B00m35 2 months ago
A round doesnt end in 2 hours
Rubust 2 months ago
Hello 👋! I’ve been subbed since 200k. Flex 💪
Huug Steenbergen
Huug Steenbergen 2 months ago
does anyone have a link to a video where otta says: "your toxic"??
Croc the Crocodile
Croc the Crocodile 2 months ago
Za warudo
Za warudo 3 months ago
Imagine dropshots is still not fixed and using amaru grappling hook. It will be whole new toxic level
BPK Lets Play
BPK Lets Play 3 months ago
btw its not uk its english
SoweKon 3 months ago
"Speaking UK"
steph:tv 3 months ago
Trolden Xander
Trolden Xander 3 months ago
darth chicken
darth chicken 3 months ago
When you search up nugget and this is the channel that shows up
mattia pallotta
mattia pallotta 3 months ago
No acog
mattia pallotta
mattia pallotta 3 months ago
Fake ash
FS Tom
FS Tom 3 months ago
Nugget stop making fun of the way he talks I can clearly hear what he is saying the whole time
SeffyBoy 3 months ago
I hate when nugget starts wheezing
Root 3 months ago
This is staged asf
Twitch-ClappedFN 3 months ago
Man put speaking in uk my g is not a language 😂
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 3 months ago
(Pennywise) hey Nugget u wants some candy “hell yh dude”
Sam Collitor
Sam Collitor 3 months ago
Dude chill it’s a guy falling off a building stop over reacting
Sarp Keskin
Sarp Keskin 3 months ago
11:34 you çöm for
Ps kv
Ps kv 3 months ago
“speaking in uk” when he says “i know what you mean” okay you stereotypical fuck
Charles Y
Charles Y 3 months ago
This is proof you can't even trust your friends how is death funny not that good of comedy
Uta Ghoul
Uta Ghoul 3 months ago
Edit The Sink
Edit The Sink 3 months ago
This guy’s friends are funny but he isn’t
Brandon Onnen
Brandon Onnen 3 months ago
That puts a whole new meaning in dead girl walking
Az 3 months ago
Charlie : buss down thotiana
MrSquareEyes 4 months ago
Like to stop bullying
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