Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!

Drew Gooden
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Comments 80
Alex 9 months ago
Before you and Amanda got married you called her your wife. So now that you guys are married are you going to start calling her your girlfriend?
gckbowers411 14 hours ago
No. Widow.
Bland 7 days ago
@Drew Gooden WHEN
Lauren Conrading
Lauren Conrading 8 days ago
Drew Gooden L?)8 CiTPAit
Ann Phan
Ann Phan 10 days ago
Reverse psychology
Yass BG
Yass BG 12 days ago
@zoenle yeah right
Priscilla Perez
Priscilla Perez 12 hours ago
You stop treat your girl like a bad guy please
Baylee Romero
Baylee Romero 14 hours ago
She should prank him saying she’s pregnant
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni 20 hours ago
All these park videos are fake anyways..
Ava Faust
Ava Faust 2 days ago
Holy crap drew can juggle
Maren Cochran
Maren Cochran 2 days ago
I used to watch that first guy’s girlfriend’s workout videos 😳😳😳
ERICtrical Brofist
Funny how he talks to his gf like he's giving a news interview when he told her he's going.
Lindsey Bartkowiak
I can't believe the people who made the "joining the Army" pranks. The day my husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) left for basic training was one of the hardest moments I've had. That sounds dramatic but imagine knowing you won't see or talk to that person for at least two months. Over 10 weeks I had 3 phone calls with him. One was a literal minute long. Now he's in stationed in Germany and I'm stuck in the States. It's painful enough without people making it a prank.
A P S 2 days ago
Rachel L
Rachel L 3 days ago
That's wa hat happen when ya ma n pa smoke crack all day n think the internet can raise u
Rukaya Muneer
Rukaya Muneer 3 days ago
Plot twist: he is trying to say he likes bts
CC Kuhnighut
CC Kuhnighut 3 days ago
9:42 THAT SHITHEAD was in a Cody ko video and he pulled this terrible "prank" on his girlfriend where he says she isn't pretty, he's SOOOO garbage
Haley Potter
Haley Potter 3 days ago
why do these men love traumatizing their girlfriends????
The Fumbler
The Fumbler 3 days ago
It's like Michael Reeves but tall and actually hot.
banana man2188
banana man2188 3 days ago
LUCAS 4 days ago
Jatie vlogs broke up a day a go
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith 4 days ago
Aschroe 4 days ago
TBH I can't really believe that these guys even have girlfriends. Especially when they do shit like this. Are these chicks just dating them for the money and millions of subscribers or what? I'd like to think that's why, rather than they actually like their BF's shitty personality
Aschroe 4 days ago
Why are you saaaad?
Aschroe 4 days ago
I thought I should let you know, you do a good job with plugs and ads. At least you put effort and time into making something boring funny
Marina Joestar
Marina Joestar 4 days ago
I think pretending that you're in the military is a crime. So, he basically committed a crime and put it up on RUvid and somehow got away with it.
aaron. 5 days ago
imagine someone who was actually looking for a prank video and clicked this.
TotallyNotJerry 5 days ago
I hate this because it's a reality for alot of people
Liana H
Liana H 5 days ago
This is so stupid this would be really emotional if it was real but it's not so it's so fucked up like I'd hate my boyfriend after that like this would end my relationship 😂
pantera1420 5 days ago
10:50 That's why the girlfriends are in on it.
Ruta 7 days ago
drew mocking them by saying why are you sad made me happy
Ruta 7 days ago
bruh not even kidding I'm currently watching this at a low volume, so i have the subtitles switched on, but neither of them are displaying anything. maybe they're also shook by how lame people on yt can get. rip in pieces.
JustAPaperclip 7 days ago
Please make a video about dolphin kick! I don’t want to watch it but I do want to watch you talk about it :P
Disturbing relms
Disturbing relms 7 days ago
Amanda is so awesome and gorgeous. Such a supportive role model !!
Castro court
Castro court 8 days ago
Can we please talk about how he really said "Shout out to my boi, Chris, who's in the army" but the picture shows Chris in an AIR FORCE uniform😑...
Kayla Citrus
Kayla Citrus 6 days ago
Oh my god you're right
Linus Wärn
Linus Wärn 8 days ago
I got a domestic abuse add during this video 🤔
Lilliana O'Neal
Lilliana O'Neal 9 days ago
"Shoutout to my boy Chris who is actually in the army" Oh cool 1. He's wearing a air force uniform 2. He's in front of a jet 3. I'm pretty sure he's in the Air Force Get your facts straight.
NonewEm 9 days ago
Geez, what the hell? How do these boys have girlfriends?
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 9 days ago
can someone please tell me why he has 10 euro and 10 dollars at 0:13 😂
Ivanka Boldišová
“Hey babe.. Im wearing two paaants”..:D ..”WHAT?!!!!”
Wyatt 9 days ago
The mind reader thing makes me think (or hope) that the “emotionally abusing my girlfriend” prank is fake.
Xgeodude 074
Xgeodude 074 9 days ago
Ya boy Chris is actually in the air force...
caramelcarton 10 days ago
korean prank channels. most of them even have eng cc. another rabbit hole you guys might wanna check out.
Stefan Rijos
Stefan Rijos 13 days ago
I don’t know why but I keep getting the feeling that if couples were separated because of war nowadays none of them would care. The whole time I’m just thinking “psss this is not Casablanca! You crybaby!”
redrowlet 14 days ago
after realising it was a prank the girl looked like she just PASSED OUT HUH
Amber Warnke
Amber Warnke 14 days ago
I “accidentally” kidnapped a child (gone wrong?) (gone illegal!) (gone fatal!) (can I bury a child in the backyard without anyone noticing challenge!)
Jax Prismite
Jax Prismite 14 days ago
You are a class-A douche
Chantal Carmanico
Chantal Carmanico 15 days ago
god drew how many rabbit holes have you "fallen into"...... you're SICK
boiled toes
boiled toes 15 days ago
Seventy Pond1914
Seventy Pond1914 16 days ago
He’s stealing valor and getting views you have to be a bad person to do this
Robin 2112
Robin 2112 16 days ago
I mean going into the army is never a good thing anyway, have you seen how many veterans are homeless and suffering from PTSD? All for what, pride? If we’re still sending people overseas it seems like not a lot is getting solved and just because you’re a soldier doesn’t mean you’re a good person.
Cyka Bork
Cyka Bork 16 days ago
Where’s that dolphin kick movie?
Sare 16 days ago
If I was that first guy's girlfriend I would have slapped him, like, really hard. Edit: I would have slapped them all.
/// Fletchdoggy ///
Anybody else say "Chris mhmm that's an A1C lol"
I- Harmonize
I- Harmonize 17 days ago
9:29 had me deadddd
Trish 18 days ago
It is crystal clear that the asshats who like these videos do not view women as people.
Darren Willett
Darren Willett 18 days ago
A lame-ass couples prank video I would actually love to see goes something like this: Guy - Sorry babe just wanted to break it to you that I'm joining the Army! Gal - How could you do something like that without talking to me first? Guy - Hey, I'm the man in this relationship, I'll do what's best for me. Gal - Piece of shit. Go and join the Army, then. By the way, I've been fucking your brother! (Gone Wrong).
Zo Wee
Zo Wee 18 days ago
You need a belt
reneeischill 20 days ago
Hi! I’m a girlfriend who is actually going through this! It’s not fun!!
Anti Christina
Anti Christina 20 days ago
I would literally die for Amanda, she's adorable.
mrcreepercraft48 20 days ago
This is like the wake me up when September ends music video except it’s a prank for some reason.
David Álvarez
David Álvarez 21 day ago
I bet that some of them are actually scripted, I mean, you said it, their pranks never actually clash in schedule AND even if they keep playing pranks on each other they end up never being suspicious of them.
TEXAS TOAST 21 day ago
9:30 every time i prank a person.
BobGeanis 21 day ago
I wonder why I didn't get my uniform after talking to my recruiter immediately after getting off the phone, still don't have it what the fuck army?
John The Trash Bag
Tori L
Tori L 22 days ago
That explosion subscribe and 8:43 KILLED ME 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Qwon Qwoshie
Qwon Qwoshie 22 days ago
I’m in the army and I absolutely find this video, wait I think I just pooped my pants, Drew come clean it for me, maybe Lewis, Anfernee??
Morgan Rae
Morgan Rae 23 days ago
You never made a dolphin kick video... SO MAKE IT
Maria Worthington
Maria Worthington 23 days ago
I thought her prank was going to be like “Guess what I’m pregnant!” But this was way funnier
Bana Saurus
Bana Saurus 23 days ago
"SHOUTOUT TO MY BOY CHRIS, WHO IS IN THE ARMY" *shows a picture of an airman
juan perez
juan perez 24 days ago
Bruh he calls the air force the army
Madi Fromme
Madi Fromme 24 days ago
“My buddy’s in the army” Really in the Air Force???
Vera 24 days ago
amandas so cute :(
devin jordan
devin jordan 24 days ago
This makes me so mad every time I have to deploy it’s so hard for me and my wife it’s a very emotional time for all family’s in the military not something to be made fun of also the guy from the first videos friend isn’t in the army he’s in the air force so dude doesn’t even know the branches
Ara 24 days ago
Last name vlogs, first name balls
ZomBiE_TraSh 24 days ago
army recruiters go to highschools in the states?? what?? your country is fucked up.
em elizabeth
em elizabeth 24 days ago
I think I fell in love with your wife... not to sound weird of course
Zoopo Ismeh
Zoopo Ismeh 24 days ago
The prank with the guy going into the army pisses me off!
Tea Wrld
Tea Wrld 25 days ago
He's joining the army because of a buzz cut😹😹💔
A Free Potato Chip
A Free Potato Chip 25 days ago
the [gone wrong] means that the girl is actually happy to be left alone
Josie Shearer
Josie Shearer 26 days ago
Hey babe I’m wearing two pants
Madibabe 3
Madibabe 3 26 days ago
Lol you make a very convincing douche bag 🤣
Luke Hurley
Luke Hurley 26 days ago
In the first sketch, Drew’s door has a chime when it opens just like my door. Listen closely.
Sebastian Randolph
Sebastian Randolph 26 days ago
That guy was in the air force
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