Powerbeats Pro vs. AirPods 2 spec comparison

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We’re breaking down the biggest differences between Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds and the second generation AirPods based on the specs to help you figure out which one is right for you.
Read more here: cnet.co/2KqdvcZ
Powerbeats Pro sound better than Apple's AirPods: ruvid.net/video/video-cYuL6pHfbTU.html
AirPods 2 vs. AirPods: Spec comparison: ruvid.net/video/video-20-Jq9LnC5Q.html
AirPods (2019) review: ruvid.net/video/video-OJ0CKXocNFU.html
I fell in love with Apple AirPods, then they fell down the drain: cnet.co/2G04Lpq
Beats Powerbeats Pro share many new AirPods features but have better sound: cnet.co/2TX55Jk
Vanessa Hand Orellana on Twitter: bit.ly/2GfQchL
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Comments 100
Daniel Sims
Daniel Sims 5 days ago
I was going to switch to the new pods when they came out. But with Beats Pro idk. I love good sound quality and want it to stay in my ear but that case is to big and no wireless charging. But that’s an extra 50 for me. What should I do?
PRINCE Plz 9 days ago
ad dy
ad dy 12 days ago
Airpods suck no noise cancellation Apple seems to still can't get that right but I all that technology that's why they are behind and competing with the big dogs need to catch up with technology that they are losing in I wouldn't pay s*** for them they look like the first airpods do a better job Apple Samsung is killing you in phones Bose and Sony is killing you and headphones get your s*** right
Richey Vlogs
Richey Vlogs 14 days ago
They should make the beats in yellow
DeathRow 29
DeathRow 29 14 days ago
Get the beats y’all, remember beats are created by one of the greatest hiphop producers so the sound quality is untouchable.. it’s worth every cent you pay... Apple’s headphones are not worth the sound.
Lev Öz
Lev Öz 9 days ago
DeathRow 29 hello, this is Beats too. It’s called Power Beats 😂
Richard Jansson
Richard Jansson 15 days ago
How does the Powerbeats Pro fit with glasses or sunglasses on? anybody knows?
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 16 days ago
air pods 2 vs air pods 3
Mehenna Messaieh
Mehenna Messaieh 17 days ago
AIRPODS is the best
Kyzon 16 days ago
V V Vlogs
V V Vlogs 18 days ago
Air pods can work under water actually
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 16 days ago
+Benjamin Parsons exactly
Benjamin Parsons
Benjamin Parsons 16 days ago
Work in what capacity? Bluetooth won’t transmit underwater... even if the buds themselves survived submersion.
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 18 days ago
Yeah but they aren't certified. It's like selling candy at school. It only works until u get caught. U would need a permit which in this case, the permit would work as the certification
Gilberto Ramirez
Gilberto Ramirez 19 days ago
9 hours is by far the most for true wireless. the closest is 6 hrs and ur paying for the brand name. the lowest i can see these go this year is 200$.
Top Doge
Top Doge 19 days ago
Already pre ordered my Powerbeats , can’t wait!
Isabella G
Isabella G 19 days ago
Some of you fail to understand that AirPods are simply impossible to secure in some ears... so it doesnt just come down to the price difference, is whether you can use it or not.
Adam Ficzeri
Adam Ficzeri 20 days ago
Just started preorders today. I did and said not getting them till June 5th. Ridiculous but perfect gym headphones 💪🏽
Shaheer Maqbool
Shaheer Maqbool 21 day ago
Are monacles coming back in season?
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 22 days ago
I’m glad that I didn’t buy the AirPods yet
Shaheer Maqbool
Shaheer Maqbool 21 day ago
Ultra true
Hello Mikee
Hello Mikee 22 days ago
Wish they would talk more about, oh you know, sound quality.
Top Doge
Top Doge 19 days ago
Hello Mikee there not released yet
Justin Herrera
Justin Herrera 23 days ago
Watching this with airpods.... 😐😐
Lexman214 21 day ago
Justin Herrera watching ? Or hearing ? 🤔
Toasty 23 days ago
I realised not everybody's airpods I see are real because I saw a store that sold fake airpods and they looked exactly like airpods and people were buying them lol
NETVO TV 21 day ago
Yeah and the stem is so ridiculous thick and looks funny
Xavier’s Mobile Gaming
The only reason the beats are better is because the thing goes all the way down in your ear lob with makes better sound quality for your prospective
exodus717 24 days ago
Yup. Plugged my wired headphones as soon as I heard $250. A quarter of a thousand dollars? 🤨
mogana20 25 days ago
I hope the blue one comes out in May also.
The Uppity Negus
The Uppity Negus 26 days ago
Why is everyone commenting acting like beats weren’t already overpriced and $250 for wireless beats isn’t a deal
ßümmęr Wębb
ßümmęr Wębb 26 days ago
One thing that people might think that the airpods 2 are better because the Powerbeats pro are almost the same but more money but what people have to understand is that beats are have always been expensive and beats have always had better sound quality so the only thing you can pick on which you are going to get is what are you going to use it for
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 18 days ago
U forgot about the battery life and the option to lower volume on the powerbeats
Konnor Saqr
Konnor Saqr 26 days ago
Can they fit kids
Ulises R
Ulises R 27 days ago
The downside with the Powerbeats is the lack of clout. Although more expensive, there is no meme that dictates me above the non AirPod peasants simply for owning them.
YungKeemThaDream 15 days ago
Not necessarily. When somebody tries to flex you can just side by side the price differential as a comeback and reply with “get your money up not your funny up”
Shaheer Maqbool
Shaheer Maqbool 21 day ago
We're going to have to start from scratch and make some new shit
Jacob Mck
Jacob Mck 25 days ago
Ulises R lmao yes my struggle
Tori Dixson
Tori Dixson 28 days ago
Powerbeats are made for the gym whereas airpods are made for your daily regular smegular stuff. I just got the air pods 2 and I’m still going to get the Powerbeats strictly for the gym or exercise activities. Glad I waited because I was going to replace my solo2s with 3s but they have become bulky for the gym and not able to truly do running activities without the falling down
sky Terry
sky Terry 28 days ago
Ill just stick with my powerbeats 3
Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall 26 days ago
You just do that
Santiago Fernandez
Santiago Fernandez 28 days ago
Idgaf about all that. Are they comfortable? Worth it? And with better quality? If so then lemme get the beats!!
Kyzon 16 days ago
Yes to all
Nick SAM
Nick SAM 28 days ago
buy the Smart Speaker put in the bathroom then you can listen.
Joel Pang
Joel Pang 29 days ago
1:42 apples too priority was making Powerbeats sound good
Joel Pang
Joel Pang 29 days ago
Joel Pang
Joel Pang 29 days ago
ttv ncalexhyper
ttv ncalexhyper 29 days ago
Hmmm power beats smells like broke
King Q
King Q 27 days ago
ttv ncalexhyper boy powerbeats are way more money than AirPods
Dante Janes
Dante Janes 29 days ago
They cost more so they’re a better flex then airpods
Dante Janes
Dante Janes 29 days ago
Both owned by the same company
George Tawadros
George Tawadros 29 days ago
PowerBeats should’ve used wireless charging and maybe USB-C instead of lightning. Otherwise it’s a pretty cool pair of headphones
Dmar Michael
Dmar Michael Month ago
Watching this video listening on AirPods
Ghost_ Julio8391
I just like the AirPods box
Nova 3pear
Nova 3pear 27 days ago
Julio Troll same here
Karla Herrera
Karla Herrera Month ago
Power beats are better than air pods
Desmen Johnson
Desmen Johnson 28 days ago
I agree great statement I'm getting them
Wyatt hively
Wyatt hively Month ago
You gave all airpods specs not airpods 2 specs.... bru?
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 18 days ago
+_justjayson yeesss
_justjayson 27 days ago
that's because AirPods 2 are literally the same as the first. I got them, returned them because I had powerbeats 3, and because id rather get pro.
MasonAni-Mates Month ago
Wait Powerbeats are waterproof! Oh boy I’m going to listen to a podcast in the shower.
MasonAni-Mates 3 days ago
I’m being sarcastic...
Jason_P_Lind 3 days ago
Their water resistant, but why would you even want to wear buds in the shower, nasty ears. Just use a by speaker
TheSco415city 16 days ago
Water resistant
TomV2002 18 days ago
inb4 u dont realise its just resistance and waste $250
Nick SantanaJ23
Nick SantanaJ23 Month ago
MasonAni-Mates I don't think u can use them in the shower since they are only water resistant from sweat and like rain drops
Motofang 536
Motofang 536 Month ago
You can just buy accessories for the AirPods
ComradeAlpha Month ago
I would buy the beats cause they more stylish and look like they have a better grip for ears I'll probably buy them when they're on sale like black Friday. I would get the white color so they match my white studio 3s
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 18 days ago
@ComradeAlpha I don't think they might have them on sale for black Friday because they're coming out this year, but who knows
Abdi Owjama
Abdi Owjama 24 days ago
ComradeAlpha shmutafismcik
Abdi Owjama
Abdi Owjama 24 days ago
ComradeAlpha shmutfa
marco polo
marco polo 26 days ago
YTFanboys2 okay
YTFanboys2 26 days ago
marco polo just leave....
Wayne Month ago
Me: "I'm going to have to get these in black, looks very clean." Her: For only $250 TF
TheBig_Gamer Month ago
I was smiling hearing about the Powerbeats until I heard about the price. ARE YOU KIDDING
Savage Sebastian
Savage Sebastian 18 days ago
+Jonathan Serrano the powerbeats 3 were $200
Jonathan Serrano
Jonathan Serrano 20 days ago
It's the same price as the powerbeats 3 when they came out lol
Shaheer Maqbool
Shaheer Maqbool 21 day ago
sound quality
TheReal Mateo
TheReal Mateo 27 days ago
+Chicken Nugget true tho😂😂😂😂
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 27 days ago
Think about it you can flex on AirPods
Maddy Xoxo
Maddy Xoxo Month ago
0:14 did she say earpods😂
Madam In Manhattan
Nah. I like my 5 below Bluetooth headphones.
LIT Tiaa
LIT Tiaa Month ago
Beats me plz
B renegadde
B renegadde Month ago
No red product power beats pro,they must be releasing them later
JF Month ago
AirPods fall out of my ears. Therefore I sold mine and bought the Jabra 65t which work extremely well and stay put are much smaller and have just as good battery life. But I miss the H1 chip functionality. I have to use the right bud all the time since the left won’t work independently. So it’s either the right or both. I’m going to get the Powerbeats to try to recapture the connectivity of the H-1 chip and the independent right and left buds which is great for telephone calls and podcasts when you don’t need stereo fidelity and you need to be aware of your surroundings. They should give me the best if both the AirPods and the Jabras other than the massive charging case. I’ll have to figure out a new place for that other than my pants pocket.
Call Me J. R.
Call Me J. R. Month ago
Can’t believe they want us to spend $250 dollars just so we can listen to music in public.
Whyutripping Homie
Looking like Hearing aids 🤦‍♂️
Key Atm
Key Atm Month ago
My ears are small. No buds will stay in my ears
Logan Chinapen
Logan Chinapen Month ago
Beats wins 💯 %
Jonathan Byrd
Jonathan Byrd Month ago
I have PowerBeats 2 and love them. Seeing the Pro combine the complete wireless technology, I know what I will invest in next when these things burn out (been using them 3 years). Functional enough to exercise, commute and have business calls with. AirPods don't stay in my ear!
YANINA Month ago
_I always use Powerbeats_
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf Month ago
As powerbeats 3 owner. I can say this im sure they sound good but lets see how they hold up. The powerbeats 3 had problems with sweat resistance they would short out after a workout from sweat. Apple did keep replacing them for the first year but wont refund the money and after the years up your left with a pair that you cant workout with and the 12 hour battery life becomes 6 hours even if you keep them good dont work out. Its the best headphones when you first open them 1 hour charge 12 hours play time , great sound then its all down hill. It really makes me wonder how the powerbeat pros will hold up.
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 18 days ago
+Faz3_Ov3rwaTcH Gaming I completely agree the powerbeats 3 the first day out of the box are the best headphones ever. They have quick charge 5 minutes 1 hour or 1 hour charge for 12 hours of battery life for awhile. That was amazing I think the powerbeats pro will be even better. If they were water proof I would have to have them. Definitely better sound I use viper4android to and that pumps them right up unreal.
Faz3_Ov3rwaTcH Gaming
Papa Smurf I’ve had the exact same experience, I bought the powerbeats 3 in February 2018 after researching the airpods as well but I’m confident that the better sound quality more than makes up for the inconvenience, if it weren’t for the durability issues I’ve had with them, which I haven’t had any replacements for
bdpchamp Month ago
I think power beats being 250 is a bit much. The design looks a bit ridiculous stylistic wise, it really isn’t something I’d want to wear anywhere outside of the gym because of the aesthetic of it on your ear. While the sound quality may be superior, the importance of being low key for casual wear is a big part of wireless earbuds and the power beats lack that entirely. Think it’s a pass
Dr kk
Dr kk Month ago
I hate the design of airpods
Dr kk
Dr kk Month ago
I thought Dre owned the B line? Why does apple own them now?
rus2thes0uL Month ago
Apple owns Dre
Andre Bryant
Andre Bryant Month ago
I washed and dried my air pods by mistake of course and they still work flawless
B Blessed
B Blessed Month ago
Other b******* brand just regular headphones with an emblem on them
P03ticJustice Month ago
Beats by dre
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
No ambient noise? Alrighty...hope no tran comes or ambulance in a rush needs me to pay attention or be aware of its presence. God forbid. What seems better isnt always best.
Sophonie Charles
Christ resurrection
Jack Haskins
Jack Haskins Month ago
yoboi jaysin
yoboi jaysin Month ago
Powerbeats pro please anyone buy one for me
Aesthetically Gold
Why would anyone buy it for you but it youself
Tiger 844
Tiger 844 Month ago
I'm wearing jbudsair. They're $50 and work wonderfully.
Mystery forever
Mystery forever Month ago
Mark Byers
Mark Byers Month ago
Skiball is for losers
High Tech
High Tech Month ago
Anyone else watching this video with AirPods?😂
Forward Month ago
Really appreciate the news she gave about them they actually go into details but still good video
Adam Simmons
Adam Simmons Month ago
beats look awkward...
Brandon Bojorquez-Gonzalez
Jesus mother of Christ the memes will continue. GUYS BEWARE THE RICH KIDS WILL TAKE OVER RUNNNNN 👁👄👁
Rafael Carrillo
Rafael Carrillo Month ago
Just like how them AirPods owners would be I’m be doing the same when I get them beats.. (oh what did you say I had my beats in sorry I don’t speak broke) 😂.
Spidron Month ago
Pause at 2:14 or 2:15 and that phone has over 100000 mail.
There is literally no point of this video because apple owns beats
Captain SavAHOE
Captain SavAHOE Month ago
Both are trash anf a waste of hard earned money...wake up sheeple
Michael Clay
Michael Clay Month ago
I want some power beats 😭😭
Caden Meredith
Caden Meredith Month ago
What’s with the 50 missed calls and 116,993 emails?!?! 😂😂😂
Alpaca Gang
Alpaca Gang Month ago
Caden Meredith 2:15 (in case you want to see where it is)
Liban Mohamed
Liban Mohamed Month ago
Team Powerbeats
Quintrel Shavers
Damn y’all rich af
Kiz X2
Kiz X2 Month ago
These Shts are supposed to innovative???, literally inconvenient that you have to charge these things...
Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott Month ago
I will stick with my JBL and fyi im far from cheap or broke. They are only 39.99 with great sound and bass. Qaulity and loud enough which i cant hear nothing else when they're cut up. Good an great enough 4 me!!
Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott Month ago
+6upsidedown isa9 cheap and good quality always wins over expensive an overrated. Your either young or unwise or both.
6upsidedown isa9
North Carolina Badboy
$250 for the pros? Beats making a killing off of posers lol..... Beats are not worth the money that they charge. People only by beats because they think it gives them a certain identity. For $250 I'll turn to bose.
richard sabath
richard sabath Month ago
I'm getting powerbeats pro even tho I don't exercise to often
TomV2002 18 days ago
same tbf, used my dads air pods for a bit but need that extra bass
StanceNation Month ago
Making airpod jokes realizing apple makes both
Pierre Der
Pierre Der Month ago
I still prefer my 5yo sony hp. Great noise cancellation, sound, and just way better than these two. I really dont care if a pair of headphones are attached by a short (in the case, its a really short cable, and you dont feel like ull end up losing one headphone) wire or not. Battery is still decent takin into consideration that theyre old. They might be a bit bulkier than the powerbeats pro but thats cause they have hr monitor, gps to track and sync your running routes (you dont need your phone with you), 16 gigs of memory (again, you dont need your phone with you), nfc, mic, voice coaching, it detects your hr and can set the music to a slower beat when ur hr is too high, water proof (ive gone swimmin wearing them and are perfect for rainy days and sweat) They also have their own app but can also work with other apps like strava. Oh, and can be used to answer phone calls, theyre are still gettin updates from their servers, and work on android and ios. Surely these two will get upgrades in a few years and will include everithin sony has but so far they havent
Joel Garvin
Joel Garvin Month ago
So basically airpods are the wireless version of the cheap ass, no fit headphones you get with new apple phone. Powerbeats must be better, just the Gucci version of any other quality wireless ear bud headphones. Wouldn't mind having them but I personally would rather save a $125 and buy a less expensive pair that has the same qualities as either, if not better. Buying items for a brand name can really blind our logical thinking. 250 bones is outrageous. It's like buying equate versus name brand, everything is the same expect the logo, advertising, and the $75 box It came in. I'm good, they probably cost like 85 cents to make in another country
flambo Jean Jacques
250? Must be out your damn mind.
XxBlendi GamerxX. YT
Yes I am i bought them for 300
E Menz
E Menz Month ago
$250😂 I will pass
Bigdaddygas Month ago
Are the ivory like a creme color or do they look like a pure white? I've seen so many images where they look either like a creme or a pure white
Nicholas Hansen
Nicholas Hansen Month ago
Bigdaddygas oh. You will have to wait until you can see the Powerbeats when they are released.
Bigdaddygas Month ago
Nicholas Hansen no, I'm talking about the Power eats Pro
Nicholas Hansen
Nicholas Hansen Month ago
Bigdaddygas I assume you are referring to the AirPods. I have seen them in person, they are absolutely 100% white. Some pictures may have a creme appearance but the AirPods are solid white.
John Lee
John Lee Month ago
They look like hearing aids
faiz abbas
faiz abbas Month ago
Do the beats have gps tracking
JustAnotherOtaku :3
But the Powerbeats pro look like some hearing aids
Blu Cow
Blu Cow Month ago
Either way Apple still wins, nice try.
Wolfey Month ago
Blu Cow damn u right
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores Month ago
Damn that taxi will cost $500 from eyebrow to eyebrow 😂
DiNg Dillon
DiNg Dillon Month ago
i use my lv pods sorry boys
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Month ago
I would go with the beats over the air because I know the beats will stay in my ear more better and longer with the ear bubble as I call the rubber ear thing that will help sound separation with music and outside noise and the over ear hook witch with the air pod nothing is keeping it in my ear considering that I've found so many of them if I was smart I would keep them and sell them how they've became popular and yes the beats charging case is bigger im not sure but I think it is because the beats are bigger ? Maybe not sure yet ? Would I pay the extra money well I'm going to see how much wall-mart will sell them 60$ cheaper probably then other stores
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