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Introducing Potty PM, a device designed to allow users to go to the bathroom without getting out of bed… unless they're a woman.
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 702
Rory Morgan
Rory Morgan Day ago
"The Filipino tube"
ANG GANDA 2 days ago
Annelise Errico
Annelise Errico 4 days ago
Nicholas Belardo
Nicholas Belardo 4 days ago
The lacrosse stick on the side
E.S. L
E.S. L 8 days ago
Is it the Clit- oris? Hahaha
RamenRamRod 9 days ago
It’s funny cause I’m pretty sure somebody had already thought about that, and tried to monetize it. 😂
Gee Lahrie
Gee Lahrie 9 days ago
#roman 😒
Brett O'Day
Brett O'Day 11 days ago
Potty PM fo real do... sign me up
Carla MSM
Carla MSM 13 days ago
I am so happy this was not cut for time.
Christophe Lewis
Christophe Lewis 16 days ago
Donna Reed
Donna Reed 16 days ago
He acts like we don’t already sleep on the toilet. Psshhh
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz 17 days ago
That character must have lost a bet to get stuck in this jackpot of a skit
John Parungao
John Parungao 19 days ago
Healthy and Loving Life
I can't tell you how many times I've invented this in my head as I'm lying under the covers, half asleep, needing to pee.
Qori Pinkley
Qori Pinkley 26 days ago
Jennifer Lopez is the best ever who didn't like her. Her song are the best ever
Qori Pinkley
Qori Pinkley 26 days ago
What the but who will like to do this like girls need to have this to
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez 28 days ago
J-lo coming out of nowhere asking if it's for women too. That caught me off guard. lol xD
Christopher Blacksher
He said “there’s a flap” 😂😂😂😂
Tiffa Kang
Tiffa Kang Month ago
😂 Boys think girls pee out their butt😅
Starship Command
it's so funny because this is the first thing I'm watching right now and I am in the bed just waking up and I really have to go to the potty
Shannon King
Shannon King Month ago
Women can use it. Just turn it around. Strap the funnel on the girl parts and let the plastic tubing run into the toilet. MacGuyvered it. Your welcome.
Alex Doyle
Alex Doyle Month ago
I’m a nurse and I put these on patients all the time - they’re called condom catheters and they work really well! But we’re all mad there isn’t an option for females
bloc party
bloc party Month ago
At least he tries to be a gentleman asking if it's the clit-OR-is. 😅
20killershot Month ago
The urine was BLUE like in the period commercials 😂😂😂
Ulises Medina
Ulises Medina Month ago
Jennifer looks like Lois from Malcolm 😂😂😂
Andrea Retzloff
Andrea Retzloff Month ago
They’re called a condom catheter.
downshall Month ago
kyle skits fuckin rule lol
Switch Dolphin
Switch Dolphin Month ago
Jlo could play Mr doughtfire and I'd still bang her back doors in...
Menelik Month ago
This was hilarious. Well done.
Blue Collar Men Productions
But really though this is a fantastic idea
Maxwell Bryan Ruiz
Can that old fake ass Latina die already please.
Sam V
Sam V Month ago
shameless rip off of Tim and Eric
Taylor Richardson
Cuz the butt has nothing to do with it right?
senselocke Month ago
*ureevra* XD
Nancy Urchak
Nancy Urchak Month ago
Actually not a bad idea😂
Larissa Tanibang
How many holes do girls have again... more than you can count buddy... more than you can count.😂😂😂
WillowTM Month ago
No one is gonna comment on the blue urine?
Nassan Sousa
Nassan Sousa Month ago
Pure Gold!!
Mike Month ago
Lame: I've been using this technique for years - I'm suing SNL for copyright infringement, the one I forgot to file....* they even stole my blue urine !!! I'm pissed... where's that garden hose again.
Explosiveclaw Month ago
You could just rounded the top
Unstable Doc
Unstable Doc Month ago
I'll take one please
Kataka Gara
Kataka Gara Month ago
Men are retarded! Ha ha ha !!!
Jonathan T
Jonathan T Month ago
Well, the rectal part would work for women since both sexes anatomical areas are both designed and functional in the same way. Hence, taking a shit can be done by both sexes in the comfort of his or her bed!
Curtis Carpenter
Lol. Lol. Lol. I laugh so hard!
HoRrOr Geek
HoRrOr Geek Month ago
Anastasia Kent
Anastasia Kent Month ago
Filipino tubes 😂
W R Month ago
"U have one too" lol
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown Month ago
🤣🤣🤣👏 Ureevera Being pregnant I do feel like I should sleep on the toilet
Ozamataz Buckshank
Here it is, almost a week later, and I'm still laughing my ureevra off at this sketch.
Salvador Month ago
Best one of the night
Frank Bayer
Frank Bayer Month ago
I would watch J Lo pick her nose she is cool
Some Random Gamer
Two questions: What happens for #2 and can it also be used for MMOs?
The Golden Beetle
Dont forget ladies men in congress who vote on your body are about this knowledgable on your female parts....something to think about when voting...
awesome Mexican
awesome Mexican Month ago
Any CNA think they can definitely use this
Shelly idwttw
Shelly idwttw Month ago
This is disgusting.
Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor Month ago
Gray Matt
Gray Matt Month ago
Another hit! why is the writing so good tonight? Did they bring in some special secret writer to make sure the skits were on the better side of good or what? Because so far it's been a hit of skits that are above 8 and the scale is 1 to 10, Is it just me that thinks this or do others think the same thing? If you think the same give a thumbs up
conversequeen64 Month ago
I see Cinco products has rebranded.
Jeff N.
Jeff N. Month ago
The Best
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